New edition of iScot now available

The new edition of Scotland’s best current affairs and features magazine has hit the press, or at least hit the interwebbies.  The January-February edition is now online, featuring an article by yours truly – and a whole load of other pieces well worth reading.

You can read iScot online here – but you can click here to subscribe to the print edition for a mere £48 annually or £5.99 monthly (including P&P) for which you’ll get a lovely glossy magazine delivered to your door.  You can read it in the bath and if you drop it in you can dry it out over the radiator – you cannae do that with an iPad or a Kindle. read it, subscribe to it – and help create a new Scottish media.  God knows we need it.

13 comments on “New edition of iScot now available

  1. […] New edition of iScot now available […]

  2. Brian Fleming says:

    Paul, is there an overseas subscription option for the print version?

  3. Doug Porteous says:

    Brian/Paul I would also be interested in an overseas issue.

  4. Steve Asaneilean says:

    Already a fully paid up print subscriber. The January edition was beautiful to behold – and had some good reading too!

    Will be framed and on the wall in due course – once I get my “independent” home office sorted 🙂

  5. mary docherty says:

    If you can’t get overseas one I’d be happy to send on my copy.It WAS a beautiful magazine.Give Paul details.

  6. Jan Cowan says:

    Done. Thanks, Paul. I look forward to seeing your work in print.

  7. Hazel Smith says:

    I also would like to know about an overseas subscription option.

  8. William Pirrie says:

    Thanks for the info, I’ve now subscribed to the printed edition and looking forward to it coming through my letter box.

  9. Hi It’s ken from iScot here. Thank you for the shout out Paul it’s very kind of you to do so, Overseas subs is something we don’t offer as standard as the postage can vary so much. The USA postage was over £8.00 alone excluding mag cost. Any way we can look at this so please mail me on and I’ll answer any specific location shipping costs

  10. Jambo says:

    Hi I have just noticed that you can subscribe to the digital version of iscot at this should prevent overseas viewers from missing out 🙂

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