iScot launches today

A new digital magazine and video news platform has launched today, iScot is open for business. iScot is an independent news service which aims to hold the establishment to account and to promote Scotland. Here’s some information from the site, it’s well worth a visit, and well worth supporting. Scotland needs an independent, active, and campaigning media whose focus is on Scotland and which is owned and controlled within Scotland. And the first edition features an article from yours truly.

You can find iScot at

Here’s a few words from the creators of iScot:

iScot brings together a team of dedicated content producers with all the support needed to create a sustainable and credible alternative source of news and information. Our aim is to provide a new multi-media platform which includes a digital magazine combining text, video and audio to report on the stories and angles often missed by mainstream media.

Created by a team of professional journalists and designers the publication plans to cover more than just politics. Everything from business stories to lifestyle features that reflect what’s happening in Scotland today will have a place among its pages. Although iScot has been designed specifically for the digital age and can be read on any tablet or mobile device, a printed version is also planned so it can reach as wide an audience as possible.

Our team already consists of journalists, photographers, video journalists, internet tv pioneers, presenters, bloggers, editors and designers but there is plenty of room for more. We are also looking to enlarge our support team of researchers, fund raisers, social media operators, advertising sales people and technicians to help us ensure that iScot remains a truly sustainable and independent media resource.

If you would like to help we would love to hear from you. Please email


12 comments on “iScot launches today

  1. That’s me signed up for the magazine..took me awhile my address has 3 Glasgows in it!! Ach weel !!

  2. Michael Housman says:

    Great to see you getting a wider audience.

  3. arthur thomson says:

    Found it on the net via a WOS comment. Really liked it. Decided for definite to subscribe when I saw the dug in it.

  4. annelawrie says:

    Looks good. Subscribed for a year. I would like to see an option to subscribe as a gift for someone else, too. What a brilliant Christmas pressy.

  5. I’ll give this proper scrutiny later this evening but a subscription will definitely be in the offing if it helps keep Wee Ginger in biscuits!

  6. Cag-does-thinking says:

    Good to see you get another gig as well as the blog. Good luck as you deserve a bigger outlet for your stuff.

  7. jdman says:

    I was impressed by the sheer quality of the magazine, and I’m not a natural magazine reader,
    I’ll wait until after I’ve got Christmas out of the way (6 grandweans are no cheap ye ken!) and subscribe for the year. 🙂

  8. Capella says:

    iScot is beautifully produced with excellent photos and articles. I made an initial contribution and will subscribe again after Xmas. We are certainly beginning to see a wealth of home grown talent and it’s great that WGD has a press presence as well as this blog. Everyone should be able to subscribe to all the great new media!

  9. lorna cruickshank says:

    Got my sub for a year,looking forward to the real copy arriving in the post so I can leave it in a strategic place eg workplace coffee room,Never too soon to start opening some minds before the next referendum and if the Dug is going to be a regular then so much the better

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