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We live in a country where the people voted to continue to be ruled by a parliament in London.

Okay, the majority wasn’t very large but it gave the parliament in London the green light to “get ahead” and consider that the “Scots” had been put back in their box.

They didn’t figure on the Labour party in Scotland imploding in the way it did.

That parliament in London is a very one sided affair and Scotland only have 59 MP’s sitting in a parliament of 650 MP’s. Right now, 40 of those Scottish MP’s are made up of Labour people. Labour is a UK party and as we’ve seen over the last few days, the Scottish branch of that party is run for the benefit of those who make up the bulk of the party and owe their allegiance to Westminster first before any consideration of Scotland, if at all, takes place.

It doesn’t matter if your wish is for more powers for Scotland or for complete independence, what matters is electing pro-Scotland MP’s who will push our (the people living in Scotland) agenda to get the best out of the situation. Having elected pro-Westminster MP’s in the past has always made the best outcomes for Scotland second fiddle to UK Party politics. This is a situation we must change before we can consider anything else.

It is therefore our task to ensure that the Labour party in its (rightly) weakened state don’t get any of those MP’s returned at the General Election in May 2015. Our task should be to return as many pro-Scotland MP’s to Westminster as humanly possible and in doing so get Scotland’s agenda onto the table.

How are we going to do that? was formed to create a communications portal for constituency groups made up of people of all pro-Scotland parties and none. In all 59 constituencies, if a pro-Scotland MP sits then assistance will be given to their campaign, on the other hand if a pro-Westminster MP sits, all possible assistance must be given to the pro-Scotland candidate most likely to challenge the pro-Westminster MP and win.

We have set up a website, two facebook central groups (one for news and media), a twitter account and a youtube channel all under the “” banner.

In each constituency, suitable persons will be chosen to run a local group under the banner having their own autonomy and able to call on help from other constituency members. Some areas will have strength through strong, experienced members and some unfortunately due to the lack of experience on the ground will be weak. It is our intention to support the strong and help the weak campaigners to gain strength. This will be accomplished by using the portal to identify those who need the most help. You will also be helped to get the best out of the system by the organisation of simple, friendly training sessions which will be easy to follow.

That means there will be 59 local facebook groups able to communicate with each other and take information from the central groups (or each other) or feed information back.

Those local groups will be assisted to create a file on all candidates fighting to win the seat and will be best placed to decide what candidate will do best in their particular area.

This won’t be a Yes Scotland exercise where initially most of the groups were left to organise themselves, this will be a joined up action which aims to promote tactical voting in each constituency.

As we saw in the referendum, many interlopers from the no campaign found their way into the facebook groups where they tried to damage the yes campaign from within, has its own security professional and the core administrators have run some of the largest groups in favour of independence. We will be there to ensure that the campaign is kept secure and that the business of creating a tactical vote in each constituency is able to happen relatively easily.

All that’s required is people with the same aim; to create a situation where Scotland’s voice cannot be ignored and subsequently achieve the best outcome for the people of Scotland.

Over the coming weeks as the membership rises and we make contact with you all, the conversations we will have will allow us to move to the constituency facebook groups and get planning and organising in each area. It is in all our best interests to see that this is done in an organised way which will create the best situation for the chosen pro-indy candidate in each area.

This isn’t about empire building, this is about Scots talking and campaigning with other Scots of a like mind, that’s why we came up with the name Each and every one of you matters.

There’s a lot to do, this won’t be a piece of cake but the success that we could have in our hands will make it worth the effort.

Let’s get building and let Westminster know there’s a storm coming! They’re going to find out sooner or later. Don’t waste time, join today and let’s get this show on the road.

Remember, remember the 5th of November because that’s our launch date. An auspicious date I would say for any action which seeks to upset the comfy seats at Westminster. About time too.

Kindest regards,

David Milligan

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  1. No no no...Yes says:


  2. Anne Lyden says:

    Sounds like a plan and a very good one!

  3. scunneredwiwm says:

    Will join facebook for this singular purpose. Let’s have the 59 MPs who force Westminster to change and ensure democracy for the people, not the broken, pretendy farce called democracy which we have now.

  4. I can’t wait – my Labour MP has a majority of less than 400, so I’ll be working to get rid of him.

    Are you going to use Bravemany as a resource?

  5. john mcgarry says:

    im in always knew we would overcome the bias media,onward and upward.

  6. nancyburge says:

    Please can you post the full name of the website as a search for “” on google does not find it.

  7. shahallyon says:

    I’m not sure I’m getting this. Surely the pro-Scotland candidate most likely to oust a sitting pro-Westminster MP is the SNP – in every constituency. How do other pro-Scotland parties get a look in? I appreciate it is early days and a lot of thought still has to go into the mechanics of how this will work; or am I missing something (I probably am)?

    • Mick Pork says:

      Almost all will be SNP but perhaps not quite all. IIRC I believe there will be some constituency polling done in scotland by Ashcroft in the near future which may help inform how things stand in certain areas. What may be required is to commission some targeted pollling in those areas where the Greens or even the SSP may have a better chance. That ain’t cheap though and I have no idea if anything like that is envisioned.

      So I will leave it to those who are organising to explain their thinking on targeting as it’s pretty much everything in a portal like this. If it’s not done properly then it will be actively counterproductive but I’m sure nobody is doing this naively or with any malign intentions so there must be some kind of planning being done to ascertain precisely where and who the help should be given to.

      • Doug Porteous says:

        I think that you will find that all three pro-independence parties will sit down and divide the constituencies amongst themselves, depending on who has the best chance of getting elected in any give seat. There may be for example seats where a Green candidate might be seen to do better than SNP or SSP nominees. The idea being to unite and strengthen the Yes vote.

        • Mick Pork says:

          Obviously there are going to be talks as both Nicola and Stewart Hosie have hinted. There is no timetable for them however. Nor is the situation static as the sensational poll today proves. Which will be one of the main problems for this proposed portal as without any clear way for itself to best ensure the resources go where and to who they are needed it will obviously have to wait on those talks and future developments to proceed.

    • Illy says:

      It’s not important what the breakdown is, what’s important is getting *all* the pro-independence parties sitting down and talking to each other about *not* running against each other in a constituency. To do that, they all need to be honest, swallow their egos, and look at the numbers.

      If it happens to turn out that there just isn’t *any* constituency where (say) the SSP are the strongest candidate for a Westminster election, then they need to accept that, but the important thing is getting the SNP, SSP and Greens sitting down and talking strategy. The talks need to happen, because asking any political party to just “sit out” of an entire election isn’t just dumb, it’s actively harmful to the cause.

      As someone else said somewhere, they need to keep their eyes on the goal, and use the best vehicle for achieving it, rather than quibbling about who’s sitting where on the way.

      Yes, the SNP are likely to be the majority of “best candidate”, but getting the SNP’s help working for the Greens and SSP will probably be enough to get those parties a seat or two.

  8. Hazel Smith says:

    Sounds like a great plan

  9. […] gets ready to launch […]

  10. Steve Bowers says:

    I’m in, ( after all I have spent most my afternoons of the last 2 years faffing about for indy, but don’t tell mrs Steve ) I’ve set up to try to keep the conversation going and attempt to attract former no voters to start thinking about Scotlands future and what THEY want, small steps to move to the dark side !

  11. jimnarlene says:

    I will now use, the useless, Facebook account, recently setup and shutdown, for a reason other than pish; that I cared naught for.

  12. Steve Bowers says:

    ok guys, got on Facebook, signed up, off we go, ya gotta love this stuff.

  13. Steve Bowers says:

    Some friends invited……………….

  14. maczinzan says:

    In it to win!

  15. Valerie says:

    Fantastic news! Its a great way to involve people who want independence but don’t want to join a party. I’m a new member of the SNP, and we are already getting organised! This week been leafleting out membership forms. Fundraisers also announced. I hope our branch will be able to welcome some non party people! Well done you guys!

  16. Jan Cowan says:

    Wonderful news!

  17. […] gets ready to launch. […]

  18. wwilmawatts says:

    Fantastic news. Count us in.

  19. Sounds as though you’re duplicating the YES Alliance group think on FB Paul. Come and join us as well..

    • weegingerdug says:

      It’s not actually me who has set this up Ian. I’ve just given David space to publicise it because I think it’s a good idea. However I agree that it’s best not to duplicate efforts.

      • Oops, apologies Paul… I really must concentrate on reading ALL the wurdz on a page.

        Apologies to David as well….

      • Jon says:

        WGD, would you add a subtitle of ‘Guest post’ or similar? It was a bit strange reading from the top whilst finding it was definitely not your writing voice 🙂

  20. James says:

    To me this sounds a bit underhand, militant and vigilante ? surely the snp/greens/independant parties already have this in hand. I would like to hear the snp and nichola sturgeon’s view on these particular plans of action.

    She(nichola sturgeon) has already intimated a new direction for the the snp and that her priority is to bring the divided country together.

    My questions would be, is this going to be authorized by the snp and be in line with any snp tactics or plans for their G.E. campaign, and, might this perhaps harm snp’s own chances of gaining votes in the forth coming general election ? for example, could these underhand tactics cause some kind of backlash from the very slp voters that the snp are trying to and need to win across.

    Being presumptious here is foolhardy and it’s very dangerous to assume that slp will go into meltdown, they may not. The truth is that nearly 70% of Scottish MP’s are slp.

    Make no mistake here the snp have some serious ground to make up, their recent indepenence result was 45%, but you must bear in mind that, and alex salmond was at pains to point out (many times) this is not a vote for the snp it’s a vote for independence, and even if you don’t like me it doesn’t stop you from voting yes. (many yes voters don’t and did) How many of the 45% were voting for independence, but will not vote snp at the G.E. ? , the 45% also included the greens. As we can see there’s no way to tell exactly how many of the 45% were snp, I suspect less than 40% , and probably nearer 35%

    The snp’s priority must be to persuade hardline slp voters across to snp, historically this has been their biggest problem and there’s no reason to believe this will easily happen at the G.E.

    Tactical voting is all very well, but you still need to have a majotity to win the seat

    • weegingerdug says:

      Ah welcome to the new politics James. What the referendum taught us is that we should not sit back and wait for things to be done for us by an established party – we need to get up off our bums and do things ourselves.

      • I’m all for this. Such fun it would be to plot the ousting of David Mundell. 😊

        • Morag says:

          The SNP constituency association is plotting that already – or at least its constituent parts are. Are you not already involved?

          • Not as yet, Morag. Stuck in Carlisle but willing to assist my nearest group!

            • Morag says:

              We welcome all help. I’m at the other end of the constituency though. It’s a difficult patch, with Peebles the only sizeable town, and Dumfries itself actually mostly in the adjoining constituency. The CA meetings are usually in Moffat!

              But honestly, we don’t need Mr. “Very Sovereign Scot” to co-ordinate us. I’m not sure what he thinks gives him the right, to be honest.

      • James says:

        yes we musn’t just sit back and hope, the more people that get involved the better.

        We do need to remember other lessons too, for example the sight of the 3 amigo’s and their armies heading up to Scotland on the train was a memory not to be forgotten.

        What happened next ? They shot themselves in the foot, a strong reaction came from the Scottish people, and a poll suggesting 51% yes was the result.

        This one decision (bad mistake) by the no campaign almost single handedly gifted yes a win and Scottish independence.

        Thats why I’m suggesting that any action here must be fully agreed and sanctioned by the snp heirarchy. Everything must go through them, that way we will all be pulling or pushing together.

        My own contribution would be ask the powers that be to get more active now!, In my opinion alex salmond should take a back seat and fast! He’s cramping the new leader’s style, we don’t have time for this uncomfortable delay, it’s a distraction and the situation is rediculous.

        Historically snp have not been the Scottish people’s favourite, they have tended to divide the nation, I believe mainly because of their priority with independence and their old style anti-establishment value’s, which remain strong (much of it stirred up and kindled by alex salmond).

        The snp must move forward into a new era and that include’s ditching some of the old values. Nicola has announced changes, new direction etc , due to the lack of time we need to hear all this ASAP, and also why salmond should take a step back now.

        The snp need to double their votes, I believe that amounts to quite a lot of change and a helluva power of persuasion, it’s a monumental task that no-one should take lightly. If the snp fails to appreciate or under estimates the task involved, if they take the slightest bitty thing for granted, have even the slightest epidode of complacency, then they will not succed.

        All the bickering and insults need to stop now, the snp needs lots of new votes, think where these new votes will come from, and how your going to get them. brownie points and cheap shots won’t count, and will more than likely lose you a vote. Everyone that gets involved must conduct themselves in a helpful, polite and non-destructive manner.

        The divided Scottish people need to be brought back together again, thats the key. At the moment the only linchpin seems to be the snp, It’s ironic, but “better together” needs to be the way forward, divided we will surely fall.

    • Morag says:

      James, I agree. I’m not at all sure this is the sort of interference we need. I’m also not sure who anointed David Milligan to organise the gerrymandering of the country. His online contributions over the past few years have not impressed me at all.

      The referendum was the time for the non-aligned grass-roots to shine, and shine they certainly did. Now is the time for the political parties to do what political parties do – fight elections. Our first SNP meeting was 5 days after the referendum and we went instantly into election mode. We are after Mundell’s scalp if we can get it, make no mistake. In what reasonable way can David “A Very Sovereign Scot” Milligan assist in this objective? I can’t think of one.

      Many, probably most people recognise that the SNP and the other pro-independence parties are where it’s at now. That’s why these parties have seen close on 100,000 people join in total. We know the leaders of the parties recognise the need to work together, and they’re negotiating to do just that. Is this sort of amateur vote-fixing effort really going to be any help at all? I worry that it’s more likely to be a spanner in the works.

  21. shuggito says:

    Sent from my iPad


  22. Brilliant move 🙂

  23. Peter Lynn says:

    On the Westminster vote sub groups will split the vote, the snp lives & breaths for independence, that will do for me. Once we get our scottish passports we can go our separate ways, this type of campaighning could be usefull in the Scottish elections especially for the greens in the fracking constituencies.

  24. Morag Frame says:

    count me in!

  25. Morag says:

    I don’t like the sound of this one little bit, for a number of reasons. I also have a bit of an antipathy to the person setting it up, not for personal reasons but because of his constant spamming of the “very sovereign Scot” rubbish at every available opportunity.

    I’m not sure it’s wise to rush to support every individual initiative set up by individual enthusiasts, even of it sounds good at first reading. GE tactics are something for the political parties to thrash out among and between themselves. Not really keen on someone on Facebook thinking he can gerrymander the country.

    • weegingerdug says:

      If you have an alternative proposal you can write something up and I will publish it. This is a space for airing ideas and exploring possibilities. I’m afraid your negative personal feelings about individuals aren’t especially helpful.

      • Morag says:

        My alternative proposal is that everyone get involved with their choice of independence-supporting political party and work through that party to get independence-supporting MPs elected. Not very sexy of course, but it seems the most joined-up way to go about it.

        Personalities are important, as well. Like it or not, the personality of the person fronting an online project has a lot of influence. Absolutely nothing I have seen from David Milligan over the past few years gives me an iota of confidence about this project.

        I hope I’m wrong, but it seems to be an attempt to re-invent the wheel, and possibly with the suggestion that square might be a good look.

      • Morag says:

        I mean, why do you think people throw money at Stuart Campbell and the Foster/Devoy double act? And yourself too, come to that. It’s personality, combined with track record. We have some idea who they are and what they can do.

        This is kind of the opposite situation, if you take my meaning.

        My inbox is full of notifications of meetings of our SNP branch, and the executive committee, and our Yes group which has determined to continue – in no small part for the express purpose of helping to keep Green, SSP and non-aligned activists in touch and working together. We’re almost over-supplied with organising capacity as it is.

        I ask myself what a self-appointed individual with a Facebook group is going to add to all this, and the answer kind of looks like nothing good. I’m sorry if this pricks anyone’s balloon, but not every gushing initiative is going to be a good one and we have to learn to be a bit cautious before rushing to endorse it.

      • Morag says:

        Also, part of “airing ideas and exploring possibilities” is looking at them with a critical eye. Uncritical gushing “great idea count me in” just because the initiative is on the side we support isn’t necessarily the most constructive approach. Some initiatives will inevitably be less good than others and we have to be prepared to triage them a bit. So sorry, but sometimes being negative is being helpful. If nobody is prepared to be cautious, or allowed to express negative feelings, we’ll be mired in well-meaning incompetence.

        And I’ll say it again, personalities are important.

        • Cuilean says:

          Morag, you’re beginning to sound like Dad’s Army, Private Frazer, “We’re doomed. Doomed. ALL DOOMED AH TELL YE”. *swivel eyes*

          I think Scot2.Scot is a wonderful idea. Many traditional labour voters (and, yes, there are still some out there) have, since 1979, been brainwashed, quite literally, by the UK Labour Party (North Britain branch) & the MSM, to tribally hate the SNP on sight. It’s like Pavlov’s dogs’ mode. Organisations like Scot2,Scot can form a bridge over that chasm of indoctrinated animosity and accompanying fear.

          “Cautious people seldom err” ~ Confucius.

          • Mick Pork says:

            More help will always be welcome but I’ll repeat what I said as it’s a touch important for a portal like wants to be. Targeting is everything. It’s fine saying we will put people on the ground to work for Yes parties but unless and until there are some concrete and clear plans and methods for deciding and ascertaining WHERE and precisely WHO gets the help it’s always gonnae sound a wee bit pie and the sky and a nice gesture no aw that serious.

            Those answers may hopefully be coming. If so then this could prove to be a valuable resource. Trouble is if this isn’t done right it could actively harm Yes parties fighting in close contests which nobody wants.

          • Bill Dale says:

            I think that that is being unfair to Morag. We need to have critical analysis of suggestions. Remember that we are like the guerrilla army fighting the massed troops of the regular army (for the avoidance of doubt this is an analogy, not a suggestion to take up arms!),

            This means that we have to conserve our ammunition and use it where it will be of most use. It also means that we need to win hearts and minds, for example by redoubling our efforts at foodbanks and helping the vulnerable.

            • Mick Pork says:

              “It also means that we need to win hearts and minds, for example by redoubling our efforts at foodbanks and helping the vulnerable.”

              Absolutely bang on Bill.

              The importance of things like that cannot be overstated. It’s where activism can become a massively powerful force in the interim between elections. The public notices it, be certain of that. It is also the right thing to do, the noble thing to do and the best thing to do.

              The truth of the matter is that all efforts to mobilise and harness the incredible grass roots and scottish public’s desire to change politics cannot be solely focused on the election in 2015 and 2016. There must obviously be planning done for them but we know that the actual campaigns are months away while we MUST keep the enthusiasm and moral high in the meantime for those who want to help create a better future for all scots.

              That means events, fundraising, activism on the streets, charity drives, social gatherings, everything that can keep the wonderful people who want to help together and enthused for the campaigns to come.

              The brass tacks of political campaigning will be vital but right now we have to keep a truly gigantic amount of people who have never been involved in politics before interested and keen for months to come. That is by no means easy but it is crucial.

            • Bill MIlls says:

              It’s all about engagement with those whom we can persuade to share our vision for a better Scotland, We have been doing just that for the past 2+years.. we just didn’t do enough of it – and to be honest, not well enough
              There is no point in rallying lots of enthusiastic go-getters, unless they have a story to tell and that they are equipped to tell it in an effective and engaging manner. Training, a coherent strategy (community involvement) and a well defined, factually supported narrative on headline key issues are what will deliver a highly effective guerilla campaign.

              We have hundreds of well established groups already having the conversation, They have superb organisers, fundraisers, strategists, trainers and an array of other skill sets in their ranks. Groups are outreaching to other groups in common purpose. This is called grassroots folks.

              We do not, with respect, need another well-meaning individual proposing to lead, coordinate, manage, direct, rally, assemble and security-screen the Independence movement – and even if we did, it certainly wouldn’t be on FaceBook.

          • James says:

            All the bickering and insults need to stop now, the snp needs lots of new votes, think where these new votes will come from, and how your going to get them. brownie points and cheap shots won’t count, and will more than likely lose you a vote. Everyone that gets involved must conduct themselves in a helpful, polite and non-destructive manner.

  26. Tom Platt says:

    The idea is sound. There seem to be competing organisations trying to do the same thing. Evolution Scotland informed that they were trying to start to do something similar to just the other day.
    Some of us are going to have to choose where to invest our energy. I hope that either someone with an overview and who is universally recognised will be able to co-ordinate or that the different groups will be able to co-operate.

  27. J Galt says:

    What we really need is for an Independent Scottish Labour Party to emerge and join the Pro Independence throng.

    The rest of us can’t do it for them they have to do it themselves.

    There must be Labour MSPs who see where the future lies and who are brave and honourable enough to take the plunge. Once it starts it just might turn into an avalanche.

  28. Launching on the same day as the Yes bar is officially re-launching as the Yes bar for good. Very wise. I can see Scot2Scot tie possibilities up already 🙂

  29. vronsky says:

    I’ve done some work on this as it originally occurred to me that if *all* of the non Lab/Lib/Con vote (i.e Green, SSP, UKIP, Monster Raving Loony) went to the SNP then the SNP still wouldn’t win any seats they weren’t going win anyway. The total for all of these parties together is around 3% of votes cast. In other words, the only hope for such an alliance must be that it will attract votes from traditional Labour supporters.

    I’ve gone through the constituencies and extrapolated results based on the 2011 election and modifying with current opinion poll ratings. I introduced a variable factor – the percentage of Labour votes turned directly over to the SNP candidate on the assumption that this would happen if he/she were called something other than SNP. In other words, a candidate stands called ‘Yes Alliance’ or some such, and collects all SNP, all Green, all SSP and a percentage of Labour votes. Do they win?

    I find that I have to insert a factor of 20% of Labour voters moving to the independence candidate in order to take just *one* more Scottish seat (Falkirk). If 35% (the highest estimate of Labour voters who voted Yes in the referendum) then three seats are gained: Falkirk, Dundee West and Livingston.

    It’s also well worth remembering that many SNP voters do not support independence and my figures make no allowance for a movement of voters in the opposite direction, that is voting for one of the Unionist parties because there is no SNP candidate.

    These numbers don’t sound plausible to me, though I suppose on the other hand we would only be doing this in constituencies where no SNP/SGP/SSP candidate has a realistic chance of winning.

    • James says:

      Is there such a thing as a seat with no snp candidate ? if so this must be rectified. Yes I agree and it’s clear to see that the task in hand is immense. To anyone thinking otherwise , I would urge you to take a more serious view.

      The tactics must be seriously looked at by the snp, but these cannot be put into place without lots and lots of new (old slp) votes.

      The opposition will also look at tactics, recently we witnessed, labour/tory/libdem all going to bed together 🙂 Now this deplorable action has happened once, they won’t think twice about doing it again. We also seen the reaction of the Scottish voters against this preposterous union of fakes.

      We need to make sure that all their mistakes, lies and fakery are brought to the attention of the voters and then amplified, there’s more to tactics than who’s sitting where. Try to neutralise any disadvantage, even better turn these into advantage’s, and make sure that they are severely punished for every single one of their weaknesses, and there’s a plenty.

      As I’ve said before the tone should always be helpful and friendly, polite and in a non-destructive manner, I would never encourage anyone to be two-faced, there’s no need to be, stick to the facts and arm yourself with plenty O’ them.

  30. jake says:

    Facebook, Twitter, security professionals, “chosen” pro-indy candidates, portals, training, “suitable” persons to be chosen, central groups, core administrators… what’s not to like?

    • Doug Porteous says:

      Jake this made me more than slightly uneasy when I read it the first, second and third time.

      • jake says:

        Major Boothby types make me “uneasy” ….this has all the makings of something potentially much more sinister.

  31. Gavin Barrie says:

    As Yes are no longer, much to the surprise of many including me, there is a need for a core group to coordinate the independence campaign. Local meetings need to be convened to inform and convince on the intended core organisation to motivate people. Yes has come in for criticism before and post the referendum but it did succeed in enabling the establishment of local groups. My conclusion after several visits to the Glasgow Yes office was that we needed simply to get on with running a local campaign, self energised. Fortunately we had a supportive SNP group in our area to provide funding and experience, and we worked seamlessly together irrespective of political leanings.

    The SNP are the largest political force in Scotland, do they endorse your initiative?

    Just heard on STV news that an IPSO Mori poll states that 52% would vote SNP if a general election was held now, yielding +50 seats to the SNP. Labour would have 4 seats! Sort of makes my point. I recommend you talk to the SNP for their support of your initiative.

    • Ann says:

      Gavin, Your conclusion after several visits to the Glasgow Yes office was that we needed simply to get on with running a local self energised campaign. (I totally agree with you there)
      But you were very fortunately you had a supportive SNP group in your area that provided funding and experience, and that you could work seamlessly together irrespective of political leanings.
      In my case and area the opposit was the norm and I am an SNP member, the total funding insult was £27 over a 2 Years period, and that was grudged and moaned about at the branch meeting.

  32. vronsky says:

    Executive Summary of my last post. See this alliance stuff? Don’t touch it with a bargepole and a condom on the end.

  33. TheBabelFish says:

    Reblogged this on The Babel Fish and commented:
    An exciting initiative aimed at building the Yes Alliance we need, and which this blog has been arguing for. Please check out this article by my good friend David Milligan.

  34. vronsky says:

    I gave a constructive and extended comment above. I notice you haven’t responded.

  35. Craig Sheridan says:

    David, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and acknowledge you are trying to do the right thing and help organise grass roots campaigning for GE2015. However, to say your Facebook groups will be well placed to decide on the best placed pro-indie candidate is way off the mark.

    The idea of a Yes Alliance clearly means all pro-indie people getting behind the SNP candidate, as by a long, long way, they are ‘best placed’. If your local Facebook group was to disagree with the obvious, this would be counter-intuitive and actually potentially very dangerous in terms of creating conflict of opinion.

    I would urge you with haste to change your stance to ‘support’ the best placed candidate (who will be self-evident) and not to ‘decide’ the best placed candidate which can only ever be problematic.

    Your idea is absolutely sound, and I will give it my support when you correct the error of this fundamental point. You can then contribute to the grass roots movement that can work in conjunction with likeminded initiatives and help drive the pro-indie candidates to victory. Cheers.

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