A wee update about flitting and fags

The fact I’m posting this ought to let you know that I’m back online again – whoo hoo. But this isn’t a post about the Smith Commission, the British Labour party, or any wit and wisdom about anything remotely political. It’s just a wee update to let you know what’s going on with the big flit.

The move went smoothly, and we managed to get everything over to the new flat without breaking anything. Although my uncle did point out a loose wire on a model train when he was looking at it. Every single time that man looks at a model train or tram, it gets broken. It’s not even his fault either. He hadn’t even touched the train. He’s just cursed. He is to model trains as Gordie Broon is to politics, come to think of it. Although in Broon’s case it generally is his fault. And you can’t fix the devolution settlement with a bit of solder, you’ll only get burned.

I’m now unpacking everything, and working my way through all the packing cases. I’ve got loads of lovely things that haven’t seen the light of day since we moved back from Spain. And a shitload of crap too.

I’ve not had a fag since 2.30am on Tuesday morning, when I finished the last of the baccy I’d found in a tin in a drawer in the old place. On Saturday while suffering a severe craving I distracted myself by clearing out rubbish – only to discover a wee bit of rolling tobacco hiding there. So that was the giving up smoking buggered for last weekend. Until I finished that very last little bit. I’ve not used nicotine patches, e-cigs, or thon boggin tasting chewing gum, I’ve just gone cold turkey – and to my surprise it’s working. And I’m not even eating lots of sweeties.

I don’t want to smoke in this new flat – and haven’t. Moving has made it easier to give up because I’ve changed my routine. I still sit and watch Pointless with a cuppa, just not with a fag any more. I’m watching it in a different house in a different place – and it feels sufficiently different that the craving for the ciggie is controllable. I am determined to do it this time.

I’m still getting cravings of course, but they’re bearable. When I was a teenager I used to bite my fingernails, but managed to stop that by playing with a wee lump of plasticene instead. Believe it or not I still have the original lump of plasticene – which is now a solid ball bearing very little resemblance to modelling clay. But it fits my hands perfectly, and when I get a craving for a ciggy I roll the ball between my hands. Fingers crossed it’s working, or rather I would cross my fingers but they’re occupied with a ball of plasticene.

I have no idea what’s going on in the news – but I’ll try and catch up with myself and all going well normal posting service will be resumed over the weekend.



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  1. Steve Bowers says:

    it’s a dawdle Paul
    I gave up 30 years ago and I was on 40 per day, the craving gets less and less every time, just bear with it cos it doesn’t last long.

    • Tris says:

      I tried and tried to give up- without any success, then I got gastro enteritis and was laid low for a week, just after buy 200 cigarettes. When I felt well enough to eat anything other than boiled rice, I remembered the cigarettes in the cupboard, but after a week not smoking, and with nausea never far from surfacing, I left them in there.

      When I went back to work after another week, I took them in and sold them, at a reduced price, to a workmate. That was 10 years ago now, and apart from one “night out” when i was tempted, I’ve never even contemplated another cigarette.

      I’m just around Β£15,000 better off, and I can taste food. I don’t smell like an ashtray and I’ll probably avoid lung cancer.

      It’s win win… stick with it.

  2. Hi P, the fags ARE important. I smoked since I was sixteen. 20 a day until a heart attack at the age of 48 got operated on, stopped for a year and a bit and took it back up for about 5 years! Now I haven’t smoked for 3 years and am much the better for it. Keep going!!!! I read and re read the easy way to stop smoking by Allen Carr. The benefits are massive! FFS! I even go to the gym now 3x a week! Anyway well done you! It gets easier. There is a life without it. its a stupid pathetic anti-social addiction. Regarding politics? Nada. I only have real visceral feelings for the lot of them, there is no point in discussing anything. I just swear now like father Jack! Best of Luck!

    • carthannas says:

      Have to agree with you about Allen Carr’s Easy Way…. You name it, I tried – acupuncture, gum, hypnotism and patches – with no success. Allen Carr did it for me, with none of the alternative ways of taking nicotine. It’s brilliant. What sickens me is the promotion of e-cigarettes which will recruit a whole new generation of smokers.

      I wish you continued success Paul.

      • Davie Park says:

        Nope. Using an ecig is NOT smoking. No combustion of tobacco and none of the concomitant health problems (for the smoker AND those who passively inhale the smoke). There is NO smoke produced by ecigs and NO passive dangers. I could link to a library of peer reviewed studies which shows this to be the case. However, I’ll make do with a quote from the head of the Tobacco Advisory Group of the Royal College of Physicians;

        “Nicotine itself is not a particularly hazardous drug,” says Professor John Britton, who leads the tobacco advisory group for the Royal College of Physicians.

        “It’s something on a par with the effects you get from caffeine.

        “If all the smokers in Britain stopped smoking cigarettes and started smoking e-cigarettes we would save 5 million deaths in people who are alive today. It’s a massive potential public health prize.”

        • carthannas says:

          I take your point Davie and I don’t want to get into an argument with you. However, I think what I was trying to say is that e-cigarettes continue to feed – or indeed commence – an addiction to nicotine in the same way that smoking cigarettes does. A friend of mine craves his e-fags and exhibits the same desperation for his next one as tobacco smokers do. The same relief at satisfying the withdrawal symptoms experienced by all nicotine smokers as the effect of the last fag wears off – the pleasure of smoking.

          • Davie Park says:

            Fair enough; It’s absolutely true that ecigs feed the nicotine habit. I don’t have a problem with addiction per se – whether that be nicotine or caffeine or politics or whatever.

  3. I wish you health and happiness in your new home. Xx

  4. handclapping says:

    You’ll find you can afford the solder soon enough, now you’ve given up.
    Arrabest in the new house.

  5. jimnarlene says:

    Glad the flit went smoothly and great to hear you’re getting by without the cigs, gaun yersel.

  6. sagacity says:

    Great to have you back Paul. You have been greatly missed.

    I still hate the rest of my generation of wrinklies for what they have done to Scotland and to the coming young folk. Like smoking will the craving for independence pass – I don’t think so. ‘The dream shall never die’ and the wound will never heal.

  7. Justin Fayre says:

    ‘Haste ye back’… You’re surely pissed…Oops I mean you’re sorely missed

  8. Pat Cruse says:

    Glad you’re moved and settling in. Good luck with the fags. I stopped cold turkey 6 years ago. No one believed I could do it but I did. Hope you can too!

  9. vronsky says:

    Cold turkey was the only thing that worked for me. I was a heavy smoker. I’ve now got COPD and use inhalers, and I gave up well over 20 years ago. The consequences hit you when you enter your sixties. That feeling you have right now that you are one of the lucky ones who gets away with it is an illusion.

    More positively, if you can give it up for about ten days you’ve probably licked it. It’s not as addictive as is too often claimed. Avoid situations where you would usually smoke – I stopped going to the pub.

    Speaking of which, I’ve found it much harder to give up booze, as I feel it’s part of my quality of life and I feel I sort of owe myself a drink now and then You could never say that about the fags, they’re just unpleasant. Stop smoking now, you’ll enjoy the bevvy more.

  10. diabloandco says:

    Happy new home Paul – I gave up smoking (cold turkey) and the best thing is my house no longer stinks of old smoke! For the rest I suppose I would be considered less anti social but to be honest ,I don’t feel any better , don’t breathe any better – I just smell better!

  11. Keep a note of the money you’re saving and treat yourself now and again. I’ve been doing that for 18 years now!

  12. Anne Lyden says:

    Happy new, smoke – free home! x

  13. A elderly chain-smoking widower owned our wee flat in Cardonald before we bought it. We inherited his venetian blinds which were a kinda greenish colour. After a good scrubbing they turned out to be pale cream. I spent a couple of days stripping wallpaper. If I had gone three days, I might have got addicted to the nicotine fumes coming from the process of scraping. Four years on and there’s still a wee smell of the stuff. If Kevin McCloud ever visited oor wee and rather un-grand flat, I’d have to tell him that I kept a wee bit of the smell as part of the ‘narrative’ of the hoose. Congratulations on your move. I and many of your readers are sending your our best wishes, prayers and universal energy — straight to your door! πŸ™‚

  14. […] A wee update about flitting and fags […]

  15. Fairliered says:

    “I still sit and watch Pointless”. Was that another reference to Gordie Broon?
    Over 20 years after giving up, I still hold a pen as if it was a ciggie!
    Save up the money you would have spent on fags.
    Put the money in one of these

    Stick this picture on the outside

    When you have enough saved, buy one!

  16. Donna Houghton says:

    Just had to say WELL DONE with the no smoking, I’m trying again 😦 Donna

    Sent from my iPhone


  17. Jackie says:

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one who has given up this week…actually feel better for it already and defo haven’t spent as much money…cravings appear but soon disappear too…:)

  18. bearinorkney says:

    Plasticine’s Captain Queeg?

  19. macart763 says:

    Will of iron.

    I’ll eat the jelly babies then. πŸ™‚

  20. Bamstick says:

    Only time I managed to stop smoking was when I was pregnant.
    I had no cravings at all.
    Went back to work and within a couple of days I was back on them.
    No excuse now, but to be honest I really enjoy a wee roll-up. I try from time to time to stop, acupuncture, replacement nicotine of every sort, but I end up back here, a smoker.

  21. Trick says:

    Pointless is one of those quiz shows that make simple little things stick in your mind , great show . There is absolutely no news what so ever , they didn’t find a new oil field in the North Sea , and today isn’t a wet Thursday in October . Enjoy the new place , I hope the neighbours are good

  22. Weegiewarbler says:

    Nice to see you back. Good luck fending off the nicotine, hoping it works for you.

  23. Ruth Laird says:

    All the best to you in your new home. So glad it all went well.

  24. James says:

    well done, the worst is over πŸ™‚

  25. Nice work with the Harry Wraggs, Paul.
    I had a weird relationship with smoking. Never liked it but in a moment of daft ‘monkey see, monkey do’, I started at 21 because some mates were doing it. Did it for about 6 years then binned it for 18 months.
    When I joined the Gendarmes I started again at training school out of boredom. Did it for nearly six years again with a three month break about three years into this spell. Stopped again for about 4 months then back on for about a year and a half though this last phase was very on-off.
    At 36 (day of my wedding in 2000 in fact), I just stopped, cold turkey and apart from about half a dozen occasions in the following three years I’ve never touched one, let alone missed them.
    I blew all the money on books, music and wee trains instead!
    There’s a good diversion for you! πŸ™‚

  26. Morag Frame says:

    missed your posts – was suffering pre referendum nostalgia – glad your getting settled and look forward to the wind in your sails again.

  27. WRH2 says:

    Glad to hear the flit went OK. Keep going with giving up on the smokes. It’s worth it.

  28. Keep going with giving up the smoking! you will do it…I did after smoking for 30 years on a 20 a day habit. I also went cold turkey and am now smoke free (non smoker πŸ™‚ ) 8 years come January! Good luck and keep well. Linda x

  29. strathedin says:

    Well done with kicking the stogeys…I smoked 30 plus a day for more than 30 years…but stubbed out the last one at 10 minutes to 5 on Monday evening, 20th January, 1997. I follow the mantra of an old friend…I haven’t stopped, I’m just not having one just now. That way, the pressure of being stopped is lifted…I know I could buy a packet at anytime, or bum one from a mate/colleague. Sometimes it’s still tempting, but it’s worked for me so far…! Hang in there… πŸ˜‰

    • James says:

      that’s interesting I was the opposite, instead of trying to stop I managed to convince myself that I had stopped from the onset, worked for me, along with packets of lockets(honey ones). They tasted horrible, a bit like fags I suppose.

      anyway I agree with strath well done you.!

  30. John White says:

    Wishing you the best of luck in your new home. May the road rise with you.

  31. A Meringue says:

    Hows Ginger enjoying his new hoose? He will be pleased if there are any new walks to be found. Mine gets bored with the same old walks all the time. She still thinks that it is summertime and unless it is actually raining she still insists on being out in the garden.

    As for the fags Im saying heee haw!

    • hektorsmum says:

      Mr M, mine loves the garden, the birds and neighbour do not love him so much. Is there any way to stop Ronnie Barker doing what seems to come naturally to a dominant Dug?

  32. Mosstrooper says:

    Some 30 plus years ago when I was in a rather stressful job I used to keep a ball of plasticine to mould in my hands during meetings or when I needed to keep calm. Still have that ball of plasticine although it has lost it’s malleability.

    Might look it out again when listening to the Unionist liars.

  33. Mosstrooper says:

    Yep, checked the old briefcase and there it was. Must keep it out to remind myself of the old saying; “This too shall pass”

  34. Nigel says:

    On the political front? No, nothings happened at the commission that will affect our widely predicted view that the end result will increase londons tax take, and the rest of the uk will be in austerity mode!

    Nothing new there then…..

  35. ‘I’ve not had a fag since 2.30am on Tuesday morning’. Weel done, Cutty Sark.

  36. yesguy says:

    Great news Paul.

    Moving house is a time when you realise that we all collect junk we will never use again . Clearing out gives a nice feeling of a new start. Hope you and the dug settle in quickly and don’t worry about us readers, we’re going no-where.

  37. hektorsmum says:

    Very pleased to hear your are now in the new place, that you intend not smoking. That will also save you money, you will not have to paint as much. Lost my Dad to the weed and then my Father in Law, could say I lost my Birth Mother to the weed as well, she smoked and that and TB did not help. I really have never smoked, was occasionally seen with a cigar in my misspent youth but that was for effect.
    Lots of love to Ginger and your good self. Keep busy, that is the answer. I am on a very long term diet and the trouble with food and drink is that it is essential so you just cannot give it up. I have yet to take up cake baking but it is coming, Will remember you if I get there.

  38. Political Tourist says:

    Life doesn’t stop at Glasgow Cross.

    Public meeting

    Gerry Hassan speaking about “after the referendum” Monday October 30th 7.30pm Nazerene church, Burgher St, Parkhead Cross.
    Organized by CAB.

  39. Jan Cowan says:

    When I stopped smoking I decided that I wouldn’t preach to smokers about the habit. I haven’t and I won’t but I’m really thankful that I was able to give it up. It’s far from easy but well, well worth it in the end.

    Ginger will be thankful too…….All that passive smoking!

  40. Meaban Beag says:

    The nearest I ever came to giving up was going cold turkey. The Alan Carr (?) Method. There was a simple graph which showed the way nicotine in your bloodstream fell after having a ciggie, and you could pretty near predict dead on that when levels dropped to a certain point you went like some preprogrammed machine for your next one. The trick was to convince you that if you had (just one) ciggie this process was going to kick in. So what was your reward for having this one going to be ……… in 20 mins you could have another one. πŸ˜‰ Worked all week for me. Then the weekend came.

    That was a long paragraph so off for a smoke and coffee now. 50 breaks a day doesnt help your productivity, but at least the eldest tom cat gets out for a walk πŸ˜‰

    A friend swears by the not smoking indoors method – she lives on the third floor πŸ˜‰

    However you get there – all the best

  41. You can do it. Hang the ‘Home Sweet Home’ sign on the wall above the ‘This is a smoke-free zone’ one, and enjoy finding places to put all the goodies that have been hidden since your return from Spain. Save what you would have been spending on the weed and buy something for your new flat or yourself. Treats are good. With some people it’s chocolate, with me it’s olives. At Christmas I get a jar instead of the sweets the others unwrap.

    Hope the neighbours are friendly.

  42. Steve Asaneilean says:

    Glad move and “detox” went well.
    As for the news – same old anti-Scottish garbage from BBC Scotland and British Labour (at least the ConDems have had the good grace to just ignore us again)

  43. Jacqueline Gallacher says:

    Well done on the ciggie front. I gave up 11 years ago and I got hypnotised, just the once and never had a craving again. good luck in your new home

  44. Alabaman says:

    Glad to hear/see that the flitting is going well, regarding stopping the weed, I found that I could not stop “cold turkey”, tried that way a few times, eventually got pills from the Doc (CHAMPIX) nay bother with them, in fact I still find it hard to believe how easy it has been, remember I’ve been puffing away for over 55yrs!.
    Do I feel the better for stopping?, not physically,I was alway pretty fit, come to think of it I’ve lost that early morning cough to clear the tubes, but I sure as hell do financially.

  45. Political Tourist says:

    I wish Lamont had stayed.

  46. jennifer maybanks says:

    cold turkey is best way..do not replace nicotine with nicotine. The craving lasts the length of time it takes to smoke a ciggie and come when you would usually have a one so if you can last 5 minutes each time, the desire will get less and less. You, of all people, can do this xx

  47. Carol Jardine says:

    Welcome back Paul. Enjoy your new home.

  48. Pat Farrelly says:

    All the best – and remember that nobody ever regrets giving up the fags.

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