How now Brown’s vow

The road to Hell, blog posts, and post-referendum vows is paved with good intentions. Or at least that holds true for two items on the list, whether there were ever any good intentions in the vow is very much a matter for debate. In fact, it’s debatable whether there ever was a vow in the first place, because it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that it only ever existed in the febrile minds of Gordie and the editor of the Daily Record. More a ciao than a vow then, as it meant we could say goodbye to any hopes of substantive extra powers for Holyrood.

In the Peanuts cartoon strip, there was a recurring gag when Charlie Brown attempted to kick a football, one of those oddly shaped ones like Gordie’s heid, held into place by his friend Lucy. Whenever Charlie Brown went to kick the baw, Lucy wheeched it away. Yet Charlie Brown fell for it every time. He’s clearly a close relative of Gordie. Lucy was never going to let Charlie Brown kick the baw, just like Westminster was never going to fulfil the vow that Gordie assured us was a done deal. Snoopy won’t be doing his happy dance.

The debates in Westminster this week were obstensibly about extra powers for Scotland and the implementation of the infamous vow, however the debate was taken up almost in its entirety with arguments over English devolution. Predictably, proceedings descended into Labour and the Tories arguing over what was best for their own party interests. The only person who seemed shocked by this turn of events was Charlie, sorry, Gordie. This is because if anyone is going to break their word but pretend that they haven’t, it will be Gordie, and he’s not happy that others have trodden on astroturf he regards as rightfully his.

Despite his much heralded intellect, Gordie suffers from a very special kind of stupid, the kind that only highly intelligent and deeply vain people suffer from, people whose IQs are the square root of their egos. Gordie may be highly intelligent in getting a PhD about the early history of the Labour party, but he has the social intelligence of monkey wrench. He is, quite literally, a tool. People like Gordie get used by those who may not partake in his impressively large ego, his intellectualosity, and his ability to come out with phrases like endogenous growth devolution, but who are far more politically and socially shrewd. Lenin called monkey wrenches like Gordie ‘useful idiots’. Gordie was played, brought down by his own ego and the mistaken belief that he can out-think everyone around him. It’s the arrogance of the small town boy who was always the brightest in his class at school, and who thinks this means he’s brighter than everyone on the planet.

If I was ever a telly interviewer, there’s a question I’d like to put to Gordie – I’d ask him to name one, just one, policy he had implemented because it was the right thing to do, even though it had damaged his party’s chances of election and his own career. Bet ye he couldn’t answer, and this is why I’ll never be a telly interviewer – I wouldn’t let it go. Gordie has never willingly put the greater good above the interests of Gordie and the British Labour party, because in Gordie’s eye the greater good always, by an eerie coincidence, just happens to be what’s good for Gordie. Spooky.

Yet this is the same Gordie who wanted voters to believe that he, and the rest of the misbegotten Westminster party leaders, would put aside personal and party interests in order to fulfil a vow to the people of Scotland. And Gordie, being the tool fool that he is, probably genuinely believed that Davie, Ed and Nick would go along with what was good for Gordie. Davie Cameron looked at Gordie’s proposal for a vow, and saw a monkey wrench to stick in the devo-works. It is below the belt to cast aspersions on a person’s mental health – but you do have to wonder whether Gordie is just a bit of a nutter. Actually no. You don’t need to wonder, it’s really quite certain that Gordie’s contact with reality is at best tangential.

On Friday Gordie published an article in the Guardian. The focus of his upset was not what happens to Scotland under Cameron’s proposals for devolution, but rather what happens to Scottish MPs. Or more specifically, to him and his British Labour co-conspirators. They will no longer be able to vote on “English only” matters. And by devolving all income tax, Cameron has ensured that’s going to include the budget. At a stroke, Gordie, the Smurph and St Dougie the Creeping Jesus will be denied the possibility of cabinet seats. That’s the second classness that really bothers Gordie, not the second class nature of a hauf arsed devolution proposal that includes a random selection of tax raising powers but doesn’t include much else, and certainly not the ability for Holyrood to set up a Scottish nation TV channel.

However Gordie doesn’t need to worry, because there may not be that many second class British Labour MPs in Scotland after the next General Election. They’re all third class runners up, and there won’t be that many of them. The latest polls show that British Labour is about to experience its very own version of lemmingdom. Since the referendum the party’s vote share in Scotland has fallen off a cliff. In the most recent YouGov poll, the Scottish subsample shows that British Labour is – almost unbelievably – returning a lower vote share than the Tories. The Tories poll 20%, British Labour a paltry 19%. “Others”, those small parties and regional parochial parties too insignificant for YouGov to notice, have been polling over 50%. That’ll be the SNP and the Greens then. Although other polls do show Labour ahead of the Tories in Scotland – although not by much – all agree that the SNP and the other pro-independence parties are well ahead, and UKIP, the BBC’s favourite “other party” is nowhere to be seen.

The BBC is doing all it can to rescue the situation, and has decided quite arbitrarily that the SNP, the Greens, and Plaid Cymru will be excluded from the leaders’ debates scheduled for before the next General Election. It’s all that stands between business as usual and the prospect that pro-independence MPs will hold a majority of Scottish Westminster seats. That will mean that Westminster’s devolution proposals will be unlikely to secure a democratic mandate within Scotland, and will instead have to be imposed by English votes. English Votes for Scottish Laws, it was ever thus.

Magrit Curran better hurry up with her consultation of pissed off East Enders then. The only thing I don’t like about my new hoose is that Magrit is my MP – although probably only until May. The seat fell to the SNP in the 2008 by-election. I’m still waiting for my invite to yer consultation Magrit, by the way. I’d be delighted to tell you at length and in colourful detail exactly where things have gone wrong for you, and why it’s far too late for you to do anything about it. All that’s left for Magrit is to consult under a rock along with Wullie Bain and Ian Davidson.

Many years ago I remarked that Scotland would become independent, not because it was the expressed and settled will of the voters of Scotland, but because the Westminster parties would be incapable of putting the continuation of the Union above narrow party interests. That’s one prediction that looks like coming true. If only I had the same success with lottery numbers.

There will not be any more blog posts this week. The big move is on Tuesday, and I am currently surrounded by packing cases and I won’t have internet access until everything is reconnected in the new house. And I’m trying to give up smoking. With limited success, so I am really, really tetchy right now.  Magrit, you have been warned.



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  1. mogabee says:

    I like tetchy..adds a little edginess! ..Anyways, good luck with the move, sorry about your MP!

  2. Indigo says:

    Think how satisfying it will be to cast one of the votes that will see her seat fall to the SNP next May 🙂 Good luck with your move and with the not smoking thing

  3. […] How now Brown’s vow […]

  4. scotsgeoff says:

    I’ll see your Magrit & raise you a Gordie.

    The man even gets his minions to deny receiving a recorded delivery letter – and here was me thinking he always turns up for the opening of an envelope…

  5. vronsky says:

    “Gordie, being the tool fool that he is, probably genuinely believed that Davie, Ed and Nick would go along with what was good for Gordie.”

    You’re much too kind. Gordie knew exactly what was happening and didn’t believe for one moment what he was saying. Whatever his vices, he’s no fool.

    He’s a moral cripple, a very bad man.

    • Marion Scott says:

      I agree with you there. Gordie was well aware of what he was doing. He was lying through his teeth to frighten elderly Scots into voting NO and to assure younger doubters that there would be enhanced devolution. He broke purdah and deliberately bladded the referendum. A truly loathsome creature.

      Wee Dug, hope the flitting goes well.

    • James says:

      voters in Scotland obviously trusted him more than alex salmond, the result speaks for itself. 🙂

    • James says:

      obviously the voters in Scotland didn’t think much of alex salmond then, Gordie boy’s side got more votes than his 🙂

  6. macart763 says:

    Oh dang! Giving up smoking and a move in the same week?

    Well hard. 😀

    Brown has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Dishonest, vain, delusional sense of self importance, over aggressive ambition for self and party which excludes all other perspectives. The ferocity of this belief is such that any strategy, any lie and any action is justified in his eyes. A case of the end justifies the means in living colour.

    His ‘immense’ intellect appears to have divorced him from run of the mill, plain old human empathy, dignity and integrity. The same can be said for the rest of his rotten party. They forgot, deliberately and consciously, why they were formed in the first place. They forgot that upon a time they were supposed to represent and provide a voice for those who weren’t, through no fault of their own, allowed to have either. British Labour abandoned us.

    They are now completely unfit for purpose.

  7. jimnarlene says:

    Good luck with the flit and the stopping smoking. Are you going cold-turkey or using an ecig?

    • weegingerdug says:

      Mostly I’m using swearing a lot and failing miserably. I was smoking 20 a day when looking after Andy. He chain smoked and I was stuck in a fog of smoke all day so ended up smoking far too much too. Yesterday I managed to get through the day with just 3. But last night I discovered a packet of rolling tobacco when I was clearing out a drawer. So now I’m smoking a roll up. Tomorrow I’ll go and get some nicotine patches.

      • Bill Dale says:

        A very good friend of mine had tried everything you can think of to give up smoking – nicotine patches, hypnosis, acupuncture, will power – you name it. I thought that he would be a life-long smoker, till one day I went to stay with them in London for a few days and noticed that he wasn’t smoking.

        I didn’t say anything and then later his wife said, he hasn’t smoked for months – he hasn’t given up, he just says to himself each day “I won’t have a cigarette today.” That was many years ago and he hasn’t had a cigarette since. All the best in the new house.

      • don’t bother with the patches.. I tried them and Im only a 10 a day when not under stress or up all night in pain! They didn’t help at all!! Good luck with the stopping smoking and the flit!!

      • James says:

        I’m sure someone, with the audacity to belittle a previous “chancellor of the exchequer” and “prime minister” , can quit smoking, “nae botha ataw”.

        Never doubts for a nano-second that their own superior “know it all” and wisdom surpasses the combined intellect of the house of commons. Someone who disregards the result of the recent democratic vote by the whole Scottish nation to stay un-independant. Preaches that well over half the nation were either scared, hoodwinked or just plain dum.

        Predicted the same thing that many other people have predicted in the past, but forgets to mention that the prediction never came to pass, again, surely not! Come back Mystic Meg all is forgiven.

        There’s no denying that the literary composition is exquisitely potrayed, similar great masterpieces can be found in buildings called libraries all over the world under “fiction”

        This mirror mirror on the wall method of writing works great in the world of make-believe, great for fairytales and sermons, but does the writer seriously think that they go beyond that and transcend into something believable.

        • epicyclo says:

          Froth as much as you like James, we’re not going away.

          • James says:

            Froth, no not I. Excellent word though. Gets the old imagination juices flowing, cunjures up weird memories of election times,

            wee yapping dugs running around like headless chickens, barking “traitors” , followed by disillusioned blacksheep, heads bowed and frothing at the mouth, endeavouring to articulate sound , but nothing that makes any sense ever comes out, besides bleating!

            Football referees all over the country bracing themselves for the obligatory insults next season. I can hear the chants already ” you must have been a NO voter “traitor”

            glad to hear that your staying I would have missed you terribly,

        • James may not appreciate how much of his mindset is revealed by his choice of language. He thinks that it’s inappropriate to disagree with “the combined intellect of the house of commons” (here, stop laughing, youse at the back), and belittling Gordon Brown requires “audacity”.

          Ingrained deference and cringe oozes from every sentence. Westminster know better than us because… well just because – they know more than the likes of us, don’t they? We should just do as we’re tellt.

          But that’s not how it’s supposed to work. We select them, we elect them – not to do our thinking for us, but to represent us, to do what we want done. When they don’t do what we want done, we have every right, in fact we have an obligation, to speak out and articulate our opinions and requirements. And when they don’t listen, we get to kick them out and select someone else.

        • weegingerdug says:

          James – you may very well be sent to the naughty step. I go away for a short time to move hoose – and I come back to find you stirring it.

          Here’s the deal love. I do this blog for free in my own time. You read it for free. You comment for free. I have to keep logging on to moderate comments, in my own time – you don’t pay me for it and you have no absolute right to post or comment here, you and every one else get to do it due to my good will. So do not piss on my good will. OK?

          If you keep causing me extra work and hassle because you are determined to pick a fight with everyone else – then I am going to ban your arse. Play nice. This is your second warning.

          And remember – I am now just shy of 48 hours without smoking, and I am in a REALLY bad mood so do not fucking push me.

  8. diabloandco says:

    The perfect picture of the “clunking fist” – I always thought that description was of a knuckle dragger but then the despicable Blair wasn’t that fond of oor Gordie, though I understand the feeling was of mutual detestation.

    I cold turkeyed smoking out of my life 8 years ago and gained a considerable girth so be prepared not to be the slim chap you are now – maybe wee Ginger can help keep your waistline in trim . I lost my lovely Darwin and had no good excuse to go out on a cold , miserable night for a great hike round the district ,hence the spare tyre.

  9. andrew>reid says:

    I believe that they will devolve income tax in full, and that’s why there is all the hype and focus on it. They won’t devolved the bits that matter about income tax – personal allowances, and reliefs – but they will devolve income tax rates, the bits of income tax which, other than the recent temporary 50 p rate, Chancellors of the Exchequer have only ever reduced over the last 35 years, and not put up on any one single occasion. Yes, it is a fact – other than the recent additional 50p rate following the crash, the Westminster budget has not put up income tax rates since before 1980, because that is seen to be a certain vote loser – so, no surprises that is the one tax they want to devolve. This devolution will be nothing to do with the interests of Scotland or giving extra powers for creative reasons – it will be everything to do with delivering a stick in labour and tory interests to beat the Scottish parliament in general and the SNP in particular over the head with the line about having income tax powers and therefore being able to deal with all financial shortfalls to improve the nursery care and further education, to fix the financial problems of the NHS and care services, to deal with all of the budget cut problems in local authorities, to replace all of the massive welfare cuts Westminster is about to impose, whoever wins the next general election. Income tax devolution is a cynical ploy in the cause of the best interests of the Labour/Conservative alliance, and that’s why it will happen. The devolution of income tax will be presented as a great victory & a demonstration of flexibility by the britnats. In fact it is a cover for the pathetic limitations in their plans, and their intention to retain corporation tax, north sea oil taxes, national insurance, VAT, fuel, tobacco and alcohol taxes, capital gains tax, inheritance tax etc etc etc – In fact all of the taxes which Chancellors of the Exchequer have varied and used and raised from time to time over the last 35 years when they have not been increasing income tax. The Tory/Labour Alliance devolution plans are designed to poison Scottish politics, and are their latest means to try and kill further devolution stone dead In the interests of the Tory and Labour parties and Westminster power.

    • Nigel says:


      Whatever the outcome, whether we get control over a very limited amount of taxation or not (I suspect not) , the end result is that the Scots will end up with getting an amount of pocket money of a total value of less than we presently get via the block grant. Of that i am utterly convinced

      • cynical lowlander says:

        I hope we can get some forensic accountants on the case, and if that situation is the outcome, we bang the drum long and loud. Sold out by the labour/tory alliance again.

    • Unfortunately I think you’re right. Income tax alone is detrimental, the SG needs revenue raising powers too so that we can do things differently, more efficiently and effectively, to tackle our problems in Scotland. Otherwise there is insufficient money and all our freebies will go, putting a big smile on the faces of many down south. And the SG will get the blame.

  10. aitchbee says:

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head re Gordon being a very intelligent man but with no people skills. He lacks empathy, and doesn’t understand why the majority of people don’t appreciate his (in his head) intellectual might.

    His article in the Guardian was a (wee ginger) dug’s breakfast and made no sense at all.

    • cynical lowlander says:

      Definition of a sociopath there aitchbee.

      btw, good luck with the move Paul.

      gerry p

      • aitchbee says:

        Scarily, I think you’re right. However, getting to the top of the greasy pole does appear to require sociopathic tendencies at the very least

        • Steve Asaneilean says:

          The internationally recognised diagnostic manual for mental health now talks in terms of antisocial behaviour disorders rather than the previously interchangeable psychopath/sociopath.
          DSM defines 16 diagnostic criteria for ABDs including:
          – superficial charm
          – unreliability
          – untruthful and insincere
          – lack of remorse and shame
          – poor judgement and failure to learn from past mistakes
          – pathological egocentricity
          – lack of insight
          – unresponsive in general peer group relationships

          Just so you know.

  11. mary says:

    I just love the phrase ‘square root of his ego’ – brilliant AYE
    Good luck with the flitting

    • James says:

      I can think of such an ego that surpasses the combined square root of his and theirs. Commander Data’s entire “positronic brain” is located on their pointing finger.

  12. John Lowe says:

    As always a great wee ginger blog. And the self serving WM’s would never back the vow. 1 It is too limited and the small number of No’s who aren’t rampant Unionists would rebel. 2 Tories needing UKIP votes to keep power would bon it after Gen15

  13. Steve Bowers says:

    Good luck with the flit loon

  14. Alabaman says:

    Your gona be. missed man, re stopping the weed, are you trying those pills one gets from the doc’s?, I did, and from being a 30 to 40 a day smoker, aye and that’s for 40 odd years (Christ that long!) to being free of them within I think it was three four weeks, never think of them now, also very happy not to be sending all that ciggie tax down to the treasury !.

  15. A Meringue says:

    It is not like Gordy needs the cash is it? I mean how can he ever get by on the £180,000 he takes from us taxpayers (his latest appearance at Westminster makes it six, yes six appearances in four years in parliament.) And dont forget the £25,000 he makes a night doing after dinner speeches. Who in their right mind would pay to listen to this failed chancellor?

    Anyway it gives me the chance to post one of my favorite links.

    • James says:

      Yes he’s such a failure. £180,000 + £25,000 a night for an after dinner speech. 🙂 no wonder your confused.

      • epicyclo says:

        You’re confusing his ability to rip off the system with actual effectiveness.

        • James says:

          oh! I’m the one that’s confused 🙂 nothing to do with your ability to write a load of codswallop?

          At least he’s getting paid loadsa money for talking shite what’s your excuse?

          • Craig McLaren says:

            Give it up James. You are a Broon fanboy. We all get that. Now please fuck off back up your imperial master’s behind and gies peace.

            • James says:

              thats not very nice, why are you ganging up on me like this ? Are none of you capable of one 2 ones ? There’s no chance of me backing off, I’m entitled to my opinion and wee bully boys like you don’t worry me in the slightest.

              hopefully the moderator will see this foul language and the bully that you are trying to be, not very successfully I might add, and you get a well deserved warning!,

              no one should tolerate bullies anywhere, whether they’re part of the 45% per centers gang(losers) or not.

              have a nice day sir 🙂

              • Craig McLaren says:

                I see you were the one getting the warning. It’s Paul’s blog and his rules.

                Are you a North British Labour intern or is my astroturfer radar getting faulty? That was a rhetorical question by the way so dinnae get all excited and reply.

                • James says:

                  dinnae pit tickets oan yersell, your ability to excite is non-existant.

                  In the interests of fair play and free speech, It would be wrong for someone to get a warning for saying things that others get away with. Then again I was never one for crumbling to bullies or shying away from unjust and unfair situations. so fire away, maybe your next comment will be more interesting (wont be hard)

                  your so uninteresting and even more so wrong but since you asked ” Are you a North British Labour intern ” let me say this. I probably loathe this labour party even more than you do and totally detest their inexcusable actions over the past few months.

          • epicyclo says:

            Ad hominen attack? you admit defeat when you resort to that.

            • James says:

              where are you never never land ?

              Why would anyone admit defeat to such a Wee sleekit cowerin’ timorous beastie ?.

  16. WGD readers might want to have some fun putting opinion poll predictions or your own predictions into this parliamentary seat calculator. Remember it’s first past the post (FPTP) so be prepared for surprises.

    What will it take to get SNP or other independence-minded parties into 30 of the 59 Scottish seats at Westminster?

    Here’s the link:

  17. epicyclo says:

    I’m pleased to see so much support from English MPs for “English votes for English matters”.

    So naturally, they will now butt out of this discussion of Devo Max, and leave the voting on it to Scottish MPs.

    Hang on, just got to go and watch the formation of pigs flying past my window…..

    • James says:

      ermmmm what’s Scottish MP’s got to do with it ? The power is at westminster. Even if all the micky mouse MP’s at the even mickier mouse holyrood voted as one. A very small word comes to mind. so

      Who was it that lumbered the people of Scotland with holyrood ? I can see the point of having your own parliament if your an independant country, but what’s the point of holyrood when a very small percentage of westminster MP’s can wipe out the whole of holyrood at will.

      The Scottish MP’s ie the people of Scotland are totally isolated from westminster ( where the power is ) and have no say whatsoever. Who can we blame for this ?

      The Scottish people will need to stand together with their English , Welsh and Northern Irish allies, if they want to have power at westminster (where the power is) doh!

      • epicyclo says:

        I’m afraid you think independence is in the gift of Westminster.

        It’s a basic human right.

        So if a majority of the people in Scotland vote for independence representatives, then it’s perfectly valid for them to make a declaration of sovereignty, whether Westminster likes it or not.

        Doing it by negotiation is tidier, but doing it by declaration is perfectly valid and probably what will happen now.

        • James says:

          Don’t turn what I said into something I DID NOT SAY

          I don’t think that independence needs to be gifted from westminster. I think that Scotland has been isolated from where the real power lies (westminster)

          Here’s what is happening at the moment, this was setup and signed for by alex salmond and the snp.

          Holyrood and the snp have NO power at westminster,where the real power lies. snp have left the Scottish nation with NO power, the snp and their hopeless, powerless holyrood government are excluding the Scottish nation from where the decision making is made.

          ie holyrood (the Scottish people) have NO power.

          For Scottish people to have a say at westminster, they need to be part of a larger number of sitting MP’s at westminster.This will NEVER happen with this setup we have been lumbered with by the snp, simply because Scotland has been isolated and there’s no allies from England, Wales and Northern Ireland fighting on our side now.

          snp seem to be proud of their meddling in UK politics, don’t know why ? so far all they have done is isolate and weaken Scotland leaving us powerless.

          The way forward for Scotland is having a strong say at westminster, from here we can gain real power and decision making, from here we can release real and genuine powers to the Scottish people, and eventually have our independance as well as stay part of the UK.

          • Stan Drews says:

            Yes it was all going so well in the 287 years before Holyrood. What a shame that system was mucked up singlehandedly by the nasty, vainglorious SNP.

            • James says:

              snp have played a big part in allowing the torries back in to do their dirty work, not saying that’s what they intended, but that was the end result.

              snp will see a backlash because of this at next years general election, everyone can now clearly see that the old adage was pretty much correct. ” a vote for the snp is a vote for the torries”

              Perhaps Nichola should join forces with the greens and form a new party. A party that doesn’t have independance as the number one priority, a new party that can join forces with others and form a majority in westminster. Or at least have others on their side at westminster.

              At the moment snp are totally isolated and are incapable of having even the slightest say for the Scottish people.

          • A Meringue says:


  18. Paul, I’d pay good money to watch you go a couple o’ rounds wie Magrit! I just might happen, apparently she is gonnie dae a tour like Spuds aw roon Scotland. Here’s hoping.

    Hope the flittin goes ok………regards,

  19. handclapping says:

    You’re a hard man, Paul, so you are. Flit and Stop, together!

    Good luck with both and hugs to Ginger.

  20. smiling vulture says:

    maregret is visiting the 10 areas of glasgae,she better take the 10 commandments with her.

  21. johnmcgurk66 says:

    At the present time I think their will be some Scottish Labour MPs starting to develop diarrhoea haemorrhages . It would appear they have just woken up a little too late and smelt the coffee
    Even the people who voted no do not like to be insulted by their actions.,

  22. hektorsmum says:

    Margrit should fear that you are now to become one of her constituents. That woman lacks a certain amount of intelligence, mind I don’t give many of Labour’s women high marks for that. They all do seem to be serial liars and Margrit seems to be one of those. She doesn’t even live in your Constituency but in a much posher ones, so I have heard.
    I think much the same of Gordie, he was spoiled early with all that fast tracking. We noticed he doesn’t do competition, safe seats, walking into the PM spot after trying to knife Tony. For someone with a much vaunted intelligence he IS stupid.

  23. Sashadistel says:

    I’ve got a confession to make . Until last night I had never actually read the vow. Contempt for the Dailly Record and actually contempt for the three politicians who signed it, put me off.
    Anyway decided to put my wee submission to the SC in some kind of order and that’s why I eventually ended up reading it.

    The first thing that struck me was the use of the word honour etc. All well and good and if an NHS Trust or a business used similar certainly would be held to account.
    The next was who exactly put this together ? Was it Brown , the Record or a certain Mr Alistair Campbell who was seen hovering about Scotland?
    The last bit is about my submission . I’ve asked for all tax to be devolved ( in fact everything except defence and foreign policy) including the tax we pay for our TV licence.
    Anyway, good luck with the flitting and stopping smoking . I remember Robin Williams in a film saying something along the lines of you’re either a smoker or not. One day I’ll not be a smoker but then I read stuff like the vow and well it’s either the fags or drink . This politics carry on should carry a health warning!

  24. They say moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do, so hope your flitting goes smoothly.

    As for the cigarettes, I gave up gradually, one less every day or so, until the day there were none. And I did it when my daughter was in hospital. So perhaps the one helps keep the mind off the other. I found lots of vitamin C (orange juice) good too — no idea why, but moving may create a thirst, so worth a try. Focussing on what I could do with the money I would save, was also an incentive. The cigarette packet would morph into a new skirt, some books, a concert ticket.

    When I did stop, I experienced an enormous rush of energy and well-being that kept me off the fags. So lots to look forward to. Good luck with both flitting and joining those of us who don’t have to dash out the pub or meeting every half hour for a few deep puffs.

  25. Sally Hughes says:

    O/T – I like the word ‘thraun’, its Scottish to the core and fits our psyche, but now I want a new word, a first cousin to thraun, if you like, and I think it should be thryp. Apologies if ‘thryp’ is already claimed, but, if not, I think it fits. ‘Thraun’ was the original immovable stubborn, and ‘thryp’ is the unstoppable momentum. Dear Westmonster, prepare to be ‘thrypled’. YES WE WILL.
    WGD, take good care of yourself, good luck with the move, and prepare to catch every single cold going for the next 6 months of no smoking, as all the crap clears out of your lungs. Worth it though, I promise, and I’m a yesser, so its a good’n. Best wishes. S

  26. Bill Greaves says:

    Really enjoyed the article. I live in asia and tend to see the bigger picture, while being ignorant of a lot of details. I enjoyed the naysayers complaint that Salmond was only in the referendum for personal glory. Perhaps they are so used to to the corruption of the unionist parties that that is the only way they can think.
    In the bigger picture Scotland seems to have discovered a bunch of politicians who really are in the game for the good of the people they serve. I know that that is a concept that is very much outdated – but it is true is it not?
    In South America, governments, traditionally, were there to serve the Americans and countless thousands died to ensure that the americans were served. Now numerous governments, to one degree or another, are putting the interests of their own people before the interests of the Americans. Venezuela is a perfect example and the Americans are causing as much mischief in that country as they can. Bolivia is another country that has successfully put their citizens before the Americans – they have less oil than Venezuela so it is a bit easier for them. brazil is another success story.
    Is Scotland at the forefront of an international where the needs of its people take precedence over the greed of America?

  27. […] How now Brown’s vow. […]

  28. Capella says:

    Lucky you, moving to Ms Curran’s constituency. Think of the comedic opportunities opening up between now and May (when she will be replaced).
    As for the added tax collecting responsibilities; they should be flatly refused. We were promised more powers, not more responsibilities. We already have the power to vary taxation and it was useless as it merely created extra admin cost and reduced the block grant so it was never used.

    I gave up smoking years ago with the aid of nicotine patches, chewing gum, tabs, plastic cigarette. After a few months I decided I had kicked the habit with no weight gain! so stopped the nicotine only to gain 2 stone in as many months! Oh well. I think it worth it as I no longer pay all that tax to Westminster and most of the cost is tax.
    Good luck.

  29. liz says:

    Yeah good luck with the flit.
    Mags Curren is woman I cant abide – serial liar.

    The thing about the Smith commission and tax trap, I think that’s why John Sweeney is going, he is a man who understands budgets whilst not being the most charismatic politician – he will be well aware of financial traps.

    Hopefully Mags will turn up at your door when you just arrived with all your boxes and no fags – you can entertain us with the outcome

  30. Anne says:

    I smoked for around thirty five years and I quit almost six years ago.Tried cutting down to stop but it didn`t work with me.In the end you have to decide to do it for yourself,pick a day,finish the last few cigarettes you have,pack ALL smoking supplies up and throw them away where you can`t get them back.Make your new house smokefree,no ashtrays,lightersetc.Do not buy any fags.When you get a craving get up and do something else.Slowly the cravings will lesson in intensity and you will feel a sense of impowerment and freedom.Only you can decide to do it.I stopped shortly after the death of my 20 year old son,so I know it1s possible even under stress.Best wshes,Anne.

  31. Jan Cowan says:

    ….Or you can decide to have ONE at the same time each night for as long as it takes to finish off your store of cigs. Naturally, at the start you have to have a substantial number of packets else it doesn’t work! The idea is to slowly get body and mind used to the new regime. Many years ago it worked for me and I’m thankful today, not only for the good of my health but also for the good of my pocket. Best of luck and remember, it’s worth it in the end!

  32. I can’t decide who is more odious- Gordy or St Dougie the Creeping Jesus- it’s close

  33. Trick says:

    Good luck with the moving , hope it goes smoothly . Giving up smoking is admirable , having conquered the habit myself in 2012 after smoking for nearly 30 years , I have tip for you . Don’t stop when you are under stress , it won’t work . With all the best will power in the world it is the worse time to stop . You have just suffered a major loss in your life and your moving , now isn’t a good time to stop . Quitting is tough enough , pick a definite stop date ,and give up then , it makes things slightly easier , but not much . I tried so many times to quit and used everything to do so and couldn’t , last time certain things made it easier . Firstly I needed a small operation and had to stop for 6 weeks before or they wouldn’t do the operation , secondly my two youngest kids came and bluntly said ‘ please give up Dad , and the final reason , my uncle died of lung cancer after a three year battle . After nearly 30 years of smoking heavily I used nothing to stop , I just stopped , and yes at times I miss it and get cravings , but when you know its time to quit , things will fall into place . Good luck again with carving out a new chapter in your life .

  34. Graham says:

    The likes of Gordon Brown and Magrit Curran are EVIL, not stupid.

    It suits them to be regarded as stupid though, because they have almost always had the last laugh until now.

    Call them evil at every opportunity and make sure that the population becomes fully aware of how evil they are.

    Only then we will win the fight against these forces of evil.

    • James says:

      Forces of EVIL is extreme to say the least. I might agree if you were talking about ISIL or other murdering terrorists/dictators over the years. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but I for one would never agree with this and won’t be spreading this view to anyone, I’ll let you keep all the funny looks for yourself.

      Yes I agree they are not stupid, and the reason why they’ve had the last laugh everytime is because they’ve only been up against the snp, not really much of a challenge is it.

      Considering that the snp and their mickey mouse parliament have NO powers and considering the paltry number of snp MP’s there’s no surprise, the result will always be the same.

      Hopefully the minority 45% will waken up and realise that voting the snp is a vote for NO powers , NO voice at westminster and isolation from the rest of the UK.

      • Graham says:

        “Considering that the snp and their mickey mouse parliament have NO powers”?

        Who created the ‘mickey mouse’ parliament? The SNP?

        No, the EVIL likes of Gordon Brown and those who hid the McCrone report so that they could enjoy the good life at the expense of the people of Scotland. The way they behaved to deny independence to the people of Scotland is EVIL.

        Talking about “ISIL or other murdering terrorists/dictators”, the UK government that Gordon Brown was a leading member of led this country to an illegal war which resulted in the brutal deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians. Bliar and Brown have more blood on their hands than ISIL leaders although I am not condoning ISIL in any way whatsoever.

        Apart from bashing the SNP, do you have any other point?

        • david agnew says:

          He’s not here to make a point. He is on the outside pissing in. He is the one who mocks. And at the end of the day, its all he has. He thinks the UK is ok. He is not looking at the sovereign debt crisis the UK is staring at, stacked clear up to the rafters like so much horseshit. But thanks to his No vote, we get a ringside to seat to watch the tories flush the UK down the crapper. Sadly Labour have publicly committed themselves to continuing with the stupidity – after all, they did open the door for the tories in the first place. To paraphrase P, J, O’Rourke – Labour are the party of that says only they “can keep the tories out” Only they can make you richer, smarter, taller, and get the weeds out of your lawn, by the simple method of copying the conservatives. The conservatives are the party that says government doesn’t work, and then get elected and prove it.

          So your only option for a voice at Westminster, if we don’t vote SNP is Team Evil or Team Stupid.

          And our friend has the brass neck to wonder why we haven’t climbed back inside our box.

          As for our solo troll – feel free to concoct a frightfully witty reply that doesn’t actually say anything. Then keep it to yourself – savour it, enjoy it, because you are the only one here that that thinks your witty.

        • James says:

          westminster created Scotland’s mickey mouse parliament, suited them right down to the ground, and we can all see why. We’ve been isolated with no say at westminster. thanks to the snp

          Any UK prime minister would have done exactly the same thing, whether they were tory liberal, ukip or even snp, tony blair just happened to be in office at that time. Contrary to what you say the coalition forces(not just UK) ended the mass slaughtering of innocent iraqi’s. Spent millions in aid/feeding the iraqi people as well as training iraqi police force and armed forces.

          At the time sadam hussain’s forces were behaving in the same way that ISIL is now, are you saying that the present interference by foreign countries is also illegal ?

          At that time NATO and others were dragging their heels, reluctant to do anything, I say bush and blair were justified going in to stop the slaughter of innocents.

          It’s so sad to see all these sicko’s jumping on the band-wagon for political gain. None of these people care a jot, all their doing is trying to score political browny points.

  35. Political Tourist says:

    Welcome to the East End.

  36. jdman says:

    Try Champix Paul, I smoked for over 40 years and tried many times to give up but only succeeded when I used Champix, 8 week course and I haven’t smoked for 4 years and don’t miss it, good luck Paul I hope you manage to break it

  37. david agnew says:

    Safe to say that Labour expected a watered down version of what they were offering earlier this year. Safe to say they really didn’t expect the the Tories to get medi-EVEL on their arses. Safe to say they didn’t expect the truce they enjoyed with the tories and the MSM to turn on them so quickly. Safe to say they didn’t settle this referendum for a generation and that all they did was kick it down the road, no further than the general election.

    They won’t recover from this as they did a hatchet job on Scotlands place in the union. They thought it a beautiful wheeze to have Osborne come up to Scotland and declare that it hadn’t contributed anything to the success of the UK. Now that they are in a hard place with EVEL, they can’t backtrack and claim otherwise. A tricky reversion says Derek Bateman, a Bear trap says Lallands pear worrier.

    They willingly got into that bear trap. What is more Ironic is that the scottish tories and lib-dems got in alongside them, with silly smug grins like they know something we don’t.

  38. WRH2 says:

    God luck with the flit and giving up smoking. There’s no one way to give up. I used patches for a few days and then forgot all about them. The urge to smoke had gone and I don’t even notice if there are others around who smoke.
    I look forward to your blogs on the sightings of your new MP Magrit touring the constituency.

  39. WRH2 says:

    Arrgh! Good luck with the flit.

  40. Lizzie L says:

    Good luck with the flit and thanks for your amazing work – I’ve been following your posts avidly and like many, appreciate you letting me tag along on your journey through the extraordinary highs and lows over the last few months. My only regret is that I didn’t discover you earlier.

    So you can imagine how chuffed I am that I’m not the only one who made the Charlie Brown connection! I even made a cartoon for my facebook page.

  41. kleinsbottle says:

    ‘And by devolving all income tax, Cameron has ensured that’s going to include the budget. At a stroke, Gordie, the Smurph and St Dougie the Creeping Jesus will be denied the possibility of cabinet seats’

    Can someone elaborate for me. I feel a bit dim, but I don’t get the connection between the budget and loss of cabinet seats.

    I enjoyed the analysis and think it’s spot on. Brown is constantly in ‘recovery’ mode, wanting to end his career on a high. His ego is most certainly what makes him keep on, even though with each fresh interjection, he’s becoming a tiresome parody.

    During indyref I saw him a couple of times, and even stood up and shouted questions (which went unanswered) at him in an Usher Hall full of disgusted no voters hissing ‘sit down, you’re making a fool of yourself’

    I cried after it. I saw up close how he let the Iraq legacy fall off his Teflon suit, the smile never cracked once. Even after the Murphys and Lamonts, I saw the worst of politicians in that moment and I did not like it. At all.

    Great blogs, thanks.

  42. Breastplate I've says:

    I’ve never understood the big deal about giving up smoking, it is soooo easy.
    I’ve done it hundreds of times.

  43. Alabaman says:

    To return to the advice on giving up the weed, I concure with JDMAN that’s how I gave up, with the use of CHAMPIX, you keep puffing away while taking the pills, and low and behold about the 5th or 6th week I felt I’d rather do without, apparently there is a psychological part to the pill which deals with the craving part of the brain, must work ’cause I have no craving for a puff, your Doctor, ANY Docter will be delighted to give you a prescription for a course Paul, might just be the best time to try, “new world, new outlook,fresh start, and all that, anyway best of luck to you.

  44. Steve Asaneilean says:

    I first met Gordie in 1983 when he was a fresh MP and came to speak to my class at University. At that time there seemed to be a genuine desire to pursue a true socialist agenda. Then power got in the way. A classic example, if one were needed, of absolute power corrupting absolutely.

  45. Melvin says:

    Fantastic article yet again,Paul Westmonster can’t help themselves they no no other way of operating. In May the SLAB conspiracy will be gone in Glasgow and I hope a new challenge to the UK will quickly follow with UDI.

  46. Davie Park says:

    When giving up smoking, you should bear in mind that nicotine is one of the least harmful substances involved and has never been shown to be a carcinogen. It’s merely what keeps you smoking.
    Get yourself a good quality e-cig, i.e none of the cigalike nonsense like e-lites – they simply don’t produce enough vapour and you’ll be back on tobacco before you know it. I’d highly recommend an Aspire BDC clearomiser combined with a decent capacity ego battery (900mah or bigger). Start on e-liquid with a fairly high nicotine content – 18mg or even 24mg. If you like the taste of tobacco, start on a tobacco flavoured liquid. These days I much prefer fruity flavours – I’m vaping ‘fizzy trifle’ at the moment.
    You’ll never look back and, if you decide to carry on using the ecig, it’s no biggie. As I say, nicotine is the least of your problems if you smoke. If you need advice, just ask me.

  47. macart763 says:

    Good piece over on Wings posted last night. First class graphic letting everyone know exactly where the parties stand on their devolution proposals.

    Well worth a look.

    • hektorsmum says:

      Mac, as it is some times difficult to answer people on Wings I thought I would come here and say how much I liked you comments there on this matter. You struck a cord with the fact that Labour are here to keep us rowdy natives in check and something we in my house agree with. I have watched over the years how the Tories are the Establishment Party in England and the Labour are the choice for Scotland, the fact that they both deliver the population into the proper hands is irrelevant. I have come to the conclusion that if they found a way of subverting the Nationalists they would . The people who are in charge in the West are not in Government.

      • macart763 says:

        “The people who are in charge in the West are not in Government.”

        No, they aren’t, at least not entirely. The world is run on and for profit. The ‘Establishment’ is a cast system essentially made up of money and power brokers separated into global trading blocks. The corporate and governmental worlds are so interlinked now as to be almost indistinguishable one from the other. National and party politics are there to give people the pretence, the illusion of democracy. We saw the establishment in all its glory during the referendum campaign when the UK government, the corporate world and the entirety of the UKs media decided to step heavily on the Scottish electorate. I think I’d be safe in venturing that very few of those involved at the top of the food chain in UK politics give a rats ass about any flags or nationalities. This is just where they happen to do business. That doesn’t stop them from pulling the old jingoistic strings to suit a strategy mind you. 😀 Its just business as usual.

        Ditto international interventions. I mean the supposed leader of the free world, the president of a country steeped in the legend of their own struggle for independence from the self same entity, imploring the Scots to remain united within the current political system? I mean seriously?

        As for the financial services interventions, BP, top retailers with multi national ownerships, the list has been endless over the three year period and the media bombardment relentless. Yet for all that we almost did it. We almost told the establishment to take a flier and do what Iceland did.

        The good news is we still can and they know it. They know its not over till they deliver or convince people that they have delivered something significant. The threat of indyref two, the return of the Jedi is especially going to haunt Labour nightmares. The one secret no government or establishment likes to hand out is that the real power always has and always will rest with the people. Their job is to convince people that they are essentially powerless and require steady, knowledgable, more powerful and willing hands on the reigns of power. Our job is to say, ‘yer talkin’ pish, you work for us’.

        • James says:

          yes yes we almost did it, and we can still do it, and they know it ? If everything you say is true I think an independant Scotland would be snuffed out, what chance would we have against the might of the globals. Even if we were roamin in the gloamin clutchin oor lucky white heather.

          A mean the gorbals is bad enough, but all these big globals would sterve us oot. No whita mean man they’d probably stoap aw oor supplies, just think nae fags or beer. They would tell us that your talking pish, and if we didnae agree wi them, weel git sanctioned.

          I blame the fitbaw referees masel, hope they all get to specsavers in time for next season.

  48. macart763 says:

    Oh, you’ll like this. 🙂

    Outstanding the Scottish surfing team.

    • James says:

      This will undoubtedly enhance the already flourishing tourist industry in Scotland, who knows a whole new industry may follow, just brilliant! good luck to these guys, I for one wish them all the very best.

  49. Nigel says:

    Excellent news chaps!

    Lets hope this bold move paves the way for other Scots to follow!

    All the very best!

  50. macart763 says:

    Oh, and to cap the day.

    Who knew?

    Other than those who voted YES, that is.

    • James says:

      nobody knew (it’s just been discovered) 🙂 What’s your point here, are you seriously trying to suggest that only yes voters knew there was oil and gas in the north sea ?

      anyway thought we weren’t supposed to believe anything these satanical evil media scum were telling us ?

      Oh I see, it’s ok to read or watch if it’s been censured and authorized by a yes voter, but only if you truly believe the biased slant along with it.

  51. Alabaman says:

    Hey Paul,
    How’s the flitting and none smoking going?,I think we are all awaiting even a sentence to indicate the progress.

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