The nectar is mince

Ruth Davidson, who’s abseiling all over the Tory party conference in Birmingham this week enjoying her fifteen minutes of relevance, has made the startling claim that the Conservatives might consider the SNP as potential coalition partners if the Tories don’t win an outright majority. There are a number of possible reasons why the Action Krankie has thrown the last apparent shreds of reason to the wind bags:

A) She’s delusional.

B) She’s desperate for a bit of publicity because self-promotion is the only thing she loves more than kick-boxing.

C) She has a vastly inflated sense of her own importance, and that of Scotland within the Union.

D) She is genuinely unaware that the SNP have a long standing policy of not voting on non-Scottish matters, and an equally long standing policy of voting against nuclear missiles and foreign wars and so aren’t about to prop up any UK government which needs support to get laws passed in England.

E) She is so lacking in self-awareness that she really doesn’t appreciate the visceral loathing that the vast majority of independence supporters have for her party. It’s a bit like Baron Frankenstein telling his house guests from the Guardian that the parade of peasants with pitchforks and torches is just the village fête.

F) She is genuinely clueless as a political strategist. No, really – dumb like soup, the kind without the pasta letters so you can’t even spell out the words HELP ME.

G) She’s paying back a wee favour to British Labour in Scotland by subtly associating the SNP with the Tories in order to shore up the Labour vote in Scotland and forestall SNP gains in the 2015 GE because even she knows that the Tories have fewer chances of taking a Labour seat in Scotland than there is of Gordie Broon getting through a political campaign without intervening frequently, each time for the first time.

H) All of the above.

My money is on H.

Back in the real world. For a given value of ‘real’. Sarah Smith is just after telling us on thon programme that no one watches but me and I only watch to mock, that Gordon Brown has thrust himself into the constitutional debate again. I wish she wouldn’t use that word in connection with Gordie. The notion of Gordon Brown thrusting himself is far too unsettling, and I’ve just eaten. I’ll never be able to look at a buttered scone in the same light again.

The thrusting in question is that Gordie has started a petition, asking us to pledge him to vow about the vow he made a few weeks ago of behalf of Davie, Ed, and the other one who’s even less relevant than Ruthie. It’s terribly clever, just like Gordie. It’s a meta-vow, a vow about a vow. It’s one of those terribly clever things that only Gordon understands – like he’s clever enough to understand the law of language that says if you lard your speech with incomprehensible greco-latin jargon phrases then you sound much cleverer than you really are. Because if you’re really clever then you know how to explain it in language that everyone can get. Except the offside rule, but that’s only because like somewhat over 50% of the population, I don’t give a toss and zone out as soon as the words foot and ball are uttered. Gordie loves his greco-latin jargon phrases, like “endogenous growth theory”. Which these days is how he has to say “I put an end to boom and bust”, so that people don’t titter.

Unfortunately Gordie’s latinate vocabulary problem has now jumped up and bit him on the steatopygia, because Gordie and the prono media – which is my new favourite word for the unionist media because it’s just a finger slip away from porno – spent the last few days of the referendum campaign telling all and sundry we were going to get federalism and devo-max. Gordie and the prono papers studiedly refuse to pin these latinate terms down like dead butterflies in a display cabinet so we could all have a good squatch and tut disapprovingly. And then we got a vow.

The big difficulty here is that terms like federalism and devo-max are not arcane and obscure phrases of holy writ whose correct interpretation can be determined only by those who have been annointed by the British Labour party with the power of infallibility, they’ve been a part of the common discourse of Scottish politics for many years longer than Gordie has deigned to pay attention. Most of us have a pretty good idea of what we think devo-max or federalism should mean, and these other notions don’t necessarily coincide with Gordie’s.

Any sensible definition of federalism would have a sensible answer to the Gagauzia Question. That’s the question – how come an autonomous territory of 140,000 people in the poorest corner of Moldova, the poorest country in Europe, can have their own national tv network but Scotland can’t? Any sensible answer to the question why income tax can be devolved at a rate of 15% but not 50% would have to give a sensible answer to the question of why all taxes can’t be devolved. Or at least as many as those enjoyed by a small municipality in properly federal states, never mind a Swiss canton. And these questions would have to be answered in language everyone can grasp, without resorting to latinate phrases that have no appreciable meaning.  That’s not going to happen.

So instead of Lepidoptera caledoniensis thrawnbastertus having its tartan wings frozen in the Westminster box of dead butterflies, we’ve got butterflies flapping about all over the place. And the butterflies are saying things like, “Why does the ‘settled will of Scotland’ have to wait for England to have a conversation about devolution for Yorkshire,” or, “Show me a federation where the members don’t have their own telly network,” and, “Gordie, yer nectar’s mince.”

All this is going on even as the timetable for the enhanced devolution which has still not been defined or determined slips ever further down the Westminster political agenda. Yet this was the vow that Gordie swore he was going to ensure that the Westminster party leaders adhered to. It was a done deal. Now Gordie’s asking us to sign a petition to get Gordie to enforce the vow. Sadly he’d forgotten he was no longer prime minister. The done deal is done for and always was.

He’s belatedly realised that he’s the fall guy and his petition is a desperate attempt to make voters blame anyone but him for the impending debacle. Gordie asking us to sign a petition to get the Westminster party leaders to agree to do something he already got them to vow to do can only mean that Gordie doesn’t trust the very same people that he asked us to trust. Bet you he won’t explain that one clearly either.



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  1. JimnArlene says:

    You’re probably right to go with “g”, though ” f” is the one the unionist media and Labour Scottish branch, will latch on to. As for yesterdays man, who never really was, I wish he would do the honourable thing and bugger off.

  2. Johnny come lately says:

    Problem is that it would appear shyster Brown, aided and abetted by The DR is actually attempting to hijack the 38degrees petition and pass it off as Browns. The unionists politicians and their corrupt media only inspire an absolute loathing of everything Westminster stands for.

    • Morag says:

      The petition was started on 19th September, nobody’s quite sure by whom. A lot of dejected Yes people signed it that day. It had nothing at all to do with Brown at that stage. It was already on 80,000 names when he latched on to it and said, “hey look if you want the Vow kept, sign this random internet petition”.

      This is mindbogglingly contemptuous. He doesn’t even have enough respect to start a proper government petition at the site, the only petitions the government has to pay any attention to.

      So we’ve gone from, guaranteed almost federalism, to OK sign this random internet petition someone else started ten days ago. You couldn’t make it up.

  3. Golfnut says:

    Broon the loon new he was lieing about homerule when he and the bbc/stv gave it so much airtime. His latest intervention, or is this a new first, is all about broon, the north briton could’nt give a shit about north britain.

  4. diabloandco says:

    I see Mr Brown is allowed to squawk all over the press accusing Mr Cameron of deception.
    Ho hum!
    Are there really folk stupid enough to sign his petition?
    And it is most unlikely that either Mr Brown or any of the other duplicitous swine will bugger off – self interest doncha know Jim?

    As for Ms Davidson – all of the above with emphasis on “F” seems about right.

    I read somewhere that Mr Cameron will attack Mr Salmond in his conference speech .
    I have no desire to listen to this trumped up PR man but I do hope you have a strong enough stomach to do the needful Paul!
    Then all I have to do is read WGD – selfish I know , but neither my ulcer nor blood pressure could stand it and yours seems to be made of stronger stuff.

    • Illy says:

      Not Brown’s Petition.

      38Degree’s Petition.

      And given their stance on Gulf War III, my opinion of them is dropping rapidly.

  5. Andrea says:

    Take great exception to F

    I LOVE soup….

  6. aitchbee says:

    All Gordon’s petition does is make him look hopelessly naive, trusting in Westminster politicians to be true to their word, You’d think, having been PM, he would have some understanding of how politics works. Maybe he’s been away from Westminster too long, and the memories of backroom machinations and plotting have been wiped from his memory 😉

  7. “Gordon Brown, Thatcherite scum.
    Laid us low, with our cash he runs…”


  8. Fiona says:

    A promise is define as an assurance that one will do something or that something will definitely happen.

    It follows that one can only make a promise if either one is in a position to do that thing, or one has knowledge of the situation such that one can confidently predict the outcome

    Brown had no power to do what he promised, and that was obvious all along. He knew it. So if is promise was based on what he would do himself then it was a faithless promise: and that is true because he did promise he would put a motion before parliament on 19.9.2014.

    Where a promise is based on the actions of others (that is on claimed special knowledge of future events) then unless that knowledge is well founded that is a reckless promise. And that is also true. This was also obvious since the detail of that promise was not actually spelled out in the “vow” and so Mr Brown could easily see that those who were required to deliver what he promised were not committed to doing so.

    People who make faithless and reckless promises are just liars, of a particular kind.

  9. Colin Erskine says:


    I just signed the petition “Gordon Brown MP: Go fuck yourself” on

    It’s important. Will you sign it too? Here’s the link:

    • hektorsmum says:

      I too have signed this petition but my only problem with it is that I think he does so anyway and I think he enjoys it. I think the one person Gordon Brown is in love with is himself.
      As for him attaching himself to something he sees as successful, again the man hates being on the losing side and if he learned nothing else from Blair it was to run to the front of the crowd and shout follow me.

  10. Helen Broussard says:

    See newsnetscotland for constructive response to Brown – “let’s turn Gordon Brown’s petition back on him”

    • Marconatrix says:

      Too may petitions, I’m confused. If a petition is going to be any use, doesn’t it need to be an official one with properly validated names and addresses and so on? Even then it can still be ignored, like the one for Cornish devolution a few years ago signed by 10% of the electorate IIRC.

  11. Jan Cowan says:

    We know what Blair and Brown are up to but where is the third member – A Campbell? He’s the one with all the tricks up his sleeve.

    Paul, your writing is essential to our future. Great to have you back!

  12. andrew>reid says:

    Gordon Brown is trying to be the Great Suprendo, the Grand Illusionist, making words disappear with one sweep of his clunking fists. His September words – home-rule, federalism, maximum possible devolution – one sweep of his clunking fists at the beginning of October and they just disappear – and we are not supposed even to notice that the words home-rule, federalism, maximum possible devolution have all disappeared.

    Of course, Westminster parties will deliver the powers they have vowed to provide – all this hype and political spin is designed to draw attention towards vows and timetables and processes, And away from any examination of the powers themselves. Look at the detail of the words used by the Grand Illusionist and the constantly nearly heartbroken Prime Minister – the detail of the words is all about the puny proposals they made in their various reports earlier this year, with those of BritLab the puniest of them all – beads for the natives. And the MSM and the BBC have picked up where they left off before the referendum – supporting the grand illusion.

    There is no more reason now than there was before to trust the blue Tories and the red Tories bearing gifts of new powers. The new powers, especially tax devolution limited to income tax, is all about the retention of control at Westminster, and laying a trap so that the Scottish Government can be held responsible for any Westminster expenditure cut on the basis that – you can use your powers of income tax to deal with it. NHS shortfalls – the SNP government can use its income tax powers. Welfare benefit freezes – the SNP government can use its income tax powers. Housing benefit withdrawn from people under 25 years – the SNP government can use its income tax powers. Additional childcare – the SNP government can use its income tax powers. 15 minute home care visits – the SNP government can use its income tax powers. And, Gordon Brown and David Cameron sit together right at the heart of this trap.

    • JimnArlene says:

      Bang on target, you know it, I know it, we just need to let no voters; know it

    • JeanieDeans says:

      Spot on. The Great Illusion, tho, runs even deeper. The illusion ot government and opposition, the illusion of the Elite leading different parties. It’s a Danse Macabre to divert us into reacting.

      We saw through all the pre-Ref promises – no one who made them was in a position to deliver, most being either MSPs or Labour MPs and the singular ex/failed/nothing/Darling.

      Brown’s pretence vowing and petitioning is a limelight grabbing tactic we must ignore so we can concentrate on the real threats from Ms May’s terrorist legislation. By terrorists she means US.

  13. smiling vulture says:

    Gordon has his place in History

    Betrayed Scotland for theUnion

  14. macart763 says:

    Gordon Brown depicted as the second, third, fourth and fifth coming of the messiah by a desperate ‘porno’ press, (Yer right! porno is better and so very, very apt).

    A press that was desperate to sell something, anything to a Scotland that looked set to say cheerie bye. The BBC, Scotland’s Champion, the Guardian, you name it, they all beat the vow drum right into the face of the Scottish electorate and since I’m reasonably convinced that there is at least half a brain at work in the majority of editorial departments, then it logically follows that they knew perfectly well they were selling the public a bare faced lie.

    When this devo bus crashes, as it inevitably will, then let’s not forget who was responsible for selling this bullshit to the electorate. The press are as responsible for this deception as the politicians and neither should escape a public backlash. They’re quick enough to claim credit when they feel like it. Let’s see how quick they are to own responsibility and accept public judgement when its earned.

    • hektorsmum says:

      Well Mac I would not hold my breath waiting on them accepting responsibility. Someone, probably the electorate, you know that super smart electorate they talk about will get it.

      • macart763 says:

        I agree, they’ll cop to nothing. As per usual it’ll be up to the public to wise up then slap them silly.

  15. I’ve ran out of firelighters for the stove. Can some kind soul please direct me to where I can actually find this petition?

  16. WRH2 says:

    Brown, Ms Krankie, PR Cameron, and the other two Numpties really demonstrate how the UK is in the state it is. How much of what any of them say is based on policy which has been thought through taking consideration of the impacts and implications of how things would work. It reminds me of the preaching scene in Life of Brian except their stuff made a lot more sense. The Wastemonster numpties’ utterances should come with a health warning. Making it up on the hoof can and does drop you into the Brown stuff.

    • hektorsmum says:

      Just came for the blog Another Angry Voice, which is written by a bloke in Yorkshire. People in parts of England had no chance of dislodging the rubbish people seem to feel comfortable voting for,we had. Sadly one commentator said what to me are the saddest words uttered. “What else can we do”.
      Gordon Brown was and is a failure, at everything he touches he was not described as Jonah whilst in office. So why were people taken in by him. I imagine he will get his Lordship/Baronetcy soon.

  17. I signed the go fuck yourself one.

    • Pam McMahon says:

      Do you seriously think he can manage to do even this, without several vows and a petition? Let’s make sure ALL Unionist MPs are removed from Scotland next year and leave them to get their orgasms from the Tory fists up their arses, just like always.

  18. Capella says:

    WoS has a Gordon Brown petition using more anglo saxon terminology as mentioned above by Colin Erskine.
    Newsnet has a petition which spells out the breach of contract issue.
    Both are worth signing.
    But the 38 degree petition has been hijacked by Gordon Brown and the Labour Party which is yet another indication of their level of mendacity. Unionists seem utterly incapable of honesty.

    • macart763 says:

      Binned that one as soon as it entered my email. Signed the other two. 🙂

    • hektorsmum says:

      I definitely did not sign the Gordon Brown petition, I know because I was in my Purdah period. This morning I have signed both Stuart’s and Newsnet’s petitions. I did sign one as I came back from Purdah for broadcasting to be devolved, as if that will ever happen.

  19. Sheila Rae says:

    Completely off subject but it raised a smile to see a van and table at the bottom of the Bridges, Edinburgh on Saturday. A lass was giving out free I Love Scotland hessian bags ( the love was a heart shaped saltire ). Free to anyone buying that days Scotsman newspaper. The boycot must be working.

    • seanair says:

      Sheila, This has been a feature of Edinburgh at Fringe/Festival times in the past and this year too. Obviously an attempt to increase sales and promote the doomed newspaper, but the cost of the bag and the “wages” of the lassies must make it a doubtful gimmick

  20. Bamstick says:

    I would like to know who the hell thought that anyone would want to watch this programme:
    “How the Campaign was Won” on BBC tonight.
    Simple answer, no programme needed: It was Gordon Brown and his lies.
    Do the BBC not realise how insensitive this programme is????

    • hektorsmum says:

      Oh I bet they do, but it is a rubbing in programme, little do they know that the campaign has not stopped but then living in a little bubble as those North British tend to do how would they know.

    • Alison Macleod says:

      I didn’t know that anybody still watched the BBC at all, I certainly don’t and have cancelled by licence. Hopefully this programme will encourage the few still watching to do the same.

  21. imacg says:

    My Big Issue, is simple, if we don’t sign does the crafy bastard then turn around and say oh well they ain’t interested in Devo Max anymore… which of course would be another Broon Folly…underestimate away, why don’t they just stuff him and put him in the butterfly cabinet…

    • liz says:

      I know what you mean but it is a trap so the unionist parties can play political football with it.

      We can point to the 1.6+ million who voted for change, all the Yes voters and the 25% of No voters who wanted a form of devo max.

      We can’t let them away with this – it’s going to be a tough fight between now and the next election but Broon, BBC, MSM and the rest are such devious lying bastards that I need to fight this

      • imacg says:

        Hi Liz,,

        the point no-one has made yet? is that we all thought it was going to be 60:40 for YES, then DEVO Max swung it 15% in a flash, and it was a lie…but a very useful one…so yes they need held to account, but the establishment is not going to just let us go…and max powers and federalism can all be taken back…so we need to go the whole hog here, don’t we…

  22. johnmcgurk66 says:

    I do not know how many times the people of Scotland can be insulted before they waken up and realise, there are sixty odd people in England . So that is where the votes really count ,all Westminster really needs is our natural resources.

  23. Andrew says:

    Just what do you have to do these days before a charge of treason can be laid against you? The words “lie”, “fraud”, and “deceive” don’t really do justice to the utterances and behaviour of the Westminster politicians.

    • hektorsmum says:

      Treason seems to be something that those on the make do without thinking, trouble is there seems to be no penalty. Just as John Knox was happily a stooge of Elizabeth of England, the Lords who Bruce should have hung drawn and quartered, the list of Traitors go on and on.

  24. arthur thomson says:

    Thanks Paul.I think the most likely reason for Davidson’s comment is F. None of the unionist parties in Scotland will have any bearing on the outcome of the WM election. However, maintaining the unionist control of Scotland is of vital importance to each of them. There will be more of this. We must not underestimate how difficult it will be to unseat the British Labour MP’s in Scotland. The sixty percent of no voting British Labour supporters in Scotland – plus some – are more conservative than the Tories. They will sit tight and then vote for what they believe in – a quiet, miserable, cynical existence. Gordon Brown truly represents them and they knew that his promises were a lot of tosh. He is a hero to them because he rescued their living death from the jaws of hope. There may be a few people who voted no who were influenced by the ‘vow’ but I doubt there are many. It makes sense to harass Brown and co by exposing their lies but nothing of meaning is going to be delivered to Scotland unless something unexpected happens to make it serves the interests of Westminster. Scotland will never be given independence or any meaningful self-government, we need to find ways of taking it. To do that we need to shake up the silent majority. That will, I think, inevitably involve taxing the higher earners – including those pensioners who have a tidy income. When they start to squeal they may be ready to engage in meaningful discussions about why their taxes are being sent to WM to be spent by, for and on other people.

    • hektorsmum says:

      I am an complete agreement with you. Independence is worthless unless taken and has always been what I have thought, I see the problems, we have imported more and more people into Scotland who do not share our collective views, but they are not the souls to blame. What we have imported is cultural imperialism and we have the home grown cringe. I actually was told by two minimum wagers in Asda that we were too wee, too poor and too stupid. Well looking at the fact they were working in Asda for poor wages and voting NO, and I was not and voting YES said much about the stupidity.

  25. resquierdo says:

    Gordon should have been discredited before he even spoke. He is a tax cheat (Lord Tebbitts words not mine)We wanted to fight a clean campaign and look what it has got us. Westminster politicians who stood for the union should all have been discredited early doors and Scotland would have been free today
    Politics is a dirty game but The SNP and the chocolate fire guard Yes Scotland would not listen to the radical movement on the ground. Rule one of any conflict take out the hard hitters as soon as possible and by any means at your disposal and you have a great chance of winning the battle.

  26. James Morton says:

    I am astonished that anyone (particularly on the no side of the debate) is actually astonished that Westminster clearly has no intentions of honoring the vow. I am astonished that the whole thing fell to pieces so quickly. I am amazed that Ruth Davidson has forgotten about her little brainfart that condemned nearly 90% of Scots as contributing nothing to the UK. I am also amazed that she thinks that the “Silent Majority” are on her side. I am gobsmacked at the daily records tale of woe, now that we know what a No vote means. I am appalled that labour are now talking about the NHS being privatised, while only 10 days ago said such utterances were falsehoods. I am horrified that the horror unfolding is being described as the “settled will” of the Scottish people.

    I am, everyday, regularly astounded that we lost to these swivel eyed, mendacious, wretched, imbecilic thundercunts. I weep for my nation I really do.

  27. Gavin Barrie says:

    Good stuff Paul. I put on a tie, donned a jacket, and so looking like a Tory, I attended one of Wee Ruthie’s indyref presentations. She is all of what you say above.

    Remember folks, facing the combined might and lies of the unionist politicos, the press, the BBC and STV, we polled 45%, and there is a pong hanging over the accuracy of the result.

    So we wait whilst the Vow unravels, the timid who voted No feel the sting of being duped, and the the politically smart on the Yes side develop the strategy for continuing the independence campaign.

    Stay visible, wear the Yes badges and hold your Indy groups together. The unionists will try to bore us down with Westminster prevarication. Still paying the BBC? Still buying a newspaper? There are things you can do while we wait.

    • weegingerdug says:

      I’m determined to reclaim suits and ties for the left you know. Just because I’m a socialist doesn’t mean I have to dress like Wolfie from Citizen Smith.

      • Illy says:

        Meh, I’ve never felt that expensive clothes were important.

        When not everyone can afford food and heating, requireing them to buy expensive clothes just to be taken seriously is a *really* bad idea.

        Plus, don’t we have better things to spend our money on?

  28. Sashadistel says:

    Oh Thank you Paul, last night I thought my brain was going to explode with all the shenanigans!! Clarity .
    First of all Miss Davidson.
    A more self serving , nakedly ambitious, vacuous politician is difficult to find at Holyrood and that’s saying something . The spineless Murdo Frasers and the party parrot that is Johann Lamont have found their niche. Even in her more honest moments Johann must realise – she ain’t First Minister material. While Davidson carries on in her ego trip.
    That said that brings you to Gordon Brown and his ego. His downfall as possibly the worst person personality wise to be a Prime Minister ( Blair for policies) but again he will blunder on and where are the rest of the Labour people in Scotland? They can’t all be hiding behind the settee.
    Would it be possible for Holyrood to have a sort of select committee and call Clegg from the Record and Brown in to hold them to account?
    Get a bit of democracy back instead of a back bench MP and newspaper trying to influence decisions ?

  29. scotsgeoff says:

    I made a Vow last night: when I become Prime Minister everyone gets free Alphabetti Spaghetti, Edinburgh Castle will be painted in tartan paint, sheep will be dyed pink to brighten up the countryside and Faslane will be turned into a giant ‘free-to-all’ theme park.

    And I always keep my vows (especially when they have a capital ‘V’).

    Vote for me!

    Is that how it works Gordon?

  30. hektorsmum says:

    I will pass this on, I have in other places, simply that I have roundly cursed Gordon Brown to seven generations. I will not be around to see if it works, but I bleeding well hope so.

  31. hornygoloch says:

    “How come an autonomous territory of 140,000 people in the poorest corner of Moldova, the poorest country in Europe, can have their own national tv network but Scotland can’t?”

    Scotland can, and does. It’s called STV..

    • weegingerdug says:

      STV isn’t a national publicly owned broadcaster. Neither does it reach all of Scotland – the Borders and Dumfries are served by Tyne Tees / Borders television.

      • hornygoloch says:

        Sure, STV doesn’t reach into every corner of Scotland but it does reach 80% of the adult population, which isn’t bad going. But I’m not sure of your point. There’s nothing to stop the Scottish Government from funding a new national publicly owned broadcaster if it wants to. That’s what the Moldovans have done (though Moldova 1 is not a good example of a publicly owned broadcaster – see

        In these digital days TV channels can be launched very cheaply. Just scan through Freeview, FreeSat, Sky, etc for examples. So it’s not a question of “Scotland can’t”. It certainly can. Just like Moldova.

        • weegingerdug says:

          Westminster is stopping it. You seem to misunderstand the powers that are devolved to Holyrood. Broadcasting is reserved to Westminster and the Scottish Government is legally prohibited from starting a new national publicly owned Scottish channel or network. None of the Unionist parties propose to transfer that right to Holyrood. Only an Act of the Westminster Parliament can grant the legal authority to set up a new publicly owned Scottish national broadcaster, and they show no inclination to do so.

          Here’s a list explaining which powers are reserved to Westminster, and which are devolved to Holyrood. Broadcasting is in the Westminster list.

          • JimnArlene says:

            Can’t let those “jocks” have a mouth piece, to rival good old aunty propaganda; don’tcha know, what, what.

          • hornygoloch says:

            Well, I don’t want to get too entangled in the details, so briefly:

            No, Westminster is not stopping it. Certainly, broadcasting regulation is reserved to the UK Government and implemented via Ofcom. But there’s nothing to prevent the Scottish Government from seeking a licence from Ofcom. It never has, so it’s never been “stopped”, and in my view Ofcom would not, realistically, refuse a request from the Scottish Government.

            So it’s not “legally prohibited” from establishing a new publicly owned Scottish Channel or network. It’s just prohibited from acting unilaterally. Big deal.

            It can be done. The only problem as far as I see it is that the Scottish Government has never shown the slightest interest in doing so.

  32. bearinorkney says:

    Perhaps Gordon has something in common with Benedict Arnold?

    From Wiki:

    “As early as 1778 there were signs that Arnold was unhappy with his situation and pessimistic about the country’s future. On November 10, 1778, General Nathaniel Greene wrote to General John Cadwallader, “I am told General Arnold is become very unpopular among you owing to his associating too much with the Tories.”[57] A few days later, Greene received a letter from Arnold, where Arnold lamented over the “deplorable” and “horrid” situation of the country at that particular moment, citing the depreciating currency, disaffection of the army, and internal fighting in Congress for the country’s problems, while predicting “impending ruin” if things would not soon change.”

  33. A Meringue says:

    Gordon Brown = Bawbag!

  34. If the media, BBC in particular (Jackie Bird’s insistence what was on offer was devo max) had not given Brown so much coverage, fawning over him as if he was PM of the universe, his outpourings would only have been heard by the invited audience to which he spoke. So he obviously carries great weight with the high heid yins at the BBC. Presumably it was Labour that also leant on the Record for the Vow coverage. We do not live in a democracy. Increasingly it looks as if Scotland is a one party state — whether that party is in power or not.

    Labour is not in power in Holyrood, but it still controls many councils, the BBC in Scotland, much of the print media, and no doubt many public bodies. It is deeply entrenched, and is going to take some shifting if we want any change.

  35. Rhona Howden says:

    Brilliant stuff.I only learned the word “steatopygia” last year. love it!!!!

  36. Sashadistel says:

    That is a very accurate summary .

  37. These Labour scum are already on the case.
    One Graeme Morrice MP, Westminster trougher of the first degree,who’s doing the Facebook rounds cosying up to the LOO chiefs.Where I live they are the LOO.
    He was spotted of all places in Linlithgow Town Hall Cafe,today,,having tea and scones with a clutch of their vote pool,nice old impressionable ladies.
    If you think we can wish them away you need to think again.
    They are up to their old tricks of brainwashing and terrifying the pensioners as we speak.
    They couldn’t let them be misled by the truth,could they now?.
    They got very recent form on this.
    And they sure as hell know they are neck deep in shit.
    They are already on the case.

    And here.s my thoughts on Independence-maybe we should just declare it!

  38. Robert Peffers says:

    Brilliant article, Paul, that, “Lepidoptera caledoniensis thrawnbastertus”, gave me the biggest belly laugh since referendum night.

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