An open letter to Magrit Curran

I wasn’t going to blog anything today, but I read in the Scotsman that Magrit Curran is to head a British Labour party commission which plans to visit the 10 areas of former British Labour support which returned a high Yes vote in order to discover why we turned our backs on Magrit’s beloved career ladder. British Labour is asking us to put our trust in them once again. They have no shame, they have learned nothing, and now they look to us for answers to a problem of their own making and expect us to solve it for them so they can get back to business as usual, so they can pretend that nothing has happened.

No doubt the commission will operate as British Labour always operates, behind closed doors and talking to no-one except those who have been pre-approved. It is a window dressing exercise, a sham with no intent except to pretend to listen. It is a lie, like the very name “Scottish Labour” is a lie. British Labour does not listen, it only orders, it only commands, it only directs, it only takes. It is a creature of Westminster, not a child of Scotland’s working class communities. British Labour sold out the working classes of Scotland for party interests, it exists to keep us trapped in hopelessness.

So as a former British Labour voter, who was brought up and lives in one of the working class areas that was lost to British Labour, I’d like to tell Magrit why we reject them, because she will not be soliticing my opinion, she will not ask to speak with me – or you. We are not pre-approved, and we will never approve.

We are not coming back to you Magrit. Your empty words are meaningless. We did not turn our backs on you, you turned your back on us. You have made your choices, and now we have made ours. We choose to repay your contempt with rejection, we choose to reject your platitudes with our passion, we choose to stand against you for you have chosen to stand apart. We are the people, not you, and you do not speak for us.

We see how quickly your vows evaporate. How little you offer. There is no place for you in our struggles, for you stand with the Tories, with big business, with the banks, and you wrapped yourself in the Union flag and grinned when the forces of the powerful threatened the community you claim to represent. You have bequeathed us a land where foodbanks are protected by nuclear missiles, and you tell us we can expect nothing better. You offer austerity, you offer loss, you offer disappointment. You offer to manage our expectations on behalf of the bosses. And the only gains that can be made are those which benefit the Magrit Currans, the Party people who put party before people.

British Labour has become nothing more than a career path for the ambitious, a chance of fame for the talentless. The British Labour party is the parliamentary tail of the Labour movement, the arse that thinks it’s the brain and heart. The movement continues, the movement moves on. It must move on without British Labour. We have excreted you Magrit. You will be flushed away, unmourned.

Look forward to a future of exclusion Magrit. Embrace your rejection, it is the only comfort you will find. There is no place for your tribalism amongst the alliance of Yes. You have nothing to offer us, and all we have for you is to show you the door. Leave. There is no place for you amongst us. You do not belong here. You belong with the Tories, you belong in the boardrooms, you belong with those who play party games with people’s lives. The only message we have for you is to tell you to fuck off back to your focus groups.

You are a nationalist Magrit, a British nationalist. You can reject the label but it will forever stick to you. The rampaging Loyalist mobs who sought out Yes voters to attack and assault in the wake of the vote, they are your people and your responsibility. The selfish ones who were asked to think of their country and the future of us all but who thought only of their nice shiny motors, their ipads, their foreign holidays. They are your people, the materialists and the shallow ones. You represent their pinched faces, their pursed lips and their poverty of spirit.

This is a whirlwind of your own creation Magrit, and it will blow you away like the lifeless dust your party has become. There can be no reconciliation with your kind. Even Ramsay MacDonald once had principles, the great betrayer was a better human being than you and your and your party have become. The current generations of British Labour have never known principles. No soul. No heart. No love. You are dead to us because you are dead to yourselves. I will not reconcile myself to your corpse of hope, to the rotting stench of your decay. You will never put the coffin lid on my aspirations and dreams.

British Labour has been a long time dying. The last drops of red had dripped from its veins long before the referendum campaign began. Now all that is left is a rotting cadaver and a bad smell. It must be cleared away. If you wish to understand why we reject you Magrit, you do not need a commission. You do not need reports that will lie unread and undigested. You only need to look in a mirror. You are the problem, not us. We are the solution.

British Labour has made its choices, and now we make ours. Magrit and the rest of the British Labour party, we choose a future without you in it.



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  1. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    I can reduce Stairheid’s carbon footprint.

    Look in the mirror Mags, look in the mirror!

    Mind you, it would crack.

  2. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Just read further down, Paul.


  3. Anne Lyden says:

    You did not miss and hit the wall – Good on you Paul!

  4. Deedee says:

    Paul, you are one of the very best things to have come out of this whole referendum process and I actually think this is your best yet. I actually don’t think they know or realise just what they have done but be rest assured they will find out soon enough – they are indeed finished. And I know you’re no huge supporter of the SNP but it must hurt them a lot to know that of the 17000 new SNP members over the last 3 days, 8000 have jumped ship from the Labour Party. It’s only a matter of time before we win.

  5. JimnArlene says:

    “The selfish ones who were asked to think of their country and the future of us all but who thought only of their nice shiny motors, their ipads, their foreign holidays. They are your people, the materialists and the shallow ones. You represent their pinched faces, their pursed lips and their poverty of spirit.”

    British Labour in a nutshell, Tory to the core.

  6. paulmclem says:

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  7. sjmosst says:

    Well done Paul

  8. John Bell says:

    Hi Paul, I totally agree with your view of the once-lauded Labour Party, and their seemingly suicidal descent into ignominy in Scotland.

    However – if you don’t mind – please allow me to defend Ramsay MacDonald (I do it regularly whenever a newspaper article traduces him).
    PM MacDonald doesn’t deserve the sobriquet ‘the Great Betrayer’.
    As is made clear in Derek Robinson’s book ‘Piece of Cake’ the ‘peace in our time’ strategy by Mr MacDonald gave the RAF much-needed time to build up Hurricane squadrons and to train the pilots to fly them in the war to come. It also gave an extended period which allowed RDF (radar) stations to be set up along the south coast of England and which proved so useful throughout the war.

    Sorry to be pedantic, Paul, but I do think Ramsay gets a very bad press.

    • Meaban Beag says:

      Agree re MacDonald.
      Its easy to condemn based on the perceptions garnered from potted history. And its so easy to do when we are distant from the world people inhabited, and both the conditions they faced and the knowledge and tools they had available to face it. Today Chamberlain is regarded with near venom. At the time he was extremely popular and reflected the feelings of much if not most of the public. Thats a very different scenario from what we face today.

      Back to main topic. I totally agree regarding the pink tories and their bully boy gangs who engage in cowardly violence. There are still some very decent people in the movement itself, but they remain there out of misplaced loyalty to a cause which their leaders have long abandoned. They need to be tempted out, to rejoin the lost cause of social justice, and the time for that is ripe – they cannot be happy now that the mask has slipped and they find themselves cast as the footsoldiers of the fat tories by their self centred leaders

      Lastly I will declare an interest – Ramsay MacDonald was a (very) distant relative πŸ˜‰

      • Meaban Beag says:

        Answering a question from elsewhere
        I always use the term “pink tories” because the only thing thats red about their ruling elite is the doormats they stand on

      • wattie says:

        Then you can confirm if his name was really MacDonald Ramsay as it says on the plaque in Lossiemouth.

        • Meaban Beag says:

          Sorry mate. Saw the “memorial” when I was a child. But only related by marriage to a cousin of my grandmother. I have no knowledge of the family ;-(

    • Bill Stewart says:

      Pedantic is not the word for you. Wrong is the word. I think you mean Neville Chamberlain. Macdonald died in 1937 !

  9. Eoin says:

    I have linked this at reddit/r/Scotland, I hope you don’t mind. I agree with Deedee, this is probably the best of your posts that I have read, and there’s a few good ones. You are a very talented wee dug.

    There’s clearly an ‘I remember what socialism was and I want it in Scotland please’ mindset. I think you are in the process of helping this form into a movement. Hopefully the feeling will eventually spread south of the border; we live in interesting times.

  10. macart763 says:

    I must remember never to get on your grumpy side.

    Brilliant and right on target. πŸ™‚

  11. Linda Tollan says:

    Wow very powerful the Red Tories are finished. I loved Jon Snow giving Ed Balls a hard time on the channel 4 news tonight told him they were finished in Scotland

  12. Andy says:

    Excellent letter, but will she read it? This being a cybernat website, the Labour servers might have blocked it for being off-message.

    • Meaban Beag says:

      Wish I could have filmed at the polling station. I met a wumman who did (unconsciously I’m sure) a first class Magrit impersonation – venom and ignorance included. She was of course a tory. Who could distinguish them?

  13. Bamstick says:

    They are exactly like the Tories of my youth. The British Labour party are not for the people or of the people. They want Power just as much as the Tories did and still do. Because they believe that they know better than us, the normal Scottish folk. They want us to be low and poor so that they have someone to lord it over. They are beneath contempt and have forgotten what it is like to be an honest human being. Today there is no difference between Tories or Labour politicians. They are both in bed with the money makers. They do not see people they see money making opportunities, they do not see need they feel greed. They think that they are celebrities, with their speech making and important business to conduct. They forget where they came from and who they are here to represent, who they are hear to protect and represent. They care only for themselves, their future and their public appearances. They have risen so high, so far from normal reality, that they will fall hard.

  14. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Who said that the purpose of the Labour Party is to manage the expectations of the Poor?

    Ralph MILIBAND, the father of Ed and Banana Boy.

    Says it all, really.

    • macart763 says:

      Yep, ditto on bingo.

      Time to change the local management. Out with the old politics and in with the new regardless.

  15. Andy crossan says:

    Paul , when are you going to stand as a MSP once you do I will be voting for you

  16. Mick Pork says:

    “British Labour party commission which plans to visit the 10 areas of former British Labour support which returned a high Yes vote in order to discover why we turned our backs on Magrit’s beloved career ladder. “

    Hmmmm… rings a bell.

    Scottish election: Labour MPs review Holyrood defeat

    Labour leader Ed Miliband is to appoint three Scottish MPs to help review the party’s poor showing at last week’s Holyrood election, the BBC has learned.

    ..Mr Gray said he would stand down from the post he has held since 2008 in the autumn, after instigating “root and branch reform” of his party..

    That worked well. πŸ˜€

    You would think they might at least TRY not to make it sound like the desperate rote response of a bunch out of touch westminster bubble twits.

    Meanwhile SNP membership just overtook the entire UK membership of the Lib Dems as they and the other Yes parties continue their astonishing and unprecedented massive surge since the referendum result and the corrupt westminster elite’s “VOW” crashed and burned.

    Best make good use of those expenses ‘scottish’ Labour MPs because a great many of you won’t be seeing them again. The fightback is most definitely on. πŸ™‚

  17. Paul, your words are succinct and accurate and reflect my own feelings towards this woeful political party. The Labour Party are indeed a movement. A movement away from truth, decency, care, humanity. This movement is not fit for purpose in our Scotland.

  18. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Well said that man.

    Every Labour MP in Scotland will get many thousands of communications in the months ahead, all jam-packed with the same sentiment and advice.

    But very few of them will be so brilliantly crafted. Magrit should consider herself honoured to be on the receiving end of this, even as her sorry ass is hoofed out of public life once and for all.

    • yesguy says:

      Your the stuff of legends Paul.

      And you probably made more folk aware of Mad Mags than she believed . Take a wee bit time Paul. Come back fighting fit for us all.
      I wouldn’t want to lose the WGD. . I can handle the no vote but no WGD. NEVER.

      If there is anything we can do to help and support please ask. We are all willing.

      Great comments too folks.

      So many good people here.

  19. cearc says:

    A tad upset about the labour party are we, Paul?

    • Mick Pork says:

      You should hear what some of the poorest and most vulnerable in the schemes and streets in previous Labour heartlands say about them. I’m afraid little Ed Miliband and his robot hordes of red tory arselickers don’t seem to be particularly well respected, to say the least. πŸ˜‰

    • weegingerdug says:

      Oh just a tad. You should hear what I say when I REALLY let rip.

  20. dcanmore says:

    Excellent Paul, writing as we all feel. Curran only wants to find a strategy to fight the SNP with in the GE2015, so she goes to her lost Labour support with crocodile tears.

  21. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Oh dearie me! SNP new membership through the roof, Greens membership massively up, SSP membership massively up all in 4 days whilst Labour membership is massively up by a grand total of 17, yes folks SEVENTEEN new members in a MONTH! LOL

    So this *ahem* wee visit that she and her cohorts are planning has absolutely NOTHING to do with Labour voters who voted for YES but EVERYTHING to do with the haemorrhaging of Labour members from Labour to the SNP,Greens, SSP and others!

    Erm, I’m just wondering if wee Magrit has ever heard the phrase “too little too late!” LOL

  22. Mick Pork says:

    I’m looking forward to a targeting strategy in 2015 to ‘decapitate’ some of the most vile and repulsive of the ‘scottish’ Labour MPs. I suspect the only problem might be too many volunteers to campaign in the constituencies of most infamous of them. πŸ˜‰

    Spare a thought too for all those who would want to go to wee Danny Alexander’s patch just to make absolutely certain the wee yellow tory shite gets booted out on his arse. πŸ˜€

    • “Some of the most vile and repulsive?” I’d say these adjectives apply to them all so let’s see the lot of them out on their erses.

      I’m only sorry it’s impossible to be in more than one place at one time as I’d like to attend every single count to wish each and every one of these troughing, parasitical bastards a special bon voyage.

    • minglerock says:

      that would be all the people that voted yes

  23. Alison McIntyre says:

    Brilliant Paul, just brilliant x

  24. Gonzologist says:

    That is a brilliant post, Paul, I wish I could write like you do.

  25. […] An open letter to Magrit Curran. […]

  26. From the heart – and would find theirs if they had not sold it many years ago.

    Good shooting!

  27. Morag Frame says:

    Hear, hear!

  28. Marian says:

    Such was their craving for power at Westminster the Labour heirarchy stood shoulder to shoulder with the Tories in their shafting of Scotland and with complete disinterest and doing nothing when the Newspapers and TV were in full attack mode accusing Scots of “hating the people of England” and being “subsidy junkies” and our democratically elected FM a “Nazi” to name but a few of the things that Labour have to be punished at the ballot box for from now on.

    I have lost count of the number of Scots who in the past 96 hours have told me that they will never again vote for a unionist party and especially Labour after their betrayal of Scotland.

    We must form a new Scottish democratic alliance to take the fight for self-government right into the belly of the beast, by contesting and winning every Labour seat in Scotland at the May 2015 UK General Election.

    By getting rid of all the unionists from Scotland we render it impossible for Westminster to continue to govern us.

  29. MBC says:

    Looking on the Glasgow City Council website we have a lot to do between now and May 2015 to get those Labour b******s out. They have stonking majorities. Albeit on low turnouts.

    Let’s get going!

  30. xsticks says:

    Excellent. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve taken the liberty of tweeting this to Magrit:

    X_Sticks ‏@X_Sticks_Real Β· 2 mins
    An open letter to @Margaret_Curran by @weegingerdug

  31. mary says:

    Well said sir, absolutely, blindingly true. Especially love the phrase ‘ fame for the talentless ‘ lol soooooo blidy true AYE

  32. Sheila Rae says:

    Echoing my angst while hearing the guff they all came out with on the Referendum trail. My swear jar is full. Darling, Brown, Alexander, Curren and Murphy, all non celebrities who love the sound of their own voices while they preach. We need your voice heard, wide and far, Paul. You went for the jugular. Thank you.

  33. Tris says:

    Oh absolutely brilliant Paul.

    That woman is beneath contempt.

    Worrying that our English relatives would become foreigners if we became independent at the same time as warning that we leave our English (foreign) socialist comrades in peril by abandoning them to the Tories.

    Racist! Fool!

    To Tory policies… what? Like cutting child benefit and a minimum wage of Β£8 an hour in 5 1/2 years’ time?

    I hope she comes and asks me.

  34. Nigel Mace says:

    Visceral in its disgust, Paul. Positively 18th century in its charmless revulsion; the emetic draft which this harridan deserves along with her zombie colleagues and their party of the political living dead. (They are so awful that it is getting hard to go over the top – but one can’t resist trying!)

  35. (PS I live in Jimbo’s constituency – could you do an open letter to him too πŸ˜‰ ?)

    • weegingerdug says:

      Just swap the name Magrit Curran for Jim Murphy. Add a reference to an egg, and there ye go.

      • Fair enough! I so loathe that man…

        • cynical lowlander says:

          Write to him and ask him to support English MP’s for English laws. He’s always saying that what we need to do is fight poverty. Well Scottish MP’s have to spend time looking at English only legislation, then troop through the lobbies voting on it. So if they didn’t need to do that (because it doesn’t affect any of their constituents anyway) then they would have more time to fight poverty.

          Allows you to write a letter direct to your MP regarding this. btw, if you have any English relatives in England, get them to do the same. around 65% of English people support English MP’s for English laws.

  36. MAG says:

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  37. liz4horses says:

    Such fire, such passion. So much truth.

    People of her ilk will never understand the yearnings and dreams that we the people of Scotland have.

    They are trapped in an insular, opaque bubble of their own making.

    Much love to you and the dug, you are bright light shining out the truth. πŸ™‚

  38. John says:

    Well Said. Labours done in Scotland. They know it and panicking now with promise after promise to get back in. They’l Target the younger generation who they think they can sway. Wait and see

  39. Papadox says:

    Thanks Paul for putting into words my feelings. You are honest and sincere Paul that is something Magrit and her friends have never tried and never will.

    They use and abuse their voters for their own benefits and their 30 pieces of silver.

  40. John Lammie says:

    Join Labour for Indy first Margaret, then we may listen.

    • Valerie says:

      Why would you want this woman anywhere near any type of Scottish politics, we need to take out the trash, and demand honesty, and loyalty as a minimum

  41. A Meringue says:

    I hope that all these former Labour party members that are signing up to SNP, SSP Greens etc. are sending their membership cards back to Labour with a wee explanation attached.

    Their boast of 17 new members in a month is probably correct but as usual the full story that they have lost possibly thousands of members in the same period is never mentioned. Typical unionist mathematics.

  42. Caledonian Lass says:

    Absolutely spot on, Paul. British Labour pretends to be the people’s party but they’re conniving careerists who care only about themselves.

    They stood shoulder to shoulder with the Tories to subvert independence. Now that they’ve done the dirty work for the Tories, they’re finished in Scotland and no doubt they’ll be rejected by the
    English voters in the 2015 election.

    As they sow, so shall they reap.

  43. A Meringue says:

    I managed to talk to a couple of OO neighbours. And to be fair I managed to tip one over the edge and he is now resigning from the OO due to the shame of Friday evening. He is a pretty decent bloke and to be honest I was surprised when he told me he was a member in the first place.

    The other OO neighbour (strictly in the geographical sense) Tried to bluff it out. He came out with the old chestnut “We do a lot for charity” I was chuffed with my reply “Aye and so did Jimmy Savile. and your point is?” I beat a retreat at this point. “A” I had had enough by now and “B” Mr Knuckledragger was getting a wee tad annoyed.

  44. minglerock says:

    Oh that was Margaret Curran!!! The wee shite we the bad hair’do and the red outfit on that pontificated on STV at 4 in the morning on referendum night. She looked and acted like the cat that ate the canary. When your watching TV from Canada its hard to know who the bit-part actors are. I hope her part is soon to be terminated

    • Meaban Beag says:

      Oi. as a fully fledged member of the feline race I resent the comparison. At least I crap in a tray, not on the people

  45. Graham says:

    It is absolutely vital that all Yes parties unite to have a single pro independence candidate in each constituency at the 2015 Westminster election.

    Otherwise our vote will be split because of the first past the post Westminster system.

    Tommy Sheridan has suggested we all vote for the SNP candidate.

    I am sure the SNP will be happy to offer the leaders of all the pro independence parties and the best pro independence campaigners an unopposed run. We have an enormous pool of talent. The only item on the manifesto will be full Scottish independence, so no conflicting proposals on currency etc.

    We can then send Tommy Sheridan and all our top guns to Westminster to DEMAND our independence. The SNP’s B team is perfectly capable of running Scotland in the mean time.

    Let us all start uniting and mobilising NOW to get 59 pro independence MPs elected to Westminster in 2015.

    We can and will still become independent in March 2016. A fresh and brighter hope has arisen from the defeat on 18th September.

    • scunneredwiwm says:

      Yes, that’s my concern – that the vote gets split. An alliance of YES is essential.

    • rabthecab says:

      I think Tommy Sheridan’s idea is a winner – all parties can of course conntinue to fiekd candidates & pursue their own policies at Holyrood but, as you and scunneredwiwm say, a united front & single party to stand on the Independence manifesto at Westminster is vital.

      It can, and I hope will, be done.

  46. What was it Lamont called us? A virus.

    I trust that the electorate will annihilate Labour at the general election. Enjoy your empire of dirt, Magrit, because it’s not yours for much longer.

    • Steve Asaneilean says:

      I think the language of a number of Scottish Labour’s “leading lights” during this referendum debate has been appalling. It started with Johann Lamont last year saying that the referendum would be a chance to “eradicate the virus”. Then Ian Davidson, MP for Glasgow South West, talked about the supporters of independence needing “bayoneted”. Then we had Alistair Darling not disagreeing with the description of Yes as “blood and soil nationalism” (a clear reference by the Spectator interviewer to 1930s Germany). This was followed by a prospective Labour MSP, Kathy Wiles, comparing a photo of children attending a Yes event in Glasgow to Hitler Youth and having to resign as a consequence. Then we had Brian Wilson calling us “fundamentalist” on Radio 4 – in my view a clear and deliberate attempt (along with Tessa Jowell calling us “insurgents”) to link the Yes movement with some form of extremism. But it all fitted a New Labour narrative of attempting to link Yes to fascism. As a “traditional Labour supporter” (whatever that actually means) I find that very difficult to reconcile. But I doubt MargritCurran will want to speak to me either.
      If Labour had ever been serious about tackling poverty, inequality and deprivation why did they not do it when they had 13 years and a blank cheque to do it? Could it be that if they did so they would have no reson to exist anymore?

      • Bugger (the Panda) says:

        “Could it be that if they did so they would have no reson to exist anymore?”

        The British Labour Party exists to manage the poor, nothing else.

        • Brian Fleming says:

          “…to lower the expectations of the Scottish people”, as Donald Dewar once said.

      • KenC says:

        Also Steve, let us not forget Jimmy Hood, standing up in the Commons and proudly declaring that even if independence improved the lives of Scots, he would still vote NO. Or Davidson demanding the MOD introduce a clause allowing them to recall shipbuilding contracts should we vote YES. With “representatives” like these, who needs enemies?

      • Valerie says:

        Have you not seen the pic on Wings of Dame Anne Begg with leading light from the BNP? Pleased to say there is now a meme being shared widely

  47. Big Sister says:

    I am proud of you wee brother what an epitaph to the British Labour Party. You gave the sumthin for nuthin wummin what she deserved. As you know I did my time in hard labour in Lanarkshire before going to the SNP in 1999 and left almost 2 years ago when the leadership decided it was a good idea to join the weapons club NATO. I am independent still, waiting for a Peoples Party to come embrace the 45 and work on the 55. We need to build a true broad based movement with principle and ideals to fight against the Union Jack boot that was shown in George Square. On a random thought is it my imagination that the BBC weather map has further shrunk Scotland and the British Labour Party faded the Saltire in to the background even more at their conference?

    • Brian Fleming says:

      The BBC’s presentation of Scotland’s weather as a whole is part of the inculcation of Unionism in unaware viewers. I don’t have the terminology to describe it, but it’s clear as day. I live in Finland, but recently gained access to BBC channels live via the Internet, and I’ve have no idea how any reasonably conscious Scot could possibly watch that muck anymore. Need I say I’d certainly never dream of paying to watch such foulness.

  48. Sheena says:

    Well said Great Post

  49. Sheena says:

    Hi I hope you don’t mind that I have put it on twitter, I am so glad to have found this Blog, I love it

  50. Lewis Thomson says:

    I wonder what my father would have thought of the labour party now. He was a soapbox socialist in the thirties, a Cooperative Grocer by trade, and he and Mum brought us up to be political animals. Labour was the way to vote, within the context of being fiercely Scottish.

    What would John Smith have thought, that best Prime Minister we never had? It’s sad, but Scotland will flourish.

    • Valerie says:

      I wonder what he would say about his daughter Sarah Smith on BBC? She gave Yes a really hard time, and IMO harder than the No camp.

  51. Jan Cowan says:

    Well, Magrit will have a job matching that one, Paul! So thankful you’re working on this side and not the other. More power to you!

  52. macart763 says:

    And the jollies keep coming.

    Less than a week down and our predictions for a no vote are coming true big time. Let’s get this right in May and send the SNP to Westminster big time with a clear mandate to hold Westminster to account for electoral fraud.

  53. johnmcgurk66 says:

    Paul you are so right it was a pleasure to read your OPEN LETTER, I think you have made us feel like part of a family, and this family is growing all the time . This movement that you and the likes of DEREK Bateman and ALAN GROGAN etc have put a new meaning in life and politics. It gives the ordinary man in the street hope for a better future And we all need to grab it
    and act together. Paul if you get the time my wife and I would like to meet you drop us a line any

  54. Come on ,Paul, don’t sugar coat it, tell the bastards what you really think of them!

  55. Izzzie says:

    We will never forget what these pink Tories did to the hopes of the poor the
    jobless and the disadvantaged children of Scotland.

  56. Finnula says:

    Oh wee ginger – its already happening the ppl have spoken, yesterday the labour office of Jackie Baillie & Gemma Boyle in West Dumbarton was torched! Not that I sanction this type of behavior, but I’m sure they are in for a kicking at next May’s election! Role on Retribution Day! X

  57. scunneredwiwm says:

    Brilliant piece again Paul.

  58. That’s her telt !!!!

  59. Betty Craney says:

    I agree ,totally, with your sentiments and ,in my opinion, only by tactical voting will we rid ourselves of these self-serving troughers. They have a big majority here …people whose families have always been Labour supporters and still believe they’re the party of the working class. We’ll have a difficult time persuading older people ( those who’re not internet savvy) that Labour – since Tony Blair – are just Tories with a different coloured tie .

  60. Clash City Rocker says:

    Fantastic Paul! This one miust go in the Collected Yaps!

  61. Steve Asaneilean says:

    Lest we forget, the British Labour party has always taken their Scottish votes for granted but realised that the only way to guarantee a Westminster majority was to win in England and the only way to do that was to become more Tory in nature and stay that way. It was Labour who started the process of privatising the NHS in England. It was Labour who caused the banking crisis by kowtowing to the demands of the banks and the City to be “hands off” in terms of regulation and supervision. And it was Labour that left office with the gap between rich and poor in this country worse than ever and amongst the highest in the developed world. We need to keep reminding people of these facts and then let them come to their own conclusions.

    And what all of the Unionist parties have failed to address is the simple question – if some extra powers are good for us why not all powers?

  62. Calgacus says:

    Stairheid rammy, We are going to put you and your fellow red tories oot on yir arse.

  63. Calgacus says:

    I like the sound of Retribution day

  64. Calgacus says:

    Radical Retribution Campaign

    • Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Keep that want to yersell.

      I thought you were supposed to be the civilsed barbarian?

      • macart763 says:

        One man’s barbarian is another’s profound philosopher. πŸ™‚

        I like the sound of retribution day too. πŸ˜‰

        • Bugger (the Panda) says:

          Just call it, in the open, the PR program. That should confuse them?

        • Bugger (the Panda) says:

          see my reply below ta!

          • hektorsmum says:

            Mac and BtP, was in Cologne during the holidays. Our guide who was a hoot, described those on the North Bank of the Rhine as Barbarian’s, well we who are without the ahem, civilizing influence of those pesky Romans are all Barbarians and we were a lot more peaceful than those Romans. Where on earth do you think those English folk who love the Romans so much ( watch any episode of he Time Team) got to be so war like.

  65. Calgacus says:

    SNP membership has doubled to over 50000 since the referendum!

  66. Steve Asaneilean says:

    Lest we forget (part 2) – Monklands District Council self-commissioned report by Professor Black, QC in 1995 which found the local Labour party guilty of “nepotism and unfair spending”. That’s where the rot set in for me…

  67. Calgacus says:

    Most of them came from your moribund party Magrit and they’re just the start. You’ll have had your cheerios.

  68. kennym says:

    I just hope that some of these scum come to my door to “reach out” to me. They’d get more of a mouthful than they’d even have got before the 18th.

  69. arthur thomson says:

    That poor woman will be in tears Paul, just like I and many others were on the 19th. Or maybe not given that she is clearly capable of smiling while she sticks the knife in. She will be able in any case to seek solace from her sociopathic chums. That should be an experience for her. I’m glad its not me.

  70. KenC says:

    Another great blog Paul. Your writing gets sharper and sharper.

    The parallels between the Labour party now and the almost extinct Westminster Conservative representation sent from Scotland are striking.

    I listen to Labourites, (rhyming slang?) such as Murphy, telling interviewers that Labour must increase their efforts, and get Scots to understand their message. As with the Tories, they miss the point. We do understand. Dress it up how they may, Scots aren’t buying it.

    The blind arrogance of Milliband and co. will, hopefully, end up with Tony Blair’s ersatz Labour going the same way as Maggie’s Tories. They will not be mourned.

    • Andrea says:

      och silly me here was I thinking my elected representatives were supposed to listen to their electorate….. not there to hammer THEIR points home

      Jeez I hope others aren’t ‘labouring’ under that same notion….perhaps the No voters have a greater understanding of these pollies than we think …. you tell me what to think …and I’ll go along with it it …..

      Aye right…

    • hektorsmum says:

      Ken, we at least the 45% understand their message only too well, we just do not like it. Trouble is I am looking at some of Scotland’s people with a very jaundiced eye right now.
      We should only need to wait until the kicking starts down south and it will, I should feel sorry for them but I really don’t. Ed is about to have the fire hose turned on him and with his party I just cannot feel a bit sorry for them and as for the 55% well they turned out enthusiastically for the Union, time for them to take their medicine, they won’t like it one bit.

  71. Alan Whitelaw says:

    Lets get after the S.Lab M.P’s to get them out in 2015 G.E. It wont be easy unless we start organising now. 2 Examples to Consider of S.Lab self seeking troughers who had a big part to play in the campaign to pull Scottish Independence down!!
    At 2010 G.E. Jim Murphy East Renfrewshire Labour M.P. had a 10,420 majority over the Conservatives, Lib. Dems with the S.N.P coming 4th!! on a 77.8% Turnout. Jim has been the M.P. since 1997 and has feathered his nest quite comfortably over the years.
    At 2010 G.E. Douglas Alexander Paisley & Renfrewshire South Labour M.P. had a 16,614 majority over the S.N.P.,Conservatives,Lib. Dems. and S.S.P. on a 65.4% Turnout.

  72. JimC says:

    While I applaud the author and stand “shooder tae shooder” with the previous commentors… I’m kind of at a loss because…. we already knew, @ least 45% of us, that these spineless, self indulgent narcissists would have sold their own Granny on ebay in order to keep their noses in the trough.. we already knew this ! Where I am at a loss…. is how they managed to convince so many of our Kin, to turn their backs on their bretheren and their country, when they are so clearly transparent in thoughts and deeds and politically unilateral, on their intention for us Scots and our country!!! While the labour party, and indeed the rest of the pack, are seeking answers to why they fared so badly..the question I ask is why did we fare even worse in convincing our people, to vote for what was so obviously, the best outcome for us , our country and our future generations. Scotland has been roused, you kick the dog once too often and it will bite back, I’ve had more than enough kickings in my lifetime, it’s time to bite the hand that thinks its fine to feed me from a foodbank. Great article Paul… gie that wee ginger dug a biscuit..he’s earned it

  73. Alabaman says:

    That’s some “time out” you had Paul, God knows what you’d be like if you took a real holiday!,come to think of it take a holiday but continue your blogs.
    Best regards.

  74. As always, superb.

    Recall Blair’s venomous spiteful contempt of Wedgie, Arthur and Ken… said it all really.

    Labour. what an utter pile of shite.

  75. Alan Knight says:

    Absolutely superb Paul, a great piece of work. Let’s get rid of them.

  76. rabthecab says:

    Reblogged this on Shots & Thoughts and commented:
    WGD speaks for us all. Brilliantly written as ever. Totally encapsulates the betrayal many of us feel, and a determination that the Red Tories will be wiped out in Scotland.

  77. rabthecab says:

    Reblogged this on Shots & Thoughts (don’t know how to link it) and said:

    “WGD speaks for us all. Brilliantly written as ever. Totally encapsulates the betrayal many of us feel, and a determination that the Red Tories will be wiped out in Scotland.”

  78. hektorsmum says:

    I am glad I made the journey home Paul, having spent the last week in horrible ignorance, I have come back. As a Stateless person it was really delightful on opening my e-mails to have received one from Ed Milliband, who seems to think I am a Tory, sorry Labour Supporter. Sent a reply which someone will have to read. I only wish I had come home sooner then I would have had een more ammunition to hit them with.
    Let us hope that Glasgow after voting YES does not return one of them to Parliament. Useless arses all of them. One thing I would have said to Margrit and it is this, 45% of the population are now your enemies, they can be relied upon to ensure that you do not have an easy ride, not only that 45% are also active or about to become active in pursuit of your destruction.

    • macart763 says:

      They are about to find out that their lies about the YES campaign and ‘monstering’ have become a self fulfilling prophesy.

      • hektorsmum says:

        Mac, I know I was going to give up if we lost and it came close, but somehow I just couldn’t do it nor move to Ireland. Looking for a new house the old one is kind of getting on our nerves and was up in the North yesterday. Up in Nairn, right over to Buckie and YES are still there. I said before the vote that those voting NO were in for the shock of their lives, we on the other hand knew what we were in for.
        Having driven by all those lovely notices for Better Together put up by the descendants of the same Aristocrats who benefited from selling the country out the first time, I feel nothing but rage tinged with disgust at some of my fellow (ahem) Scots. I tone it down by saying that it was hard to get the size of the vote we got considering we were up against the British State. The sad thing is we most definitely paid for it.

        • macart763 says:

          Oh damn, the morning after my moods were like our weather, despair to rage to sorrow and all in twenty minute spells. It took me a few days before I could analyse anything rationally. It was never going to be a fair and open debate and that was nothing like a fair and open debate. We knew this and we also knew they’d pull every trick in the book as well as come up with a few new ones.

          As soon as it became clear that 100% of mainstream broadcast and print media had assumed a pro union stance, we screamed foul and no one listened. As soon as it became clear HMG were not staying out of the ‘Scottish’ debate, we screamed foul and no one listened. As soon as evidence emerged of HMG soliciting aid from overseas powers to intervene, we screamed foul and no one listened. As soon as it was even suspected that HMG were manipulating figures and colluding with the civil service over start up costs, we screamed foul and yet again no one listened. Needless to say as soon as the mystery minister tied Mr Darling to HMG and the civil service over the currency statement, a full investigation should have been launched. As soon as it became clear that HMG were feeding the state broadcaster market sensitive information in order to manipulate opinion, we screamed foul and lastly as soon as soon as ‘the vow’ was introduced in the purdah period the whole media should have screamed whoa there!

          The unionist narrative went completely unchallenged by the media for three years. That’s not just unheard of in a stable and thriving democracy, it should have been impossible. This wasn’t so much a referendum as extortion with menace.

          And yet, in the teeth of that kind of opposition we came so close. Better than that, people are now engaged and not willing to lie down or disappear back into apathy. Moves to create a new media are underway. Pro independence parties are receiving a huge surge in membership numbers. The unionist parties are fully aware that they are now under public scrutiny as never before and are going to come under immense pressure in Scotland to deliver on their promises. Promises few of us believe they are capable of delivering and certainly not in the time period of their claims.

          And if they cannot deliver their promised position as per the vote? The next few years (and they will be few I hope), Scotland is going to go through some brutally hard times. People are going to need protecting from the worst of the austerity measures yet to come. They’re also going to need protecting from whatever faux devolution package Westminster deems fit to gift the natives. Point her into the wind and all hands on deck.

          • hektorsmum says:

            Having been on Wings this morning Mac, protection will be stripped away, Then we will definitely hear those who voted No screaming. Osborne is already coming up with the Labour Plan of skipping the legislature and handing money over to the councils. God help us if that happens. Having seen what happens with the councils we have no chance that they will protect the people. Money fritters away most of the time aka the Edinburgh Tram and god forbid the Glasgow railway to the Airport, all to put money into their pockets.
            I just love the idea of Traitors, I am not mealy mouthed and I apologise, like Adam Tomkins in any commission and as for the rest, here we go again, Four or is it five to one political party and only one for Independence.
            I am glad to see that those who were politically active are not giving up and that far from becoming an irrelevance those parties who want to see Scotland independent are growing. Now what we need to see is Labour utterly destroyed, They tried very hard to do so themselves, now they need a good push.
            I see that Mr Miliband is starting to get the pressure that I certainly for saw would happen as soon as the referendum was put to bed. Now Labour will get the flames turned onto them and who cares,
            I certainly not me. I do have to say that I was unhappy with the way that the SNP conducted this referendum and that they sat back and let the grassroots carry the main burden but I also acknowledge without them there would have been none. I hope that this enthusiastic new membership can get them out of this stupid idea that they are actually in Government and that they should behave accordingly, they are really not, you are not in Government when Westminster can recall anything it likes.
            Rant over. Helena

            • macart763 says:

              Heh, good rant and apologies for not getting back sooner, but I’ve been off on a bit of an errand for the past day or so.

              Labour have a lot of promises to keep, from Brown’s definition of Devo Max, to keeping the NHS together and this in the face of their involvement in its deconstruction. They can’t possibly keep any of those promises of course and they will be held to account by the electorate. The biggie though in the next couple of years isn’t the the GE, its going to be the in/out EU referendum. With a tory, possibly tory UKIP government in power an awful lot of no voters who believed that their EU subsidies and continued EU involvement were safe in the hands of Westminster are in for a very rude shock. What do you think will happen if the majority of Scots vote to stay in the EU and the vote in rUK takes Scotland out of the EU? πŸ˜‰

              It ain’t over till its over.

              • hektorsmum says:

                Nope Mac it isn’t over. Interesting e-mail this morning from my friend in Prescott Arizona who was telling me of a meeting with their investment company before our Referendum, that investments would fall world wide if Scotland Voted for as she put it Freedom. As I had been keeping many of my friends in the States informed she was telling people at the table with her what she knew. As she said they were all to worried about their money to be bothered, these damned Yanks she said, she is Canadian married to one of those Damned Yanks. She knew all about the machinations in Quebec and wished us well, but was sorry it had turned out this way.
                I was able to tell her that the fight continues.

  79. Reblogged this on Random Candidate and commented:
    Re: Scott independence, and empowerment.

  80. A Meringue says:

    I am looking forward to wiping the smug look off of Jimmy (I don’t care if you are better off under independence. Just vote Naw) Hood`s face.

  81. maybolebuddie says:

    Strong stuff Paul, both barrels!!

  82. robert mcewan says:

    hi have loved reading your stuff for the months leading up the referendum have a wee idea to run past you

  83. scotland your wasting time says:

    scotland you are wasting your time with britian, they will never keep any promises they made, they will rule you scotland, you got cheated by london, you have to take this into another matter

  84. Seen one, seen them all. Scary stuff

  85. scotsgeoff says:

    Paul, you truly are an inspiration; both your writing and attitude.

  86. Nana says:

    Hoping you’re doing well Paul.

    Just wanted to say I am hoping you will be involved with the Bateman/Newsnet plans which are taking shape. Very exciting!

  87. Cuilean says:


  88. Nigel says:

    I personally dont think that “no” propoganda nor, for that matter, “yes” arguments made much difference to the 55%.

    I think most of these Scots were always going to vote no.

    I could never fathom how so many of our nation adopt a default position of being for the union, when most clear thinkers know we are being taken for complete mugs.

    In that respect, Scotland must be unique amongst nations in being the only nation which has turned down the chance of winning a multi billion pound lottery!

    A strange nation indeed…

  89. johnney come lately says:

    We are, where we are unfortunetly and the only thing left is to keep going with the same energi. I still can’t help but think, that something stinks with the vote.Just because the count was above aboard, doesn’t mean that the the ballot was fool proof.

  90. Doug says:

    “You have bequeathed us a land where foodbanks are protected by nuclear missiles, and you tell us we can expect nothing better. ” Is to me the single most powerful sentence I have read in the whole campaign. It encapsulates brilliantly just why Britain is broken.

  91. […] 22 September 2014: British Labour has become nothing more than a career path for the ambitious, a chance of fame for the talentless. The British Labour party is the parliamentary tail of the Labour movement, the arse that thinks it’s the brain and heart. The movement continues, the movement moves on. It must move on without British Labour. We have excreted you Magrit. You will be flushed away, unmourned. […]

  92. Doug says:

    What a fantastic piece or writing. Biting phrases – epigrams and a devastating critiique that is only devastating because it is correct and couldn’t be rebutted. I left the Labour party long ago, or more correctly, they left me when they gave up being a Labour party and just became the pinker face of neo-conservatism. Nicely done WGD.

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