Wee Ginger Dug – the collected yaps

There are many things that need to be done, so much work we have to do. But I must build a new life for myself. I gave up work to look after my partner after he was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and now that he has passed away I am left without an income. I need to find work and a way of earning a living. If you have any ideas about that – I am open to all and any offers!

Many readers have suggested a book version of some of the best articles published on the Wee Ginger Dug over the past year. I plan to go ahead with this as quickly as possible. So I’d like readers of the blog to suggest their favourite pieces, so they can be published in the new book. Please leave your comments and suggestions below.

Meanwhile I do not intend to give up. I will continue to publish and post on this blog, and hope to get involved in the challenging and exciting task of building a new Scottish media, and who knows – perhaps also a new Scottish political party of the left.  I have a huge anger at the British Labour party, and do not intend to let them get away with their betrayal of the working class communities which gave birth to the Labour movement.  The British Labour party in Scotland must be punished, it must be held to account, it must be wiped off the electoral map.

I won’t be going away, and I won’t be shutting up. I hope you feel the same way too. We’ve come so far and achieved so much. Right now, Scotland needs us all more than ever.

So watch this space … This dug will keep barking.


97 comments on “Wee Ginger Dug – the collected yaps

  1. I hope you continue to use your blog, you were by far my favourite commentator on recent events.

  2. So glad ,agree with every word ,Labour do not exist any more ,

  3. Bill Dale says:

    Good for you. Democracy took a back seat this week. Now we need to reclaim it for those who are less able.

  4. Glad to hear the dug’s still barkin’

  5. diabloandco says:

    Thank goodness for that!
    I don’t think I can contemplate life without a daily fix of you and Stu.
    As for favourites there are too many to mention – it’s a publish and be proud scenario!

  6. scunneredwiwm says:

    Hello, I think you should use ‘Contractual Obligations’, in the book. Also Scotland – Be Brave. I love your writing and would love to see you as part of the heart of a new Scottish media. How do I send you a cheque to contribute towards getting the book published?

  7. Jon says:

    Great to hear you will keep going. I hope the book will be available to mail order!

    Ah yes, a replacement for the Labour party. Us in England’d like one of those too. Been talking ’bout it for a while, as it happens 😉

  8. Marion Scott says:

    So glad you are going to continue keeping us sane. Thank you for staying with us. My favourite piece is The tide goes out. I was so grateful for it yesterday when we saw how badly we had been shafted AGAIN that I sent it far and wide to console and fortify my grief stricken friends.

    • Anna Cheyne says:

      That is one of my absolute favourites too! After initial rage at the majority’s hedonism and lack of vision and hope, followed by tears of disappointment and loss, I took such strength from your words, Paul. It made me focus again. Thank you for your wonderful work.

  9. kestral says:

    How many people have now told you they regret voting no

    it’s starting to really frustrate me – I now know of 3 people who regret their no vote


    oh didn’t trust politicians (so having to choose the least bad one) but when I heard AS resignation speech wish I had voted for him cause now I understand how much he loves scotland and I trust him

    Comments on news forums

    “Forgive me if I am wrong but did I as a resident of Scotland not just take part in a referendum on the future of my country ? Was I and all of my countrymen not promised a specific timetable of substantial extra powers for my countrys parliament if I voted No in the referendum ?
    Can somone please explain to me then why within hours of the annoncement of a No vote the promises made to us had all of a sudden been tagged on to extra plans for regions in the rest of the UK.”

    Now lets sit and watch and wait for the no’s to regret their choice – you can feel the noers regret mounting as they woke up to NOT ONE BT spontaneous happy party – as they went to work on Friday and felt nothing had changed

    lets at every turn when they whinge about what’s happening to them remind them they voted for this

    I have never stood taller than I do today knowing that I stand with those people who voted yes

    • Sashadistel says:

      I don’t know about you but around here, heads were down and it was very subdued. There was no celebrating the win, outwardly anyway.
      God it seems like so long ago but as well as your writing, I asked if you had any plans for a wee gallery to exhibit the amazing model you made ( not sure that gives it justice). I for one would put money toward renting a wee 45 gallery/ hub showing all the talent .

    • turra loon says:

      The reason that we have been tagged on to extra plans for regions in the rest of the UK is that we in Scotland are regarded by Westminster as a region. I thought that everybody would know that.

  10. Ian Anderson says:

    I’d like to offer my sincere thanks to you for all your articles leading up to the referendum. I enjoyed them all immensely and found them to be inspirational. I was so saddened to hear about the passing of your partner and would like to offer my sincerest condolences.
    More than one commentator on various pro indy forums has suggested a new Scottish newspaper , with real unbiased news be brought into being. With a possible readership of 1.6 million this has to be worth considering, yourself and several notable others would be very popular contributors I’m sure. Only a personal thought, I would buy it in an instant.

  11. lorna cruickshank says:

    Very glad to hear this Paul.I hope we will have the opportunity to contribute in a financial way,I may not have much but I would be glad to help to allow your continued contribution.
    Not to be insensitive to your recent personal loss but I and many others do feel a terrible sense of bereavement after the vote and the resignation of Alex.Think I might reach the angry stage soon.
    Please look after yourself and the dug you mean a lot to so many of us even if we’ve never met xx

  12. wwilmawatts says:

    Yesterday I was brokenhearted and ashamed. Today energized and ready to start again. So glad you are going to carry on. Keep us informed about the book and how we can help. If you need a little TLC come to Tarbert with the Dug. We have a little annex, all mod cons and privacy.Come and have a rest before you really start again. I am sure most of your readers, who could, would offer you some R&R , with the added bonus of collecting more material for your other books– my Journeys beyond Yes kind of thing??. I have loved every post so it will have to be a substantial book. You have my email to RSVP the invite which is not a joke.

  13. liza says:

    We feel scattered at the moment but that will change.
    l will love reading through your blogs again to find and recommend my favourites, the ones that really helped me so much over the last while. Thank you again Paul.

  14. Personally I would like to see a good quality hardback edition between £10 – £20 that would acts as a reminder (or explanation for non residents) of the past couple of years; a hybrid of wos facts but with a human face that give warmth….hope….. tears even. aka the big ginger dug book. Ideally, something I personally would like to read, but one which I could use as Christmas/birthday/whatever gifts, especially to members of the ’55ers’.

    I don’t think the next referendum will be in 15/20 years but possibly sooner, such as around the same time the English vote to leave Europe. So get cracking.

    My personal fav is your dream of you, Andy and Dug. That more than anything else, captured the spirit of Yes.

    • jamie macdonald says:

      I agree Scott, something aimed at the 55 is what we need too.. a political party- that reaches out to those that voted no, especially the feart, a party who cares for people linking across generations- networking…, and cares for the place they live in, pushing against fracking, new nuclear etc. The rise of the 45…?- count me in.
      Great to see you are keeping up the blog Paul, I have enjoyed this wee dug since I first came across wings.. too many faves to think of yet, but I’ll get back to you on that, regarding funding I will help if I can, but am struggling myself a bit, however will gladly offer my services as a painter/sign writer, or a newspaper distribution delivery driver, with a van(!), to the southwest region.. if it helps your cause.. I feel all the friends and commenters on here could collectively call themselves ‘the hairs o’ the dug!’ now…

  15. We need to hold MPs to account, especially the Scottish Labour Party https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/page/s/real-recall#petition

    this might help with that.

  16. Rosemary says:

    I’ve just come across your blog today, so I’ve still a lot to read & catch up on. Most inspiring! Thank you. I’m sure you’ll have no problems publishing/selling your articles.
    PS: Not helpful I know, but I still need an outlet for my despar/rage at the 55ers. Am thinking of making myself a wee badge “Itwisnaeme”. Makes me feel better already 8 – )

  17. MoJo says:

    just let us know if you need to crowdsource funds to get something published – you know we will deliver! Your resilience and optimism and words of encouragement, compassion, humour and wisdom are more needed now than ever – hard to choose ‘favourites’ but everything you’ve written for the past 6 weeks or so – has been an inspiration. More power to your keyboard
    ! all the best to you Paul

  18. wendy smillie says:

    In a day of hope renewed, the news that you will be on the journey is the best of all. Never doubted it for a minute.

  19. Aileen Blok says:

    Thanks Paul, we need you.

  20. So pleased you intend to keep on going Paul. This blog has given me an uplift whenever I needed it and I hope I can return the favour one way or another. We did discuss ideas via email at one point with me doing the videos and you providing the script and VO. Let’s look into that again soon.

  21. liz says:

    Derek Bateman,Bella and hopefully others are up for a new media outlet.

    I think we should pull all of the talents displayed by folk like yourself together, (BT not).

    So many talented folk appeared during the indy ref campaign and I think we would be stronger combining forces.

    We lost due to the MSM and the BBC – there is no doubt about that and I’m sure a lot of people would rather fund an honest media outlet.

    We have to connect with the OAPs and others who voted through fear, we can forget the Proud Scots because they are not, they are British nationalists.

    I don’t know how it can be done but we must find a way.

    SNP and Green membership has been increased by 1000s today.

    Hopefully the last scales have fallen from the Labour faithful who have waited decades for them to return to their socialist roots – they will NEVER do that.

    I am happy to help in any way that I can with fund raising etc.

    I was depressed yesterday and even this morning but we cannot fail the 45%

  22. macart763 says:

    Glad to hear it. 🙂

    Strangely I’m just in the mood to hit something and high on the list of things to pummel comes the media and the British Labour party.

    Hand in glove those fuckers lied, mislead, misrepresented and betrayed the people and their roots. I’ll never forgive or forget the actions of either in this referendum. I used to pride myself that I would vote for candidates based on their abilities and their policies before this referendum and that included the odd Labour candidate.

    Never again. They betrayed everything they ever stood for and they’ll never see another vote from anyone in my household. Their use of intimidation and smear to induce political and social division in this campaign especially left a bad taste. Well they wanted to spread fear and accuse others of tribalism? They should have been careful what they wished for. The way I’m feeling right now I’d be happy to see the treacherous curs run out of every town on rails old west style, but I’ll settle for seeing them crushed in every election going till they’re nothing but a bad memory.

    • Capella says:

      Agreed. Hear that thousands of people are signing up to the SNP and Greens in the past 48 hours. The servers are crashing with the volume of traffic. Labour should be ashamed of themselves and I’m ashamed to admit I was taken in by them too for most of my life. Never again. Yes Scotland have a good post about Keir Hardie, their founder, and his hopes for “Home Rule”.

      • macart763 says:

        Good article and very much agree.

        They took us all in upon a time Capella. You may have read my own wee offering on this site of my own political roots. We believed them because to coin a phrase ‘we kent their mithers’. Plain fact is the leadership of today bears no resemblance to that of years gone by. And even then were they that much different? It was a Labour government that buried the McCrone report.

        We thought we knew them and understood them. We were wrong and they betrayed us then and now.

        I’m done with Labour in any way shape or form. To me they are a dead thing and I would encourage Labour voters to find truly socialist or radical left parties and movements to support, parties with ideals and perhaps even an ethic or two, but mainly aprties who care for people, ALL people.

        • A Meringue says:

          Hi Macart!
          See my comment below at 9:22pm.

        • Capella says:

          electricscotland has a good article on Keir Hardie, in particular his refusal to be bought off by the Liberals.
          “Sir George (Trevelyn) was very polite, and explained the unwisdom of Liberals and Labour fighting each other. They wanted more working men in Parliament, and if only I would stand down in Mid-Lanark he would give me an assurance that at the General Election I would be adopted somewhere, the party paying my expenses, and guaranteeing me a yearly salary—three hundred pounds was the sum hinted at—as they were doing for others (he gave me names). I explained as well as I could why his proposal was offensive, and though he was obviously surprised, he was too much of a gentleman to be anything but courteous. And so the fight went on.”

  23. Glad to hear you are going into print, Paul. If you go down the Amazon for Kindle/CreateSpace for POD paperback route then costs are minimal (mainly for ISBN). And I’m sure you know someone who would be willing to contribute an eye-catching cover design.

    A number of others are indicating they are expanding operations to help counteract the MSM effect. I would want still to see individual blogs like this, but if there is talk of a newspaper, then I would hope that a number of our favourite people can come together to make this possible.

    Derek Bateman has indicated in his recent blog post that he is working on a broadcasting/ print initiative and beavering away at a business plan to make the initiative sustainable. It might be worthwhile contacting him, Paul, in the hope that you could be part of the operation.

    Great to see, just a good sleep after the devastation of the referendum results, that tears are being dried, shoulders squared, and that good old Scottish grit is resurfacing. We will do this. It’s obviously going to take a little longer than we hoped, but one step at a time, we will do it.

  24. WRH2 says:

    I’ll bet its no surprise that my favourite is “Oor Wey”. Loved the YouTube version.
    Great to hear you are going to continue this blog.

  25. Golfnut says:

    laughed at some, eyes damp at some. Energized and motivated by just about all. Damn, Now Im going to have read them all again. Wife and I just joined SNP. Read a headline somewhere that that was it, they don’t know us at all, round 2 just starting.

  26. Alison says:

    Fantastic news that you are continuing to write..your pro Indy blogs were my favourite reads. I loved the one about the wee shy naw bunnies. I can’t remember the name of the blog or the date. Take care. X

  27. For a Dancer says:

    Paul, so glad to see the fight is still in you and many others because it is far from over. Things need to change and I am with you all the way. Write on!

  28. arthur thomson says:

    Hello again pal. I agree with all the above. I want a book – it will be an important part of Scotland’s history. I will contribute to anything that needs contributed to. You have done a great deal to bring my life to life. I would like to see a Ginger Dug annual for the bairns. I would like to see a regular Ginger Dug page in a real, entertaining, honest, educational, national and international and highly political Scottish newspaper. I would be a reader. Let’s take on the challenge. YES YES YES

  29. arthur thomson says:

    Oh, I forgot to say, let’s all stop funding that bloody BBC licence. Subject to agreement with others, who have equal rights I will be stopping mine asap.

    • Jan Cowan says:

      Arthur, I stopped mine months ago and was given a rebate. I get all the news etc. I need via my trusty laptop.

      Great to see everyone getting up and ready to continue the push for independence.

      Incidentally, I was visiting a friend in hospital today and got chatting to an elderly patient in the ward about the referendum. She was not at all happy that the old folks were being blamed for our failure as she was, and assured me still is, a YES voter. I told her that all the over 60s in our small village are keen to see independence before we pop our clogs. She fairly brightened at that good news!

      Paul, why not publish the lot…….too difficult to pick and choose!

  30. Glad to hear you’ll still be blogging, Paul. And good luck with getting an income sorted out – from what people are saying about new media outlets there may well be plenty of opportunities out there! May be interested myself 🙂

    • Betty Craney says:

      William, I’m a regular reader of your own blog….and I think you’d be an asset in a publication like this ..please consider it earnestly . Between the Dug,you ,Derek Bateman etc,I can see a great team here .

  31. Nana says:

    Pleased to see you will go forward with hope just like so many of us who for a couple of days lost it.

    Would like to see a new Scottish media with yourself, Rev Stu, Derek Bateman, Newsnet, Bella etc coming together under one title.

    Surely it could be crowd funded?

  32. maybolebuddie says:

    Great news Paul, even as YES voters we must ensure the extra powers promised are delivered although I don’t have much confidence, maybe some watered down bits n pieces.

    I have supported you financially in the past and will definitely be supporting you in the future, I and many of your supporters will ensure we support each other in the future.

    The end of the beginning, not the beginning of the end!!

  33. Dear Paul,

    This is only the beginning. I look forward to your comments and insights. I look forward to the shared inspiration.

  34. We all felt your loss when your partner died and I was stunned (and hugely impressed) that you found the courage to continue. If we’re crowd funding a new media outlet with You and Derek Bateman involved in it please count me in. Don’t have much but will happily give what I can. Meantime please take time to heal and good luck with the job hunting. I’ll go back over posts and message you my favourite as soon as the tears stop

  35. Steve Asaneilean says:

    Paul – I am happy for you to chose whichever articles you feels best suited. There have also been some excellent comments too and I am sure we would all be happy for you to use them without the hassle of trying to get permission. In other words feel free.

    Robin MacAlpine (Common Weal) – http://bellacaledonia.org.uk/2014/09/19/wipe-your-eyes-on-your-feet/ – says he will no longer talk about Scottish Labour – they are British Labour – first, last, always and only. And, as he says, “we must work to exclude, isolate and marginalise” them from Scottish political life and, as you say Paul, establish a new political movement of the Left.

    Like others Thursday’s result has merely hardened my resolve to pursue the kind of society we all want to achieve.

  36. Kathleen Cumming says:

    Agree with everyone. And the money saved on BBC can be used for supporting the 45.

  37. I’m so glad to hear you’re going to continue blogging! To add to your list, I also think we need to work hard to raise the status of the Scots language, mirroring to some extent what happened in Catalonia and other places.

  38. Paris Rose says:

    Hi, I think writing is definitely the way forward for you. A great talent that you have which would produce an amazing insight for people of today and future generations.

    Personally I think it would be good to see a Peoples friend style book, something that your granny would giggle and cringe at but also make the bairns curious enough to pick up too, which would give an insight through your eyes into what it was really like living at this time, so children would be able to feel what it was like. Also a true history lesson for other nationalities.

    I know you’ve thought about reprinting your blogs…but what about something like a two page blog with two additional pages of explanation/additional writing, so people who have already read your blog don’t feel “cheated”, it also answers why they should pay for something that they’ve already read here for free.

    Future annual editions would be longed for I am sure.

    Writing therapy with a real true purpose.

  39. Steve Bowers says:

    Hi Paul
    you must be so cut up, losing Andy then so quickly losing Scotland, I hope you can cope chum, keep strong.
    I’m up for crowdfunding you ( off on hols first thing on Wed so be quick) until you get the book organised.
    For me, start at the start, condense a lot of posts and follow it right through to this one. It’s been a tale to hope, tradgedy, love, and laughs, you’re vituperative comments have a times been insightful and amusing, I’ve cried and laughed, you’re an instinctive writer, I see it as the way forward for you. I’d love your book to hand on to my grandchildren so they can see the calibre of people who led and supported Scottish independence.

    If I may be so rude, I’ve set up a new site http://www.Scotsoutlook.com, it’s a political site, I want to use is as a kind of lobbying group for/against the Scottish Government ( or what’s left of it ) I’d love you and your readers to come join me on it, I can’t live without the daily bandinage of the last few years.

    Take care and much love


  40. garyjc says:

    Paul – thanks for keeping going through all of your recent travails. I, like so many others am absolutely gutted by the result, on top of which you’ve had personal tragedy. All the best for the future, especially trying to find some work. Although I live in Canada at the moment I have always intended to come home sometime soon, and following this debacle it might be sooner than intended – we all collectively need to get this fixed and sever the ties that bind to that shower of shits in Westminster and their equally odious lickspittle proudscotsbut. The Greens, SSP, LFI, SNP and any new parties of the left need our help. Labour are an utterly busted flush and the MSM and especially the BBC all deserve our absolute contempt. Onward and upward foks

  41. Philippa says:

    Scotland needs a new media as we realise that as well as taking on the might of the establishment we were weighed down by the relentless bias of every daily newspaper. More and more people get their “paper” on their iPad or phone and therefore that is easier for other entrants into the market. Like many online versions, you could allow a certain amount of free access but beyond that would be a small subscription for those who would use regularly. The websites that have developed in this campaign have sustained and informed many of us. As on WoS, your readers can also be your reporters and researchers – writing articles, delivering information and news to be shared. I have canceled my daily Herald and will have toi make do with the SH. Like many others, I need a source of information and think that this could grow out of the great blogs and websites that have sustained us through the campaign. They would just need to braden out in focus to be a general news source so that next time around we truly have our own media that can reach out to more than the commited.

    • Capella says:

      Completely agree Phillipa. I believe the high NO vote was entirely the result of of media bias. Berlusconi succeeded in winning Italian elections because he owned the media. We have to own the media not the corporations!

  42. macart763 says:

    Welcome to our United Kingdom being ‘Better Together’


    Well done NO voters.

  43. kate says:

    You have written so many beautiful pieces I wouldn’t know what to suggest, but I promise to buy your book, preferably not from Amazon if that’s avoidable! A guest foreword from some (other) prominent figure in the yes campaign would be nice – I am sure you would be swamped with volunteers. All the best as you put your life back together. Regards from a grateful reader.

    • Paris Rose says:

      That’s a brilliant idea; but why stop at an introduction? I know Craig Murray was humbled by your work, and I’m sure so too were many other prominent ‘stars’. What about an introduction to each blog by folk we all respect? Riddoch, Salmond, Campbell, etc? I’m sure they would all be honoured to contribute to your book.

  44. Rosa Alba Macdonald says:

    PLs take time to grieve both losses – it is huge.
    Meanwhile there are enough of us to still offer you a bed to stay over in for a wee holiday (both of you).
    And we hope you will find employment in the new media outlets arising.

  45. Neil Burke says:

    Thanks Paul. Let’s do this.

  46. Trick says:

    How about doing this full time as your job , crowd funding to pay you wages and keep the site going , plus a bit of advertising . You never know you could even put in for a community grant , as your doing a great service for the community .

  47. Capella says:

    A collection of your posts with maybe diary style notes on what was happening when you wrote them – with pictures? (Andy and the wee ginger dug for example) would be great and count me in for buying a copy. Also would love to crowd fund a joint media effort. So many talented people were involved that it would a great shame to lose them. People need to earn money so if everyone who voted yes contributed we should have a good start up fund. Instead of paying a TV tax to be manipulated, lied to and insulted, contribute instead to Indymedia. So glad you are not giving up. Can’t pick out favourite posts. There are too many. I just at random looked at the January 30th post “Honour and Dishonour”. It’ great!

  48. Calgacus says:

    Well done Paul, you played a major part in making Glasgow a YES city which will be critical in destroying London Labour.

  49. JimnArlene says:

    Paul, it’s a good idea the “wee ginger book”, I’ll need read through all your posts again; not a chore in the least. It will be difficult, knowing the travesty of the result, but a pleasure to relive the dreams, hopes and pain; that you have shared with us all.

  50. lam says:

    ‘A personal plea to the undecideds’ brought a tear to my eye, I’ve been thinking about these kind of things for the last few years as the old yins push on. I don’t what there is that still works apart from the mouth and the vicious sense of humour and I’m sure you can’t transplant those. Anyway they’re late 60’s and voted yes to shame the disgrace the labour party has become.

  51. AndyC says:


    Am a first time poster but have been truly humbled by your contribution to the cause through the most difficult period in your life. Your postings have been superb – making me laugh out loud but also reducing me almost to tears on many occasions. Most importantly, they have inspired me during my own dark night’s of he soul.

    You are quite simply a brilliant and humane writer who has the ability to hit the nail on the head every time to unmask the deceit and lies of our Imperial Masters. Please keep it going. We need diverse voices that speak truth to power in the new Scotland we are all trying to build. Yours is one. I would gladly help fund your blog in as much as I am able to keep it going.

    • Mike Hamilton says:

      Wot he says…and all the other posters. You humble me in your strength and focus in these dark days, I have just read Robin MacAlpine on Bella and have gone from thinking,”well, now what?” to knowing that this is where it starts again, only better. I was perhaps naive in thinking that we could do this at first go but for my kids and grandkids to be, I am proud to be one of the ’45’. As someone else said recently “Let’s do this!”

  52. Malcolm MacLeod says:

    Lay on, Macduff / And damn’d be him that first cries, “Hold, enough!”

  53. Barbara Watson says:

    Paul, please publish your blog, you have the sharpest wit, intelligence and humanity. You simply must stand for election in our Scottish Government, You speak for many be they Yes or No, I see a very successful career for you as a politician of conviction.

    My kindest regards x

  54. A Meringue says:

    I can understand the need for a new party of the left in Scotland BUT in the meantime I think we should all get behind the SNP. I haven’t seen the stats for the rest of Scotland but if every Yes voter in Glasgow voted SNP at the next Westminster GE then the Labour party in Glasgow would be wiped out completely. Not one of the parasites left in office. Only the SNP have the existing following and infrastructure to be able to do this. I can understand the reticence of some towards the SNP but it is only until the next Holyrood GE then we can go our separate ways. A new “left” party would split the Yes vote and could even give Labour a larger majority.

    I would wish the new party all the best but for now destroying “One Nation Labour” must be a priority. They deserve nothing less!

  55. scotsgeoff says:

    I’m with you all the way on this Paul!

    I joined the SSP this morning – the first time in my (almost) 50 years
    that I have ever joined a political Party.

    When looking for design covers I can highly recommend Kit Foster at

    He will work on a design adding tweaks etc until you are completely
    satisfied and at no extra cost. He did the cover for my book ‘Death of a King’
    and I couldn’t fault him in any way.

  56. Phyl says:

    That’s great news – I have enjoyed your wonderful posts. To devote so much energy to us at
    such a difficult time in your own life was remarkable and you’ve often moved me to tears. Can’t wait for the Ginger book and I’ll continue to follow you. Much love xxx

  57. Marian says:

    45% voted for Scotland to be independent and if Westminster thinks for one minute that they are going to meekly accept a 55% majority thst was only obtained by Westminster and its media lackeys lying and cheating all the way through the campaign, then they had better think again.

    YES campaigners should now unite to form a political force even stronger than it was complete with streaming TV and Radio and online news to rival and even better the British media in every way to reach out with a message of truth to the people of Scotland that makes it the number one choice for viewing and listening to news and current affairs in Scotland.

    Then this new political force campaigns like never seen before to make Scotland’s Westminster MP’s unionist free. We’ve already done it to the Tories, the LibDems just need one last small push, and now the Westminster Labour party in Scotland are ripe for eradication too.

    Once Scotland returns every MP as one who wants full political and fiscal autonomy we have an unstoppable weapon to get exactly what we want.

  58. M says:

    Your writing has made me laugh out loud and cry on numerous occasions. Both the personal and political journeys seem to go hand in hand. The dream Andy had is so important and all that you wrote about him too – that beautiful eulogy. Memorable posts for me have been The Tide goes out. Scotland Be Brave, In Memory of Andy (of course), Arresting Ronnie Kray, The Breakfast Revolution, A Leaf falls…there is so much which is just so powerful.

    A book for the 55 would also be incredible. We definitely need a new media, so a new newspaper or media outlet with contributions from the key players such as your good self would continue to transform the landscape that is already morphing into something else. I’m sure the Common Weal or Bella may be looking into such things.

    Whatever you choose to do I know it will be welcomed by many.

  59. Tris says:

    Publish them all, Paul. You’re a brilliant writer.

    It’s wonderful how many people are geared up to continue the fight. David Cameron said it outs the matter to bed for a generation, and the war criminal Jack Straw wants to write into law that the Uk must stay as an entity for all time.

    To think he was once a Labour MP.

    Well, it won’t happen.

    Munguin’s Republic will stay on line fighting for the end of both Labour and the BBC in Scotland.

  60. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

    we need an independent media in this country and you should be part of it. You need to talk to Rev Stu, Lesley Riddoch,
    Derek Bateman, Stephen Paton, Dateline Scotland, BBC Scotlandshire, James Kelly, LLPW, Bella, National Collective, Commonweal,…..

    On second thoughts – they may come to see you!

  61. macart763 says:

    Damn, near forgot the point.

    So many brilliant posts and guest posts, but there are three recent posts which left an impression on a middle aged cynic.

    We’re here, we’re queer

    Letter from a wee orange lamb

    Rain in Carntyne

  62. Jan Cowan says:

    The British Labour Party in Scotland has to go but the many leaders who have risen during our campaign must get together to devise a strategy. No British divide and rule. Only cohesion and strict loyalty. I want to see this happen not only for my grandchildren but for my own generation too!!

    • macart763 says:

      Yes Scotland already exists and crosses all party and social divides. A place where all come together as it were. We’ve started something and I think its something worth pursuing. I’m wondering if the movement can become a new party and a new politics?

      Just a thought.

  63. Jurrin says:

    Hi Paul,
    I was a latecomer to your blog but in the scandalous attacks of the last few weeks you helped to give me hope that we could achieve our goal. Following Fridays revelation and disbelief you summed up and galvanised my spirit and for this I truly thank you.

    I now have fire in my belly once more and am glad you will still be there to rouse me when I am flagging.

    Yours forever grateful Mandy

    P.S. I look forward to purchasing the book x

  64. Andrea says:

    Put me down for a copy of the collected yaps. Please!

    Another sugggestion for a book – a WGD look at the British media and the part it played in disenfranchising Scotland ….Nurse our wrath – so that no-one ever forgets the fifth column…

  65. aldoyamsp says:

    hi wot about a msm paper that can be funded by disillusioned non paying tv license holders and crowd funded if the sales of the Sunday herald is anything to go by i am confidante that it would work. A paper that prints the truth and that informs. I for one would by it can be not for profit but for truth and integrity. was wondering what you think. I have enjoyed your posts thank you

  66. andygm1 says:


    My tuppence worth is this.

    I want to read your thoughts on what is happening now and what is to come. Not on what has been. Anyone wishing to read your previous stuff can find it on here. Far better would be to start another crowdfunding appeal to get yourself sufficient money to write full time.

    I am willing to chip in with a goodly amount whenever you ask. Stuart Campbell has shown what is possible and I urge you to follow this route.

  67. Dear Paul, regarding getting a job, keep on doing what you are doing and work at getting paid for it! What form any political fightback will take is too early to second-guess there have been way to many past failures (John Robertson ex paisley mp etc.) yes though a broad coalition of organisations and political parties is a good thing retaining individual voices and takes. and when it come to elections coalitions should form pacts to avoid divide and conquer schisms. I remain sceptical still low but my heart is still beating.

  68. Paul, ever thought about writing a book of yir life? Your growing up in Glesga, your run-in with yie yir school and religion, yir coming out, yir love of languages, meeting Andy,etc. I imagine that doing it with yir own inimitable style and humour, it would be a bestseller. Sorry if I’ve overstepped the mark, Paul, but that’s what I think……………regards,

  69. Jacqueline Gallacher says:

    without doubt your blog about the day your partner died. so moving x

  70. habibbarri says:

    How much would you need to start an on line magazine with a print edition? If you joined with Bella, Wings, Newsnet etc. and your readers were to supply the start up funds and enough to pay you and your business expenses for a year could you keep going with an increasing readership paying for subscriptions?

  71. xsticks says:

    Hi Paul,

    So glad to see you’re still in the fight. Andy would be so proud. I am, too.

    Have you checked out Derek Bateman’s blog? Looks like he’s trying to get some sort of media collaboration going.


    As other above have said that is surely worth discussing.

    I think something like that, funded by the licence fee that we will not pay to the british broadcaster.

    As for choices, mine would be

    A leaf falls
    The rain in Carntyne

    My Scotland, your Scotland from Macart and Wee Orange Lamb from Lauren Reid are two others that stand out for me.

    Without going back and reading through the rest of your articles I’d be struggling to pick a third because they are all so good.

    It was an honour to meet you at the Wings CH2 and I look forward to seeing you again.

    A wee scouf o’ the bru and on we go.

  72. Andrea says:

    I assume Paul that you have looked into making money from your blog….? Internet is awash with how to do that from advertising…

  73. Clare says:

    I would love you to write more about the Scots language. I remember you suggesting you might do a blog piece about it, but I think it could be a book – self-published ebook maybe. Learned, but not dry.

  74. castle hills chavie says:

    were here, were, queer and were voting yes.
    The rain over Carntyne.
    The first one I stood up and applauded and the second one took me four attempts to read, bloody dusty keyboard.

  75. Red Squirrel says:

    Paul, your writing is inspired and I think you bring such a warmth and humanity that is so welcome, particularly after the dark days we’ve just gone through. I would happily crowd fund to allow you space to blog full time for now. Agree with others that writing a book would be brilliant & also wondered if Sunday Herald might be a place for sharing your talented insight with the non-online folk.

    So glad you are continuing to write. Take care of yourself.

  76. Gonzologist says:

    This brings to mind the Long March, the story of the Chinese revolution. They were faced with a corrupt authoritarian regime and in any kind of military confrontation they would have been annihilated so being good Taoists they retreated.

    Their march took them all the way round China and as they went they helped the people they met with whatever needed doing, started to make them more politically aware but above all established at grassroots level a reputation for respectful behaviour, honesty and integrity. By the time their journey was complete they had left behind them local branches of the Communist party.

    They realised early on that if they could get 60% of the population on board they would be unstoppable and this is what happened. The book by Edgar Snow – Red Star over China describes this journey and it is a damn good read.

    In principle the Yes movement is in a similar situation, lost a battle but not the war. I cannot recommend highly enough the Taoist classic The Art of War by Sun Tzu. It is said that the general who led the Vietnamese to victory against France and America took The Art of War with him wherever he went, it was his bible. It is all about the principles underlying successful strategy making and is written in clear direct language.

  77. fatbob says:

    Thanks very much. All your efforts are very much appreciated with really good stuff interspersed with humour.

  78. johnmcgurk66 says:

    Hi My dear friend do not worry you are not in this on your own, I am more than sure there are thousands of people out feel the way you do . So strength to your arm we are now with your help
    going to shake the whole tree. Ms Lamont EGG MURPHY and the others are in for a rude awakening. SO keep going and we shall keep you company all the way.

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