The tide goes out

We stand on the shore of the sea loch, and watch the tide go out. Now is the time to shelter the flame of hope from the howling gale. No has won through fear and threats of loss. But the dream is not dead, the dream still lives within the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands who refused to be bowed by fear, who refused to succumb to the one sided stories of the self-interested. It is not a dream that will be forgotten. The flame of hope still burns within.

I’ve already lost this year. I’ve already had to grieve. But I will not grieve for Scotland, because Scotland still lives and hope still lives within me. I do not feel ashamed for the shame of others. Now is a time for building, for defending what we have built, for ensuring that the politicians keep their worthless words. We achieved so much with so little, we learned how to organise ourselves, and we must use those skills to maintain the pressure for change. I didn’t come this far only to give up now. It is only if you slink away that they will have won. We cannot go back into the shortbread tin. We have outgrown it.

It was always a big ask, to break through generations of apathy at the first attempt, to leap the prison walls of cynicism in a single bound. In the end we could not overcome the weight of a media almost uniformly opposed to change, and because of that a million minds remained closed and out of reach. We have a media overwhelmingly owned and controlled outside Scotland. A media that speaks for the established interests and is beamed into the shortbread tin, where it turns a debate on national self-determination into a warning about the price of car insurance. They ensured the debate revolved around money, and ignored morality.

For all Westminster’s talk of home rule, they’re keeping their paws firmly on the TV remote control. Now we all know why. It allows them to set the agenda. So we must build a new media, one that truly represents the diversity of this land and gives a space to Scotland’s voices, and take it beyond the internet, onto the TV screens, into the press, into every street, into every home. It must be owned and controlled within Scotland. We have work to do.

The Labour party must be held to account. No more can they claim to stand shoulder to shoulder with the poor and the excluded. No more can they claim to represent the working classes. No more will they leech moral authority from our struggles, sucking the life blood from change, managing the expectations of working class people. Labour is a creature of the bosses and the banks. It is the problem, not the solution. Labour cannot claim to defend us from the Tories after they and the Tories stood side by side. I will never vote for them again. Labour for Indy must consider their future. Perhaps it’s time for a new party of the left in Scotland. Independence cannot be the preserve of just one large party. It must be a broad based national movement, and be seen to be such. We have work to do.

I will scoff at the pride of those who are proud to be small, proud to be bullied. Proud not to think, proud to eat their cereal. And I will have the pride that comes from knowing that I stood with my sisters and brothers and dared to hope and dream of something better. The hoping and dreaming doesn’t end here. It has only just begun. A set back is not a death, a defeat is not annihilation. This is not the path over the mountain, but we have learned how to climb. We must climb to another path. We have work to do.

I have work to do. I must build a new life for myself. I must learn to be me after decades of we. But hope still burns within me. My life with Andy has left me strong enough to face the challenges that lie ahead, it gives me the resolve to build a new future. These past few months and years have given Scotland the strength and resolve to face the challenges that lie ahead. We will survive. We will flourish. We will strengthen our roots and grow.

No struggle for civil rights or reaching for self-determination achieves its goal easily. There are losses along the way. Take time to mourn and cry. Take time to grieve and weep. But guard the flame of hope within you, it is the cure for your wounds. It will see you through the dark nights. It will give you the resolve to go on. The future still waits for you, and it still burns bright with hope.

The tide goes out. The tide will return. Stand on the shore undaunted and unafraid, building for the future, and waiting the tide’s return. The high tide will come again. But we have work to do.


264 comments on “The tide goes out

  1. Wendy says:

    Thank you.

  2. smiling vulture says:

    I need a break,gutted

    thx dug

    so happy Glasgow went YES

  3. andygm1 says:

    I lived through the crushing disappointment of 1979. I know what comes next, a crushing of the illusions of the No voters. Ten years down the line we will try again with scales removed from so many eyes. Of course there will be ten years less oil to extract.

    Our job now is to point out to No voters, as each lie is unmasked, the lesson to be drawn: if you hand over power to Westminster be prepared to regret it.

    • Marconatrix says:

      Me too, and then as now I wondered just what kind of nation when offered self-rule wouldn’t grasp it with both hands. One excuse then was that the powers on offer were too few, so that for some Nats they were seen as an insult, but that one won’t wash this time around. And to add to it all Westminster moved the bloody goalposts, so remind all those too young to remember, the government will cheat us whenever they can. But I really don’t think we can wait ten years this time. A decision made under duress or as a result of deception is not valid, either legally or morally. When the lies and deception are recognised by the victims then a re-run must be demanded.

      • scunneredwiwm says:

        I agree with you both. Paul, thank you. You have been inspirational over many, many months. Thank you.

    • June Maxwell says:

      Don’t think they will last 10 years, we are too animated. We just have to get to the voters who carried the result – those old codgers who didn’t want change. That’s the task.

  4. TJenny says:

    Paul thanks for lifting the spirits. 🙂

    Posted this on WOS:

    Just a thought, but if there’s a NO, which is looking a bit likely, will AS announce an immediate election in Scotland – not fight it too much, indeed not even stand in the NO areas, and allow the unionist parties to form a coalition to implement the WM cuts? And an indy ref, demanded by the people, in @ 2-3 yrs?

    Remember, this is the first kick of the ball EVER – the plot thickens and the future game’s definitely afoot: D

    Still a bit of a kick in the teeth for Slab in Glesga – just a pity a footie match appears to have stopped some folk for voting for their country:-(

    • iain taylor says:

      Same election thought came to me. But, that might give WM the excuse to scrap Holyrood. Can’t see how the SNP can avoid being shot as “the messenger” any other way. Maybe that realisation was a factor in FM’s resignation.

  5. jdmanj says:

    Well obviously the people of Scotland couldn’t bring themselves to “break” David Camerons heart,
    I hope you people who voted no are proud of yourselves, youve just ensured the collective suicide of an entire country!

    I planned to keep my voter registration card,as a keepsake its already ripped up.

    I am deeply ashamed of my country!

  6. PJ1970 says:

    Brave words but the entire establishment will be working to destroy the SNP and get the venal Labour bigots back in charge of Scotland.

    As long as the BBC can pump out anti-Scottish propaganda and cover up Westminster’s evil there is nothing that can be done to reach those who just will not listen to the truth.

    What are the choices?

    Eternity under the Unionist Jackboot, with their pets in the OO free to terrorise our cities?

    Mass emigration to seek safety with the rest of the Diaspora?

    Take the holocaust of vengeance the london parties will unleash and hope to rise again at some distant point when the oil has gone and Scotland is a desert?

    Scotland died tonight. The people spoke and they said we don’t exist. That’s the truth. A majority of the people of our country chose to abolish Scotland.

    • MBC says:

      Rubbish, that’s defeatist talk! This is a long war, not a single battle! As a veteran of 79, I have been this road before.

      We will never surrender.

      We have gained ground, and we need to keep going. Have a rest, repair, and continue with the fight.

      Freedom isn’t something handed to you on a plate but is hard won. If somebody offers it to you on a plate it is not freedom, but some other thing.

      Freedom is tgat which a man or a woman takes for themselves.

    • iain taylor says:

      The sad truth.

    • James says:

      It’s this kind of stuff that fuels your so called “bigots” (scots like me) to reject independence. Many Scots do not want the mass changes that people like you would advocate, if empowered. We prefer to keep the Queen at the head of our church in Scotland and have no desire to change the colour of our flag. Intimidation comes from within, not westminster. Many Scots can see through this YES vote and can easily imagine the many changes this would bring. Even if it means a Tory/UKIP coalition next year, it would still be preferable to what people like you would end up doing to our country. God save the Queen!.

      • habibbarri says:

        The Queen is not the head of the Church of Scotland. Jesus Christ is the only Head. The Queen is an ordinary member, even though she is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

        • James says:

          NO (no pun intended) I disagree and YES I regard the Queen as our head of state and the church’s in Scotland. Are you saying that the pope is not the head of the catholic church and that he is also just an ordinary member ?

          This is also the opinion of the majority of Scots.and that’s among the reasons why the majority of Scots voted NO in the recent independence referendum,

          As a proud Scot, with my ancestry steeped in glorious and victorious battles over the centuries, we also don’t scare easily and it is very insulting and totally wrong to hear you people say that we (no voters) are cowards and somehow uncaring people because we don’t agree with you. We live in a democracy, we(Scottish people) voted NO. YOU were among the minority and lost. And this democracy is what my ancestry fought and died for. We had the biggest ever turnout in History which produced a clear picture of what the people of Scotland wanted, but you people will continue not to accept this.

          We are now hearing a call to make Scotland a federal state. Why don’t you people start telling the truth and stop trying to pull the wool over? This was another reason why the SNP lost this vote, the people realised that it wasn’t about what the SNP were saying, which all sounded so brilliant and patriotic, it was about what the SNP were keeping close to their chest(the real agendas) which are never mentioned. (as usual)

          Federal state is a typical example of the wool pulling choice of words that the SNP are so clever at. Federal state ? we both know what were really talking about is a republic.

          • habibbarri says:

            This is taken from the Church of Scotland web site:


            “The Queen is not the supreme governor of the Church of Scotland, as she is in the Church of England. The sovereign has the right to attend the General Assembly, but not to take part in its deliberations. The Oath of Accession includes a promise to “maintain and preserve the Protestant Religion and Presbyterian Church Government”.

            The Queen maintains warm relations with the Church of Scotland, where she worships when in Scotland, and from which the chaplains of the Royal Household in Scotland are appointed.

            The Church of Scotland (the Kirk) is not State-controlled, and neither the Scottish nor the Westminster Parliaments are involved in Kirk appointments.

            • James says:

              Yes all legal and above board thanks for that. The point is that many of the Scottish people regard her Majesty the Queen as the head of their church and would want that to continue.

              Your very elequent reply relies totally on Scotland remaining in the UK, an independant Scotland would have a devastating affect on your kind words of wisdom. As an independant country more referendums would follow. eg does any UK Queen or future King have any right to influence Scotland in any way ?

              A NO vote to this question is wholly possible. This would then bring into question the legality or the authenticity of the present church in Scotland. Another referendum could then follow.

              Ultimately Scotland could appoint and restore the true head of the church in Scotland.(NOT) This is the real agenda of the hardcore jackboots in the intimidating SNP party.Make no mistake these referendums are high on their agenda.Funny though no one ever mentions such topics in the SNP party, which is really strange ?

              Anyone would think that such questions would crop up quite frequently in policy making etc Surely something more should be done in order to try and pull the two sets of clearly divided Scots together. The lack of discussion in these matters is deliberate and no oversight by the SNP. Apparently the sectarian divides we see frequently all over Scotland are non-existant in the SNP party?

              Not at all, the truth is that these hidden agendas will not surface until Scotland becomes independant. Many people in the SNP are deluded they are being misinformed, lied to and the hidden agendas have been kept quiet, I urge you to carefully re-consider your position.

              As No voters we were getting accused of cowardice, of bigotry, and of not caring about the poor and unjust policies from westminster. None of this is true. We love Scotland and believe Scotland to be a Great country . Why try to change something that is already Great!

              Of course we need to address the problems of poverty, bigotry along with these unjust policies coming from westminster I am in total agreement here all these things and more need to be wiped out forever. Hopefully these new promised powers may help us address some of this, and help make our beloved Scotland an even greater country.

              Anyone with an unbiased mind can clearly see here that I’m very passionate and truly Love my country “Scotland the Brave” I also truly believe that, and will oppose other influence’s silently and secretly trying to dismantle my beloved SCOTLAND,

              YOU know who YOU are and what your doing, and here’s some more clue’s for you people wondering, disbelieving what I’m saying. These pretend “scots” don’t regard themselves as Scottish at all and never will.These so called “scots” are coming onto websites like this and announcing that they are ashamed to be Scottish, NEVER EVER WOULD I SAY that I’m ashamed to be Scottish.

              Now you all know why it is so easy for them to utter those words.(cowards)

              Well done Scotland for voting NO, I am extremely proud of YOU and always will be.

              God Save the Queen!

              • habibbarri says:

                You are the only person II know of who has said that they regard the Queen as head of the C of S. Regarding the Queen as head does not make her head. Do you know nothing of the history of 17th century Scotland? At every General Assembly this expression is used, “Jesus Christ the only King and head of the Church”.This is a result of the last three Stuart Kings usurping the place of Christ in the C of S. We suffered great persecution at their hands because we asserted that the monarch had no authority in the Church. It’s spiritual freedom is vitally important to the C of S. No member would ever say that they regard the Queen as head of the Church.

                • James says:

                  As a church goer I do understand completely where you’re coming from here. No King /Queen or anyone /thing else for that matter can ever go before God/Jesus it’s the first of the 10 commandments. Many other verses in the bible tell us this too. Bowing down to false gods and idols etc etc I do not need to understand or indeed know about 17th century history to understand this. And neither does anyone else it was all written down in the Bible long before the 17th century, nothing in the bible was written or changed during the history of the 17th century. If it was then you should take a good look at the last words written in the bible.

                  Since you appear to be preaching here can you tell me does the above mean that it’s wrong in the eyes of God( A SIN) to bow to anyone other than Jesus in a church ?

                • James says:

                  Hello again Reverand Bill , Hope the weather is fine in Canada, I’m very surprised to see that there’s no reply from you. I can only assume that you were in agreement with what I last said. 🙂

                  Found this on the c of s website

                  The Apostles’ Creed

                  The Church of Scotland believes in God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and proclaims Jesus Christ crucified, risen and glorified.

                  Our standards of belief are to be found in the Old and New Testament (the Bible) and in the Church’s historic Confession of Faith. For a brief summary of our beliefs, it is useful to look at the Apostles’ Creed, which is used by many churches in declaring Christian faith:

                  “I believe in God the Father Almighty, maker of Heaven and Earth and in Jesus Christ His only Son our Lord who was conceived by the Holy Ghost,
                  born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead, and buried; he descended into hell.

                  “The third day he rose again from the dead, he ascended into Heaven, and sitteth on the right hand of God the Father Almighty; from thence he shall come to judge the quick and the dead.

                  “I believe in
                  the Holy Ghost;
                  the Holy Catholic Church;
                  the Communion of Saints;
                  the Forgiveness of Sins;
                  the Resurrection of the Body;
                  and the Life Everlasting.”


                  looks to me like the c of s would, with no hesitation or have any problems rejoining the “Holy Catholic Church”

                  Everything has been made clearer to me now Bill. I can see now what your purpose is here, thanks for the enlightenment.

                  I can see now why your so interested in 17th century History rather than the more important century before. Are YOU not interested in the reformation and the reason’s why the reformation was wholly justified and had to happen ? I can also see now the real reason why the c of s tries to play down the role of our sovereign Queen in church matters.

                  It’s all very well you taking the “Holy moral ” high ground , which I would never disagree with but the fact is the reformation did happen and the church did split. Why don’t you come out and state clearly what side of the split your on ?

                  Many groups of people and nations have been persecuted over the centuries, this wasn’t just happening during 17th century in Scotland I don’t suppose you’ll mention anything about the persecution in Latin America, or mention the persecution of other nations all over the world, several nations in Europe were also wiped out.

                  As I said before I have been brought up in the church in Scotland, thankfully not the c of s.

                  No wonder the membership is always dwindling. (that wouldn’t have anything to do with you, would it)

          • Justin Fayre says:

            Alas James you are sorely mistaken.
            Do you honestly believe that the people of Scotland were given clear and unbiased information?
            Can you honestly say that if, instead of throwing their mighty weight behind the NO campaign, the Self Preservation Society supporting media had supported YES, there would have been NO difference to the result.
            The percentage of the Scottish population that had the tools to investigate and then discredit the lies, manipulation and subliminal contortions voted YES
            The percentage without these tools caved into threats, scare stories and finally bribes from the 3 stooges and, some with heavy hearts, voted NO.
            So many NO supporters are now angry at being conned as the promises unravel in less than 72 hours.

            • James says:

              thanks for your unbiased reply. yes I do honestly believe that the majority of people of Scotland were allowed to use their democratic vote in the way that they would have wanted to.

              Take the older vote for example The NO vote were wholly justified in telling pesioners that their pensions would be put at risk, even SNP boss Alex Salmond admitted that an independent Scotland would find it harder to share this burden than the bigger UK could. His answer was that he would magically and dramatically increase the working population in Scotland by ??????????
              This wasn’t scare mongering at all just simple economics ie the money that pays for today’s pensioners is paid out to them by today’s workers via income tax.

              Yes I do understand the hypocrosy and lies coming from westminster , Yes I do understand the biased coverage of the media towards a No vote, Yes I do understand most of what you are saying and agree with some of it, but you let yourself down badly with the way that you speak about the Scottish people and the way that you insult their intellegence.

              Your percentages theory doesn’t make sense or add up? surely the majority of people among the NO vote (these people didn’t wan’t change) including media people and business people for example , such people are the very people with the tools you say they didn’t have. Apart from the pensioners the NO voters were predominately so called well to do people.

              On the other hand the people that voted YES , these are the ones with all the tools so you say. Yet the YES votes came from mainly 16-17 year olds, working class and people on benefits. How on earth would this section of the community have more tools than the NO voters?.

              Maybe you should have another look at what you wrote and change things, mostly everything in your percentages bit needs to be completely turned on it’s head, then it might start to read some sense.

              Finally I agree that the 3 amigo’s or what ever you want to call them were hasty, perhaps through fear for their own jobs or other reasons. (shoot them why don’t you) Something must come out of these so-called promises and I’m sure something will, however I am also prepaired to accept these late promises were made hastily and without proper thought, consequently this process might take longer than was initially implied. I’m certainly not going to get too upset about the time scale, I’d rather this was thought out properly and not rushed, especially when there is so much at stake.

              No your wrong I wasn’t mistaken , and I’m not angry or think I’ve been conned, bur thanks for your concern.

      • macart763 says:

        Yeah you’d rather see ethnic and social intolerance visited upon the poor and the helpless, we get it.

        • James says:

          No way would I wan’t any of that, People like you make me sick How dare YOU try to take my democratic vote, like everyone else I’m entitled to this vote, and try to use that to turn me into a person whom I would detest. I am certainly NOT the person YOU try to describe. shame on YOU

          Another example of why I said before that ” the intimidation is coming from within and not westminster” and yet another reason why the people of Scotland voted NO, We are NOT cowards and we don’t scare easily.

          Who in their right mind would vote for a party which has people like YOU as their mouthpiece

  7. Carnyx says:

    Thank you for helping me through this

    • David Rushent says:

      Thanks Paul over the months your article’s have been sustaining and informative. But my thoughts are now with you. Again thanks.

  8. givinggoose says:

    Soothing words. I wonder if there is a glimmer of hope within the immediate result. This was a revolt against the London Establishment and they need to shore up the defences, the tide will start running again and it will approach from more that one direction.

    In some respects the Vow from the Westminster leaders has resulted in them effectively painting themselves into a corner and potentially isolating themselves from their respective parties. Cameron needs to show some balls or be found wanting in front of the world. He’s either a leader or a puppet of the Deep Establishment.

    Some are already talking about the “F” word; Federalism.

    We should remember that a second question was mooted and, probably desired, on the ballot paper. People would have voted for that option. We might just get it via another way. The Yes campaign has applied a leverage, perhaps unintentionally, to make this a distinct possibility.

    We are going to see two possibilities unfold in the next several days in which David Cameron’s behaviour will be key.

    He will either present himself as someone of integrity, vision and courage, or he will be seen as an empty vessel, devoid of real power and leadership.

    • MBC says:

      Hear, hear. Keep turning the screw. We have them in a vice, we have cornered them. We should now urge a bill that enacts The Vow.

      1. That the Scottish Parliament is permament, must be part of new Westmister legislation. Only the Scottish people shall have the power to dissolve the Scottish Parliament.

      2. That the NHS remains a devolved area protected from TTIP should be another condition.

      3. That the Barnett formula remain until replaced by full fiscal autonomy is granted.

      The strength of a people is found in how they muster in defeat.

      That’s fighting talk Paul, well done!

    • habibbarri says:

      The Federal or, preferable, confederate option has appealed to me, but it won’t get rid of Trident.

      • James says:

        Hello reverand bill Hope the weather in canada is fine. Incedentally do you realise that a confederate is someone who is part of a conspiracy;? 🙂

        NB federal state is only a codename used on here, the real agenda is a republic

  9. Jayne Calderwood says:

    Thank you for your heartening blogs over the months.I have cried at some.I cried reading this.
    But it’s onwards and upwards we have to fight on.

  10. Philippa Whitford says:

    As I sit here after coming from the count, I thank you for your words of strength. I am heartbroken. So many have worked so hard and each has used or learned their skill to contribute to the incredible YES campaign. We need to regroup and think how we plan to defend what we value in Scotland from the inevitable attack of WM. Devo nano will be used to remove Barnett and the threat to our public services will be massive. I am about to crawl into bed but after reading your words, I am definitely not going to crawl into a corner!
    Take care,

    • JGedd says:

      Can’t sleep, but have to confess I was always at heart dubious about the outcome of this vote though tried to suppress it in the face of the enthusiasm of others in the campaign. Listening to people in this part of the country, always a definite No area, I became aware of a strong resistance to hearing the message of hope from the Yes side.

      Many, many times I would recommend to people who declared themselves undecided, to go on this site and the other wonderful indy sites and I just knew that they were not going to do it. Faced by the optimism of other activists, how could I simply describe a feeling that I was getting from these undecideds that they were really did not want to be persuaded? Again I felt that many of them simply did not want to know and actually preferred the lies even while knowing that they were lies.

      I want to take this opportunity, however, to honour you, Philippa Whitford and all the other indefatigable people who strove to tell the truth. Many times I recommended videos of you, warning people of what was to come and could see in their faces that they would not go online to see it, because the truth was too uncomfortable. They preferred the “sweet little lies “. All honour to you though and those like Paul for their wisdom and encouragement. You are the truth-tellers.

      • Blizzard says:

        I am proud to know you Philippa. Since you are of Irish origin I do not need to tell you what the British State is capable of doing to preserve its power and wealth for the establishment. I am sorry for my grandchildren that our resources will once again be squandered until we gain our place as a country. I too need to rest a bit so that I can respond with a clear head.

        • Blizzard says:

          I thought I had posted under my own name, Bill Dale, but somehow the tablet has reverted to blizzard.

          • Philippa Whitford says:

            Dear Bill, I am struggling to type for the tears that just keep overcoming me as I think of our stillborn country. But the YES movement cannot afford to disappear or Scotland will pay an even higher price. We need to rest briefly but then we need to look at what we do control and think how can our activism make a difference. We also need to record the things that we have learned from this campaign, not in the way of chewing our own paws off but so that next time we are more prepared from the off.
            One thing that has changed forever is the reliance on the print media for our news. We have developed our own media and all these great websites need to continue and formalise a bit (certain number of free visits but then small subscriptions etc to make em sustainable). We have thousands of reporters and photographers and researchers and we need all this to continue as we have seen the media bias and it makes them useless for other news too as we will simply never believe them again.
            We have today to cry and lick our wounds but I hope everyone will be going to their local YES get together as planned. We have a lot to be proud of and need to sit together and celebrate that and think how we can hold on to the ideas and activism to defend Scotland!
            Take care,

    • MBC says:

      My thoughts exactly. Keep the pressure up on them. Westminster SNP members should propose a bill that enshrines The Vow. To contain the following:

      1. The Scottish Parliament shall be recognised as permanent and any power to dissolve if shall rest henceforth with the Scottish people. That should be a first condition.

      2. The Barnett formula shall remain until replaced by full fiscal autonomy. Including the autonomy to make new tax rules, not just implement existing ones.

      3. The NHS to remain a devolved area which is guaranteed protection by Westminster from TTIP.

      I’m sure there are other key demands that we can think of.

      We have secured 45% of the vote and these should be minimum conditions.

      We need to go on the offensive, not be on the defensive.

      Thank you Phillippa for all you have done.

      Thhe fight’s just started though, it’s not over.

      • Meaban Beag says:

        Since this is negotiation, not doing a decent deal with honourable people, start with a demand that all revenue generated by Scotland comes to Holyrood, and offer an allowance to the rich brats where they can give a fully costed business case for the expenditure

  11. Aileen Blok says:

    Gutted Paul. Us Yes’s poured our hearts and souls in to this, the No’s didn’t have to stake anything. In my head I know in the face of the biased media and onslaught of the corporate lobbyists we faced, we did amazingly, but my heart’s just not in it. Take care Paul, we’ll still need you, and again thanks so much for everything you’ve done.

  12. Anne Lyden says:

    Thanks Paul for this message of hope out of our deep, deep despair. Scotland has just struggled on to her knees.
    The journey continues…..
    Let’s all stay on it together. X

  13. Well, in the end the big guns of the Establishment won the day.

    The Unionist parties, Westminster, the BBC, the written press, big business, bankers, foreign governments et al cowed our fellow citizens & blunted our conviction.

    It took us two attempts to secure our Parliament, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised.

    Nothing worth achieving is won easily.

    Feeling ashamed of our fellow Scots is a worthless sentiment & achieves nothing.

    Ultimately, though, fear won over hope.

    But hope remains eternal.

    Power has been grasped by the people & we won’t relinquish it now.

    Scotland is a wonderful country & our grassroots movement has been a credit to the nation.

    Nobody is putting us back in any box.

  14. diabloandco says:

    I am sitting here weeping .What kind of country is this that wants to remain the servile ,sacrificial lamb and to give its assets to another country?
    To give its beautiful landscape to WMDs and their polluting subs?
    A country that will follow the dictates of privatisation in health and education?
    Will stand by to be shit on from a great height?
    Who are these people that think this is a great idea?

  15. Craig says:

    Can’t describe how gutted I am. I really hope that some good will come of this – sadly I think the opposite will occur (the turkeys have voted fro Xmas). West Minster will regroup, gather itself and set about ensuring that this can never happen again. Holyrood will be undermined through “fixing” Barnett, the “promises” from the 3 stooges will be quietly shelved, the NHS privatised and it will be back to BUSINESS as usual. My heart breaks for the 45% who had the heart, the faith and vision and I’m trying hard to curb my contempt for the others – it’s not easy.

    Paul – you’ve done everything and more anyone could ask – than you. I hope that you manage to keep up your scrutiny of the LabLibCons and maybe there will be some changes for the better.

  16. JimnArlene says:

    There will be another chance, hopefully in the not too distant future.

  17. Jonathan says:

    The fog has descended over Scotland. I feel cold and alone, watching from afar. We must stay together and not lose what has been built, the good that has been created. Time to sleep and gain strength.
    Thank you Paul for everything you have done.

    • James says:

      stay together is the first sensible thing I’ve read so far on this daft blog, the problem is that I suspect you are only including 45% of the country in your cosy wee huddle. Since you seem to be one of the few sensible ones in this dark place, could you suggest to your fine feathered friends that being rude and insulting towards the other 55% of the country(the majority) is not very clever and counter-productive.

      The SNP and SNP voters have only got themselves to blame for this mess, you are the ones that are slowly but surely isolating Scotland from the UK, which in my opinion has never been a good idea. Now you’ve given the current tory prime minister a great chance to isolate Scotland even more.

      Why on earth, would anyone in their right mind believe that these paltry SNP MP’s ( a small majority in Scotland) could stand up to the hundreds of democratic elected MP’s in westminster ? Anyone with an ounce of sense can easily figure out that we need our democratic allies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to have any clout at westminster , which is where the real power lies. Scotland is pretty much politically isolated now and is only allowed to speak through this mickey mouse assembly setup to pacify the SNP and SNP voters. This is a complete joke and clearly has no powers whatsoever. We can all clearly thank the SNP for this.

      Meanwhile this tory prime minister is setting about reducing the powers of the labour party in westminster (not just Scotland) off the back of this referendum, how much damage is it going to take from the SNP party before the people of Scotland waken up and see who the real villian is ?

      We need to waken up very quickly because soon the damage will be irrepairable and Scotland’s worst fears will come to pass, when this happens all of Scotland will go down the swany river, not just 55% or the other 45% 100%.

      We need to get off this path we’ve been led down by the SNP, we need to pull together all 100% of us and join our democratic allies in England, Wales and N.Ireland, get our arses back to westminster and use the democratic system setup by our more sensible forefathers.

      • Pardeep says:

        My, my, Names is a brave boy, coming on here and leaving messages days after people had posted theirs, what a non-cowardly thing to do. Hope you enjoyed the Tory party conference (I expect a reply to this about 15 days time).

        • James says:

          Brave ? not at all brave. I’ll leave the bravery to our British Army, including our proud Scottish regiments. These are the brave one’s fighting in the front line against the cowardly terrorist.

          Didn’t know there was a time limit to replying, perhaps you should let us all know any other rule or regulation you think might apply here 🙂

          Your apparent self-importance is really funny, keep up the good work!

        • James says:

          It was 4 days before I replied, it took you longer (7 days) to reply to mine. I always change channel if anything tory comes on. I would rather read your nonsensical posts that watch a tory party conference. Have you ever written anything that made sense ?

  18. bettyboop says:

    I have not before posted here, but, have read many of the inspiring blogs. It is 6.22am and everyone else in the house is now in bed and at last the tears are rolling down my face in the darkness.

    I hugged all of my campaign friends as we despondently left the count knowing that our hopes that Scotland would take the opportunity to try to make this country a more decent place for its people and therefore help make the world a better place were dashed.

    I didn’t know any of these people before this campaign started and yet, in our common cause, I feel as though they are family. That bond extends to the many others I have met or with whom I have communicated in what was an awe-inspiring movement.

    I cannot, at this time, adequately express what I feel about Scotland rejecting independence. How do you lift the self-esteem of a nation which seems not to believe in itself?

    Goodnight Scotland…

  19. Calgacus says:

    To all those who voted no you have killed my country and you will never be forgiven. You are traitors.

    • hektorsmum says:

      How I feel also Calgacus, I will never forgive them. I know what Paul says is right but too late for me and mine. The tide will come in further and will those left be any more able to persuade the feart. This was the perfect storm and still they dragged defeat from the jaws of victory which seems to be the Scottish Way. Now for the derision. I will not accept it for those of us who voted YES, those that voted NO can live with the consequences.

      • Marconatrix says:

        Save you anger for the cheats and liars and those who threatened the weak. Don’t take it out on their victims, we’ll need them on our side if we’re going to win. Divide and rule is government’s favourite trick, don’t fall for it. For some the bar was just a little too hight, their ambition a little too dented. They didn’t have it in for you … but you know very well who did.

        • hektorsmum says:

          I wish I was as generous as you are, yes we need them on our side, some we will have to wait until they are dead, by then I may be also.
          Oh I recognise the enemy it is hard though when you think how much better this country could be and I for one may not see it.

          • Marconatrix says:

            “I wish I was as generous as you are, yes we need them on our side, some we will have to wait until they are dead, by then I may be also.
            Oh I recognise the enemy it is hard though when you think how much better this country could be and I for one may not see it.”
            More pragmatic than generous, but hate is a waste of energy and burns you up inside. Like you say to someone ready for a Saturday night punch-up, “leave them alone, they’re not worth it”. And we don’t need to win over the hardcore BritNats, just the 10% or so who couldn’t quite make the leap of faith. Maybe just a little encouragement and reassurance is all that’s needed, and of course a little more contempt from Westminster will help things along nicely. Also remember when you’ve been involved in a cause or an argument for ages, it’s easy to forget how far you’ve travelled and that many ordinary folks haven’t been involved and are way back down the road behind you, and it takes a good deal of patience to wait for them to catch up. Anyway the show is still on the road by the look of things. London have got themselves nicely tied up in knots and for the moment we can just enjoy watching them squirm.

    • James says:

      the real traitors are the SNP party. They have been the chosen party in Scotland for a few years now, what have they done to repay their loyal Scottish voters ? They have isolated Scotland from the rest of the UK. An already divided Scotland has now been ripped apart, not by NO voters, but by this SNP party with all their empty promises and failed expectations.

      I can understand why you YES voters are so gutted and why you are very angry, but why blame your fellow Scottish democratic voters, all they did was use their democratic votes in the way they saw fit. It was their democratic right to do so as it was yours. Can you not see that the NO voters didn’t trust Salmond and his SNP party to deliver and they were right not to trust him.

      The blame falls fairly and squarely onto the SNP here, they were the ones that instigated this referendum and they were the ones filling all our hearts with “proudness” and “patriotism” Yes it was an unforgetable 24 hours and YES it scared the pants off the 3 Amigo’s, but alas Salmond and the SNP let us down, and I believe that’s why he’s had the grace to step down, Good for him.

      Like us, most of England, Wales and N. Ireland are also struggling. Cameron is well aware of the damage and ill feeling this referendum has caused and has siezed the oportunity with both hands to further his own political party, curtesy of this corrupt media and with yet another major helping hand from the SNP party. Forget the 3 Amigo’s ? the truth is that this SNP party have aided the Tory party more than any other party in the UK, in Scotland and at westminster.

      How can this very small number of SNP MP’s have any influence at westminster, where the real power lies? Oh but we have our own parliament now ? geezabrek this is most mickiest mouse parliament in the history of the world, it doesn’t have any powers and it’s costing the Scottish Tax payers a fortune, and most importantly it keeps Scotland isolated from westminster.

      • weegingerdug says:

        You do realise you’re talking to yourself, don’t you?

        • James says:

          if that was the case, where did your sarcastic comment come from ?

          I’m quite sure that because of the recent referendum, many people are stumbling into this blog, how do you think I got here ?

          Congratulations! the blog is certainly needed and much appreciated, well done. However I don’t believe the blog has the unbiased viewpoint needed for it to be a success and to grow significantly. Many people will come in and after reading some of these vicious comments, leave and not come back. Is this really what you want ?

          Would you not rather get a chance to persuade these NO voters to vote Yes next time ? Why don’t you go through the comments in the blog, some are totally disgusting comments, many made towards innocent voters, and make no mistake, they are innocent. All they did was use their democratic vote the way they thought fit, Scots like you. Most will leave very quickly, is that not a shame and counter productive to what your trying to acheive ?

          I do realise that this blog is catering for YES voters (independence), but is that not being a tad narrow minded? Why not welcome both viewpoints in, and try to heal the divsions in Scotland.

          The recent referendum highlighted that Scotland could easily have became an independent country. I for one would dearly love for this to happen one day, but not now. Not yet.

          When Scotland becomes independent, I would much rather see a Scotland united, all of the Scottish people pulling together as one. There’s no chance that this will happen at the moment, and this blog is all the proof I need to emphasise this point.

          I guess all I was trying to do here was redress the balance, I’d like to think I’m a fair minded person and took offence to some of the things being said about my fellow Scots. But I havn’t left, I’m still here waiting and willing to have my mind changed, but not by intimidation or by insults. Trying to insult my intellegence won’t work either.

          I do believe this blog could become something special and great, but not in this format, the same values should apply here, as in an Independent Scotland, we need to learn to respect everyone’s viewpoint and to be able to get your own views across without any bullying, foul language or insulting comments.

          I would like to wish everyone on here, good fortune and the best of luck.

          • weegingerdug says:

            I’m the blog owner love. I see all the new comments when I check for those that require approval – those from folk who haven’t posted before. I also see how many people are reading older blog articles, only a handful are reading this one now and only a tiny percentage of people who read the blog will leave a comment. So telling you you’re only talking to yourself wasn’t an insult – it was simply a statement of fact.

            You appear to miss the point of this blog. This is not a newspaper. It’s a personal blog. I am a private individual not a party, organisation, or group. I don’t need anyone to vote for me. I’m not a politician. You don’t pay me to write here, or to access this blog, and I am not beholden to you or anyone else. This blog reflects my personal views. It says so in the Whit’s Aw This? page.

            I have a liberal commenting policy. I’ll let people say what they like as long as it is legal and non-defamatory and doesn’t advocate criminality, although I don’t tolerate racism, sexism or homophobia. Doesn’t mean I agree with every comment left here. I let you say what you like too. That’s free speech for you. Free speech means that we have to let arseholes have their say too. Even my brother in law. Which is a bit of a bummer, but there ye go. There’s only the one person I have ever banned from commenting here – and I will cheerfully admit that I only banned him in order to annoy him personally.

            The blog is not supposed to be unbiased. I wear my bias on my sleeve, and then you know what you’re getting. That way I am not insulting your intelligence. Insulting intelligence is when you pretend to be unbiased but you’re not. There’s no such thing as unbiased anyway, but that’s a philosophical argument for another time and place.

            By the way, a whole pile of your comments got caught in the spam filter the other day. I only came across them this evening. You do quite a lot of bullying, snide remarks and insulting of your own you know. Even if you change your name I still know it’s you. A couple of your comments struck me as borderline racist – so we’ll be seeing no more from Mr Potato okay? You know what I am referring to. So play nice.

            • James says:

              I have reviewed and altered the tone of my voice over the past few blogs, hope that you can see that, I’m sorry but I think you under-estimate how important your blog could become. I really think this one has the potential to be something greater than what you invisage.

              I do regret lowering my standards and hitting back at some of the comments on here, I tried to explain that earlier. These were reactions towards foul-mouthed individuals who in my opinion were not being fair. I can assure you that I’m not a racist, or a bully.

              I admit Mr potato was a daft idea, this was supposed to be funny believe it or not. I was aware that you would know that I had changed the username, so this wasn’t done to try and pull the wool over your eyes.

              I do appreciate this is your blog, there’s no need for a ban, just say the word and I’ll leave with no further comment,

            • James says:


              I did realise you were the blog owner, hence why I was congratulating and saying well done earlier. I also forgot to mention that the reason why I stumbled on here in the first place was because there is a direct link on David Icke’s website to here, He’s using your blog to highlight his own daft notions regarding whats happening in the world today., in this case the referendum vote was rigged , why it was rigged and by who. Scary stuff!!!

              • weegingerdug says:

                I’m not responsible for David Icke. I have no control over who links to this blog.

                Mind you I do believe that George Osborne is an alien lizard. But then, so does everyone else.

                • James says:

                  David Ick thinks he’s the re-incarnation of Sherlock Holmes. What he does is Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth.

                  I use this formula lots too and recently discovered that Santa Claus is in fact the devil and he was called nicholas because he didn’t wear any pants.

                  The story goes that the elder elf chosen to translate Santa’s chronicles was a bit deaf. I know this will come as a complete shock to everyone and I’m sorry to be the one that tells you, Santa doesn’t really come down the chimney. The word rectum somehow managed to get lost in translation and appears in the chronicles as chimney.

                  Auntie Mary had a canary
                  Up the leg of her drawers
                  When she farted it departed
                  To a round of applause

                  This story is also part of Santa’s chronicles and appears to be completely true and almost certainly happened.

  20. hazbeanz says:

    So sorry for you all, sadly the no thinkers, no dreamers and the no backbone’s had it. But at least you can gain solace from the fact that over 45% of the yes vote was despite constant fear mongering and blatant lies spewed by the ruling elite and their presstitutes.

  21. Poppy says:

    Thank you. I may actually be soothed enough to sleep now:)

  22. Stoops says:

    Thank you.


  23. Andrea says:

    So especially sad for you Paul, you so deserved to have a triumph – a wee break from your own mourning.

    But, here in Oz – I am so so proud of Glasgow my home town. I learned something too…..see I thought if you crushed and kept crushing and pushing them down eventually their spirit would die -(and Glasgow and Dundee are poster towns for the poverty and Austerity that marks the Westminster regimes pet projects) and yet it was not those who are the poorest who folded …it was those most comfortable with safety net who could not stand tall.

    I read a NO notice which said – It’s easy to say YES – but sometimes you have to say No…. Boy! did they get that wrong…. !!!

    Saying YES to taking responsibility, saying yes to coping with risk and challenge and fear and uncertainty – those are the Hard Yards – the qualities that make you strong and pretty well ungovernable – self determined all the way.

    Where is the pride in Nothing ventured, nothing gained ….? .or ‘if you never ever Go you will never ever Know ? There is no achievement – .only complacency wrapped around a hidden core of shameful inertia …. that’s why they have no poetry no music no inspirational words …just hollow platitudes and tedious relentless negativity.

    What a sad way to be…..

    It was always a big ask ….and Scots are no stranger to being the underdog, But remember – this establishment threw .EVERYTHING at you – every pathetic carrot, every big stick and even David Cameron’s pathetic petted lip …..but hope was so much more energising….and 2 million hopefuls is not to be scoffed at….

    What an utterly hollow Victory for ‘Great” Britain – to keep their ‘”beloved family’ tied to their dysfunctional apron strings – when almost half of them want to be gone….Love someone – let them go ….and come back under THEIR terms – that is the way of honour….

    There is no shame in Losing – there is only shame in NOT TRYING.

    Thank you all for trying – The inspiration you have generated all over the world WGD cant be extinguished. It just can’t!!.

    • John says:

      Also in Oz, and have now moved on from crushing disappointment to determination, that I will do whatever I can that is in my power from here to help #the45. This is not the end, this is just the beginning. We have 1.6 million on our side, and this will be growing every day as Westminster fails to deliver on its promises, and as all the fears come true anyway as austerity bites. Hope over fear, hope over fear, hope over fear…

  24. says:

    Thank you, your correct, we have work to do. Xx

    Sent from my iPad

  25. Jamie Wood says:

    Thanks Paul, tough news to wake up to. I think we’ve all changed Scotland forever. Disappointing that we didn’t get the prize and I’m struggling to maintain faith in a country that just voted for all I find abhorrent in the modern UK. However from the results we seemed to run them close. We need to drive home that this is not a resounding victory but a close-cut survival of the Union – not to save face but to ensure the views of near half the electorate are not glossed over.

    Thanks for offering some guidance on the way forward for all we progressives. I have to say, I couldn’t see any way out of this earlier.

    Now, I guess it’s time I go and just eat my cereal.


  26. Indeed we do, right now it feels like my country has voted to be a county. 😦

  27. jamie macdonald says:

    Gutted, (wire-brushed and dettol-ed),…. project fear gets the go- ahead? Fucking hell Scotland- Bonnie,and Brave, but… no belief…?
    Thanks Paul, I needed this… I too have work to do- try now to get my life back on track, and to pay my rent for the two month arrears… the road tax at the end of the month.. but work to go to today… not had breakfast yet, … I don’t half fancy scoffing at some of that pride this morning but..

  28. Devereux says:

    I am disappointed if not surprised but will take the 10 per cent. This is because it tells me this is the demographic reach of MSM that makes the difference. This will erode in the future. The biggest challenge is to localise the BBC without it blocking that happening. It is currently impossible to fight a media controlled in London. However, I think we have brought federalism out of its box – in an unusual way. No voters actually don’t care about powers for holyrood because they are conditioned to think it is a pretendy parliament. Despite this, it will continue to diverge further on policy, London will continue to suck wealth and the north will remain disenfranchised. The English have begun to think about scrapping Scottish votes on their affairs so we will have less voice – think it is beginning of end of Union but not the end as hoped …. Unless they are smart and change the voting system but frankly the way they fought this campaign I don’t think so !

  29. hektorsmum says:

    I am truly sorry Paul this is too much to bear right now, if anyone wanted a victory it was us for you. For us all in fact. I have said on Wings and I will repeat it here. Writing to my Friends in the States this morning I said that the people of Scotland had voted to tie themselves to the rotting corpse that is the UK instead of becoming the 14th richest country in the World. Hell mind them.

  30. Brilliant as ever. You sustain us through the hard time. Thank you.

  31. Aye Paul, ye are correct…..this battle is lost, but it takes many battles to win a war. I’ve been here before, so I’ve been here again…..perhaps I’ll have another battle in me…..but that will be fought with the same stoicism as I have battled before. The journey continues, we must shift the battleground. If we do in truth discover that this was our Culloden, then we must learn to choose the battleground and tactics more carefully next time.
    But through all the pain we must endure, we will stick together……the Rowan tree will grow!

  32. Ach… lost for words.. This is not a defeat ..We have to stay together .All you friends on this site can we keep talking. I have loved your humour and your tears . A great back is not bowed or broken I’m standing straight and open faced. First ahm aff to shut doon to ma RBS account..then ……gonnie annoy my MP about sanctions bedroom tax ,MP expenses ,ah’ve just cut up ma B&Q card….wee acorns…

    • Elaine Fraser says:

      My family of five are also off to shut our accounts down …having just read RBS say ‘its business as usual’ …not for us. Its all we can think of to make our feelings known. So sad for my kids I raised their expectations of what could be I know its no the end but it feels like it right now.

  33. Juan P says:

    Thanks Paul for everything you’ve done.

    Please keep this site going. As you rightly point out we need an outlet for political discussion and expression that isn’t the MSM.

    The power of the media and ‘trusted auntie beeb’ will not be lost on the unionists. I cannot envisage them seriously considering the possibility of ever devolving broadcasting to Scotland.

    Let’s stay strong and keep on fighting.

  34. Hazel Smith says:

    Thanks Paul. I needed your post as I’ve been sitting here absolutely devastated withe outcome. Work to do now as this is just the first battle but not the last. We will prevail, just was hoping our time was now.

  35. macart763 says:

    I don’t have the words this morning except to say its been a great privilege getting to know you all. Let’s not forget what we’ve learned over the past three years though.

    Let’s not forget to care.


  36. Yip! Downhearted at the moment but not broken, not defeated, never defeated. We have unleashed an incredible energy – we must ensure we keep it going…a wee break to lick our wounds but the journey to freedom goes on!

  37. Thanks for this, Paul, and for all you have done over the course of this campaign.

    So many great people have given their hearts to this campaign and will be feeling sore today. However, I’ve been long enough in this cause to know that our wounds will heal. A new generation has joined us and we will move forward together.

  38. Kendog says:

    I honestly don’t know where you get the courage

  39. mogabee says:

    I have changed. Westminster reckons they beat us, nah I’m gutted but in a way energised and ready to fight back with fair means and foul if needed!

    I gave this referendum all of me and more, and yet here I am talking of going on…mad or what?

    First step I plan to tear up my tv licence, something my partner has always resisted but no more. Anyway Paul thanks very, very much.

  40. fynesider2 says:

    For all you have done in the face of such tragedy….Thank you Paul.

    In common with others on here I hope you will continue the blog. My better half, who is not over-fond of dogs, has nothing but good to say about you.

    Take care mate and, if there’s ever owt you need, just ask. You’ll be inundated with offers.

  41. Marian says:

    A referendum victory won by Project Fear frightening voters into voting NO and last minute lies by the media that there will be Devo-max is not a worthy or legitimate victory – and so despite this setback the campaign must go on.

    At the Accord Hospice charity dinner event in Paisley during 2013 Andrew Neil of the Politics Show said:-

    “Devolution, the Calman Commission, the Scotland Bill, the Edinburgh Agreement, all of this and more you have, is because Westminster parties are scared of the SNP. If you vote NO you massively change the balance of power and they will not only give you nothing, but will probably take powers away from the Scottish Parliament”.

    Honest words indeed from a committed unionist and leading expert on Westminster politics.

  42. Thanks Paul for your words of comfort and hope. Beautifully written, as always. Like everyone else I’m massively disappointed at the result. It was the one we had dreaded, but let’s not start beating ourselves up with big sticks because that’s exactly what Darling & Co want us to do. Six months ago achieving a 45% share of the vote seemed like an impossible pipe dream.

    Over the last ten days the British establishment didn’t just throw the kitchen sink at us. They threw the entire effing kitchen. From the outside it has been made to look like it has been constructed from solid mahogany. However, time will prove that it’s actually made from cheap MDF. Not even wood veneer.

    So many thoughts are running through my mind right now, but if anything I feel more determined and more defiant than before. I used to get bullied unmercifully at school for being one of those boys who didn’t like rough games and football (I think you’ll det my drift- lol) No matter how much they battered and bruised me, I refused to let them see me cry. To this day (45 years or so later) I pride myself on that fact. I didn’t allow the bullies to win back then, and I certainly won’t allow it to happen now.

    Even though I no longer live in Scotland, I will always be proud to call it home. Nothing that happened yesterday will ever cause me to change my mind. As I see things, now is the time for us to stay close to one another, especially over the coming days, weeks and months. As I’ve already written on another blog, it’s not how we fall down but how we pick ourselves up again. And if we see someone struggling in their attempt, we hold out our hand and support them.

    We have another battle to fight in May of next year and for us the war is far from over. Believe me, it hasn’t even started! Better Together main have won this time, but theirs will be a Phyrric victory

    To you Paul, and to all my WGD family, keep the faith. Even though right now it’s hard. Our main strength is in each other. And that’s why we’ll win this. .

    Sorry to have gone on at such length. I was never much good at brevity. My thoughts may come across as disordered and garbled, but they are genuine and heartfelt. I’ve not slept for 48 hours so time to get into my nightie and curlers.

    With that disturbing mental image I shall love you and leave you.

  43. Steve Asaneilean says:

    I don’t see No voters as traitors. They made a decision – it’s called democracy. I don’t sgree with them but it’s done now.
    If Scotland improves as a consequence (which I very much doubt) then every No voter can take a share of the credit. If it’s a disaster for Scotland (as I fear it will be) then every No voter must take their share of the blame.
    Labour got a kicking in their heartlands – Dundee, Glasgow, North Lanarkshire – so any suggestion of victory from them must surely be a hollow one.
    People by nature don’t like change and struggle to see beyond self-interest when push comes to shove. In short, as a nation, we bottled it this time. It’s aye been.
    But over 1.5 million of us have shown differently. We want change and it’s up to us – no-one else – to push for and effect that change.
    So we stand up, dust ourselves down and get out there shouting and screaming for fairness, equality, truth, honesty, justice and tolerance. We actually hold our poltiicians to account instead of just belly aching about them. We stand outside their offices, we march on their parliaments, we throw them out at elections.
    What we have built here is a phenomenon unseen in our democracy – we must not let is wither and die. Rather we must feed it and ensure that it grows and becomes stronger and then, sooner or later, we will have indepdence when a majority will it to be so.
    Yesterday wasn’t the only day to stand up and be counted. Today, and every other day from now on, is when we truly need to stand up and be counted.

    • Richard Piech says:

      Last night, I ironed two shirts. A bright one for jubilation and a dark one for grief. I am heartbroken and grieving this morning. But I will wear the bright shirt. Because, as you put it, ‘the flame of hope still burns.’ And we have work to do.
      Thank you Paul

    • MBC says:

      Some No voters were fifth columnists, others were traitors, others were ignorant, others were mercilessly terrorised.

      I can forgive most but not all of them.

      But most of all I do not accept the legitimacy of a vote obtained under duress.

      • gerry parker says:

        We need to hound ourWestminster MP’s, When is the timetable being issued? why has the timetable slipped already? what exactly are we being offered?
        Why are you wasting time voting on issues that only affect England Wales and Northern Ireland, please support the move to restrict the voting of Scottish MP’s to issues that only affect England Wales and Northern Ireland, then you can concentrate on issues that affect Scotland.
        Make them squirm, make them see exactly who they got into bed with.

  44. ExpatEnglish says:

    Watching the campaign from afar, the overwhelming positivity of the Yes campaign has been amazing. I started as a no supporter but was quickly convinced that independence would be good for everyone, including us in Wales. My heart bleeds for you. Keep up the Good Fight!

  45. rowantree633 says:

    Reblogged this on A Yes Voter in Nairn and commented:
    I could not say it better than Paul. We won the argument, we won the moral campaign and we did it in the most enjoyable, positive and fun way we could. Regroup, learn and return better equipped to deal with the Westminster machine.

  46. The Earthshaker says:

    A welshie here and gutted for you, but a few things that might help (or not)

    Your YES campaign has re-energised politics on these islands, inspired many in the UK, Europe and across the world to believe that change is possible again and you should be extremely proud you light the fire and in Scotland alone 1.6 million shared your hopes and dreams. Other will pick upthe batton.

    That you even had that referendum is because you were smart and courageous enough to vote for the SNP not once but twice, compare that to Wales where the majority of my countrymen and women are too gutless, spineless and brainwashed to even vote for Plaid Cymru to form a government in our Assembly with very limited powers.

    Any loss is hard to take but I agree with the WGD get it out of your system, regroup and come back smarter and stronger after everything you’ve learnt, you’ve rattled the establishments cage this time, next time break it open and free yourselves.

    Take Care

    PS I also wanted to pass on my condolence for your loss Wee Ginger Dug, i hope your coping

  47. People,stiffen your resolve.This may look like an end but its really a beginning.This article makes the fine point that,whatever comes,we must regroup and continue.I,ve supported Indy for over 30 years and have seen many reverses and yet,this doesnt feel like one of them.perhaps I am a touch jaundiced after many a campaign but this really does feel different.For the first time we have an accurate account of the strength of Indy support in Scotland.1.6 million ayes is no small amount.the Naws won this by the matter of a few hundred thousand and that with the might of the UK state armoury behind them.In my7 view we finally have a diverse,mass movement in this country behind the Idea of Independence something,many moons ago,I would’ve given my eye teeth for.Now the pressure is on the LOndon wallahs to deliver and,for many reasons,I dont think they can nor will they.When that happens imagine the disillusion of having voted No.Its a long game.this was the opening bout.Take heart folks.believe me,people like us with such marvelous qualities and determination cant be denied forever.

  48. Sheila Rae says:

    Sitting, numb with disappointment. My nephew and son phoned me and both reminded me that Scotland voted for change, many amongst the No’s. Scotlands joins the many throughout the world that suffer from corrupt greedy governments. The generations that follow will continue with renewed vigour to redress our claim of Independence. Peace be with us
    Paul, heartfelt thanks to you,

  49. sam mccomb says:

    Well said, Paul.
    I was in a counting station until the early /late hours. Most of the No campaigners I met were decent people. Many were,like me, not attached to a political party. We were able to discuss and share ground on the valuable aspects of the campaign for all Scots. We were able to talk openly and easily about flaws in Scottish society and in the political system. All of that is positive for the next time we are here – and we will be here again.
    We left having met the real opposition. This person’s involvement was, it seemed to me, to be based on self-interest. The talk was all of the potential financial effects of independence. There was a hatred of Salmond; a dislike and belittling of the abilities of all members of the Scottish Parliament. “Intimidation” was the possibility that a position of relative privilege might be challenged.
    Speaking of work, Paul, do you think it possible to crowd-fund and set up a Scottish oil exploration company as a limited company to make money for the benefit of Scottish people and community projects?

  50. dave robb says:

    I’ve really been amazed by this site and the intensity of your writing – I never felt I could add anything by contributing – but I agree we don’t give up. We can focus on single issues for a while. Let’s get at “Scottish” Labour while they are still reeling from a gubbing in the cities. Let’s force them to abandon Trident replacement and their policy of being tougher than the Tories on benefits. Let’s humiliate the Liberals by publicising the comprehensive 1913 Bill for Home Rule, which passed its 2nd reading in the Commons, and showing the limp version Cameron proposes (I won’t even mention the Labour version). Let’s pressurise Lab and Lib peers to reform the Lords by resigning, making the Lords unworkable. Life goes on, politics will continue, the b*************s will still try to grind us down. When the enemy advances we retreat, when they stand still we reorganise, when they retreat we advance – let’s get them issue by issue until we have a fair, independent Scotland, or a fair and federal UK

  51. Ian says:

    Nice words Paul, but it’s over.

    Guys like Salmond don’t come along very often and in 30 years there wil be less oil.

    There are just too many Scots who are and always will be, too wee, too poor and too stupid.

    I know, because they are the majority of my family.

    • Meaban Beag says:

      Almost all of my family joined the diaspora years ago. They have done well in California, Australia etc etc. as Scots do. I am too poor and (mostly) too stubborn to follow that route, so I have to either bow the knee or fight back. I choose to fight back every time. It can be hard when your family dont agree, as I know. Get some friends who ARE supportive and like minded, keep that part of your life separate if you have to, but dont let the barstewards get you down

    • James says:

      He was a brilliant tactitian and produced some great speech’s over the years, however I believe that Alex Salmond didn’t have the neccessary qualities required to be a good leader, he was too arrogant, not very diplomatic and he looked too shifty for my liking, gave me the feeling that he was hiding something or downright lying sometimes (sorry alex if you weren’t but you were giving me that impression) His arrogance and contempt for the UK establishment prevailed and this became rife in the SNP. The result was that many Scots didn’t trust him or the SNP party, who knows what the rest of the UK thought ?

      My first impression’s of Nichola Sturgeon is that she is, by a country mile, superior to Alex in leadership qualities. Her opening volleys towards the UK establishment regarding these new powers were exactly to the point, brilliantly measured , she showed supreme tact and faultless in her diplomatic strength.

      Where did this woman come from ?, obviously she’s been living in the shadows of Salmond for years, what a difference now that she can flex her own political muscles without fear of cramping her leader’s style. Now she’s saying what she means and means what she says.

      She is already planning to take the SNP’s journey along another path, and her main priority is to bring about this divided nation and create unity amongst the Scottish people, Great news and exactly what I would have hoped her to say. I’m looking forward to hearing what the new leader has to say next.

      GO! Nichola , GO! team Sturgeon.

  52. Doug Porteous says:

    Sad disapointed unhappy we are all of these things at 62 I will never get this chance again but my, your, our, grandchildren will. We have a new generation to educate. Winston Churchill wrote these words in 1942 and I find them to be most appropriate ‘This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning’. The fight goes on.

  53. No a fearty says:

    Sic a parcel of rogues in a nation yet again! Thanks Paul and lets remember this was a battle lost but not the war.

    • James says:

      people like you do nothing to enhance the standing of this blog. In fact people like you are the reason why people like me voted a big fat NO. thankyou, and keep up the good work!

      NB am no a fearty eetha 🙂

  54. Sue Varley says:

    Paul, my admiration for you is boundless. To be able to post this so soon after the second hammer blow you’ve stood up to. Your heart is made of diamond: pure, unbreakable, and shining in the light. Thank you.

    I was going to throw my badges etc away this morning but you’ve changed my mind, I’ll continue to wear them, proud of the hope and dream I shared with so many passionate, wonderful people.

    I remember a TV programme from my youth, the signature tune was a song, can’t remember it all but it contained these lines:
    Its better to have fought and lost than not have fought at all.
    As long as we have done our best then no-one can do more.
    Life and love and happiness are well worth fighting for.

    Friends, they’re still worth fighting for.

    • Steve Asaneilean says:

      Flashing Blade 🙂


    • cirsium says:

      Sue – more lyrics from the Flashing Blade

      And we should never count the cost or worry what will fall,
      It’s better to have fought and lost than not have fought at all,
      Let’s always take whatever comes and never try to hide,
      Face anything and anyone, together, side by side.

      Thanks, Paul, for being by our side.

  55. Matt Seattle says:

    Paul, I remember the dream you described, and your sense of the reality of it that led you to return to Scotland.

    I believe it was real, and more real than the world we can touch with our earthly senses. Many of us in the Yes movement felt we were going to win, and it felt real. Part of why the loss is so heartbreaking is that we sense the reality, and when we hear the voices of No see hear lies, and we sense emptiness behind them. “Only zoologically men” as a friend outs it.

    Thank you for all your encouragement through hard times even in the midst of your hardest time.

    For now, the bean-counters have beaten the poets, even though the bean-counters couldn’t add up as well as the poets, let alone come up with any poetry.

    That world of your dream is the real world, I sensed it so many times through this campaign. It does not go away.

    May we be given the strength we need.

    • Matt

      That really really helps me understand; as does Paul’s deep and true and ever-shining post:

      “Paul, I remember the dream you described, and your sense of the reality of it that led you to return to Scotland.”

      “I believe it was real, and more real than the world we can touch with our earthly senses. Many of us in the Yes movement felt we were going to win, and it felt real. Part of why the loss is so heartbreaking is that we sense the reality, and when we hear the voices of No we hear lies, and we sense emptiness behind them”

      “That world of your dream is the real world, I sensed it so many times through this campaign. It does not go away”

      . . . and reading these words finally, finally, after years of defiant hope, and months of defiant positive hope, and weeks of insistent will-not-be-bowed hope, and days of unbelievable getting-on-with-it-hope, and then all night last night being on the receiving end, and then getting the kids to school this morning and now unable to get on with work, finally I feel my heart breaking, and in breaking the tears flow and flow and I know this hope, this insistence, will not go away.

      Love is more real than any loss, and grief is the measure of that love

      The dream of a world where we can get on with caring for each other, rather than be forever fighting against a system that lacks humanity, does not go away. It is either far more real than “the world we can touch with our earthly senses”, or it IS “world we can touch with our earthly senses”, which is far more real than the false world of the machine of greed and carelessness.

      Thank you Paul and thank you Matt and thank you all.

      Reading everyone’s comments is like drinking crystal clear water. This morning that crystal clear water has a taste of salt. The tide goes out, the tide comes back, and the tide is within us all.

  56. Donald MacLeod says:

    Thank You.

    I needed a candle today.

  57. Matt Seattle says:

    sorry for typos –
    – when we hear the voices of No we hear lies
    – as a friend puts it

  58. Jay Russell says:

    Love you Paul, love you all, wherever you are. Take care of each other.

    Dazed, hurting, but not down or out. We shall return.

  59. Thanks, Paul, I need that! However, I must add that I have been at elections where, an SNP candidate just hold on to their deposit was considered a forward step. So, it’s still a case of “heid doon, arse up” let’s just get on wie it.

  60. Paul:

    I have deeply appreciated your writing over the past several months. What you have written this morning is so sustaining and hopeful. As always, your words brought tears to my eyes.

    In case anyone is interested, this morning, on my own blog, I tried to express and deal with my own response to the result in ways that echo some of the themes in Paul’s writing (but without the eloquence).

  61. Gonzologist says:

    Paul you put my thoughts so much better than I could,This is a war, a battle has been lost but the war is far from over. I was hoping and praying that the people of Scotland would vote for independence and if the media had been anything like impartial this would surely have happened.

    As you say the scales have fallen from many eyes and this will continue. The UK economy is basically screwed and will crash bigtime sooner of later, it has only been rescued by another housing bubble, cynically timed by Osbourne to deliver an increase in GDP before the next UK election.

    Then there is the EU thing. What would happen if the UK voted to leave but Scotland wanted to stay? I would have thought that might be grounds for secession from the UK.

    As you say there is work to do but it is doable and there is a momentum on your side which goes beyond this. People are waking up, many are still asleep but their dreams are far from peaceful.

    I am a Yorkshire expat, I left the UK many years ago and England no longer feels like my home, it is not the country I grew up in. I have always wanted to live in Scotland and this is now a possibility, it should now happen in the next few months and as soon as we are set up in Scotland I will be trying to contact a local pro-indy group to see if I can help in any way.

    There is work to do. Paul your courage and vision is inspiring, keep up the good work.

  62. Johnny come lately says:

    Can’t help but echo the words of the above poster

    “What kind of country is this that wants to remain the servile , sacrificial lamb and to give its assets to another country?
    To give its beautiful landscape to WMDs and their polluting subs?
    A country that will follow the dictates of privatization in health and education?”

    At this moment I feel a deep shame, but my heart truly goes out to Alex Salmond. A statesman of stature, a giant amongst pygmies,’ the politician of his generation, a man who easily could have been Prime minister if he had chosen the Westminster path, a man who cares deeply about Scotland and its people, a man who has given most of his life in pursuit of something better for the people of Scotland, a man who has always thought that the people of Scotland deserve better.
    Who have the no camp had as their champion? A shower of cowards, self servers, chancers, war criminals, liars and swindlers. A morally bankrupt media not fit for purpose in any democracy. The banks and corporations who will just as quickly piss on the heads of the lot of them soon after the no. The Westminster parties of a broken and corrupt political system that will wiggle out of their so called vows as soon as the dust settles.
    No have won, but the naws can never have any pride in their win, as it was won by trashing democracy, by breaking nearly every paragraph of the Edinburgh agreement, by fear mongering, by lies, by underhandedness, by deception and by aligning themselves with some of the worst eksempels of the human specices to be found on the planet .

    All I feel at the moment is a deep sense of shame.

  63. David Rushent says:

    Dear No Voter,
    I awakened on the 19th of September. I’ve sucked it up, tightened my belt and got on with life in Westminster’s most Northern region of the United Kingdom, Scotlandshire. Before I made my vote, I had examined the statements of both side’s, I sought out the evidence that supported them. I drew my conclusions from it, and voted with my head clear on the arguments.
    In 48 days the Brown proposals lie in tatters on the floor of the Commons. Within 2yrs. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership being implemented by the EU. It will begin to dismantle Our NHS. Regardless of who controls it or the budget. You will have many bitter pills to swallow over the coming months. You may consider swallowing them with a large glass of the Region’s favourite tipple Whiskey. This will help to take the taste of ashes from your mouth and as the rose tinted spectacles fall from your face you will be welcome To Scotlandshire.

  64. SCED300 says:

    Nothing positive will happen withe the No result. Westminster’s two priorities now will be to make sure this don’t happen again, and weaken Holyrood.
    It will doe this by appearing to give more to big cities perhaps encouraging Local authorities by diverting financial resources to them away from Holyrood. However the Councils will found that dealing ‘directly’ with Westminster will eviscerate them.
    They may find they will be allowed to go bankrupt.
    All the talk of what we will do in Scotland now will now depend on what Westminster’s decides.

    • James says:

      weaken Holyrood? 🙂 what planet are you on ? it already has zero powers, how can you weaken that 🙂 LOL 🙂

  65. Iain says:

    I will be leaving this shithole as soon as I can and I will never ever return. I am disgusted and ashamed. There is no hope for smelly shitey Scotland. We are all English now.

  66. Jan Cowan says:

    I have taken heart from your words, Paul and also from our Welsh Earthshaker as well as from all the friends who comment here. It IS just a beginning and a good one at that.

    A proper night’s sleep instead of a couple of snatched hours will make all the difference. Just think, we are not facing a Nelson Mandela prison sentence and that wonderful man eventually broke through extreme odds. In comparison our situation is a smart walk with the dog…….which is what I’m about to do!

    Let’s take heart and stick together. A big thank you to Paul.

  67. Horacesaysyes says:

    Well said, Paul. Thank you

    And you take care of yourself, okay?

  68. Justin Fayre says:

    I know aren’t too keen on sports Paul but I think this sums everything up:-
    The open goal awaited the tap in.
    The try line beckoned only inches away
    The striker tripped
    The player fumbled and dropped the ball
    Scotland’s inbred talent for Glorious Failure
    Scotland’s learned helplessness in the National Psyche surfaced.
    Yes we did it again
    Ripped success from the grasp of the people
    In 1979 Scottish Labour blared “Vote LABOUR to keep Thatcher out”
    I said the people of Scotland would never fall for that
    The people of Scotland fell for it.
    In 2014 Westminster Mobile said
    “We’re sorry Scotland for the piss poor Customer Service. We’re sorry for destroying your industry.
    “We’re sorry Scotland for frittering away your wealth on our wars and making the filthy rich filthier and richer
    But hey stay with us and we’ll give you an extra 100 minutes and an extra 100 texts”
    I said the people of Scotland will never fall for that.
    The people of Scotland fell for it.
    They got one out of three right
    Scotland isn’t too wee, Scotland isn’t too poor.
    Scotland though is too stupid and is now the laughing stock of the world.

  69. SCED300 says:

    The winners in this are the Conservatives, the vote handed power back to them, and they won the psychological battle with Labour. Labour helped them achieve that goal and showed its weakness in its heartlands.
    It was strange watching and hearing No voters cheering, in a a few months they will be wondering, “What were we cheering, what did we achieve?”.

    • Meaban Beag says:

      There were no labour representatives at any of the polling stations round here. Ashamed perhaps?

      • gerry parker says:

        There were lots around here. Not only that, they were cheering along widely as each No declaration came in. Luckily North Lanarkshire Council voted Yes.
        They’ll reap the whirlwind.

      • James says:

        did you travel around much ? there were lots around here too. Maybe you should hire a helicopter next time just to make sure.:)

  70. arthur thomson says:

    Thank you Paul and thank you to all the good people who worked for and voted for Yes. I am sad, angry and frustrated. We must organise and fight on. Over one and half million people supported Yes. Perhaps if a very large number of us owned just one share each in the setting up of a truly Scottish newspaper and subsribed to it we could show the world that we are not going anywhere. We have to show that we are proud of who we are and what we have achieved and that we have ongoing solidarity.

  71. Fairliered says:

    The tide is going out. This time it didn’t come in quite far enough to wash away the establishment shit from the beach. Next time, hopefully it will be a tsunami that destroys away Westminster. In the meantime let us continue to undermine the foundations of the British state.

    • James says:

      the “undernine” word isn’t allowed on here use the proper codenames. Thats why we always say “federal” on here and are always careful not to mention “republic”, ooops! now you’ve got me doing it.

  72. dubu650 says:

    Thanks for your good words throughout the campaign. A biased, unquestioning media has not served democracy well here in Scotland and the BBC is high on that list.

  73. Big win for oligarchy. For the people of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland? Not so much. It is discouraging to think that no matter how poorly the political system of the UK serves the people of ALL four constituent nations, voters can be manipulated into fearing the prospect of a different future shaped by their own values. If the Global Financial Crisis and the failure to reform the economic model since then isn’t enough to trigger emphatic rejection of what the system offers, what will? Decades of stagnation punctuated by great recessions? At what point will people decide, “You know what – if we do things our own way there are risks, but propping up a broken political system is even riskier.”

    Next year the people of the UK will have the exciting opportunity to choose between Tory and Tory Lite. That’s like choosing between trial by water and trial by axe. What is trial by axe, you ask? The accused’s neck is placed on a block and an axe is swung violently upon it. If the blade bounces off the neck, the accused is deemed guilty and burned at the stake. If the accused is innocent the blade will simply slice the accused’s head off.

    • habibbarri says:

      Are you saying that Labour is Tory and the Tories are Tory Lite? Could we also say that the Tories are Tories an that Labour out-Torys the Tories?

      • James says:

        exactly reverend bill , makes complete sense to me. More confusing though is the c of s, maybe you can help , which part of the divide do they align to?

        • The C of S has claimed to be neutral, and I’ve seen no evidence of anything other, unless one considers the Service of Reconciliation a nod to the establishment. I think that the Service of Reconciliation was inappropriate because there can be no reconciliation without the exposure of the truth. Cameron’s lobbying foreign governments, banks and supermarket chains, the violation of the Edinburgh Agreement by the offer of new powers during the purdah period all need to be widely exposed. Cameron, his ministers, the other three stooges (I include Gordon Brown here (shit is brown)) and need to be exposed, charged, tried in court, found guilty and, for justice to be done, the result of the ballot overturned. Cameron and his henchmen need to confess and repent by calling for a new ballot.

          • James says:

            obviously you would see no evidence, possibly blinded by your “neutral” faith or to be more precise, wanting your bread buttered on both sides. Hence why you marry same sex couples, ordain women priests and don’t condemn abortion or contraception. I realise that the c of s and her numbers are dwindling by the second and you are desperately trying to address the balance, but all this blatant non following of the bible is total hypocrisy and makes the c of s look even more desperate than the 3 stooges. It’s not my intension to offend anyone here, but what is the point of the c of s ?

        • habibbarri says:

          Officially the C of S is neutral. There was a Ministers for Independence group with about 60 members. I don’t know if it still exists.

  74. The YES campaign has been uplifting not least because of your writing Paul. The grassroots campaign must continu, ignoring the MSM who treated the Scottish people with contempt. We have a strong foundation on which to build and we must remember that Glasgow voted YES – a shining light in a bleak dark night.

  75. Rookiescot says:

    One positive I can take is that 2 years ago support for independence was around 25%.
    Now it stands at 45%.
    Who can we thank for this? Websites like this one. Hold your head high Paul. In the face of the massive onslaught from the main stream media, Westminster, the city of London elite and indeed the BBC it was this site along with a few others who held up the truth.
    Thats why project fear has won. The truth never reached the majority. They ate their cereal and read the Daily Record and voted how they were told.
    If everyone in Scotland had been reading Wee Ginger Dug we would have won by a landslide.

    So please Paul. Do not stop.

    Over the next few years I think Scotland is going to need you more than ever.

  76. Les Wilson says:

    Paul you need to see this, it has to be commented on and shared as wide as possible, you WILL be angry.

  77. Pam McMahon says:

    O cowards of Scotland,
    And so we see your type again,
    Too feart to vote for
    Your wee bit hill and glen
    So just lie down now,
    And wait to get hammered;
    They’ve sent you dole-wards,
    To sink again.

    Thank you all No voters. Thank God I can continue to keep paying for corrupt Scottish MPs in Westminster, and for unelected senile money-grubbers in the House of Lords. Thank God I can also make my financial contribution to the London sewer system and the nuclear arsenal at Faslane the high speed rail service to Birmingham. Thank you for the bright future you have mapped out for us, and for which I give you full credit.

    • James says:

      You are not allowed to be biased towards birmingham on here, we don’t tolerate racism! The other ism’s were fine though. A real credit to your fellow bloggers on here, keep up the good work well done!

    • James says:

      maybe we could include the present Scottish parliament in your list too, how much does that cost to build, setup and run ? Who can we be blame for this idea ? Everyone admits there has been no significant power there since it opened. Perhaps at long last Scotland will now see some significant powers for the first time. Who will get the credit for that ?

  78. HoVis says:

    Paul, you are incredible. I have been reading your blog for months and whilst I have never posted have both laughed and cried at your words. One thing that made the tears start flowing this morning was thinking of you and this set-back coming so soon after your awful loss. But of course I come on here and you end up consoling me. You are an amazing person and it is the existence of people like you that convince me that Scotland will flourish, Union or no. Sending a weepy and very heartfelt hug from Five!

  79. HoVis says:

    Fife. Silly autocorrect.

  80. faolie says:

    Paul, your words, as usual, help us on our way. And I agree 100% with you. Didn’t think I’d feel like this btw – thought I’d feel bitter and twisted, hating the ‘traitors’.

    But I find I don’t. And I believe our goal now has to be increased devolution leading to a federal UK. The keys to that door are truly independent parties in Holyrood. Labour for Independence, as you say, needs to form a proper, electable party to fight the Holyrood election in 2016. The Tories too, need to break away, while the Greens and the SSP are already independent.

    This would create a united Scottish front at Holyrood, with parties focussed on Holyrood and what they could do for Scotland, not parties doing what their London masters tell them to do. The old parties can still have their MPs but they will be for Westminster only.

    With a united Holyrood focussed only on doing and getting the best for Scotland, and continually pressing for more and more true economic powers (the key to everything), we could then form partnerships with the groups and parties pressing for more devolution in England and Wales. There’s a tremendous latent support in the big conurbations in the north of England for devolution to counter London’s dominance.

    I believe we have powerful allies in England and Wales who could work with us to create a federal Britain. When these potential allies see that we are no longer pressing for a split from them but instead are people who share common goals, who want to support and join them, then we could make a very powerful group to challenge Westminster and force change.

    Independence, my friends, has been put on a very high shelf for now and with it the dream of getting rid of Trident from Scotland. But I see no reason why we can’t regroup and push for a federal UK, almost akin to a mini-EU.

    The catalyst will be the revolution of the Labour (especially) and Tory parties in Scotland. Creating new and electable parties for the 2016 election is the work to be done now.

  81. Johnny come lately says:

    Although there is no point in being sore losers and indulging in conspirisary theories I had asked the same question as the poster above. Why had 97 % registered to vote and why had only 84 % turned out to vote. It’s a mystery to me.

    • DR says:

      I’m afraid that’s pretty simple – people already registered from years ago just fill in a confirmation of address form every year. Doing so does not mean you mean to vote, it only means you always get a polling card automatically.

      And to (very nearly) everyone else – here’s my Yes to being in it for the long haul too. 1.6 million is 67% of usual voters for UK parties at Westminster elections. Our votes only don’t count if we give them to UK parties – so let’s use what we’ve learned to harness the inevitable discontent at broken ‘promises’ in 2015, and so make sure our representatives work for us, and for Scotland, not for their UK parties. (If a constituency won’t vote SNP, we can organise to rally round an independent candidate who will work for us/Yes with others – surely every area has a capable, charismatic supporter who could only do better than a LibLabCon.)

      Oil is just a bonus for our political elite – that’s not the loss they really fear, the loss of an apathetic, barely-and-only-voting electorate. Yesterday, they managed to hang on to the purse-strings for a bit longer. But they can’t keep Nos apathetic *and* inspire enough of them to out-vote us in 2015. Today, the loss is so much sharper than what we did achieve (and the media will do their best to keep us from noticing those achievements!) Rest and be ready: we know who – and how very many – we are now!

    • James says:

      very simple answer to that, only 84% of the eligible 97% voters , voted 🙂 Whats so mysterious about that ? ermmmmm 97- 84 = 13 that means that only 13% of the people in Scotland eligible to vote didn’t. Usually it’s a whole lot more than this, that don’t vote.

      OK I can see that your still confused here, here’s another clue. Just because someone was eligible to vote, that didn’t mean that they did vote.

      I totally understand anyone being confused on this blog some of the things that some people are saying on here beggars belief.

  82. Cassandra Lee says:

    Utterly gutted, but taking heart, as usual from your wonderful writing. As you say SLAB must be held to account for their lies – and the silver lining in all of this is that they lost their heartlands.

  83. Simone says:

    Thanks again Paul, you have been a shining light in this. Please do not stop, we all need time to recuperate.

    And I will be saying “I fucking told you so” to any NO voter who complains about Westminster.

    The tears have been shed, and now I’m angry and determined. I will NEVER vote for Labour again. The next battles are TTIP, and removing Labour from it’s heartlands, they have betrayed the people who they should defend.

    My TV licence is cancelled and I will be joining the SNP.

  84. George Wylie says:

    I agree. We have work to do!

  85. My tuppence worth; 10% down on an almost 90% turnout. I wisnnae a crushing defeat. Ok , we didn’t win but considering the amount of negativity from main stream media and the might of Westminster’s massive power behind the “No” campaign we had to fight against, they failed miserably. It’s a disaster for Westminster. We are going to be a constant pain in their arse and we must make sure they deliver on their so called promises. So, come on lads and lassies lets cowboy up again and get in up their face.

  86. Capella says:

    On receiving bad news it is always a good idea to seek a second opinion. Once the dust has settled a bit we need to review what happened and seek some answers. Don’t give up! Who could vote Labour, Tory or Lib Dem again? Or buy a newspaper or listen to the BBC? This is our online home now so thanks Paul and other bloggers for keeping the flame burning.

    • James says:

      If you prefer to listen to the biased views of the bloggers on here, thats your choice. If you want to hear so called “Scottish” people bringing down other Scottish people, simply because they used their democratic vote, then this is the blog for you. If you want to hear people bringing down Scotland and the people of Scotland then this is the blog for you.

      I’ve been visiting this blog over the past few days and this dark place deeply disturbs me. Despite the fact that Scotland is one of the most prosperous and indeed one of the richest countries on the planet, there’s never anything good said about Scotland or the people of Scotland ?

      This blog appears to be and is anti-Scottish. Everything points to most of these bloggers aspiring to be a completely different nation And I don’t need to look very far to figure out what nationality that is.

  87. Thank you Paul. You’re an inspiration.

  88. Clare says:

    And at last, my tears flow.
    Thanks Paul. You’re a hero.

  89. euan says:

    Six times down Scotland. Seven times up! This is only the beginning, and though it is hard today, each painful step is forward!

  90. habibbarri says:

    Great disappointment. NO won. 55.4%. YES 44.6%. We’ll deserve what we’ll get when our Block Grant is cut; we have to start cutting back on our social services; start to privatise our NHS; under the transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP) American health companies enter into our healthcare market (no longer service); start to pay for prescriptions; Senior Citizens and people on benefits have their free bus passes taken away; we lose free university education; our taxes rise etc.. The NO voters will kick themselves when these things begin to happen, but won’t be able to do anything about it.

    Sadly, the referendum was stolen by Westminster and Project Fear and the three stooges when they insinuated into people’s minds that they would not really be voting NO, but voting for MORE POWERS for HOLYROOD, the very thing Cameron had refused to permit on the ballot. I’m astonished that the people of our nation should be sovereign for a day, and choose to give that sovereignty to our neighbouring nation. We deserve being mocked by the rest of the world.

    I will live with the result of the referendum, and work with whomever works to achieve a federal, or preferably, confederate UK, until the next time Scotland has a referendum on independence.


    Common Weal rejects 40 years of grasping, me-first politics, a survival-of-the-richest, winner-takes-all mentality which left us all in second place.

    A Common Weal future is one in which politics puts all of us first. It seeks to get us working together for the benefit of each other, not working against each other for the benefit of a few. It is a politics which believes that to build more we must share more, that if wealth and resources are hoarded by a few it stifles creativity and investment. It is a politics that celebrates and strengthens our welfare state and believes government should reflect the will of the people, not the will of the money markets.

    Every part of the Common Weal agenda has been tried and tested in other countries. It works for others; it can work for us.

  91. Ex Pat says:



    Don’t believe for a nano-second that the vote was not rigged. It was. Whether by a lying, conniving Muppet Stream Media (MSM), or by tampered-with postal votes, the result was not free or fair.

    Based on visible Yes support on the ground – and an utter dirth of No support – a massive Yes vote was forecast.

    Internet analytics also forecast a massive Yes win. Were they both wrong? Unlikely. _Very_ unlikely.

    SO. How was the result fixed?

    What did the exit polls (official or unofficial) forecast? Did the supposed vote count match them within the bounds of probability.

    How did invigilators see the postal ballots change the direction of the count on a local level?

    What does analysis say about how the vote could have been easily fixed, by manipulating the postal vote – which is the usual Labour technique in the North of England. Why would anyone imagine that Perfidious Albion would not use that technique on an infinitely more important vote that a general election.

    Why did the Muppet Stream Media – and the bookies and financial market – appear to know that the result was going to be No _before_ the vote count.

    Why was social media saturated with sock-puppets either crowing about a No result, or suggesting that they were depressed by a No outcome and/or hated their fellow Scots – ‘too stupid, too poor, too fearful’ – _before_ the vote count was done? Just how much social media manipulation was in evidence during the vote count. (Estimate – Lots and LOTS.)

    SO. Do not believe for a nano-second that the fix was not in. And act accordingly.

    Certainly not until the analysis of the vote has been thoroughly completed to the satisfaction of the Yes side.

    You were up against fascists – UK catamites of a fascist US Empire that uses the methods of the Nazis, including illegal war, torture to death, genocide and the disappearance of 27,000 Muslims – on brown people abroad. Stealing an election is in the nicking sweets category for such people.


    A temporary set-back is to be expected. The question is next time and how to avoid the same tricks next time, or the time after that, if that is what it takes. See you on social media.

    Furthermore, how can you chuck a (very large) spanner in the works of the UK satraps of the US Empire? The UK’s very own Quislings – Tory, Labour, Liberal Democrat and UKIP?

    ‘A donf!’ – ‘Let’s go!’ – Ellen Macarthur


    Strangely enough the article ‘The Country that Wasn’t’ appeared for a nanosecond on a browser and then disappeared. Funny how that works, eh? You are familiar with Snowden’s internet-fixing information aren’t you? Whether or not that was a case in point, many many others certainly are.


    Ginger Dug – discovered you via Breakfast Revolution. Laugh-out-loud fantastic, particularly the Niall Ferguson “ya wee fuckwit self-publicising apologist for colonialists, war mongerers and casino capitalists” bit when he appeared in our local Muppet Stream Media neo-liberal propaganda rag next week!

    It is certainly a dog’s life – keep up the great work. ; )

    • rabbitnexus says:

      Ameen to this. It was rigged. I said it would be in the days leading up to it, pointed out the obvious fiddling of polls beforehand ever since the first report of a majority for yes which was preparing the ground. It was rigged, it was predictable. Now what are the Scots going to do about it? Methinks it answers the same as; What does a Scotsman wear under his kilt?

    • James says:

      this is why we voted NO. Who in their right mind would vote for something that has a spokesperson like this in their ranks ? Although to be fair I’m sure there will be plenty of agreement on this blog LOL 🙂 Beware people!!!, this is coming from someone that would have David Icke as their prime minister in a “nanosecond”

  92. Hugh Wallace says:

    Reblogged this on Are We Really Better Together? and commented:
    I can’t write anything of my own today that doesn’t involve a lot of swearing or wailing so I will let the WGD express my hopes and sorrows.

    Paul, sir, your writing (and the thinking behind it) has been the highlight of this whole campaign for me. I can’t think of a day since I discovered you earlier in the year when I have not logged on to see what you are saying. You have made me laugh and you have made me cry but today you have given me some hope and some fortitude. It would be all to easy to say ‘fuck it’ but if you, with all your recent heartbreaks, can look to a future where we keep striving for Scotland’s independence then I have no excuse for thinking, or doing, otherwise.

    Please keep writing because I will keep reading.

  93. habibbarri says:

    “So we must build a new media, one that truly represents the diversity of this land and gives a space to Scotland’s voices, and take it beyond the internet, onto the TV screens, into the press, into every street, into every home. It must be owned and controlled within Scotland. We have work to do.”

    I think that this is crucial. I cancelled my subscription to the Scotsman a while ago. I cancelled my subscription to the Herald this morning. They have clearly demonstrated that their reporting cannot be trusted. I don’t have a tv, but I did watch BBC and STV news on their I-players. I’ve stopped watching them. I find Al-Jazeera balanced and trustworthy. I’ve gone to it for years for international news. I’ll keep watching its videos. The only sites I can trust for Scottish news are Newsnet Scotland, Wings Over Scotland, and the humour of WGD.

    I don’t have much money, only a very small pension, but if there is any other way I can help to establish a newspaper that will be trustworthy, I’d like to help.

    Rev. William (Bill) Steele

    • James says:

      the metro seems to be less biased than most

      • James says:

        I realise that you must be on a downer after the high spirited campaign, but you really need to put things into perspective here. Scotland is still a great country and will reach greater heights in the years to come. cmon Bill buckup It’s hardly Iraq or Syria is it ?

  94. Finnula says:

    Troops this is not time to grieve but a time to re-group, the battle has just begun, 1.9 mill of us have been lied to and as the promises evaporate they will feel their shame. We the brave and steadfast will stand shoulder to shoulder as we have done through out the last 2 years and continue this fight for a fair and just land for us all. Remember we are the just we do this for Andy, Margo and those who are no longer here. We haven’t lost, some of us have just lost their way. In time they will find their way to the truth and we will be here waiting for them, to welcome them. We are not beaten, this was just a glancing blow, get up, stand tall and proud for we live to fight another day. SAOR ALBA!

  95. It is likely that it will not be very long before people who voted No because of the last minute ‘promises’ of the leaders of the three main UK parties realise that they have been deceived. We need a strong SNP to push for another referendum at that time.

    In the meantime we need bloggers like our favourie WGD to keep up the good work.

  96. Thomas William Dunlop says:

    Thanks Paul. It encompasses my mood today. Sadness & loss but tremendous pride that we stood and be counted against the forces of reaction and big money. I for one am happy that I am not alone and 45 % of people in Scotland are brave enough to stand with us.

  97. JGedd says:

    This is the last time I shall comment on any blog, though if the blogs continue, I will still read them since I won’t be reading any newspaper. My last comment then will be a heartfelt thank you to you, Paul, for all you have done, throughout your own personal tragedy, to keep spirits up and to keep the flame burning.

  98. nancyburge says:

    I am not ashamed to say I cried after I got to work this morning. It hit me suddenly that the NHS is not safe, and that I had naively hoped and assumed that people would vote for compassion, equality and fairness and today I am bitterly disappointed.

    However work goes on, I have buttoned my lip and tried to do my best as usual. Today here in our surgery much cake and chocolate will be consumed for comfort and while we commiserate. And much trashy stuff will read on my kindle as an escape from this unpleasant reality over the weekend.

    I can’t think about the future until we have had a chance to grieve a bit for the missed opportunity.
    Monday will be plenty time to think about what happens next.

    Today I just feel the need to both give and receive a massive cyberhug. I need the blogs today because they are a resource where we can communicate with like-minded people. I am sure I am not the only one.

    • Steve Asaneilean says:

      We’ll get together soon Nancy and see what we can organise locally on the island – we mustn’t let this thing pass into oblivion – far too many people depend on people like you and me and the fantastic people we have around us here to be looking out for them. We mustn’t let them down.

  99. David Sillars says:

    Thank you for sharing your and our campaign. Hope you find peace and keep going.

  100. J Galt says:

    What can you say?

    Let’s all write to GCHQ or MI5 to see if a wee form we can all fill in to register as Official “Hater’s of Britain”

    They couldnae keep tabs on us all!

    • James says:

      you could say the SNP have betrayed their loyal support for instigating all this in the first place. Where did all these false hopes and broken promises come from? certainly not the NO voters, these were only democratic voters using their democratic vote as they saw fit, just like you.

      • weegingerdug says:

        You’re committing a logical category error sweetie. You can’t compare a hypothetical with an actual. The promises of the Unionists will now be put to the test in the real world, and we will be able to test objectively whether they were truthful or lies because No won the vote. The promises of the SNP will forever remain hypothetical, so we are unable to test their veracity in the real world because Yes lost the vote. That’s basic logic that is honey – no political point is involved. You can’t meaningfully compare an ass to a unicorn.

        Are you planning to up your rhetorical game any? Or do you just propose to amuse yourself by posting inane non-sequiteurs? Just asking.

        • James says:

          Is this not like the pot calling the kettle black ? You seem to be hoping that westminster doesn’t give any more extra powers, strange reading this, all of a sudden it’s suiting you to get nothing , no more powers for Scotland ?. Lets wait and see what Nichola gets out of them first, if your right then fire away and I’ll take it fairly and squarely on the chin. I suspect she’s gonna get plenty to be going on with.

          As for you telling me that my logic’s out the window, Alex Salmond’s SNP were the one’s who instigated this referendum, there was nothing hypothetical about that. False hopes and promises were also instigated by Alex Salmond when he stated quite a few times before the vote that he believed that the YES vote was going to win. Cmon be honest for a change you were convinced that YES would win. .Why ? Everyone else was clearly saying the result would be a NO. The bookies had the odds at an incredible and unbelievable 2/II for a NO vote win, this was before the voting started.

          The reason why you guys were so badly affected was because you believed Alex Salmond’s verdict on the result. You had convinced yourselves that the result would be YES. I say again why were you all so certain of this ? no one else was. Cmon I appeal to your sense of fairness here, what I said above wasn’t far of the mark.

          Hope you will read my recent post regarding Alex Salmond and Nichola Sturgeon, she seems to be in agreement with quite a lot of the things that I’ve said on here, It was good listening to her opening volley’s to the westminster establishment. I look forward to hearing what her next plan of attack will be., very impressive lady.

  101. Jean says:

    Sorry Paul, sorry for you, for me and for Scotland.

  102. Jane says:

    So sorry for all of us Paul, crying now but we’ll pull ourselves together and fight on. Thank you for all you’ve done, you cannot imagine how much, and please know that we share your personal sorrow and wish everything good for you.

  103. Thank you Paul you have so beautifully written the thoughts of many…well me for one.You always get to the heart of the matter.

    I have been urging people to keep up their links on social medias and to continue sharing knowledge for the fight ahead.

    Your blog has been a great comfort and source of wise words i salute you.

    Warm regards

  104. maczinzan says:

    Have never been so ashamed to be a Scot today!
    However I am also so proud of all of us who voted for hope over fear and stood against an establishment that cares nothing for the people it should represent!
    The shame will pass and we must move on and continue the fight!
    Thank you Paul and everyone who have contributed to this site!

    Yours Aye

  105. R Miles says:

    What a load of maudlin, self-indulgent tosh.

    It was the simplest possible question: 55% responded that they didn’t want their country dismembered for no good reason, thanks very much. It couldn’t have been clearer. That’s democracy – end of the story. No Westminster gov’t in its right mind ought to, or is going to, open it up any time soon.

    To read this, one would think the Uk is worse than ISIS, the Third Reich, Stalin’s Russia or North Korea. A majority thought otherwise – better get used to it!

    • weegingerdug says:

      And you must reflect upon the difference between democracy and majoritarianism. I won’t be going away, and I won’t be shutting up. You’d better get used to it.

      • A Meringue says:

        For as long as one hundred of us remain alive!

      • Laura says:

        Pleased to hear it, Paul. We need voices like yours more than ever now.

        • A Meringue says:

          “To read this, one would think the Uk is worse than ISIS, the Third Reich, Stalin’s Russia or North Korea. A majority thought otherwise – better get used to it!”

          Looking at the footage of unionists “celebrating” in Georges square I guess the second of your options!

          • gerry parker says:

            That was the Better together campaign celebration, I was looking out for Johanna, Mags Curran and wee Dougie Alexander but couldn’t see them, perhaps they were at the back along with Elaine Smith and Tom Clarke?

      • James says:

        I believe majoritarianism is what would happen if Scotland became independent. The referendum result show’s clearly the divisions in Scotland.

        I do realise that Scotland didn’t vote for this present Tory coalition which seems unfair, however Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland did play a strong part in the election of Tony Blair and I’m sure many English people thought that was unfair too. This is a democracy, not the majoritarianism that you are trying argue.

        I believe that the more people voting the more likely a sensible balanced result. Generally this IS what happens with the voting across the whole UK, however this sensible balance would NOT happen in an independent Scotland.

        The problem’s seen in George square were played down by the media and were explained as some kind of isolated YES voters V NO voters scuffle. I think most people in Scotland seen this for what it really was. This was a more frightening show of hatred between the 2 main populations in Scotland. These strong divisions have been with us for decades and are becoming increasingly more volitile as the numbers on the minority side grow.

        It’s clear to see that after independence there would only be one agenda and politics would have nothing to do with how people voted in Scotland.

        Simple vote them against us, would that then be majoritarianism ?

    • nordbreton says:

      The majority of Scots aged under age 54 voted not to have their country extinguished.

      Pensioners who had been subjected to a fear campaign about pensions voted to have their country run by a foreign country.

      Time is not on your side. Better get used to it.

    • macart763 says:

      Being in the majority doesn’t make someone right, it simply makes them part of the majority.

  106. Alasdair Angus Macdonald says:

    I am pleased to see that your indomitable spirit lives on, despite recent personal tragedy and then the referendum result. We did not win the vote, but we won most of the arguments and we enthused thousands of people. The highest election turnout in British history, that is an achievement. I watched the Politics Show on the BBC at lunchtime and it is clear that the Westminster/Metropolitan media nexus is in a spin. They are fractured and lashing out in all directions and, most gratifyingly, at each other! We have Westminster elections next year, Scottish elections in 2016 and Council elections in 2017. There are plenty of opportunities there to continue the struggle, and maybe get another vote on independence relatively soon.

    Keep bitin’, Wee Dug, keep bitin’!!!

  107. Trick says:

    I have been a reader of your little piece of the net for a long while , my heart went out to you when you lost Andy . Rebuilding your life will be an adventure though , one I think you may do with vigor .

    We lost , but all is not lost , we have the so called new powers on the horizon , then two elections and after those the in/out referendum , we need voices like yours online , and yes I agree we need our own media to tell us the truth . And that is an idea , that has come to fore , because of my anger at those who voted no . For whatever reason the put GB before Scotland , it doesn’t sit well with me , but it has fired ideas and the one obvious idea would be to bring all the independence bloggers together and form the online media we need . Its an idea in its infancy .

    Paul thank you for all your writings , I used to live in Easterhouse and when you mention Lightburn , Carntyne , Edinburgh Road I can see them in my head , thank you for sparking those images .

  108. Alasdair Jamison says:

    I’ve read your stuff often during our common struggle but never posted. You have written something beautiful here. I salute you as a fine human being and a brother in struggle. May we all hold on to each other and find ways to push forward against the tide of greed and selfishness that has broken our present hopes. Never surrender,

  109. mary says:

    Thank you Paul for giving me back my hope. I have cried enough, I hope, time to pick myself up and get back on ma bike, so to speak. Thanks again for inspiring me to keep going.
    Kindest regards

  110. Iain says:

    I’m sorry but for me Scotland is gone. A small part of me left yesterday and I don’t think I shall ever call myself Scottish again, why would I want to? The clueless majority are welcome to it, it is meaningless anyway because as everybody else in the world now knows (and they knew before) British = English and English = British. The irony is these deluded fools still don’t even know that, what a laughing stock they have made of us all. Thinking about things today I have come to the conclusion that yesterday was probably going to be the last time I shall ever vote, at least I have peace with myself that I did the right thing and voted YES. After a small break it shall be time for future plans and I think distance lands may offer hope, just like in the past.

  111. k hamilton says:

    truly gutter and overcome. couldnt take the blinkers off the naysayers even within my own circle.refused to see what was ahead of them.hard to take a positive from this even though im grateful for the 1.6 million yessers..where do we go from here..what outlet is there for our concern for caledonia…hard not to be grudging against those who couldnt take their own country forward. the consequences of their actions is too much to take in..need to feel its not all been in vain. love you alba xk

  112. yesguy says:

    I have just popped in from Wings.

    So many people hurt . So many disappointed and let down. Me ? I have not felt this low since the day my mother died. 14 Years ago and it still hurts. This one is not going to be easier to get over.

    I wanted to thank you Paul. Your incredible strength and passion kept me sane for the long year till today. I recognise that you are already suffering a terrible grief and i wanted to say i am so sorry.

    You and Andy will be forever in my thoughts . How could i ever forget the times i left your pages feeling happy , and with tears streaming down my face.

    I am going to take a wee break from it all . I think i need to grieve . I hurt so deeply i can’t think straight.

    Thank you Paul. Thank you all at the WGD . Thank you for being my friends and allowing me time to post on this wonderful site.

    Your bookmarked and i will return.

    But for now . My thoughts are with you and the many YESSERS out there.

    • liz says:

      Yes I have decided to give WoS a break and rethink what to do. I fear there are a few trolls on there winding folk up and I was starting to seeth myself.

      Here Paul is a beautiful writer and that is the only thing which will help us to heal.

      • gerry parker says:

        Liz, I’ll read wings, but not the comments, nor will I comment there again. I agree with your sentiments on the posters and also think there was an element of attention seeking behaviour by some of the contributors. They were more interested in creating a Persona for themselves and promoting themselves and feeding their ego’s through wings. There was a lack of organisational ability and a reluctance or inability to harness and use the many talents that some wingers obviously had.

  113. liz says:

    Thank you Paul for all your wonderful posts especially after your own personal tragedy.

    But I doubt we will recover from this.

    All the proud scots have sold us down the river.

    I think the SNP should resign on mass and hand the whole stinking mess onto Slab and let them deal with it.

    • James says:

      We seen how quickly UKIP came to the fore, perhaps there is room for a new party in Scotland.?

      Looks like Nichola Sturgeon is prepairing to unleash a new souped up version of the SNP, taking the party down another path, membership is dramatically growing as we speak. watch this space!

  114. Cuilean says:

    Still I Rise
    Maya Angelou, 1928 – 2014

    You may write me down in history
    With your bitter, twisted lies,
    You may trod me in the very dirt
    But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

    Just like moons and like suns,
    With the certainty of tides,
    Just like hopes springing high,
    Still I’ll rise.

    You may shoot me with your words,
    You may cut me with your eyes,
    You may kill me with your hatefulness,
    But still, like air, I’ll rise.

    Out of the huts of history’s shame
    I rise
    Up from a past that’s rooted in pain
    I rise
    I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide,
    Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.

    Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
    I rise
    Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear
    I rise
    Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
    I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
    I rise
    I rise
    I rise.

  115. Thank you Paul for your wonderful blogs. They inspired me and kept me steady when my resolve faltered. I have my SAVE the NHS placard made already and will fight Westminster to the end. I thank my wonderful hometown of Dundee for voting YES and know that we will overcome the parasitic elites who have no compassion for the ordinary person. Again, thanks Paul.

  116. George says:



  117. Red Squirrel says:

    I just can’t stop sobbing – I wish I could pick myself up and get on but it currently escapes me. The FM’s resignation fills me with despair and I don’t know how we go on from here.

    Tomorrow is another day – I hope I can muster a little courage & self respect to do better than today.

    • weegingerdug says:

      You need time to grieve, time to weep, time to accept. You’ll be fine. We came very far, not far enough, but further than we ever came before. We have made something to build on. So be sad, give yourself time to rest and recover. But we have work to do.

  118. turra loon says:

    I just met a woman I have known for a long time, but have never spoken about politics before. She said to me in the street, that was a great result!

    I said , I voted ‘yes’ and thought it we got an awful result.

    Why did you vote ‘no’ I asked her.

    She said ‘ a didnae want to loose ma bank’.

    I said who told you that?

    She said she read it in the papers.

    I am now at home sipping a large Whisky.

    Can you believe the thought processes of some people and how easily they are persuaded.

  119. RadicalDontKnow says:

    Thanks Paul. Your eulogy for Andy was beautiful, and had me in tears. This post is almost as good. I was gutted this morning, but now I’m up for the long haul. 45% is not bad considering what the Yes side were up against, and now we know what we’re up against, we’ll be forewarned next time. The tide will return indeed. Stay strong, and thanks for all the laughs, too.

  120. Mick Pork says:

    You have been an inspiring presence throughout Paul. You have my utmost thanks and please take all the time you need to regroup as well as all other selfless scots who worked tirelessly for a better scotland and a better future for everyone.

    That future has only been delayed and as deeply upsetting as that is there is also an iron willed determination that will slowly emerge to ensure we still get the fair and just society in scotland we all long for and deserve.

    There were always plans in case the worst happened. Take heart that even now in the depths of despair some of us are vowing to fight twice as hard against a corrupt westminster establishment, media and corporate interests. They have revealed just how low they will sink when their immoral greed and cruelty is threatened. We all know just how terrified they are of a motivated and fearless grass-roots campaign so they had better get used to fearing us. We will not go away. We will not just shut up and do as we are told. We will not be bullied by immoral cowards who hide behind newspapers and TV cameras. We will fight on and defeat the liars and the corrupt uncaring westminster elite. It will not take as long as we all fear yet it cannot happen soon enough.

    Take the time to let your heart heal then, slowly but surely, let strength be granted so your world might be mended.

  121. So glad to hear that you have no intention of going away, Paul, or of stopping writing. I hope that includes keeping this blog going, even if you have to post less often. We all need somewhere to gather and comfort one another at present, and in time, to talk of new ideas, of new strategies. The Westminster election is on the horizon and we need to think of that and how we can best use the opportunity that offers for the future.

    I felt, and still feel, that Labour as presently constituted, is finished, but perhaps this win will give them new life to lurch on. I’d be interested to hear what others think. What is already apparent is that the Vow flaunted before us by the media, is nothing but an empty box that is already being trampled flat underfoot.

    Alex’s going is the end of an era. Typically, he bowed out with grace and composure, a statesman even after what he has been through and what he must be feeling. I shed a few tears over that too. But he has signalled that under new leadership the fight will go on, and he will still be part of it. We need to follow his example.

  122. Scottishdragon says:

    Thank you for your words, I can’t imagine how much you’re hurting with all you’ve been through of late.

    I’m not even Scottish but still I grieve for the future we could have had, if more had chosen a different path. I’m saddened that some chose their own self-interest. I’m aware I sound bitter, I just need sleep I think. This referendum has consumed and invigorated me for 2 years, and I feel a bit adrift now.

    Thanks again, and please keep writing.

    • weegingerdug says:

      Actually I’m not hurting that much. I’m sad and disappointed of course, but the recent death of my partner has allowed me to put this set back into perspective. It’s not the end of the road, just the beginning of a new road.

      • Jan Cowan says:

        Paul, what are your thoughts on the above HMGov. petition?

        • weegingerdug says:

          I think some people are still processing their grief and are still in denial. We know Westminster doesn’t fight fair, but we lost the vote, it’s hard and painful but we need to accept it and move on and build something stronger and better.

  123. lizann75 says:

    Thank you so much for your blog. It’s been a wonderful inspiration. I got a lovely message from a Facebook friend today to thank me for inspiring him to vote yes. I only began to put my thoughts on independence on Facebook because of you. Can’t believe I am part of a nation that doesn’t think enough of itself to vote for independence. I hope this feeling passes but I have never before today been thoroughly embarrassed to be Scottish. xx

  124. I shall say this only once says:

    I planted a rose for you and Andy today, Paul. It was a Tam O’Shanter, because you have the soul of a poet. We didn’t take back our freedo this time but 1.6 million of us managed to keep our pride. The fight goes on.

  125. Gizasmum says:

    Thank you for your wonderfully inspirational words, and making me feel so much better, especially when you have personal grief of your own contend with. The battle may be lost but the war is just starting. The No side didn’t win by 10%, they lost by 45% xxx

  126. Devereux says:

    Our first and only campaign should be for a free and independent Scottish media. We can’t win without it……i had hoped internet would be enough but sadly not in key demographics and not just among the over 65s. Surely with our ingenuity and energy we can come up with some way to stuff it up them without them realising.

  127. votes rigged says:

    the yes vote won, but, the traitors decided scotland should vote no, the yes vote was rigged to a no vote, scotland you have been screwed, by the no vote, find these traitors who rigged this election

  128. […] Wee Ginger Dug posted today, we need to keep the faith, we need to respect this vote but as our outgoing First Minister said, […]

  129. M says:

    Thank you Wee Ginger Dug for everything you have done. Still sore and so appreciative of your gentle strength, support, and the laughs and the tears you have shared with us along the way. So glad you are not going anywhere… you said there is work to do.

  130. Paul,

    I’ve not posted here before, but have been reading you every day since the turn of the year.

    This has been the most dispiriting political event of my 52 years.

    I’m not Scottish (by any definition, although I had an Auntie Bertha in Thornliebank) and have never even been to Scotland, but as someone who has supported my own country’s right to self-detemination for over 35 years, I saw your campaign as perhaps the last chance for humane politics on this wretched island. I have felt every bump in the road with you all, felt every small thrill of hope and triumph, and have come to see not just you but Wings, Michael Greenwell and Munguin as something akin to on-line family, and I’m not sure what I can do now.

    (Hell! I’m welling up again. It’s usually *your* words which have done that to me).

    You and the WGD stay strong for each other – there are lights which can never be extinguished – and thank you for your witty, superbly-written and moving posts during a time in your own private life where you would have been excused shying away from politics altogether.

    It’s been a privilege to have been with you, however remotely.

    Nigel Stapley

  131. Anne says:

    turra loon,I just talked to my cousin who lives near Arbroath,she voted NO because she doesn`t fancy Alex Salmond.Unbelievable!

  132. I’m living proof that when a teenager realizes his people are culturally and economically oppressed by another (and are willing to cooperate with their oppressors) they must actively work for their release and for freedom. Sixty years ago I had to leave Scotland – in a hurry – because I’d acted for freedom (read my book RETIRED TERRORIST); there was little evidence that my fellow Scots had the guts to challenge their condition. I worked in American Occupied Germany, then in the US, and finally in NZ, where I now reside (all the time staying closely in touch with “home”). I have felt what so many other young Scots must now be feeling. I imagine that many will now choose – as I did – to go to some other country, maintaining an earnest hope that our homeland would one day choose to be free. I’d another hope – that I might be welcomed home this year for my 78th birthday. But no, I don’t want to be there … thank you very much!

  133. rabbitnexus says:

    Well you’ll make a good serf anyway. Wake up to yourself boy! The bloody thing was RIGGED and anyone should have seen that coming. The pre vote polls were making a steady climb upwards for the yes side until they broke the fifty percent then suddenly this trend reversed? Going by what I have seen and read about the result should have been a historic and clear cut yes. If Scots take this lying down, they weren’t up to doing any better on their own I submit. You’ll never break away from the Bankers if you think asking politely will be enough.

  134. Graeme Kerr says:

    been seeing some people suggesting we group under the name ‘the 45’. think it sounds a bit militaristic and vaguely threatening. maybe not a great way to bring others round to the idea of independence or inclusive civic communities generally…

  135. Jock Scot says:

    #the45 has been born and we have learned and we continue … BECOME THE MEDIA

  136. Georgio says:

    Hi there. I am writing from Athens Greece. Married to a Scot, been there so many times and love your country. Been following the news about the referendum for months, all excited that you would make it. The threats and fake promises (with the “kind” support of BBC) did work after all. I even heard the threat that Scotland would end up like Greece, which made me laugh.

    There aren’t many words to express the feeling of disappointment. Its a shame, but you should keep your hopes up and think of it not as the end but as the beginning of the trip to independence.
    A friend told me yesterday that its the first time in history that a country is offered its independence and doesn’t accept it. Scaremongering though did work after all.

    Hope is the future and the future is the young generation of Scotland. As Paul wrote “the tide will return”.

    Keep your spirit up, be optimistic.

    A Greek friend of Scotland.

  137. HelenEarth says:

    I like many, have a broken heart. I read your post and the dam burst. I have wept and wept. We can’t however cry for ever but need to pick ourselves up and move on. To where I don’t yet know but have come to the realisation that to win this , we need media support and the only way to get this is to create our own. Weeping again.

  138. bad3maggie says:

    Thank you always, for your contributions and endless work; for your passion, beautiful writings and humour. Our hearts are shared in this continued struggle and in our sorrow at this time. I am ever hopeful that better futures can be achieved. Respect to you, and all the yes voters and campaigners who have chapped doors and pounded streets, shared knowledge and walked as one. Great change takes time….and usually consist of small steps in its lengthy progression. Our 45% Yes result was not a small step – it was huge, and we should take something from that. Our campaign has been dignified, connected, humorous, musical, inspiring, politically awakening and energising. It will have changed the lives of all those who chose to be involved – and they will hopefully continue to actively campaign for the greater good, and continue to expose the blatant self-interest and corruption that lies at the heart of so much big business and our ruling classes.. Feel pride for striving for better, more just societies…We may often be faced by those who are not yet ready to join us… but do not give up: continue to share your wisdom, your faith and your courage.

  139. Meaban Beag says:

    I only moved to a small village in the Howe of Fife 2 years ago. I’ve really loved being here – the place, the open and friendly people, the sense of community which I had thought vanished from the world. Old fashioned things all, showing a resistance to change whicht you might think would indicate a no vote, After standing on the door on Thursday, my feelings have changed to one of PRIDE in living here.. The enthusiasm and positivity of our voters was tremendous. Its a crying shame that the rest of Scotland just didnt have the same courage and vision as we had here.

    Its been a highly charged and emotional time for all of us. Everyone involved has their little tales to tell. So just a couple. Many have commentated on the engagement of younger voters. Its something which I experienced on the streets of Perth before and after the eve of poll speeches. Its not often that younger people choose to strike up conversations with old fogeys like me. (Maybe the stupid hat and the free t shirts helped). I was energised and enthused to a level I have seldom felt since I was that age myself – although at that time we were a tiny minority. Alas the STV commentator didnt accept my offer of a YES t shirt to do her piece to camera, but she was still smiling when they went live.

    The other striking memory was of an elderly lady who left the polling station and spent 10 minutes crying on my shoulder because she felt that she had “done the wrong thing” She had changed her vote in the last days because project fear had got to her. Its indicative of the feelings which had probably affected many.

    After 48 hours in which I had only one hour kip I collapsed onto a seat with a coffee and something (lord only knows what) in a roll. I’d fed the cats ( including little Meaban Beag) and turned the goggle box on. 6 hours later I woke with the coffee and roll untouched beside me to the horrible news

    I could rabbit for hours, but the blows of the last few days have made 2 things clear to me.
    1 I am not for slowing down or stepping back – rather the reverse
    2 The battle for social justice and the fight with the (pink tory) class traitor leaders must be intensified

    And I noted from Perth
    The biggest roar of the night was to get rid of our national disgrace of having nuclear missiles parked in our country contrary to the wishes of the majority

  140. Puppetmaster says:

    What if the 1.6 million join the SNP !!! Horse Power against Westminster!

    • James says:

      you insult the integrity and intelligence of the majority, assume that you know better than the majority. Does it ever cross your narrow mind that perhaps the majority had a better vision ? “Project fear” did NOT affect anything like the numbers you say.

      There’s no doubt that many of the older generation might have been effected here, but that was more to do with the fact that Alex Salmond did NOT have any satisfactory answer’s to the NO vote’s legitimate and pertinent question’s surroundinng pensions and the currency. The 16-17 year olds cancelled out the oldies vote. The outcome was determined by all Scots and the poeple have spoken.

      Project fear only exists in the minds of people who havn’t the vision to see that the real power is in westminster. They havn’t the vision to realise that Independence would have ripped Scotland apart, YES voter’s didn’t have the monopoly on vision, NO voters had other idea’s of what would happen and that’s why they voted NO, project fear(if it existed) had little to do with the result.

      My vision is that when Scotland gains independence she will be undivided, not 55% or 45%, but everyone standing together side by side fighting as one. This would never have happened after the recent referendum, the country couldn’t have been any more divided than it was.

      Nichola Sturgeon’s emphasis on getting all she can out of westminster and at the same time try to bring this divided nation together is the best way forward at the moment. It’s up to us now, YES and NO to come together as one, fight together as one, keep the pressure on westminster and demand more significant powers to Holyrood.

      The Oil and gas serves only as a smokescreen, in many ways a hindrance rather than a benefit. Any independent Scotland will NOT need oil or gas, a Scottish nation standing together as one is worth much much more than any oil or gas we ever recover from the north sea.

      When the time is right we will have our independence, but not now, not yet.

      • Cuilean says:

        Pensions and the currency? People like you make me sick, heartsick. NOW, RIGHT NOW, I want a Scotland free from London’s FTSE 100 dictates, free from the monarchy, free from MSM owned by Tories, free from the BBC managed by Labourites, free from illegal wars, free from propaganda telling us that the West (USA) is right to police the world, free from Foodbanks, free from 10 families owning 80% of Scotland, free from unelected House of Lords, free from broken vows by self-serving politicians, free from Ruth Davidson’s ‘star’, free from SLAB’s false prophets, free from MP’s expenses, free from English Votes for England, free from nuclear warheads & subs in Scotland, free from thugs in the Orange Order burning saltires, free from UKIP’s vicious racism, free from the worst pension system in the western world, (worse even than Albania), free from a privatised NHS, free to spend Scotland’s wealth not on illegal wars and tax cuts to the rich but the poor and vulnerable. You say’ When the time is right we will have our independence but not now, not yet’. I say “To hell with that”. When the vows are broken as they shall be, then is the time to say, NO MORE WESTMINSTER LIES. You, however, are free to curl up in your nice, safe, dog-basket and have a nice, wee sleep, (nurse your pension and your pound note to keep you warm). We”ll wake you up when we have won our independence. *pat pat*

        • blacksheep says:

          You forgot to mention the biased referees! , maybe next season 🙂

          Change the broken record the Scottish people have been getting this loada bull rammed down their throat for years by Alex Salmond and the SNP. They had the cheek to go on and on about “project fear” the real scare mongerers with the “fear campaign” were the SNP.

          The recent referendum clearly shows that the people of Scotland are not impressed with this garbage. It was very clear to see that if there wasn’t a YES vote this time, the SNP party would have to change dramatically. That’s why Alex Salmond resigned, he finally realised that spouting all the usual garbage, most of which you mention, will not work.

          Hopefully Nichola Sturgeon will change the broken record. The new leader has already said that she would be leading the party down a different path and her priority was to try and bring the divided country together. Very well said and exactly what the SNP need to do good luck to her.

          People like me make YOU sick ?, I only feel the same as the majority of Scots, I suppose they all make you sick too?

          “to hell with you” the majority have already spoken dimwit!

        • James says:

          You forgot to mention the biased referees! , maybe next season 🙂

          Change the broken record the Scottish people have been getting this loada bull rammed down their throat for years by Alex Salmond and the SNP. They had the cheek to go on and on about “project fear” the real scare mongerers with the “fear campaign” were the SNP.

          The recent referendum clearly shows that the people of Scotland are not impressed with this garbage. It was very clear to see that if there wasn’t a YES vote this time, the SNP party would have to change dramatically. That’s why Alex Salmond resigned, he finally realised that spouting all the usual garbage, most of which you mention, will not work.

          Hopefully Nichola Sturgeon will change the broken record. The new leader has already said that she would be leading the party down a different path and her priority was to try and bring the divided country together. Very well said and exactly what the SNP need to do, and good luck to her.

          People like me make YOU sick ?, I only believe the same as the majority of Scots, I suppose they all make you sick too?

          “to hell with you” the majority have already spoken dimwit!

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