8 comments on “Wales supporting YES – Cymru’n cefnogi IE

  1. Bamstick says:

    Brilliant, people all over the world are coming out for YES.
    Shame some of our own are not. Never mind, not long to go now.

  2. Robert Llewellyn Tyler says:

    Good Luck from Wales. It will be truly inspirational when you win.

  3. A Meringue says:

    Sorry for the early OT. The “Livestream” video platform used by Independence live is rather strange. If for example you watch one of their videos on Youtube and copy and paste the link when the link is activated it will take you back to the Livestream Independence Live video on their platform not the original Youtube video. Another example is if the “Independence Live Veterans for Independence” is entered into the search box on Youtube you can view the entire event any link will only take you to the edited version on the livestream platform.

    Jeez that was technical. Anyone would think that I knew what I was talking about.

    It has been quite a day. I went to the BBC bias demo at Pacific Quay. I parked the car in the science centre car park and as I walked towards that cathedral of lies I was envigorated at the sound of cheers, chanting and song. The apron in front of PQ was absolutely jam packed I recon 3,000 is not far off. Brilliant atmosphere. I turned to my friend and said. This, this is democracy fighting to get out. I have seen footage of other independence movements. the Catalans spring to mind. and I have felt jealous of the large crowds packed into town centres and the mass movement of the protesters. This weekend it has been Scotlands turn and we have done it well.

    While I was at PQ I met two heros and I mean heros. First was Professor John Robertson of the University of the West of Scotland. A hero for his academic report on the bias of the BBC. The Prof in a very nice guy in our very brief conversation he mentioned that he has made so many new friends within the independence movement. I am not surprised he comes over as having a warm and friendly personality. I also had the immense pleasure of presenting him with a “BBC Bias – No Thanks” badge circa WGD 2014

    Last but by no means least I met a very attractive young lady called Lindsay. On Saturday after the Orange Order has left the capital Lindsay scaled the cliffs below Edinburgh Castle to plant a huge “Yes” sign where it can be seen from Princess Street. This was in protest at Gordon Brown still lying about cross border co-operation for organ transplants. Gordon Brown son of the mance frightening parents of seriously ill children and adults requiring transplants into voting No so he can continue stuffing his already bulging bank account with more of our money. Disgusting piece of slime that he is.

    The thing is Lyndsay scaled these cliffs with an oxygen tank strapped to her back and tubes up her nose just like she had today. You see Lindsay has a rare lung condition called in shorthand “A1AD” and has only 20% of normal lung capacity. Her only hope is a double lung transplant. It was a huge honour to shake this young ladys hand. She was so modest about this achievement as well. She was kind enough to pose for photos with myself and some of the Wings over Scotland guys as well.

    PS Tried to post with links but it vanished into the void of the interweb. Hope this works. 😦

  4. A Meringue says:

    Attempting to link to some relevant photos.

  5. Jan Cowan says:

    Good to see the Welsh people out in force and good to hear Gaelic spoken on the steps to the Welsh Government……..and spoken by a Wallace!

    My grandmother, Janet Wallace, would have loved that!

    Many thanks, Paul.

  6. Gwawr says:

    Scotland, you are amazing. You have given us in Wales a shot in the arm, and on Thursday you will show us what can be done by an intelligent, energetic and courageous nation.

    In 2004 we remembered 600 years since our leader, Owain Glyndwr (Glendower in Shakespeare), founded the first all-Wales Parliament in Machynlleth, Powys. At the celebration in 2004 (organised by volunteers without a penny from public funds) not one MP or Assembly Member of any party turned up, and the BBC and ITV ignored it completely. That’s the sort of brick wall we have to break down before we get anywhere near where you are, but you too have faced many difficulties, lies and underhand dealings, especially from the media.

    ‘Trech gwlad nac arglwydd’ – A nation is stronger than its lord, as the Welsh saying goes. Go for it, Scotland, and all our blessings are with you!

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