27 comments on “Be brave, be bold, believe

  1. Bamstick says:

    Hi Louise
    I’m a big old lovely YES too.
    Great wee video.

  2. Alabaman says:

    Should be on national t.v.

  3. Alec MaxDonald says:

    Great video. Hope it will make up the minds of some of the undecideds.

  4. macart763 says:


    I’m a grumpy old YES.

  5. Hazel Smith says:

    Definitely. YES. From me

  6. Fabulous. I live in Australia these days so don’t get to vote, but if I were back in my wee flat in Wester Hailes it would be a big, fat stinking Yes. I’m English, btw, (well, Northumbrian …..) but was proud to call Scotland home for 22 years. Can’t wait to come back for a holiday using my new Scottish passport. ? Think I would still qualify for Scottish citizenship because I lived there for more than 10 years plus I receive my pension from the Scottish NHS and have an active Scottish bank account. Anyway, not long to go now and I have a feeling that in terms of the latest polls, tipping point has been reached.

  7. A Meringue says:

    After Andy’s funeral I went back to Uddingston and got right back into the campaign.

    We had two stands on the go today. One in Uddingston and one in Bothwell. The Bothwell one was very busy due to the “Bothwell Scarecrow Festival” going on. Thanks to Ronnie and the Wings crew for the help.

    For the first time ever No had a stall in Uddingston manned by some bussed in politics students and one perhaps two locals. For some odd reason they set up their stall a few feet from our Yes stall?

    I couldnae resist it I started shouting “People of Uddingston bow down to your imperial masters” Thankfully my Yes buddies supplied me with backing vocals for the “Dum dum dum, dum de dum dum de dum.” bit. Some of the Naws looked well pissed off and the others obviously hadn’t seen or heard of the video. (I hope that you all have or you will be wondering what the f**k I am on about) 🙂

    Anyway later in the day the same Naws turned up in Bothwell near packing up time. Once again I couldnae help it. “People of Bothwell bow down to your imperial masters” I shouted and once again the chorus “Dum dum dum, dum de dum dum de dum” went up.

    One of the Naws turned round and asked if that was the only tune that we knew. “Naw I replied we have this as well” and so we gave them a chorus of “Cheerio cheerio cheerio, cheerio cheerio cheerio”

    Thanks to the Bothwell and Uddingston Yes campaign chorus for all their help.

    Im sure that Andy would have approved.

    • macart763 says:

      Moving and inspired.

      The sun came out to shine on cue.

      Good turn out down our way too and the images from Glasgow were amazing.

    • Marconatrix says:

      Love it! Didn’t someone say, “Stuff your revolution if I cannae dance tae it!” What a lot of old miseries the No’s are, when did you last see the one of them crack a wee smile? Lets hope for a nice sunny Thursday so that when faced with the ballot paper people will be inclined to give a friendly Yes that opens all kinds of possibilities, rather than a No which simply closes down the options. So here’s wishing you all a very happy Thursday 🙂

    • gerry parker says:

      Well done Ian, sorry I couldn’t make it due to work commitments.

  8. A Meringue says:

    The aforementioned video. Dan dan dan, dan de dan, dan de dan!

    • hektorsmum says:

      Sent that over to the States, been seen in California and Pennsylvania, loving it.

    • Bill Dale says:

      Fantastic video, just one small correction, the words to our Scottish version are “Dumb dumb dumb, dumb de dumb, dumb de dumb” 😉

      Of course here the word “dumb” is used in the sense of ” unable to speak as a natural state and thus regarded as helpless or deserving pity” or else in the North American sense of “stupid”. Definitions from the Oxford Dictionaries.

  9. A Meringue says:

    Louise your video is brilliant in its simplicity well worth sharing around. Like Paul has mentioned before, the creativity within the Yes campaign is astonishing. So many people contributing in their own way. Big and small.

    Compare and contrast with the millionaire funded corporate advertising agency arsewater produced by Better together, UKOK, No thanks, Vote no Borders, Rory the Tory(snigger) (have I forgotten anyone? It is getting hard to keep up)

    How can we fail with all of this on our side.

    I see a nation rising!

  10. This campaign had made it evident what amazing people, talent and vision we have in Scotland. Great video, Louise. Hope you can soon produce another to show how we are all celebrating.

  11. hektorsmum says:

    I am an auld grumpy YES too Louise, but I am an admiring of all the talent which YES have. I cannot campaign, likely to do more damage than good and the hearing isn’t good either these days. I will be passing this one onto my friends in the States who are going to be sitting holding their breaths for the result of Friday.

  12. Gwen Topp says:

    Hi Paul, How can I send you something I’ve written?

  13. Louise Rutherford says:

    Thanks so much to everyone for your really lovely comments. I nearly didn’t upload it and now I’m really glad I did. Thanks again and here’s to Thursday!

  14. nancyburge says:

    That guy deserves a medal. Priceless!

  15. Alex Smith says:

    Five Sleeps to go!

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