Arresting Ronnie Kray

I wasn’t going to post anything today, but for the past couple of days Scotland has been subject to the most intense napalming of fear and scares since the referendum campaign began. We are warned of meltdown on the markets, a plunging pound, share prices wiped out overnight. Prices in our supermarkets will double, all businesses will leave the country, and since we won’t have any currency we won’t even be able to club together to buy a cairry oot for the party we’ll have when Michelle McMoan moves south. And all this because a country which is too poor and insignificant to notice, which has oil reserves due to run out at 10.01 pm on Thursday, and has nothing to offer except a ticket on the Megabus to London, might decide to start governing itself. Something doesn’t add up.

Let us suppose that Scotland is indeed the high risk basket case of No campaign myth and legend. This country in a geo-politically stable part of the world, with a strong democratic tradition, a country with a highly educated population and an embarrassment of resources. Taking that raw material and turning it into a poverty stricken charity case requires governmental incompetence of a quite spectacular degree. And yet our poverty and dismal future is the very reason we must continue to put our faith in the system of government which produced the poverty and failure. Something doesn’t add up.

I was trying to write a few words for Andy’s funeral service this evening, trying to reduce a beloved man’s life into a few paragraphs and failing, so I stopped for a bit and watched the news instead. It was wall to wall with unexamined threats, claims of ruination taken at face value by a BBC which has abandoned all pretence of neutrality as all hands rush to the pumps to rescue the sinking British ship of state. I remembered something Andy told me, many years ago.

In the 1960s when Andy was a police officer in the East End of London, he arrested one of the Kray twins. There was no big and thrilling police chase, it was nothing like the telly or the movies. He arrested Ronnie Kray for traffic offences. He knew exactly who it was he was going to arrest, he knew all about the Krays twins’ reputation. And Andy went by himself, into a crowded café in the East End of London, armed with nothing more than a truncheon which now lives in a drawer in the bedroom, and said “You’re nicked” to one of the city’s most intimidating gangsters. Andy was tall, and powerfully built, confident in himself and capable of a gaze that could pierce right through you. Ronnie Kray had no chance.

He huckled Ronnie Kray along the street, into the police van. On arriving at the station he dragged an unwilling and protesting Ronnie out of the van. Two nuns were passing along the street at the time. Ronnie screamed at them: “Look at my face! It’s unmarked!” He was convinced he was going to be beaten up. It was only when the prisoner was signed in that Andy noticed the smell, and discovered that Ronnie Kray had shat himself.

Ronnie Kray called his lawyer to pay the traffic fines, and was home within a few hours. Face unmarked but in desperate need of fresh underwear.

This episode didn’t make it into the movie with those guys from Spandau Ballet.

I asked Andy if he had been scared. He shook his head, and smiled. He said that Ronnie Kray was just a bully. He was very brave when he had his mates, but what really scared people was his reputation. When you looked past the reputation, all that was really there was a nasty and selfish little man who was too used to getting his own way and who crapped his trousers when someone stood up to him. Bullies, said Andy, are always afraid of people who are more confident than they are.

Westminster is too used to getting its own way, and it’s trying to frighten us with its reputation. It’s calling on everyone in the gang to help it do its dirty work, calling on those who have a vested interest in its reputation. But there is nothing behind the reputation except selfishness. They held us in contempt because we were afraid of them, and now they’re trying to scare us into allowing them to continue to hold us in contempt.

But we have confidence in ourselves. Hold a steely gaze. Pierce through the rhetoric. Do not be intimidated. We’re challenging their reputation and they’re keeching in their pants.



55 comments on “Arresting Ronnie Kray

  1. cuddyback says:

    Superb comparison, and the Westminster crew aren’t the only ones; the Spanish left/right PP/PSOE reactions to the Diada yesterday (Catalonian National Day protest march) were chillingly familiar. It’s a good time to invest in underwear production all round Europe. (That’s my market insider tip for the day!)

  2. smiling vulture says:

    8,000 Scottish Pupils Debate

    Labour No Show

    any thoughts dug


  3. macart763 says:

    I don’t have a steely gaze and I’m about as imposing as a teletubby, but I guarantee you the first port of call next Thursday morning before work will be the polling station. There’s a barn near the roadside on the outskirts of town where I live and painted in letters which must be all of six foot high, in pure white is the legend NAE FEAR, YES!

    • Being of the Garngad persuasion, Im reminded of Billy Conellys take on the so-called ‘terrorist’ attacks on Glesga! As he so aptly puts it, we’re used to abuse and threats from all quarters and all are met with the lack of merit they portray.

      “Moan then…..” ! LOL

  4. hiorta says:

    The Westminster hysteria is over Scotland – or more accurately her resources – being beyond their grasping instincts. Fear, worry, anxiety about our functioning tomorrow are the only window dressing. We are just fine and entering a golden age under our own steam, an age of cooperation with whoever mutually chooses to do business.
    Westminster’s predicament is of their own Posh Boys making and no business of ours. We have enough to do as it is, repairing their centuries long damage on our magnificent wee country.

  5. Andy Borland says:

    False Evidence Appearing Real.

    And that’s all it is.
    All we have to deal with.

    I have to say, in recent days I’ve become more & more amused at everything that’s been chucked at us; bullshit level set to Jockcom1, as someone so beautifully put it!

    And why?
    Because the Establishment is shit scared.
    Big business is shit scared.
    Vested interests are shit scared.
    The MSM are shit scared.
    And most of all, the mother of all Parliaments are literally drowning in the stuff.

    Scotland small?
    Our multiform, our infinite Scotland small?
    I don’t think so!

  6. roddymacdonald2014 says:

    As usual, an absolutely brilliant piece. I won’t be able to be there on Saturday, but I’ll be thinking of you, Paul.

  7. Andy Borland says:

    False Evidence Appearing Real.

    That’s all we have to deal with.
    That’s all we have to overcome.

    I have to say, over the last few weeks I’ve become more & more amused at what has been thrown at us; bullshit level raised to Jockcom1, as someone so beautifully put it!

    And why?

    The Establishment is shitting itself.
    Big business is shitting itself.
    Vested interests are shitting themselves.
    The MSM is shitting itself.
    And, most importantly, the mother of all Parliaments is absolutely swimming in the brown stuff!

    Scotland small?
    Our multiform, our infinite Scotland small?
    I don’t think so!

  8. Thank you for that sobering piece and sharing Andy’s story. I was so wound up regarding the Referendum attack of the Wasteminster brigade that I had to go to the beach yesterday to remind myself that water(emotions) ebb and flow. We are going to do this, we are going to be fine.

  9. Poppy says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I needed that encouragement so badly. I would never abandon this fight, but I was starting to feel the sheer exhaustion from the weight of all of Westminster’s lies and threats. Now all I need to do is think of them sitting in their own shite, and I feel strong. I should mention, by the way, that now I am also imagining your Andy fearlessly arresting the whole corrupt lot of them. He is leaving one hell of a legacy behind him.

  10. Thank you Paul for expressing what has been with me for some time now, which simply put is the thoroughly depressing and growing realisation that it is ALL those forces of conservatism versus us. Don’t be afraid; just believe. Stand firm. God bless you.

  11. MacBee says:

    It was relentless yesterday. Until then I had never really understood just how much power and influence they had and to what degree they were prepared to distort and misuse it to achieve that short sighted, singular goal. Your piece is excellent, I so wish that just one of the networks would have given you an outlet to reach the undecided and the no’s, too frightened to do their own research in case the answer challenges their core beliefs. I am so glad with writing like yours that you are for Yes and I am so glad you found time to write another piece. Staying strong

  12. Finnula says:

    Wonderful! And like the Krays were convicted, we the people of Scotland will convict the scumbags of ‘wastemonster’ and deliver a free nation! I won’t be there on Sat, I will be working with Yes Helensburgh + Lomond and Andy will be with us all, protecting the weak and vulnerable from the WM fear machine! Love to you all and the wee ginger dug. X

  13. Jan Cowan says:

    Andy found that grown-up bullies are the same as wee bullies in the playground – bold as long as they have their cohorts around them. Singled out, they fall apart. Which means, of course, we must encourage non-UK press to highlight what is actually happening here. The world must see Westminster and their MSM for what they are. Untrustworthy.

    Paul, you and Andy will always be a fantastic team.

    Thank you.

  14. Brotyboy says:

    Thank you Paul. A great story with such relevance to us all. I’m also pleased to read anything about Andy, never having met him.

  15. Hugh Wallace says:

    Reblogged this on Are We Really Better Together? and commented:
    They held us in contempt because we were afraid of them, and now they’re trying to scare us into allowing them to continue to hold us in contempt.

  16. Hugh Wallace says:

    Thank you Paul, I will remember this story for a while. As an ex-copper myself it made me smile twice as much as a normal person would because I know how right Andy was.

    I’ll be thinking of you both tomorrow as I go about the campaign. I hope the day goes as well as it can and I am sure you will remember to laugh and smile at the fun memories you have of Andy, as well as sob and cry for losing him.


  17. macart763 says:

    Yesterday we had the the imperial march of the masters in Glasgow. Next Thursday it will be the turn of the Rebel Alliance and the Return of the Jedi. May the force be with us all.

    And for the kids who may not be familiar with Star Wars there’s always the Master Chief and the Spartan IVs of the UNSC Infinity kicking Jul M’Dama’s Covenant bumhole.

  18. bjsalba says:

    WeeGingerDug lives up to his motto. His jaws are firmly clamped round the hand of project fear. He is a brave laddie. Well done!

    Thank you for putting this onslaught of excrement into the correct perspective.

  19. arthur thomson says:

    Thank you as always. I listened to two women on the radio yesterday who said they are ‘terrified’ at the prospect of independence. One of them had the cheek to say that her educated friends were voting No but their less educated friends were voting Yes. Bloody cheek, I wanted to tell them that they weren’t better educated, just brainwashed. With them were a number of suits promoting gloom and doom and explaining how the market is the ultimate decider in all that can be allowed to happen. So we are to be ruled by the speculators and spivs who gamble on the markets. That is the British way. Such a sick society. YES, it is a time to be confident and put the bullies in their place.

  20. Hazel Smith says:

    Thanks Paul for putting all this scare Mongering into perspective. We will all be thinking of you on Saturday while out working for YES In all parts of Scotland.

  21. nancyburge says:

    “I was trying to write a few words for Andy’s funeral service this evening, trying to reduce a beloved man’s life into a few paragraphs and failing…”

    Paul, you have just written his eulogy.

    Great story and a great tribute to Andy.

    Nancy XX

    • hektorsmum says:

      Nancy I thought that Paul had written the euology for Andy too. It is a good story, a relevant one which Andy would approve of. I cannot think of a better one but I am sure Paul has lots more to tell.

      • Andy Borland says:

        Talking of which, do you think Paul that it might be a nice touch to post your eulogy to Andy on the site?

        I’m sure I’m not alone saying it feels like we all ‘know’ Andy through your writing & I’m sure it’s going to be a humdinger!

        Just a thought ….

        • nancyburge says:

          Last time I spoke to Paul we did talk about Paul writing a piece about Andy and posting a picture. I think he will, in time, because so many blog-readers have become part of the Paul, Andy and Wee Ginger Dug blog community, if you call it that. I don’t know how to describe it but we all know what I am talking about. I can’t actually be there tomorrow but my head and heart will be there…

  22. Capella says:

    Spot on again. We have to stand up to bullies otherwise they simply take it for granted that their rights trump everyone else. We don’t need to be aggressive and we certainly must not be passive. We only need to assert our democratic right. Andy had great courage and the authority to act. Brilliant story.

  23. Sally Hughes says:

    Love changes us, it gets into our DNA, our souls, and we are left… changed, forever.
    Love crosses borders, languages, religions… timeless, immortal.
    It transmits across a room, a country, a universe, and past death itself.
    Prejudice has no purchase on love… big, open hearted love, empowering.
    Thank you Andy, rest in peace.
    Thank you Paul and the dug
    Take care,

  24. Paul, reading your words, and pondering, what Nancy said above is very true, I think you have indeed at least in part covered his eulogy. Strength and compassion, faith and determination… I wrote a wee thing the other day covering some attitudes of the old Gaels, where in the Gaelic language there was once no words for Hero’s or Cowards, because you have to have one before you have the other, and because the concept was alien to them. No need for a word where a condition does not exist. But they did have names for those they respected, those that stood out ahead of other men. If I may quote from the writings of Dr H. Cameron Gillies, from a lecture he gave in 1913, “The next man I am to introduce, or rather to reveal to you, is the Gaelic Duine-foghainteach. Now who is he? He is the hero you say, the brave man, the warrior. Yes, I will take all that. The Duine-foghainteach is all this, and more, in one. But who really is he in Gaelic. He is just and simply the sufficient man—no more and not less. He is the man that the great American Waldo Emerson described as “the man at home” within himself —the self-contained man, the sufficient man, the man waiting for the occasion, and ready at all times for the occasion, come what may. He is the strong man—in reserve. We have no word in Gaelic for a bully, as we have no word for a coward. The sufficient man was good enough for our people. May I express the sincere hope that we, their perhaps weaker descendants, may keep a place of high esteem for this very fine strong man— the duine-foghainteach. ”

    I can only know Andy through your writing, but thinking on your last post, perhaps the above is a suitable offering, that indeed he was a “Duine-foghainteach”..

  25. George Quin says:

    Ecellent atricle mate and the irony was not lost on me and your right the bias of the BBC is finally out in the open for all to see the trouble is they might get awawy with it the scaremongering has reached new levels of vileness and as for the Electoral commision i think that they are not to be trusted i have put in complaint about the breaking of purdah and of RBS and the treasury and of the completley misrepresented interniew to the detriment of alex salmond i may not particularly like the man but he did get us this far and have yet to recieve a reply this does not bode well for polling day as i think there is a major chance for electoral fraud during the countrin of votes i would put nothing past the uk gov at this point. I only hope that the people of scotland are wise enough and brave enough to ride this storm of scaremongering lies and believes in itself enough to do the right thing on the 18th for all our sakes and vote yes.

    Peace to you all especially you mate in your time of loss

    • RBS & The Treasury: Remind me but didnt Broon and that arse Darling not screw things up rightly for the Treasury not so long ago?

      And would you care to point out whats ‘scottish’ about either Bank of Scotland for those of the mint sauce persuasion?


  26. sair fecht says:

    Paul, Thanks for restoring some sanity with this post!

    I’m getting really fed up of the scare stories now in this orchestrated campaign …. Now we are being trashed internationally too – google Scotland, referendum, or independence and it will throw up (sick! sic) yet another article in an international publication which repeats the
    “too wee, too poor & too stupid” mantra. We have to hope that people aren’t taken in by it, and see it for what it is – a last-ditch attempt by the Westminster millionaires trying to hang on to their jobs and their cosy little arrangement which suits them and their pals.

    We’re in the final stages now… and we’ve got to hold on to the hope….

    ……… that we can win this, and claim the country as ours….

    Morrissey put it nicely in his lyrics “A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours”

    “A rush and a push and the land that
    We stand on is ours
    It has been before
    So it shall be again”

    A rush and a push and the land that
    We stand on is ours
    It has been before
    So why can’t it be now?

  27. Steve Bowers 74% win says:

    What a country we live in, I have a wee tear in my eye when I read these comments, all the love and mutual support, everyone coming together in support of a wounded man grieving for his partner in life. All of us even more determined to go out there and bring this result home, not just for Paul and Andy but for us all together.
    We have a new future to put together and it’s very close……….

  28. Paul, yir right, we’ve nothing to fear fae the Unionist bullies!

  29. Thank you for sharing that great story with us, Paul.

    You say, ” Something doesn’t add up.” Others are saying the vibes when out canvassing are at odds with what the polls are showing. Perhaps this article might shed some light.

    It certainly accords with what has gone on so far, and repeats what a lot of Yes people fear might happen in the few days before polling.

  30. Justin Fayre says:

    As usual – brilliant doesn’t do it justice.

    I’ll say one thing in favour of Vote No Supporters.
    At least they’ll have the world’s cleanest brains, the amount of washing they’ve had to endure.

    Your Yes Scotland Song
    Your Better Together Song

  31. For a Dancer says:

    Thanks for thinking about our sanity when you have so many other things on your mind. They really are all showing their true colours now. In a blind panic about their own inadequacy, and asserting their ‘authority’ to try and get their own way. Cheating some would call it, patronising and bullying I would suggest!
    Anyway wishing you the best over the next few days, Your eulogy will do Andy proud because you loved him.

  32. faolie says:

    Thank you Paul. A perfect and apposite post for us to enter the last week. I’d say that Andy’s story mirrors the people’s determination to vote Yes in the face of the onslaught of fear and propaganda now being streamed hourly from the BBC and the MSM.

    We will vote Yes. The canvas returns I and others see are Yes. The people that pack halls to listen to speakers from Nicola Sturgeon to Tommy Sheridan are Yes. The million people who have registered to vote are registering to vote Yes. The polls showing Yes at 50% are just an indication that we will vote Yes.

    Should Scotland be an independent country? YES.

  33. kerdasi amaq says:

    I’d say that voting NO would be worse than voting YES, because when the foreign political parties want to jam some crud down Scotland’s throat; they’ll say: “but, but, but you voted for this when you voted against Independence”.

    Frightening English bullies is bad, what kind of revenge will they take against Scotland if the Scottish People leave them the power.

  34. Andy gives us all a salient lesson in life. My thoughts and prayers are with you Paul. Andy sounds as if he was a brilliant bloke with a lot of confidence. I know you miss him an will carry his memory with you.

    And we will take that great lesson from Andy, just watch us…

    Kindest regards,

    David Milligan Lvss

  35. Bamstick says:

    Thank you for standing up for me and people like me who have been bullied in the past.

  36. mogabee says:

    A bittersweet day ahead for you tomorrow but alone you certainly are not. Thanks for your words today.

    • Utterly nails it all on the head metaphorically with this one. So true. Also, very nice to get this wee insight into Andy the person…. not able to pay my respects in person tomorrow but you will be in my thoughts.

      I’m sure I speak for thousands when I thank you for posting this.

  37. Clootie says:

    The perfect story at the perfect time – Well done (once again)

  38. erruanne says:

    There is an easy cure – black out the news. believe me its fabulous and you get all the news you want on social media. The UK is indeed a bully state and likes to, in its own phrase, punch above its weight. It will never respect Scotland or its people until we stand up to them and say Enough. We cower and we’ll get it. We rise & we will be respected and we’ll get on with a new relationship.

  39. kristin says:

    I only discovered your blog today…wish I had done so earlier. Your writing has amused me and brought me to tears, your clear-sightedness has given me hope that enough of us can see the bigger picture. Even more amazing in the wake of losing Andy. Thank you

  40. WRH2 says:

    I’ll use the images you paint here when I’m out over the next few days. What we also have to remind ourselves of is that we have a fantastic team who have taken even worse than any of us in the last two years. Alex and Nicola. We have had this crap thrown at us in these two weeks but they have taken this for the past two years plus. We need to get this Yes vote for them, ourselves and for Paul, Andy and the dug. Thank you Paul for this inspiring blog and for Andy’s story.

  41. Brilliant. My thoughts are with you today. x

  42. Sashadistel says:

    That story made me laugh- so right about bullies, so right. Cheers Andy and Paul

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