Solidarity with Scotland from all over the world


Solidarity with Scotland has just released a new video – people all over the world demonstrating their support for independence and willing us to vote Yes, for ourselves, for them, and for a better world.

Many thanks to Pilar and Douglas for all their hard work.

15 comments on “Solidarity with Scotland from all over the world

  1. The thing that jumps out is not all the good lucks or the yes’s but the word ‘normalisation’.
    What we’ve taken as the norm for three centuries is anything but. From the perspective of these fellow Europeans that’s all we’re campaigning for … to be normal.

  2. macart763 says:

    Outstanding! 🙂

    *Waves right back*

    Hullo world, we want to get on.

  3. The Earthshaker says:

    great to see such fantastic support from around the world and well done to the team who put it together and here’s another powerful article from a non Scot urging a yes vote, articles entitled ‘Scots voting no to independence would be an astonishing act of self-harm’

    Go for it Scotland, vote YES

    • Steve Asaneilean says:

      Stunning article which everyone – Yes, No, Maybe – should read. Paul – do you think George would allow you to re-post it here?

  4. mary vasey says:

    Smashing, as macart says YES world we want to get on

  5. A Meringue says:

    Oh how I long to be a member of this wonderful family of nations.

    Right now we are stuck in this union that wants “more clout” and “punches above its weight”. No more no fecking more!

  6. Free at 63! says:

    Brilliant! This is our right – to be another independent country. So good to see so many with us on this.

  7. liza says:

    Absolutely brilliant!! Thank you everyone! All these fabulous, happy people wishing us well – how brilliant!!

  8. WRH2 says:

    I seem to have a big bits of dust in both eyes! Brilliant. It feels like we are not alone. We have friends around the world. Following a Yes vote we must give all those who have cheered us on the support they also deserve.

  9. rowantree633 says:

    Reblogged this on A Yes Voter in Nairn and commented:
    Fab video! Great messages of support.

  10. Jan Cowan says:

    Paul, you are a marvel. And a huge thanks to your wonderful friends.

  11. Capella says:

    What a wonderful collection of images, music and positive messages. Thanks to Pilar and WGD for putting this together. Such an antidote to the negativity from Westminster.

  12. yesguy says:

    thank you all you beautiful people.

  13. Aspen says:

    To all in Westminster so keen to strut the World Stage take note, the world is watching you and we are not without friends.

  14. Alan McHarg says:


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