French EFA MEPs show Solidarity with Scotland


The French members of the European Free Alliance, the political grouping to which the SNP belongs in the European Parliament, recently held a meeting in the Corsican city of Bastia where they voted to demonstrate their support for an independent Scotland and the Solidarity with Scotland campaign. The above photograph was taken in the gardens of the Mayoral palace in the city.

From left to right in the front row are Gustave Alirol, president of R&PS, Josep-Maria Terricabras MEP for ERC, François Alfonsi former MEP PNC (Corsican National Party) and now President of EFA, Mona Bras Political leader of the UDB Breton Party, behind her is Inaki Irazabalbeitia former Aralar MEP, Gilles Simeoni Mayor of Bastia (with red Yes panel), Fabiana Giovannini PNC executive, Lorena Lopez de La Calle Deputy in Basque Country, Parlament of ARABA/ Naigs le Gar Member of the Bretton Assembly UDB/ Former MEP JJ Biceps from Guadalupe and at least ten more regional members of Parliament from France, dozens of Corsican mayors, and other supporters of an independent Scotland.

Many thanks to Günther Fritz Dauwen, the director of the European Free Alliance, for organising the photograph.

6 comments on “French EFA MEPs show Solidarity with Scotland

  1. dennis mclaughlin says:

    Thank you all from EFA,we here in Scotland appreciate your support.

    Merci beau coup !.

  2. WRH2 says:

    Shared on three Facebook pages. Great news and thanks to our European neighbours.

  3. vronsky says:

    Well, that’s only right and proper. After all, famous Scot James Boswell campaigned for Corsican independence.

  4. Doug says:

    Lovely – good to see our cause championed from afar.

    Also: JJ Biceps – what a name.

  5. john says:

    It makes you feel so proud to see so many people wanting Scotland succeed in her own right and take her place in the word as a free and proud nation. And when the people of our country say no
    we will have the power to follow it through.

  6. Capella says:

    Very encouraging to know that so many people are cheering us on. Many thanks for posting this. One day we can have a great big international party!

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