Pride and prejudice

Well that’s us telt then. According to a new opinion poll, a large majority of voters in England want to dock Scotland’s pocket money and send us to bed without any Barnett supper. Over half the respondents wanted Scottish public spending to be cut to the UK average in the event of a No vote. The newspaper reviewers on Sky News discussed the story and all agreed that it was a massive blow for Alicsammin. It’s the default position on all Scottish news stories.

I’ll summarise the rest for you:

“Naughty Caledonians, naughty. No Great British pudding for you lot, oh no. You’ll have had your jam. It’s terribly unfair that Scotland gets more money and all those free universities on prescription. Everyone knows you only have to swan into a Scottish university and they’re throwing free drugs at you. They’ll even look after your granny for free – and give her drugs as well. That’s how that wily Alicsammin gets them to support the Scottish Nationalistic Party, because they’re all on free drugs. And they hate English people too. That’s the only reason they have free education, so they can teach hatred of the English. It’s so bad that it’s not safe for an English person to walk down a street in Falkirk without someone leaping out a close and demanding that they say the word ‘murderer’ then mocking them because they can’t say R. That’s Scottish people, they even steal consonants out of the mouths of the English. Then they yell cruel hateful things like ‘Germany’s won on penalties’ and fall about laughing. And it’s English taxpayers who have to foot the bill you know. It’s unfair.”

That’s the kind of reporting that led to the poll findings which led to yet more of that kind of reporting. It’s the consequence of the Great Lie, the lie that told Scotland it was subsidised by the rest of the UK so it wouldn’t get ideas above its oil and gas station. It may have started off as a deliberate lie, a political tactic, then it took on a life of its own and became one of those things that’s only true because everyone thought everyone else believed it to be true. But when you move in the rarified circles of the UK media commentator what you think everyone else believes to be true becomes pretty rarified too, and then you end up with people who believe that the globe-bestriding mighty British nuclear defended state which punches above its weight and is MI5’ed up to its oxters is being bullied by woman in Clackmannan whose daughter bought her an iPad for her birthday. If a mountain can be dwarfed by a pebble, it can’t have been much of a mountain to begin with. Certainly not if it’s Ben Fogle. Although if Ben Fogle really was a Scottish mountain it would be Beinn Foghail in Gaelic, which translates as “heap of offensiveness” and is spookily appropriate.

The truth of course is that Scotland more than pays its own way within the UK. Yet there are still people who ask themselves “Where is the money going to come from?” when they think about Scottish independence. The money is already here. It’s just collected by a Parliament which isn’t here, and which decides how much of it it’s going to give us back after first meeting other needs it considers more important, weapons of mass destruction – like Trident or a Better Together strategy meeting – or London commuter rail projects.

Thanks to the Barnett Formula, Scotland is protected to some extent from the gross imbalances in UK regional spending, but the real imbalance is within England. London benefits disproportionately while the English regions suffer. But it’s Scotland that gets the blame in the UK media, and the Barnett Formula has the same chance of surviving after a No vote as Danny Alexander has of getting re-elected in 2015. And there’s £7 billion wheeched off the Scottish budget, on top of our share of the billions of austerity cuts yet to come. But this is scaremongering and bullying, and it’s naughty and divisive to bring it up.

The poll didn’t ask respondents whether they also believed that public spending in London should also be cut to the UK average. The Sky News reviewers never thought to ask that either. Funny that.

While promising to slash Scottish funding, at the same time a majority in the poll want Scotland to remain a part of the UK. Which is a bit like expecting a dug to come and greet you enthusiastically when it knows you’re going to kick it. Vote No for a kicking, there’s a good Scottie.

So after two years of the UK media being full of Better Together press releases and UK politicians telling everyone that Scotland is a basket case which is only saved from tripping over its own feet thanks to the financial zimmer frame of the English tax payer, and spreading the foul lie that the independence campaign is motivated solely by an atavistic hatred of English people, we discover that most voters in England want to punish us and cut us down to an even smaller size and consequence if we vote to stay a part of this greatest partnership of nations in the time space continuum of the multiverse.

Those ProudScots must be oh so very proud of themselves now. Actually they are, because one of the symptoms of ProudScottery is that nothing is ever your fault. It’s the defining characteristic of the condition.

It’s the logical consequence of ProudScottery, because what they’re most proud of is that being Scottish exempts them from blame and responsibility. It’s easy being proud when you can always blame someone else for everything that you dislike. England can vote Tory, but the ProudScots can safely blame someone else for the ill effects of Conservative governments on a Scotland that didn’t vote for them. It’s not our fault, we’re ProudScots, we don’t vote Tory. And they can safely escape responsibility for a hypocritical hollowed out Labour party desperately chasing the support of Tory leaning voters in England’s Labour-Conservative marginals. It’s not our fault, we’re ProudScots, we despise Tony Blair.

And it’s not their fault or the fault of the No campaign for whipping up an atmosphere of bile and contempt against Scotland in the UK media, and cheering enthusiastically whenever Scotland receives a PR generated blow to Alicsammin. It’s all the fault of Alicsammin, it always is. Alicsammin’s Fault is a geological fixture in the ProudScot political landscape. It’s always someone else’s fault when you’re a ProudScot. They’re not ProudScots, they’re shameless infants who revel in their lack of responsibility.

Independence? Oh gods no, we’re ProudScots, we don’t accept responsibility for Scotland. If you have no responsibility, you have no pride.

But that’s what independence means. It means that the people of Scotland take charge, take control, and take responsibility. Then if we fail we have no one to blame but ourselves. That’s what scares the ProudScots. Real pride comes from responsibility.

38 comments on “Pride and prejudice

  1. Sally Tardiff says:

    So much insight and truth from the #weegingerdug blog … I hope many more people find this site between now and September 18 .. should be a mind changer for many. I’ll be following .. posting .. and sharing!Go for it weegingerdug … bite the hand off the ‘project fearmongers’

  2. hiorta says:

    Another delightful, brilliant article – accurate too, which demolishes such idiotic claims at a stroke.
    There is simple solution tae a’ this ersatz Southern wailing and girning.

    Let’s just vote YES and be done with it. In the prophetic words of yon old wartime song – we’ll wish you luck as we wave you goodbye.

  3. Steve Asaneilean says:

    I just like to ask people the simple question – if Yes is the opposite of No what’s the opposite of independence?

  4. macart763 says:

    What did they seriously think would happen Paul? Yesterday’s front pages will have made up a lot of minds, but probably not in the direction BT hope for. They really are that criminally insane.

    You sell a narrative through your tame media. The narrative becomes popular, a runaway train with only one final catastrophic stop… social division. The narrative itself has done no end of damage to relations on these islands, not terminal as yet, but pretty fucking severe and it will have one of two very severe outcomes dependent on September’s result. Having blurted out the threat of repercussions in event of a NO win, I think they’ve covered severe outcome number one by themselves really. A Scotland which will be punished for having the audacity to ask, ‘Is this as good as it gets’?

    Outcome number two however will be what happens if NO loses? What happens when the rUK public don’t see the sky fall in on Scotland? What happens when they see the real diplomats and sensible folk holding considered serious negotiations? What happens when Scotland is fast tracked into the EU, or when we do whatever is expedient over currency simply because we always could, because we have the resources to underwrite what will become one of the hardest currencies on the planet? What happens when the rUK tax payer is asked to make up the 10% hole in budget/taxes which Scotland leaves behind and possibly fit the bill for our share of the debt run up in the UKs name (dependent on how well negotiations work out)?

    It’ll start with a lot of grumpy and deeply confused people asking their media and their politicians some pointed questions. It’ll end with… who knows? But at a guess, I’d say a lot of well known faces will find themselves jobless in the near future.

  5. Well said Paul. Everything I would like to say to my Uncle/Auntie Tam work colleagues but put in a more succinct way. Probably wasted on those bangers anyway.

  6. Marian says:

    You have a way with words Paul that encapsulates what most of us are thinking – once again thank you!

    Btw does anyone know the origins of the “subsidy junkie” label – was it Labour and George Foulkes or was it the former UKIP funder “Lord” Moncton or someone else?

    However it was should be utterly ashamed of themselves for fuelling the hatred that is now being felt towards the people of Scotland.

  7. smiling vulture says:

    If Oil is running out,why did they change the boundary?

  8. Jan Cowan says:

    Thanks again, Paul. I especially enjoyed your Gaelic Ben Fogle translation!

  9. Nancy Burge says:

    The Ben Fogle translation was a coffee-on-keyboard moment for me:)

    • brianmchugheng says:

      I’m sitting in the pub and ‘Beinn Foghail’ just made me spit beer all over myself. Embarrassing. LOL.

  10. Laurence says:

    Pure Magic Paul.

  11. Absolute genius mate If only Eck could express this in the next debate!!

  12. faolie says:

    Proud Scots but. I’d have thought that they’d have given up on that self-labelling but after reading this I know why they continue.

    It’s like when Reporting Scotland gleefully reported Ian Wood’s wee arse about face yesterday when he said that, why, he’d made a mistake in his report and all these billions of barrels of oil aren’t there after all.

    Better No Together Thanks (ie Proud Scots), ‘seized’ this as evidence that Scotland really is too poor and should just stay with mummy UK.

    Wonder if they ever listen to themselves?

  13. Brilliant. You are by far my favourite writer on all things indyref.

  14. Bamstick says:

    Brilliant, just exactly what my husband and I were debating last night.
    We’re in our trusty camper touring a wee bit of the highlands and were feeling down at all of the No banners in the fields. Maybe 50/50 up here we thought. But why don’t they have just one message, like us? YES.
    Their message is put in many ways and got a certain salute every time we saw it.
    Wearing our YES badges we were asked questions by a wee lassie (20 something) who was undecided. Even after our best attempts she still seemed confused, so I said ” imagine you were getting a divorce and you’re husband said I’m keeping everything, including the pound.”
    She seemed to get that. The I said “If you vote No, you must keep sending £5 to Westminster and they will give you back £3 pocket money and tell you how to spend it”. That really worked. So we told her to download the WBB and to tell all her undecided pals too.

    • faolie says:

      Nice one, but it’s even worse now if we vote No. Under the new Heavy Price to Pay (Scotland) act, we’ll take your £3 oil and gas money and you can raise the other £2 yourself. And if that’s not enough, hike up your taxes but don’t come running to us.

    • partialtrust says:

      I wouldn’t be too down about seeing No banners on farms and estates, I never really expected any different, just like when they stick up their Vote Tory signs. The farmer/laird only has one vote despite being surrounded by hundreds hectares of coo’s, sheep, heather and the stink of their own naw-ness.

      • Bamstick says:

        We were just saying the same today on another wee tour round the Highlands. Thank goodness the laird only gets one vote. Round about Newtonmore there were loads of YES banners everywhere and in Trinafour we got lots of waves from other YES supporters. So a better day the day. We think all of the NO laird should be called His naw-ness from now on. Love it.

  15. Anne Lyden says:

    My coffee-on-keyboard moment was imagining a tory toff trying to say “murderer”
    Brilliant as always!

  16. bj says:

    well written, but you are talking to the converted, love to see this reprinted in the Times or even Paisley Daily Express

  17. Brilliantly put and easy to understand. I am going to email this to some undecideds. Thanks Paul

  18. setondene says:

    Absolutely spot on Paul. Years ago I got sick of all the Proud Scots who girned and whined about ‘the English’, nowadays referred to as Westminster. If you turned on them and said ‘why don’t we take responsibility and do it ourselves?’ you were an evil nationalist and too dangerous to have a serious moan with.

  19. jamie macdonald says:

    Guid wee dug!, a shining star as always, compliments to yer braw, bricht owner tae!
    Reading the comments, is not so up-lifting though, this whole thing has been so full of highs an lows, last week I felt optimistic, now after being kicked down again over the weekend…
    You sum it up so well in wee ‘scottie getting a kicking’ You feel like- do we have to go through this all over again? We ‘trusted’ you before… and you are now proving you haven’t changed.
    The proud scot image in my head is of the ghastly photos of badly treated wee dugs lying in squalid conditions, and kept there by some of the most unpleasant people you are likely to come across,- vote no and stick your kids in there too…. yuegch!
    AYE! Proud Scots- Bonnie, Brave, and no Belief!!!
    If a Yes vote comes most of these will shrink to the margins I think, especially if, as Macart says Westminster has to U-turn on so much, and the process unfolds as we expect. I fear a backlash from down south though, we are blamed now, who will cop it when the shit REALLY hits the fan …
    When you see the London riots, it doesn’t bear thinking about.
    Not our problem, If they won’t play nice, here and now. Ours is the no vote, our problem goes on, and on, and on, an….. if only the rest of our litter can open their eYES before the 18th!
    and maybe even getting a habit for tearing holes in old smelly socks!….

    • Sue Varley says:

      Know how you feel Jamie, I’ve been up and down like a yo-yo over the last couple of weeks with hope for Yes versus the nastiness of No, but I had a lovely encounter with a young sales lady in Boots in Dingwall this week, she saw my Yes hat, asked if I was campaining and we discussed our hopes for the future. That totally unexpected, and unprompted conversation made me realise that not only are we going to win this, but we are going to make a better future for all of us in Scotland.

      We are winning, we have a future, the No side have even less ahead of them than the tarnished past which we are rejecting. It’s been a long campaign, I’ve suffered campaign fatigue more than once, but I’m not allowing myself to doubt again for the last four weeks. Trust the people of Scotland, we can and will be better than this. We will vote YES – the time is now.

      • jamie macdonald says:

        agree Sue, my yes badge is glued on from now on in.. heartened by yours and some of the new comments… looking forward to delivering some signs to a local large estate myself on Saturday, that should be interesting since I know the owners are staunch no supporters…

  20. “Vote No for a kicking.” That says it all. Too horrific to contemplate.

    Read somewhere that this pole was conducted in April and kept on ice. If that is true, then it suggests it has been defrosted to knock the NHS stories from the news as they were becoming too uncomfortable for the Labour folk, and too difficult to lie away. The figures used in the media are a diversionary tactic to snare us and stop us pursuing the real stories on the NHS, oil and so many other things.

    Such media frenzy could well prompt a backlash. On the Yes side we campaign against the policies and politics of Westminster, while making clear we have nothing but respect for the people south of the border. We must be careful the clear blue water between Westminster and English people does not become muddied as therein lies trouble and would see us wallowing in negativity and losing the argument. Our thoughts must be firmly fixed on the positives of independence, and not be deflected.

  21. Illy says:

    “Over half the respondents wanted Scottish public spending to be cut to the UK average in the event of a No vote. The newspaper reviewers on Sky News discussed the story and all agreed that it was a massive blow for Alicsammin.”

    So being threatened with massive cuts if you vote “no”, and continued free prescriptions, free schooling, removal of nuclear weapons, Scotland’s money being spend in Scotland rather than London…

    Yeah, that’s a “blow” for Alex Salmond alright. The question is who’s paying for the hooker?

  22. ES says:

    Anyone who had misfortune of listening to the press reviewers that night must have been like me,steam coming out my ears..such arrogance and sadly ignorance of the true facts and so very evident that many folk in the south really see Scots as the poor cousins,to be put up with when in fact those very cousins hold the wealth
    [video src="" /]

  23. Margaret Morrison says:

    None of us believe anything the papers or TV media says, so why should we believe what they say about the people of England being out to get us,I for one don’t believe them, I think most of the people of England,Wales and N Ireland detest Westminster as much as we do, because they are treated as badly as we are.

  24. andygm1 says:

    The Herald front page was the talk of the golf club bar yesterday and most people got the message, if you vote No you’ll be punished.

  25. Papadox says:

    We have been well warned by the colonial power and it’s media that we will be severely dealt with and punished should we have the audacity to vote NO.
    The people of the rUK will demand nothing less and HMG will oblige with relish.

    The proud snobbish Scots will be in the punishment cells with all the rest of us, and they will still be blaming the working class Scots, and not the establishment figures who they think give a shit about them.

    They do not understand that all Scots are subjects of the imperial colonial masters. They are just like the Anglo Indians in 1947 they will be abandoned to their own devices, it’s make your mind up time.

    Vote NO get a kicking.
    Vote YES get a chance.

  26. The Earthshaker says:

    Another great post Wee Ginger Dug, if you wanna see the impact all your grassroots campaigns are having here’s a poem from Welsh author Catrin Dafydd

    Good luck to you all on the 18th Sept!

  27. kestral says:

    So now every no voter must be aware or getting there – that if they vote no they vote to take approx £1,700 off every man woman and child in scotland

    including themselves

    do people normally vote to have money taken off them?

  28. YESGUY says:

    Over the moon with this blog

    What a cracking read you are Paul. Your getting better every week and your numbers will be rising.

    Smiling again , so thanks buddy.

    And the comments are as always spot on.

  29. edulis says:

    I watched the Newsnight Special with Kirsty Wark last night. I don’t know who the proud scottery guy was, but he was blaming the SNP for even asking the question. It was all Alicsammin’s fault that we are allowed this vote and he doesn’t get one because he lives in London.

    I have to say with Tom Divine, David Hayman and especially Val McDermid on the ‘Yes’ side, it was no contest.

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