All over the world … it’s a YES!

So who cares what a right wing Australian Prime Minister with chronic foot in mouth disease has to say after being briefed by a UK Conservative cabinet minister, people all over the world have been expressing their support for Scottish independence – for justice, and for equality.  I stitched this map together from photos sent to Solidarity with Scotland from supporters of Scottish independence and friends of justice in all four corners of the globe – even Australia.


18 comments on “All over the world … it’s a YES!

  1. Bamstick says:

    The head of the Green Party in Tasmania, Australia has produced a wee video where she says she’s in favour of Scottish Independence. Not sure where I watched this, might have been face book.

  2. WRH2 says:

    Dave needs to send better instructions to his mates. Instead of saying, ” make a statement using these key words” he should send the ready prepared statement. His hard of thinking chums seem to difficulties put a coherent statement together.

  3. WRH2 says:

    Last line should read, “seem to have difficulties putting a coherent statement together”. Naughty auto spell.

  4. Jan Cowan says:

    Many supportive visitors form various countries – France, Catalonia, Canada, Switzerland – along with locally domicile Scottish and English YES voters at the Helmsdale Games today.
    Enjoyable day for all. We’re getting there!

  5. The guy is obviously a nutter. We certainly don’t want *his* support.

    Any news from our friends in the North?

  6. Rookiescot says:

    We should email the Australian embassy asking when the UK can expect Australias application to rejoin the empire will be made.

  7. Johnny Farrell says:

    I live in Brisbane, Queensland. Having read the comments our half wit prime minister made, I can assure you that a) he is about as popular as dug shite. Even the people that voted for him are too embarrassed to admit it. b) if he said it, the opposite is true c) everybody I know, except for one fellow immigrant supports independence for Scotland. d) quite a few Scots are saying that if its a yes vote next month, they will go home to Scotland.
    Trust me when I say, the whole world, apart from politicians, wants an independent Scotland!

  8. macart763 says:

    Barking batshit nuts with a statement that ranks right up there in sheer idiocy with George forces of darkness Robertson’s prediction of the fall of western democray. As mad as a bag of nut starved squirrels on crack and those are his good points. 🙂

  9. […] All over the world … it’s a YES! […]

  10. Tris says:

    Poor Abbott. He has got everything wrong since his first day. He is the most unpopular prime minister in Australian history.

    Just the kind that U Kok like

  11. See Tom Devine is now a Yes as there is little left of what held us together in the Union and it’ is England that has left Scotland while we have retained the values of the post-war.

    Lovely to see all these Yes signs and saltires covering Scotland. Fingers crossed that’s what it’s like on 19th.

  12. Cat MacKenzie Hyde says:

    Im seriously angered now that Ive been lumped with Abbott’s shite. I was born in Sydney to Scottish parents, Ive always been proud of both my cultures, but since ive ramped up my indy streak, ive battled my Stray’yan demons.
    As I now live in Canada, I took it upon my self to get Scotland tattooed on my forearm, 30cm of pure black ink (much to my mums shock, im a 42 year old granny)
    Confusing people, especially lapse Canadians is now my pleasure! The ability to draw attention to Scotlands plight, by way of an Australian accent and a huge Scotland ink..makes for good convo.
    Ignore negative comments from English born Aussie PMs…he has too many budgies smuggled in his speedo’s Saor Alba

  13. Russell Wade says:

    I watched a c-span program showing the Scottish Parliamentary debate concerning the Sept 18th Referendum: I was impressed by the civility in that debate, The issues of currency, chaos, misinformation made me think of American politics and hope the process won’t become gridlocked with hard feelings on both sides, as we see here in the US. We wish you all well and hope you will all prevail.

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