Make a video with Solidarity with Scotland

Solidarity with Scotland are planning a wee video to show Scots that we have love and support from all around the world. And if you live in furren pairts, they want your help. Take a short video of yourself and your friends expressing your support for an independent Scotland, and send it to Solidarity with Scotland. The videos will be edited together to create a global message of support for Scottish independence.

Please keep your video message brief, preferably your video must be less than 10 mb in size. You can speak to the camera, display a poster or banner in front of a local landmark . The only limit is your imagination – display a Yes poster in front of the Eiffel Tower, or sitting on a Bactrian camel in the Mongolian desert, or standing beside Niagara Falls. Show Scotland that people all around the world are watching and sending their love and support.

Your message doesn’t need to be in English – we encourage you to use your own language, but when you send in your video, in the accompanying message please give an English translation – and tell us what language you’re using in case we don’t recognise it!

The completed video will be published on the Solidarity with Scotland website, on this blog, and on YouTube. Video submissions must be received by the end of next week – August 24. Simply email your contribution to

4 comments on “Make a video with Solidarity with Scotland

  1. davidmccann24 says:

    I cant see the link to Solidarity with Scotland.

  2. […] Make a video with Solidarity with Scotland […]

  3. Bamstick says:

    Now what are the chances that Bactrian camels would occur in two of my conversations today?
    It must be a sign that two really good things will happen.(One for each hump)
    As things always happen in threes, my washing machine giving up takes the first one away so I get to pick the next two.
    No. 1 An Independent Scotland on 18th September.
    No 2. Someone finds the cure for cancer.

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