Shy bunnies

Are you shy and retiring, a wee bit of a wall-flower?   When your best pal asks you if her outfit makes her bum look big do you cower in fear like a straight man?  When watching Eurovision do you refuse to admit that you’re going to vote for the woman in the big frock from Malta because you fear you will be mocked by supporters of the drag queen from Ukraine?  According to the No campaign, and the polling company YouGov, Scotland is chock full of quiet and timid sowels who’re dead set on a No vote but are just too feart to mention it in case the Yes voting 70 year old granny next door challenges them to a fight behind the Co-op.  It’s all square goes and square slice.  It’s too scary to reveal you’re a No voter in case some net curtains are twitched at you in a threatening manner.

But this is Scotland, and by this stage in the referendum campaign if you’ve got a settled view you’ll have shared it with someone.  And that someone will invariably have mentioned it in passing to another someone, because that someone is right nosey and you know that the first someone has a gob on them like the Clyde Tunnel.  And before you know it half the Co-op knows whether you lean towards the Vote No Mind Bleach, or the Tide of Independence washing powder – guaranteed to remove even the most stubborn nuclear missile stains – long before you’ve got anywhere near the voting products aisle and are still trying to get your trolley around the piles of annoying freeze dried currency threats that are being heavily pushed in a TV and newspaper advertising campaign.

I’m struggling with the notion that there’s an ocean of quiet wee naws out there who’re too shy to mention it.  I know a few folk who’re planning to vote no, and they’re very vocal about it.  Loudly so, and they have no compunction in saying that they believe themselves to be better educated and to have a bigger flat screen TV and a flashier motor.  They’re usually the same people who mistake cynicism for wisdom.  People who are disconnected from their hearts only vote with their heads, or more accurately what the papers and the telly tell them about their bank balances.  It’s all about the money for some folk, although if those views were taken to their logical conclusion we’d just abolish all this democracy business and just let our neighbours choose our governments for us.  Oh wait…

But then I’m quite vocal about yesness, so fair enough.  I quite like having my heart and my head in the same place, and it’s the heart which motivates you to discover that the information the media has filled your head with isn’t accurate information.  The No campaign wants us to ignore the wee voice in the heart that says “They’re telling you a load of auld pish”.

It could well be that there are some tortured sowels for whom nawness is a dirty little secret, like a wee fart to blame on the dug, and they don’t want to mention it because fingers might be pointed and scoffs guffawed.  But they’re only going to feel that way if they believe themselves to be a tiny minority of fartiness amongst people who’ve refused Alistair Darling’s offer of a pile of beans and who take responsiblity for themselves.

The shly elusive timid Naw, like bambis and fluffy bunnies and other easily startled creatures, has very big ears.  Shy Naws are just as able as anyone else to listen to what people around them are saying, and if a significant number of them are also No, then the shy ones have no reason to be shy.  They’re safely amongst bambis and bunnies who’ve never been known to monster anyone.  And there’s a media which is almost uniformly telling them of the great advantages and safety in numbers of being a bunny frozen in the headlights, and that bunnies vastly outnumber the wee ginger dugs.  In fact the media has pretty much already declared a victory for No. So any perceptible Nawness from those around them will demonstrate to the shy Naw bunny that it’s safe to come out of the undergrowth and they’re not going to be set upon by any wee ginger dugs that are voting Yes.

The polling company YouGov adjust their figures to take account of shy Naw bunnies hiding in the undergrowth.  They do this because of “anecdotal evidence” that No voters are reluctant to say that they’re No voters.  Possibly this is based on an anecdote told to them by a hauf pished Labour MP in a Commons bar, before he’s been physically restrained from starting a fight, but we will never know.  YouGov are hiding their corrective formula deep in the undergrowth with the hypothetical No bunnies.

In my experience, I come across a lot more shy Yes voters than shy No voters.  They’re the ones who say that they’re unsure and don’t know enough.  They say that because their heart is telling them Yes, but they’re confronted with an onslaught of media reports telling them that they are selfish, stupid, and shortsighted.  They are strongly inclined to vote Yes but don’t want to say so because they don’t feel they can defend their position from the braying belly laughs of people who have larger flat screen TVs and nicer motors and write for the Daily Record.  There is only one side in this campaign which is being accused of racism, of being ill educated anglophobes, and of not thinking clearly or logically, and it’s not No voters.

The Radical Independence Campaign have now released the results of their latest mass canvass of Scotland’s working class districts.  Yes 42%, No 28%, Don’t Know 30%.  It’s that last 30% who are the shy Yeses.  They’re the ones who still can’t reconcile their hearts with the heads.

But when your heart and your head are divided you are unhappy and confused.  That holds for nations as much as it does for individuals.  Those of us who are already singing the song of independence have got the tools, we’ve got the passion, we’ve got the information, we’ve got the heart and soul.  The shy Yes voters are the ones who are invisible to the polling companies, not the shy No voters, and they’re the ones who will tip the balance.  It’s going to be up to those of us who are not so shy to reassure, persuade, and reconcile the shy ones so that their heads and their hearts sing the same song.

And then together we can create the chorus of Yes, singing a song we write for ourselves.  Independence means your heart and your head sing as one.

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  1. george clarkson says:

    The shy no voter is an apparition ,a ghost a correction dreamt up by uguff to keep their masters happy
    However there is the CRAFTY YES voter ,keeping his powder dry ,lulling the nawbags into a false sense of security ,knowing that revenge is a dish best served cold and will heighten the intense pleasure to see the faces of the nawbags,the pundits,the I dont have a plan if they vote for yes, people when the votes start to come in

  2. Yes totally, I sensed in the STV debate that the mood of many undecided voters was an emotional leaning to yes, but a desire to be reassured by Alex Salmond that everything would be OK. I think a reassure tone on the scare issues could pay dividends.

  3. scotsgeoff says:

    Totally agree.

    My neighbour is a firm No (Independence is a Catholic conspiricy for the Pope to rule Scotland’…seriously). He doesn’t/won’t discuss his views; he will only ever post ‘pish’ or ‘shite’ or some dirge about ‘propaganda’ on my Facebook page. No reading the links, no valid contrary opinion, just angry abuse. I’ve deleted him now, it’s just too tiresome.

    On the other hand I know many Yessers who haven’t revealed their views and some undecideds who question the media & FEEL that voting Yes is the right thing.

    I hope that Yes is the outcome’ I don’t know what I will do if No wins.
    It just doesn’t bear thinking about. No will extinguish the last vestiges of hope.

  4. Mick Pork says:

    Great article WGD.

    ‘Shy No’ simply does not explain why the pollsters were so very wrong only three years ago in 2011.

    ‘Shy Yes’ does.

    So those who are convinced of the ‘Shy Yes’ phenomenon have far more than just anecdotal evidence, mass canvassing and the obvious unionist media onslaught demonising Yes supporters on the front pages of papers like the Daily Mail, supporting their case.

    Let’s also not forget that a fairly laughably figure like YouGov’s President Peter Kellner openly declared that he thought a Yes win a literal “impossibility” three years ago. Very impartial I’m sure you’ll agree.

    The pollsters also keep changing their methodology even at this ludicrously late stage. Not exactly a sign of anyone convinced they have it right. The gulf between all the pollsters is also massive. There is simply no way to reconcile that huge divergence. Either most of them are flat out wrong or ALL of them are wrong. Given the pollsters dire past performance in 2011, and canvassing that also bears a remarkable resemblance to 2011, it’s not too hard to guess which of those two it is. The polls were simply not reflecting the true picture in 2011, nor are they now.

    This comment I saw on Scot Goes Pop cuts to the quick and tells us all we need to know.

    bjsalba – “As far as I can see, the polling companies have no real incentive to predict correctly.

    Their main political poll customers are the MSM and the Westminster parties, who are vigorously pushing the BT agenda.

    If they get the referendum numbers wrong they can brush it off just like they did in 2011. They will still be in business.Westminster and rUK parties will still use them.

    The fundamental core issue of the Independence Referendum is who scots trust with scotland’s future. The numbers on that are far more revealing than any headline Yes/No poll numbers that fail to take account of all the ‘Shy Yes’ voters still keeping their cards close to their chest.

  5. K1 says:

    Yes, the element of surprise is what we have.

    They’ll be surprised by that! 🙂

  6. Bamstick says:

    I tend to agree that at the moment there are not many shy NO voters but a lot of shy YES voters.
    I have to count myself as a shy YES voter. I have found, as time passes and the 18th draws nearer, I don’t want to express my voting intentions openly. I still have YES posters on the car and my house but when I’m in the street I want to be anonymous. I think this is due to the overwhelming NO messages I hear all around me. This is the only place where I feel I can “come out”.

    I have no doubt how I will vote, but I am starting to feel uncomfortable that the not so shy NO voters are becoming more and more aggressive.
    Maybe it’s just the area I live in? Maybe I’m just a big feerty? I think most of all it’s because this is so important to me.

  7. I don’t know any shy No voters either. My mum’s going to vote No (she’s a 77-year-old granny). But she’s got a face like fizz when I try to talk about it, cos she knows it’s wrong.

    If I can’t persuade her to Vote Yes, I’ll wait until 17th September and remind her she voted for Thatcher in 1979. Hopefully, the shame will make her take to her bed, so she won’t go out to vote on the 18th 😉

    • Poppy says:

      We have a very much loved great aunt who is a non shy No voter. We are planning on visiting her with a freshly printed out copy of the Wee Blue Book 😀 The rest of the family are firm yes voters so she is being gently worked on. She is quite happy to discuss it though and is an awesome woman:)

  8. A Meringue says:

    It can be the wee things like “Yes” car stickers and window posters that can give a nervous Yes voter the confidence and reassurance that they are not the odd one out. So get visible!

  9. jamie macdonald says:

    ‘like a wee fart blamed on the dug’ -doubled up thinking on that…
    great work as always Paul,
    I watched the inverness debate tonight, and got a real feeling things are turning now for us, wee Jamesey boy got stuck in tae danny boy for a change, and I think, put itching powder on his chair, he was squirming so much at some points… the no campaign audience bus must have broke down too as Jamesey was struggling more than Ponsonby tae find them…plenty boos for NO THANKS comments however… a woman even raised the Clair oil field rumour!! ….and was allowed to!!! Then watched Andrew Neill greetin about how the rest of them havne thought this through yet ….!!! HO-ho- HO-ho!!!!FuckIIIIIIin- MAGIC!!!!
    With all this from that lot, and the release of the wee blue book… could this be..
    The glorious 12th that ‘flushes out’ the no campaign…. BANG!…BANG BANG BANG!
    Next ones you hear will be fireworks… where would the dug go to escape them on the 19th?!

  10. Large Yes signs are being vandalised i the Borders, much to the surprise of most as usually little of this kind of vandalism takes place. But the No side have become angry, and, like Bamstick, many people are keeping voting intentions close. Many also view the campaign as divisive, and don’t want to fall out with friends and neighbours – people they might need to rely on in bad weather or emergencies, or just to chat to. So there is a sense of it being easier to keep quiet and not engage, go about things as usual and pretend nothing unusual is happening. And there are few reminders of that momentous event around the place. I blame it on ITV – we get it from Manchester! Something else that needs sorting come indy.

    • MBC says:

      Do you not get STV in the Borders? You wouldn’t have seen Bernard Ponsonby try to tackle Osborne in Edinburgh on February 13th then after his Sermon on the Pound? That was a game changer for many of us.

      • Bamstick says:

        STV in the Borders. I think you have to have a certain receiver which allows you to determine where your signal comes from? My husband phoned Border Telly before the debate as STV in our area were serving up a gardening programme instead.
        Jingsandthings is correct, Here in the Borders people (NO voters) have become quite ugly in their comments. We are in a very small hamlet with around 20 houses and we are in the minority. Best to keep our thoughts inside the house.

  11. cuddyback says:

    I do soooo hope that you folks are right about this, and i have to admit that i’ve been counting on the same thing myself: that in spite of all the “it’s in the bag” stuff from the NO side, and the meeja, there’s a wee, sleekit, bubbling yes thing going on that nobody’s picked up on yet.

    Any figures available for the number of voters registered? Has it gone up? I bailed out from the census when the poll tax came in, and then left the country, so i don’t figure, but it would be interesting to know if the timorous yessers were at least on the ballot…..

    OT: this was my night’s work on Saturday, and it made me think of youse..

  12. macart763 says:

    I agree, if anyone is shy about coming out its the YES voter as is reflected in the reported canvassing returns of RIC. I’d also suspect that YES are receiving similar anecdotal reports from their regional offices. We’ve all seen the images and experienced first hand the responses to YES stalls and events in the street by this point. We know how popular and regularly well attended such things are. The evidence on the ground simply doesn’t jibe with the MSM narrative.

    People naturally want independence and more importantly are compelled instinctively to lean toward independence. Its the most natural thing in the world to feel you have control over your own life, that you don’t rely on others for your own governance or efficiency. Of course what undermines this natural leaning toward self reliance is constantly being told how basically worthless, weak and inept you are.

    I’d like folks to imagine for five seconds telling their kids, friends, partners or neighbours how crap they are at everything. Just what reaction or result do they fondly think they are due from such an action? Yet this is what we are subjected to on a daily basis. This is the reality of what those supporting independence face. That someone who calls themselves friend and partner constantly and with premeditation exposes you to what is factually abuse which undermines your self confidence and self reliance over an extended period of time. They don’t do this for our own good as they claim, but for theirs. Their actions say far more about their own self image than ours that they feel this compulsion to constantly reaffirm their world view.

    People need to ask themselves how much faith they put in their partner’s opinion or motives at this point. Are they simply looking out for us? Thinking of our best interests? Being supportive of someone they believe to be a failure waiting to happen? Or are they really looking out for themselves?

    Take a wild guess at which option you think most fits the bill for Westminster?

  13. Juteman says:

    My house is plastered in YES posters, but I only recently started wearing a YES badge. It has proved to be a real ice breaker, and has told me that there are loads of shy YES voters out there.
    An example was the woman in my local shop that saw my badge as I was in buying my fags. “So you’re voting Yes then, do you think it could work?” After a few minutes of discussion, she told me that she was voting YES too. She only needed to feel that she was doing the right thing, and be reassured.

    Get those badges on, folks!

    • MBC says:

      Agree. The shy Yessers and even the soft Noes need to see that we are ordinary normal people not demons with horns.

    • Bamstick says:

      I don’t wear a YES badge but when I was in a local charity shop hunting for anything Scottish, cos I collect it, I got into a rare wee discussion with two women there. They were both undecided and ask me why I was voting YES. I think it helped both of them to see that normal folk out shopping were decided. They also told me that a large number of folk had been in their shop telling them the same.

    • hektorsmum says:

      Got my badge on, wee pink one which naturally is a different hue from what people expect to see. First time it was on I met a couple who we know through walking the dug. He said, I love your badge where did you get it, he got his from a lady outside the Parliament. We got talking as you do, as it was nice to discover we were not daft. Since then I have met others, one woman stopped to talk dog, as we dog folk do and she said also she loved the badge and she and her friend were definite YES. Only one nasty set of looks, from two well heeled looking people in the Public Park, thought it was the fact the dug was running about, but then I remembered the badge. Must have been me then

  14. maybolebuddie says:

    O/T, two online polls over the last two days, Daily Record 11/08/2014 Yes 65%, Scottish Banter 12/08/20014 straw poll 10,000 votes in 2 hours Yes 71% (only 1 vote permissible). Now I know these polls are not an exact science, however I believe it shows an undercurrent of voters not being picked up in establishment polls. As many door canvassers are seeing on the doorsteps there is a healthy Yes vote waiting for the 18th.

  15. Colin McGarvie says:

    Is this “Shy No” thing the so-called Kellner Correction? I’m an almost foreign ex-pat with no vote so a bit out of touch with real opinions. Only No voter I know is my dad, are we sure that this Shy No thing is a nonsense or is there possibly something in it?

  16. Colin McGarvie says:

    Also, is it any more likely that there’s a Shy Yes effect? I would have thought that given the relentless negativity of the No campaign, compared to the positivity, particularly of the unofficial Yes campaign, that there could be something in the idea of Shy No’s. If I was a No voter, I would imagine being too ashamed to admit it and be associated with Better Together’s negativity.

    • aitchbee says:

      Our neighbours on either side and another one across the road are all Yes voters but don’t want to put up the stickers and posters we gave them beucase they’re afraid they will get their windows broken or their cars damaged if they do. We’ve had ours up for a good few weeks now and nothing has happened, but they are not to be convinced.

      • setondene says:

        My car was vandalised after I put on a Yes Highland poster by a guy who kicked the wing mirror out of place then shouting YES at my front window. The damage turned out to be completely reversible and there’s been no problem since.

  17. Colin McGarvie says:

    So, I propose that there could be an Ashamed No, rather than a Shy No, effect.

    • hektorsmum says:

      Kind of like not voting Tory even though you did?

      • Colin McGarvie says:

        Exactly. I mean, if I would be voting No, and somebody asked me my intentions, images of Jim Murphy, Danny Alexandar, et al, would probably make me say I don’t know. These folk are a horror show that I’d not want to be associated with.

  18. diabloandco says:

    See that ” silent majority” ? they have a lot to answer for!
    I remember Shereen asking listeners from said ” silent majority ” to phone in to say how they were voting – if memory serves she had a fairly quiet programme.

    Head and heart singing as one in this wee corner!

  19. Conan_the_Librarian says:

    A Labour MP restrained before starting a fight; shurely shum mishtake…

  20. bjsalba says:

    If you have time to spare, go back to the newspaper archives. Take a look at the articles from before and after Holyrood 2011. Having hindsight, you will be able to snigger at the predictions before, but you will shake your head in bewilderment at the “analysis” afterwards. They certainly do not raise any questions about the polls.

    By the way, the papers constantly bemoan low turnouts in the UK.- Stephen Paton on youtube mentions that it is around 70% in other in other northern European countries

    I wonder why? Could it be FPtP or that, at Westminster, we only have a choice of parties that have performed atrociously in government when they had the chance.

  21. “But when your heart and your head are divided you are unhappy and confused. That holds for nations as much as it does for individuals.”

    Exactly why the No activists seem so angry, and so Tired. Cognitive dissonance. Puir Sowels. Pity them. And show them that Yes is the answer to their pain

  22. bearinorkney says:

    For the first time in a wee while I was given a YouGov political this morning. I was asked where I’d been born. I can’t help feeling my views will be disregarded by YouGov and those who are English will have their views quadrupled, or up weighted as they call it. Kellner has a lot to answer for.

  23. My big hope is that on the 19th, September, I will be unable to find a No voter.

  24. hektorsmum says:

    I do not know where me feeling is coming from, I hope experience, but I think the Scots, not those Proud Scots but, the ordinary ones, the non vocal ones the people we all pass in the Streets who maybe glance at the wee badge and do not glower. I have seen the wee smiles and I think that they are going to cuff the NO variety for their impudence in telling them what to think. I also see that what YES do is show how Scotland will be in Independence they do not charge in and say YOU SHOULD vote YES, which is what the Bitter gang do. The one thing I have observed is that the Scots hate being told anything, specially if they did not think it. No is on the wrong track and hopefully will remain so to their Bitter End, I do think they will get cuffed, and I wonder how the newpapers will spin the headlines on the 19th, something like Better Together were worthy losers with YES won way down the page. Somehow I cannot envisaged just YES.
    Well we will just have to wait but I am hoping that the Polls continue to mislead the NO’s who are really the lazy one and if they think they are winning might just stay away from the main Poll.

    • macart763 says:

      Yes or no and like you I think it’ll be yes, the meeja and those politicians associated with BT will have a lot of explaining to do post referendum. They’re going to have to face a considerable portion of the electorate whom they have spent the past three years denigrating and attempt to win back their trust.

      And the chances of that are…

  25. hektorsmum says:

    OOps, meant to say where MY feeling is coming from.

  26. I have a very simple and very effective of interpreting everything that comes out the Naw mob.

    It is to listen to what they say, then think the exact opposite and hola!

    It is the Yes from don’t knows who are shy.

    Simple and I am sure it is the case.

    This must some propaganda technique, the Naw mobs accusations of what is the opposite to the truth?

    Paul, have you a word for it apart from pathologically lying?

  27. biecs says:

    Delurking to admit I am a ‘shy yes’. Among my small circle of friends I am not aware of any other yesses and the same goes for my neighbourhood.
    As I really struggle with disagreements in any context, I am staying very quiet.

    • Good for you biecs

      We will do it and what fun we will have after the YES result!

    • PC says:

      This is exactly my experience. At work, and among family, I find that no voters quite openly express their views and don’t seem to even consider the possibility (or perhaps don’t care) that they may be speaking to people with a different view. I too tend to keep quiet as I don’t like conflict, but I’ve noticed quite a few others keeping quiet too.

      It is easy to think that Yes is massively outnumbered, but on Saturday I was visiting Aviemore and there was a Yes stand on the street. It was amazing to see people gathered round the the stall and normal families wandering away with their children holding ‘Yes’ balloons and flags. It was the first time I felt I was among like-minded people.

  28. hiorta says:

    If you want to avoid trawling through all the biased baggage attempting to influence your vote – just consider why Westminster/ England jealously guard their voting rights against all reason. Their EU stances clearly demonstrate this.
    Why then, if Independence is so terrible, why is this?
    Not only do they lie, mislead and misrepresent other views to facilitate this – not only do they insist on their Independence, they then want to control Scotland’s right as well.

    There is only one answer in these circumstances: “Goodbye”.

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  30. WRH2 says:

    Like Bamstick and Jingsandthings I also live in the Borders. I managed to see the STV debate on ITV but not sure why. I have free view but I know others in my area couldn’t get it. I wouldn’t call myself a shy Yes. I’ve got a huge Yes on my house, first floor to prevent it being stolen. As already mentioned there has been theft and vandalism of Yes signs and property here in the Borders. My car has a fair number of stickers and I almost always were a Yes badge of some kind. I do get nods and shy smiles from people so there are shy Yessers about down here.

  31. Hmmm….ive been canvassing for 6 months now and find that hard NOs are never shy about it!In fact as the weeks go by the NOs have become louder and ruder on the door step.on the other hand I do get a lot of dont knows,who after a short conversation,admit they were probably YES to start with.they just need a wee bit of a lift and their off,to put a big confident cross on the YES of their ballot paper.

  32. alex mckechnie says:

    just read your link about propaganda looks like project fear/better/no/naw playbook they must be using this as a guide to undermine the rest of the country for example “do not send any money” we have enough nothing more than trying to divert the arguementeveryone need to read/see 1984 as a counter

  33. johnmcgurk says:

    I think we are on the cusp of something momentous I think we can do it .WISTON CHURCHILL
    once said There is no other small country in the in the world except Greece given more to the world than SCOTLAND. What will hold us back when we get to know the truth. There are (THIRTY SEVEN) daily papers and their is only one that supports us the HERALD

    • Blizzard says:

      I’m afraid that the Herald is definitely a NO supporter. There are no daily newspapers published in Scotland supporting YES< and one, the Sunday Herald, claiming to support YES, but with a preponderance of negative articles from the likes of Tom Gordon (see my post over on Derek Bateman's blog).

      The only way that people will learn the truth is from word of mouth and blogs such as WGD. For those not on the net, or not minded to trawl through the blogs, the Wings Wee Blue Book is just perfect. Hard copy in the hands of the undecided is just what the doctor ordered for an independence tonic.

  34. Deedee says:

    Great article as per Paul : ) I firmly believe that some people will actually go into the booth at the polling station still not having made up their minds (or maybe still heart Yes, head No) I also believe that when faced with THE question, their heart will overrule their head in that one brief moment and they will vote Yes. Please God let it be so, the alternative does not bear thinking about.

  35. Rookiescot says:

    My worry is the postal vote. I have read that 25% of the votes cast will be postal votes.

    If there is one area you can rig its the postal vote.

  36. AuldGranny says:

    That is my concern as well. How do they ensure that the people sending postal votes actually reside at that address and are entitled to vote? I read somewhere that they have already registered 120% of the vote. Should that not set the alarm bells ringing?

    • MBC says:

      This really worries me too. It was reported that poor Alan Cummings wouldn’t be allowed to vote despite buying a flat in Polwarth, Edinburgh, as you have to be resident six months. (He lives and works in US). Fair do’s. But how do we establish this? He was high profile, so he was found out – he was desperate to vote Yes – but how do we establish residency of at least six months prior to 2nd September when registration stops?

  37. douglas clark says:

    I am, sort of, reassured, that all the predictions are that the vote is going to be huge, i.e. we are looking at a near eighty percent turnout. A lot of them will be shy ‘yessers’.

    Because this uplift in voting intentions cannot be amongst the polled and the connected to ‘politics’ as such, but probably stems from those that have been excluded from any sort of decision making, ever.

    How does a polling organisation deal with that? These people have no previous voting intention, yet have registered for the ‘rumble in the heather’.

    Which way they split, the ‘new’ voters seems to me to be key to the outcome. The work that RIC is doing in that direction is possibly a game changer.

    If, for instance, the re-weightings of polling companies are not reflecting that increased, previously disenfranchised and now enfranchised part of the electorate, how reliable are their assessments?

    Nowadays, I think the ‘polling game’ is corrupt. Re-weightings appear to me to be subjective rather than objective. i was vaguely interested in random sampling as a youth. As I recall it, you took the random sample as a reflection of the totality.

    So 90% didn’t like green cheese? Well, that was it.

  38. douglas clark says:

    I should have added, I am trying to give up on polls. The moods of ‘black despair’ and ‘unreasonable optimism’ that they cast me into is at odds with my idea of myself as a stoic. I bloody care what the latest poll says.

    It is, from a stoics pov ridiculous.

    Except it is hitting me, damn near hourly now.

    • Bamstick says:

      I understand how you are feeling. My husband is really suffering. He tries so hard not to get drawn in by the other sides lies and deceit, but it is causing him to have sleepless nights.
      It’s hitting him hard too and as a result I feel it. We both try to discuss other things but we feel drawn towards the 18th as if in a vortex. He is active in the YES campaign, as much as he can be, but still feels like he should be doing more.
      Watching him suffer like this is hard as it is simply the most important thing in both our lives at the moment. It must be a YES. It just must.

      • jamie macdonald says:

        Bamstick- Crikey it’s not just me!! I’ve been thinking that too, the last few weeks, feel I should be doing more, and that I’m heading towards a vortex or Armageddon day with this sometimes -I get so wound up!

        Consequently I’ve not been pulling any punches when confronted with hard No’s(es!), fell out with my bro-in-law over it- SHEESH! 3 kids, the oldest just starting nursery school!- and he’s coming out with all the ‘what currency will you use’ pish and then tells me he
        DOESN’T pay any TAX! (cos he doesn’t pay income tax)- I was astounded, and felt so much for those wee weans and my sister…
        As long as he has his car at the door , lottery ticket, or a wee flutter, and a wee bottle o voddy now and again(but no tax paid, you understand) ……I nearly bit his effin heid aff! Dunderheid…my wee sisters a YES but..

        The polls have been wrong before, and I believe if they don’t change soon, they will be again. I don’t know anyone that has been quizzed yet, my mum and dad are both yes, as is my other half’s, she says she doesn’t know yet, but will vote yes, I think -in short more yes’s than no’s in my close circle..

        I too worry about the ballot, apparently there have been 120% ballot papers printed, due to the higher than expected turnout…(!)
        If it is a really close run thing and no wins, will we have no suspicions? And visa versa…
        A big result would resolve them but I don’t trust it…- till I see A great BIG YES!

        A word on the border region- I remember seeing a debate with a follow up audience poll in Kelso or Selkirk (I think) Pat Kane was on the panel, way back before it had really kicked off on MSM, I’m certain the result on that one was a quite a large yes majority.In my outsiders view, it sounds like the No lot will be making more noise than friends (a facebook friend who is a soft yes, quizzed a BT lady giving out leaflets in Ayr the other day on the unfairness in the country, to be answered with, ‘ well me and my family are alright’! not best pleased, my friend pressed further to be met with more abusive comments which worked up to a ‘Get lost!’ ) Excluded. that’s what a No vote is…include us all in A YES!

        • Bamstick says:

          I think that there are probably many folk feeling the same way. You seems to be dealing with it well. Head on, get your point across. I can sense the same angry frustration from you as I feel from my husband. It reminds me of the way he is when an important football match is looming. If he could he’d be on the pitch putting the ball in the net.

  39. douglas clark says:


    I think you, your husband and I will have reason to celebate. When the disenfrachised get enfranchised you can assume fireworks! Why else would you bother?

    I just hope they keep it up. A new Scotland might be more amazing than any of us currently thinks!

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