My Scotland, your Scotland, everyone’s Scotland

A guest post by Samuel Miller (Macart)

Its been a rubbish week in the referendum and the press have gone into overdrive trying to beat us senseless with their usual melange of ever so helpful condescending commentaries on just how evil Alex Salmond is and just how hopeless and needless is the idea of Scottish independence. Yet for all that I’m sitting here with a small measure of good cheer in a glass and building a head of steam for an all’s right with the world kind of fuzzy feeling. I’ve just read some posts on WGD and as usual I’ve got a smile on my face that only well measured and insightful wit or a heartfelt message of hope can deliver and suddenly I’m thinking – Wow, what’s it going to be like? What do I want to see change in an independent Scotland?

It’s a conversation I’ve had on more than one occasion in the past couple of years with family, friends, workmates and the odd ambushed stranger. It didn’t feel quite real though, because the vote was always so far in the future and we had such a mountain to climb to overcome a wall of media and establishment orthodoxy. But now? Now we are weeks away from the vote and even the media can’t hide the fact that its too close to call.

Despite what Alistair Darling apparently believes, we are more than capable of producing an economically successful, fairer, more socially just country on our own. We have the wealth, the will, the resources and the brains. This is something all parties in a Westminster establishment system have singularly failed to do in the last hundred years, or in fact ever. Oh and unlike Mr. Darling I have absolutely zero hesitation in backing the Scottish electorate’s ability to deliver this if they really want it.

Oh sure, we’ve been promised powers granting us more ‘responsibility’ (BT/Con/Lab/Libdem ™), yet with no actual power attached. We’ve been assured our future is golden, yet with no vision, road map or timetable from either BT or unionist parties produced to back the claim up. The party leaders even signed a wee piece of paper which goes along the lines of saying, ‘trust us, we promise we’ll come up with something, something, something (inaudible mumble) significant’. Signed, luv n’ kisses etc. Dave, Ed, Nick, Ruth, Johann and thingy.

We already have plenty of evidence to hand to see just what the current establishment system is capable of in terms of democracy and general management of course. It’s called AUSTERITY. Which basically means they’ve taken your money and your trust, squandered both and proclaimed themselves blameless and cleared of any responsibility.

This self same system and the parties which support and rely upon it are effectively in the process of punishing the general public for the complete and utter cluster fuck which they themselves had a hand in creating. They have then set about asking us for more cash, more trust, criminalizing the most vulnerable in our society along the way and leaving a trail of misery, hopelessness, apathy and social division in their wake. All this in order to have a second tilt at the roulette wheel whilst creating a handy scapegoat in those who can’t fight back. Better yet, not content to sit back while they’re on a roll, they now have the brass neck to ask the Scottish electorate to support this farcical position and keep this appalling system entrenched for at least another generation. Their problem however is that on September 18th even the scapegoats will have their say on Westminster’s system of government.

Now as I understand it we also have to hand a *timetable and guarantees for root and branch social and constitutional changes which a vote for independence WILL deliver. Chief among these is of course a written *constitution which the electorate of Scotland will have a hand in drafting. The very rare and precious opportunity to have a say in creating the kind of country you want to live in. The chance to have the rights and responsibilities of the citizen and their government enshrined in law. The template of the future of Scotland starts right there and its been given to this generation to say YES we can do this. This gift won’t come again for a very long time, if ever, and the sooner people get their heads round the fact this may be a once in a lifetime chance to make a real difference in the world, the better. So here’s the special, not to be missed, offer – What kind of Scotland do you want?

I’m no politician and there’s no professorship on the other end of this keyboard, but then you don’t need to be to have an opinion. So I’ll set the ball rolling with something along the lines of…

In my Scotland the people are sovereign

In my Scotland service to the people comes before personal or party ambition for elected representatives

In my Scotland all are equal under law regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion and able to live without the fear of discrimination on any level

In my Scotland no child will be born into crippling poverty and want for food or shelter

You get the drift, it’s about imagining better. It’s about imagining what we can make of ourselves with a world of choice at our fingertips and the resources and will to back it up. But this is about the Scotland you want to see too, the one that we all have a say in. From the poorest in our society to the most fortunate, every single one of us in an independent Scotland will have a say in our governance. A popular sovereignty with directly accountable government and a constitution. Think about that.

Every creation, every progressive step forward in any field starts with a dream. So sit back for a moment, relax, let your imagination go and start with – ‘In my Scotland…’.



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31 comments on “My Scotland, your Scotland, everyone’s Scotland

  1. A Meringue says:

    (Formerly Eilean)

    Great post Macart. We can and we must win this. The consequences of a No vote are dire indeed.

    I have been a nationalist for as long as I can remember so I can’t imagine voting anything but Yes. One thing that I can’t get my head around is why anyone could ever consider voting No. What is it that drives people to vote against their own self interests. It can’t be all “project fears” doing they must start off with a negative feeling towards their own country and “project fear” just feeds their insecurity. Totally and completely beyond my comprehension!

    • macart763 says:

      I know exactly what you mean and its frustrating as hell. I believe it’s generations of ‘this is the way its always been’ ingrained and reinforced with the government narrative of too wee, too poor and the pomp and circumstance of what used to be the empire mindset. A potent mix when applied with a compliant establishment oriented media machine. It erodes confidence and free will. It undermines identity and individual expression.

      We need to rediscover who we are and imagine better. We need to believe this isn’t as good as it gets and that we are capable of so much more.

    • Jan Cowan says:

      This is something which baffles me also. How can seemingly sane, intelligent people remain blind to the advantages offered through independence? I’ve come to the conclusion that simple lack of personal confidence is the root of the problem. Let’s hope The Wee Blue Book sorts things out. (Just finished reading it and it’s excellent.)

      Needless to say I myself have never needed to be given reasons to vote for independence. An interest in Scottish history and literature produced the desire to be independent. It’s a hope I’ve cherished since childhood.

  2. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    “In my Scotland service to the people comes before personal or party ambition for elected representatives”

    That should be part of the Parliamentary Oath.

  3. […] A guest post by Samuel Millar (Macart) Its been a rubbish week in the referendum and the press have gone into overdrive trying to beat us senseless with their usual melange of ever so helpful conde…  […]

  4. Bamstick says:

    In my Scotland time will be taken to listen to everyone.
    In my Scotland people will be able to hold their heads high, no matter their circumstances.
    In my Scotland all services will be equally shared.
    In my Scotland we will protect the vulnerable.
    In my Scotland we will respect the country’s natural beauty.
    In my Scotland we will sort out “home” first and then strive to help others.
    In my Scotland no child shall ever be hungry or cold.
    In my Scotland the government will answer to the people.
    In my Scotland we will welcome those who wish to live here and contribute here.
    In my Scotland we will not condone discrimination of any sort.
    In my Scotland we will report all the good that people do for the community and reward those people for their efforts.
    In my Scotland we will be fair, honest and above all kind to each other.

  5. hiorta says:

    A major source of conflict for the NO camp lies in the pressure upon them to deliver a Union tangibly superior to an Independent Scotland. Scotland must be seen as lesser, incompetent and preferably struggling.
    A no-change union is the only hope, which requires a comparatively diminished Scotland.

    When Independence reveals the complete opposite, other parts of the current UK will start to look at similarly improving their situations, resulting in further deterioration in a Westminster-run UK.

  6. mary vasey says:

    Well said macart, our time has come YES
    Thank you for an inspiring post

  7. diabloandco says:

    Most excellent Macart

    In my Scotland we will look out at the world with a friendly face.
    In my Scotland WMDs will be history.

    But the gold star goes to your ,

    “In my Scotland service to the people comes before personal or party ambition for elected representatives.”

    As Bugger says it should be part of the parliamentary oath.

    Perhaps we could have an oath suited to the new broadcasters of an independent Scotland – not to mention one for the press – something to do with integrity and honesty.

    • macart763 says:

      Yeah, its a personal favourite and as you know a bit of a theme with me. 🙂

      • diabloandco says:

        It occurred to me that if the politicians in an independent Scotland were to adhere to that ethos , we wouldn’t really need any other statements , Scotland and the people of Scotland would quite naturally benefit , expand and improve.
        Mind you , it would make for an awfully short written constitution – not a bad thing in itself.

  8. A Meringue says:

    I hope that the dug disnae mind a wee public announcement.

    Yes Uddingston and Bothwell have arranged a Public Meeting open to all. Some cracking speakers for the event.

    Jim Sillars, Graeme Sneddon (Generation Yes) Deborah Waters (Deputy Leader Labour for Indi) Michelle Thomson (MD Business for Scotland) Robin McAlpine (Director Jimmy Reid foundation) Something for everyone in that list.

    The venue is Uddingston Grammar School 19th of August 7 till 9:30pm.

    Please bring along your own “undecided”

    • weegingerdug says:

      There’s also a public meeting tomorrow night in Riddrie in the East End of Glasgow. It’s being organised by St Thomas’s Catholic Church and the meeting will be held in the church hall on Cumbernauld Rd at 7.30pm. Yes speakers are Jim Sillars, Alex Neil and Jeane Freeman. Better Together No Thanks have promised to send speakers – but last I heard they’d still not confirmed attendance.

      I’ll be going with some neighbours.

  9. Mick Pork says:

    “We already have plenty of evidence to hand to see just what the current establishment system is capable of in terms of democracy and general management of course.”

    Just in case scots were in any doubt whatsoever over exactly what a No vote and more of the same will mean, only yesterday we were shown yet again what the corrupt and out of touch westminster establishment have as their priorities.

    Yesterday Foreign Office Minister Mark Simmonds resigned from the westminster government over a ‘matter of principle’.

    So what was this ‘noble’ principle that has driven a westminster politician away from a lucrative and plum Foreign Office job? The grotesque bombings in Gaza? Military Intervention in yet another Iraq War escalating daily with still no Weapons of Mass Destruction found from the previous one?


    Westminster MP and Foreign Office Minister Mark Simmonds has just resigned over the principle that he doesn’t think he and his fellow westminster MP’s are getting paid enough expenses.

    He feels the £170,000 or so he got last year in total expenses is simply not sufficient for him.

    I shit you not.

    Look it up if you don’t believe me. Even the BBC had to report it though they didn’t seem very keen to report it too loudly for some strange reason.

    Even Alistair Darling manages to get by on his huge expenses claims. Admittedly the fact that Darling is also getting paid thousands by NHS privatising companies just to ‘top him up’ must help.

    To be fair though westminster politicians are still waiting for their the paltry 11% pay rise they voted for themselves to come though. This at a time when so many ordinary people in scotland can only laugh at such a pitifully ‘small’ number.

    “Better Together” Indeed.

    That will be westminste’rs reward for a No vote and more of the same. Scotland’s ‘reward’ for a No vote will be endless austerity from out of touch and untrustworthy westminster politicians only interested in filling their own pockets while they demonise the poor.

  10. WRH2 says:

    Can I just get in on the act about the Yes Berwickshire debate in the new Eyemouth High School at 7pm on Friday 15th August? Speakers – Jim Sillars, Nigel Mace, Scott Blair (generation Yes) and Selma Rahmann.

  11. Devereux says:

    Well hello Macart – so nice to see the name behind the comment sections. There is a television programme in that after indy.

  12. In my Scotland, land will belong to us all, and our wildlife will be cherished and protectsd.

  13. Excellent , I couldn’t agree more

  14. AuldGranny says:

    Just spotted this on the RIC FB page – Here is a fact about the Scottish parliament, straight from the lips of Willie Rennie. “The fact that the Scottish Parliament is a temporary institution, is actually quite a fact that’s not known by many people, it could be abolished by Westminster tomorrow. They can legislate on anything to do with Scottish Parliament at anytime.”

  15. Nan Rattray says:

    In my Scotland our young people will be listened to. They are our future and their dreams and ambitions must be encouraged.

  16. I am feeling a quiet determination about gaining a Yes vote. Clown Boris helped. They are so scared of losing our revenue to fund London’s virtual money financial sector. Let’s make them weep. Saor Alba

  17. JimnArlene says:

    In my Scotland, our young folk will never be sent to war, for the greed of the government or big industry. Our forces will be for defence only. Scotland will never be the aggressor.

  18. Capella says:

    In my Scotland creative and productive work will be rewarded, but not excessively. Inequality destroys social harmony and well being. All our people deserve happiness and security.

  19. macart763 says:

    Many thanks for the kind words and comments folks.

  20. YESGUY says:

    Again Macart (Sam) bang on the button.

    That’s the country i want to leave my kids.

    Always a pleasure to read when commenters get their view.

    Big thanks Sam. We are not alone.

    Well done WGD for the time and space.

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