Yes we cantata

Another great wee video from our friends in Galicia.  This is the popular Galician duo Cantata Vernácula singing a traditional Galician folk song – and watch out for a wee surprise at the end!

24 comments on “Yes we cantata

  1. Sheila Rae says:

    That fair brightened my day, who would have thought a straw could do that

  2. innerbearsdenurchin says:

    It is about 6 hours from here and I will need to go there soon.

    Hopefully, between a YES vote in and Indie Day.

    Thanks for the uplift.

  3. Maggie Craig says:

    Estupendo! (Cannae dae the upside down exclamation mark at the beginning.)

  4. KayBee says:

    Thanks for that – gave me a wee smile at the end o the working week.


  5. I have just called Yes to see if the blood fight between AD and Eck will be available outside the UK and they think it will be available on the Net.

    They say it is nothing to do with YES, which I understand so, usual caveats on the above.

    Anybody can confirm what I believe?

    STV are not taking calls, after 2 pm.

  6. Jan Cowan says:

    Wonderful, happy people. And as for the fellow who actually made and played a chanter on the spot – top marks! In actual fact what he achieved was highly skilled. The piping members of my family will certainly enjoy this.

  7. JimnArlene says:

    Wish I’d seen this a few weeks ago, I wouldn’t have bought my new chanter. Going to have a go at making one. Now, where are those straws?

  8. Les Wilson says:

    Very good, very clever!

  9. Ruth Laird says:

    Gosh that was good!

  10. David McCann says:

    That surely will be the last straw for Darling!!

  11. Nana says:

    Wonderful. They look so friendly and having such a good time. We need some of that old fashioned village get togethers, reminds me of being a child in Lewis.

  12. Free at 63! says:


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