IndySants say: Go for it Scotland!



I had to share this photo which was sent to Solidarity with Scotland – a message of love and support from Barcelona.  IndySants are the activists of the Assemblea Nacional Catalana (Catalan National Assembly) in the district of Sants-Montjuïc in Barcelona.  Their message to the people of Scotland is – Go for it Scotland, and make the next poll 50%+ for YES.

IndySants website (in Catalan)

IndySants English language Twitter account




8 comments on “IndySants say: Go for it Scotland!

  1. I love our friends in these faraway (or maybe not so!) places. 🙂

  2. rowantree633 says:

    Reblogged this on A Yes Voter in Nairn.

  3. rowantree633 says:

    Reblogged on BTW, How is the tram system coming on?

  4. Eilean says:

    Thank You Indi Sants. It means a lot that we are not alone.

  5. handclapping says:

    Thank you to the people, and thank you Paul for posting.

  6. hektorsmum says:

    Thank you so much people of Barcelona, we will be behind you in November regardless of our out come.

  7. KayBee says:

    Thank you kindly folks, it is heartening to know we have such strong support from our friends all around the world.

    Surprising somewhat, if I may say so, as the BBC and UK MSM bias in favour of the No campaign is doing its utmost best to stifle and censor any pro-independence information being put out there and then does its best to promote outright and blatant pro-unionist lies as if they were gospel truth – these ‘false facts’ are easily refuted as fear & smear tactics by only spending a few moments on the internet.

    Would you all be able to take this UK media reporting bias to your own countries/nations media/newspapers to possibly investigate further and perhaps put some external pressure on our BBC Scotland and Scottish newspapers to re-align their impartiality – which seems to be completely absent at present.

    Once again folks – it means a lot to know we have your support in our attempt to make our politicians accountable for their actions once again by taking back control of our politics. The people of Scotland have fully re-engaged with politics on a massive scale over this independence debate. An even bigger public response than that of the poll-tax days and I know that the independence result come the 19th September 2014 will reflect that grassroots movement, as this debate is occurring in the workplace, public meetings, across the dinner tables not on the TV screen or within the printed press. That is something that neither the UK MSM nor the political parties in Westminster have yet realised, but they will …….. they will.

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