A message to Scotland from an Aboriginal elder

Uncle Kevin Buzzacott, an Arabunna elder from Lake Eyre in South Australia sends a message to support an independent, nuclear free Scotland. He apologizes to the people of Scotland because 42m litres of his sacred water is used daily to process uranium at Olympic dam and this uranium is shipped worldwide to be misused for war games.

Uncle Kevin has been opposing uranium mining for decades. In 2001 he received the Nuclear Free Futures award in Ireland, for his resistance. He believes money allocated for Trident submarines should go to health, education, and housing in Scotland. He encourages people to keep resisting – to shut down the nuclear industry and support an independent Scotland.

16 comments on “A message to Scotland from an Aboriginal elder

  1. Morag says:

    Hmmm. Not the one to show the friend who works in nuclear medicine, then. Radio-isotopes used to diagnose all sorts of cancers and other diseases and aid treatment. Oh well, can’t win them all.

  2. mary vasey says:

    Well said uncle kev good on ya, I also hope you get rid of the uranium mine and your precious, sacred water is left alone. Thank you.
    BTW Morag I think they mostly use cobalt – 60 in nuclear medicine which is man made and not .mined..

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  4. Eilean says:

    What a fine and wise gentleman. Compare Uncle Kevin Buzzacott to David Cameron or any other of the numerous spineless wonders in suits.

    • macart763 says:

      What I found quite touching was his apology. This man and those he represents need apologise for nothing, yet he took it upon himself to apologise for others misuse of his country’s resources. He took responsibility for stewardship.

      Couldn’t agree more Eilean, DC could take a lesson or three from a very wise man.

  5. Jim Galt says:

    No apology necessary – his people have no more control over these things than ours do – for the moment.

    As the international situation hots up is it possible that the Referendum might be held under vastly different circumstances than even now – barely two months before the date?

    Russia is being humiliated – is it likely that can go on much longer?

    Based on his assessment of his BRICS partners financial and strategic support at their conference to be held after the FIFA final, might Putin gamble on an armed intervention in E.Ukraine?

    The similarities to 1939 and 1914 are sinister and striking – remember that in 1914 the war de-railed Irish Home Rule by a whisker. Hopefully we can get to the IndyRef before any such developments occur.

  6. hektorsmum says:

    I would just like to assure Kevin that he has absolutely nothing to apologise for. He and his ilk are not responsible for either the mining of the uranium of the despoiling of his sacred water. You can blame all those who have invaded his country, Scots and all.
    I certainly thank him for his consideration in his support for our Referendum.
    Jim Galt, I am worried also but let us say this, we will get to the end this time, I doubt any of us would stand idly by and let the same thing happen again.

    • Jim Galt says:

      I sincerely hope you’re right – however I think it’s important that we should be ready for every eventuality. Please note I’am not commenting on the rights and wrongs of the Ukraine situation but I am worried as to how any escalation to a wider conflict could affect us.

  7. Steve Asaneilean says:

    All I can do is ask everyone to watch John Pilger’s film Utopia…

  8. Paula Rose says:

    I recommend a film – “Where the Green Ants Roam”.

  9. colin young says:

    I think the UK would get involved in another phony war just to wreck the referendum.

  10. rocky says:

    Well said Uncle Kevin. Thanks for your support for Scotland’s Independence and Self-Determination. We support your Aboriginal struggle.

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