Solidarity with Scotland: an update

The international campaign Solidarity with Scotland has been active for over three months now, being born in April 2014 out of an initiative of ordinary Scots and Galicians, and is coordinated by Paul Kavanagh in Glasgow and Pilar Fernández in Santiago de Compostela.

Solidarity with Scotland is an international campaign which seeks to respond to the undemocratic, inethical and unacceptable behaviour of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), which has embarked upon the creation and fostering of an atmosphere of negativity to create a fog of doubt and confusion around possibility that the people of Scotland might decide in a democratic, peaceful, and legal referendum to become independent.

The British Government refuses to engage in open debate within Scotland, citing the excuse that this is a matter for Scots alone to decide, yet at the same time is actively seeking the support and backing of governments and institutions outside the United Kingdom, and is using civil service staff who ought to remain neutral in order to do so, such as the Devolution Unit of the FCO.

Solidarity with Scotland asks Scots and their friends and supporters around the world to send a message of support to all those in Scotland who wish to vote yes, and to all those who are undecided, to give a lie to the anti-independence propaganda which tells Scotland that should its citizens vote yes, they will be isolated and friendless in the world. Scotland occupies, and will always occupy, its own place in the world.

Solidarity with Scotland would also like to call on all governments throughout the world to respect the result of the referendum, and should Scotland choose to return to independence, asks that other nations recognise and welcome Scotland into the family of nations, a new independent state born from a legal, peaceful and democratic vote.

Participation in this campaign is open to all Scots who live outside Scotland, their friends, and any organisations, companies, parties, groups or individuals who love Scotland and who wish to give their support.

There are already many people from all around the world participating in the camaign, and we have received messages of support from the USA, Greece, Ireland, Wales, England, Malaysia, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Brussels, Galicia, the Basque Country, Catalonia… both from Scots who live abroad – who play the most important part in this campaign – as well as from groups, individuals and parties of all backgrounds.

We would especially like to thank all the Galician individuals and organisations which have offered their support to this campaign. The children of Breogan* look out for one another.

We’re getting involved in a few events in Galicia, and in the following links you can find information about what we’re up to and how you can get involved:

(Galician and Spanish)

(Galician, English and Spanish)

We’re very grateful for the messages, photos and support we’ve received already, it lets us know that Scotland is not alone, we do have friends.

You can find out more about the campaign on the webpage:

You can also follow us on facebook:

And Twitter: @ScotlandAbroad

*According to legend, Breogan was once the king of Galicia, and he ordered a tall tower to be built on the north coast. From the top of the tower a green island could be seen, far off in the distance. Breogan ordered his son Mile to go and settle the island, and they became the Milesians recorded in the ancient Irish history the Lebor Gabala (The Book of Invasions). Much later, the Gaels of Ireland established the kingdom of Dalriada in Argyll, which as we all know was the nucleus of the Kingdom of Scotland. Galicians feel a close affinity with Scotland and Ireland, and this campaign gives them a way of demonstrating it. It’s appreciated in Scotland.

10 comments on “Solidarity with Scotland: an update

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  2. macart763 says:


    That’s quite an image page on the SWS site. Makes a difference seeing all those images of well wishers.

  3. gerry parker says:

    Seen that too macart, no comments available though, that would have been interesting.

  4. […] The international campaign Solidarity with Scotland has been active for over three months now, being born in April 2014 out of an initiative of ordinary Scots and Galicians, and is coordinated by P…  […]

  5. […] Solidarity with Scotland: an update. […]

  6. Poppy says:

    I have been meaning to share this with you forever. The results of this (Daily Record!) poll currently sit in a screenshot on my desktop to give me hope for the Yes:) I hope you enjoy:)

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