Independence for the intimidated

A guest post by Macart

I don’t think its too out there by this point to hazard a theory that the Westminster political establishment (cross party natch), Better Together (cross party ditto), and their assorted chums in the media (need we add), are counting on you believing that things are scary as hell out there in the big bad world.

We’re supposed to be too cowed by their obvious class, status and intellectual armoury to think about their assessment and either too apathetic or unworthy to risk change. We’re the low esteem, low intelligence voters, by their lights, and hammered on a daily basis with waves of just how pish our chances are of ever making something of ourselves. Their intent is to convince you that you don’t know enough about anything for your vote to have meaning. That the principle of independence and running a country is so complex, expensive and terrifying that the decision for doing so must never, ever be put into the hands of common, ordinary Jock or Jeannie Public.

Oh and that really, no honestly, you’ve never had it so good. I mean its scary stuff this deciding the future malarkey, best leave it to those who know what they’re about ok?

Political figures of great self importance, state sponsored political pundits, captains of industry and commentators, sharks in suits with smiles to match, all fill the airwaves and columns of newsprint with their ideas on just why their vision of the world is way clearer than yours and just way better informed. Government departments and associated think tanks with catchy acronyms roll out Mystic Meg style economic forecasts choked with reams of unchallenged, confusing facts and figures foretelling doom for an independent Scotland. So with all that welly behind it, its got to be just the way it is. Wu’r aw doomed and we live in a crap wee country that cannae tie its own shoelaces without a supervisory adult in attendance. Mind you its easy to go unchallenged when you have most of the media access sewn up tighter than a duck’s bum.

Of course it can be intimidating for most of us. We kind of rely on our politicians and media to both lead us and inform us. We’ve placed people in positions of responsibility in the hopes that those representatives will guide us in the right direction when the big decisions need made. These people we believe to be better educated, better socially placed and more willing to do those jobs we feel we are incapable of handling, basically the running of our country. We literally place our lives and futures in their hands. We trust in their judgement, their experience and the expertise they can call on. So when they speak we should listen, shouldn’t we? But what happens when over decades we see this system break down, when we lose trust in it and them? When what we see happening around us doesn’t jibe with what we are being told to believe? When our own common sense and life experience screams this can’t be right?

You get the drift, the message we’re supposed to swallow is that we’re safer and better together so long as Jock and Jeannie public don’t think about stretching themselves or expanding their horizons. By that I mean looking at where they are societally, politically and economically and wondering where they could be, what they could achieve were all the tools to make the important decisions in their very own hands? Or if the public are allowed to pause long enough in the shit storm for five seconds to think… Wait now, just why are we living in a state of austerity? Who’s been running this effing circus anyhow? Why do we need food banks? Oh and who are you calling subsidy junkie by the way? Awkward questions for the current system to be sure. Then imagine having an idea of your very own about how a country should be run, what it should provide for its people and what it should prioritise? The penny drops.

Insane as it sounds those who support independence fur what could be the best wee country in the world, believe YOU are more than capable and that YOU should be making the decisions on how you are governed and where you should be governed from. The question I would ask you is, do you really need a battery of government experts and a cadre of media barons to tell you what’s what? Or can you, based on your own experience, principles and common sense, make an informed decision without their help?

I refuse to believe we are incapable of making our own minds up here and now. That we are somehow incapable of forming an opinion based on our own circumstances and experiences. I refuse to believe that people are blind to the systemic problems, poverty and need all around them or that they are unwilling to do something about it to put Scotland on the road to becoming that country we all want it to be. I do believe that there are those who have been guilty of deliberately undermining the public confidence in their own ability to make that decision or those changes. Guilty of deliberately sowing fear, uncertainty and doubt amongst their own electorate.

On September 18th we will, for all intents and purposes, be independent. As an electorate we’ll have all of our parliamentary sovereignty in our own hands to do with as we will. We can choose to retain that sovereignty from September 19th onwards or choose continued devolution and the same old, same old system. We CAN have self determination, accountable government, freedom of choice and the chance to take a different path. Or we can choose to continue to let others determine our system of governance for us.

Make YOUR mind up time is just round the corner and one side of this debate believes YOU can make a difference. Your vote, your ideas, your aspirations, your priorities, your future.

Which Scotland do you want?


45 comments on “Independence for the intimidated

  1. Eilean says:

    I wheel this one out now and again.

    Please answer the following two questions with a simple Yes or No.

    Do you believe that a country should run its own affairs. Yes or No?

    Do you believe that Scotland is a country. Yes or No?

    It really is that simple!

    And look at the ones giving us “advice”. Why should we listen to these spineless wonders in suits. its not as if there record of running a country will get them a gold star in their jotters. People that think that there is nothing wrong when 2,436 UK bankers earned over 1,000,000 euros in 2011 when only 589 from Germany, France, Spain, Italy and The Netherlands all added together earned the same amount in the same period. (George Osborne was the only EU finance minister to vote against a cap on bankers bonuses) Or theres nothing wrong when there are foodbanks opening up all over the country? And who thought invading Iraq and Afghanistan was a good idea? I could go on and on and on.

    I hope that their pack of cards comes tumbling down soon. I want to go to the polling booth with a spring in my step and a smile on my face. I must admit though, with the utter disgrace of a MSM and the BBC acting like partners in the No campaign it could be a close run thing. Even if we don’t win Scotland can’t go back to the way it was. It is too late for that. Half the country have had the scales removed from their eyes. Or at least the half that has been paying attention has. Our “betters” have been thoroughly exposed as a bunch of self serving, money grabbing, liars. I don’t see many of us getting back into our nice wee Union Flag decorated box somehow.

  2. diabloandco says:

    And I believe that this is the one and only chance we will get – if ,heaven forfend , there ia a NO vote the political powers that be will stitch Scotland up so tight that we will never have the opportunity again.

    “We have catch’d Scotland, and we will bind her fast.”

    As for the union flag, it has appeared so often and in so many unexpected places on the BBBC that I find it a kind of aversion therapy.

    • Eilean says:

      I think that if No win do somehow win the referendum it will still be a total disaster for them. A lot of Labours support has gone never to return. In the Holyrood 2016 election the unionist scare stories just wont work. I would think that the SNP have a good chance of a large majority. This majority would come in handy. How about the Scottish government demanding a separate EU referendum in 2017 with “in-out of Europe” on the ticket?

      But Hey! Lets not get too far in front of ourselves. 🙂

  3. WRH2 says:

    Weel said Macart. I couldn’t agree more that when people look around them and see the rhetoric doesn’t match reality, that’s when they move towards Yes. The penny also drops that the “great and the good” aren’t the geniuses we are “encouraged” to think they are. We only need look at the recent Rolf Harris and Jimmy Saville cases to see poor judgement by those who would have us believe they are our betters. How did these people not see them for what they were? If they get that so wrong, how much else are they getting wrong.

  4. steveborve says:

    Excellent post Macart. And, Eileen, you are right – even if it is No in September’s referendum we are not going anywhere. The eyes of perhaps 2 million people living in Scotland have been opened to the possibility of something so much better and we are not walking away – even a Yes vote will only be the start.

  5. And just watch the latest scandal to hit Westminster, the Elm Guest House, be whitewashed and swept under the carpet by a compliant Q.C.

  6. Nana says:


    I want to live in a country which will not ever bend the knee to a beknighted lord or lady who has bought themselves a title. A place which awards honours to the most disgusting child abusers and thieves rather than send them to jail where they belong. A house of scum filled with placemen in order to pass laws which enable more of the same disgusting practices to go on.

    I want to live in a country that jails thieves rather than award them with jobs in the cabinet [ David Laws] A country which does not sell off its assets [Royal mail , NHS] to the rich. Assets which the public paid for.

    I want to live in a country that stands up for the less well off, disabled and elderly rather than punish them for the behaviour of the rich [bankers & politicians] Where people don’t have to swallow their pride in asking for food at foodbanks while bankers go free.

    Oh I am so angry. I could go on and on and….

    • Helena Brown says:

      May I say Nana, me too.

    • macart763 says:

      Good post and point Nana and goes right to this point ATL:

      “But what happens when over decades we see this system break down, when we lose trust in it and them? When what we see happening around us doesn’t jibe with what we are being told to believe? When our own common sense and life experience screams this can’t be right?”

      Your reaction, my reaction, Helena’s reaction, the reaction of any reasonable thinking person, THAT is what happens. People don’t like to be deceived, mislead or mistreated and when you get enough of them together moving in the same direction, you can move mountains.

  7. mary vasey says:

    Thanks macart I wholeheartedly agree with your post. The whole bunch at westminster & BT are so rank I can smell the rotten stench way up here in NE. It is way past time we stood on our ane twa feet and considered oorsel’s for once.
    Eileen I did not realise about the stats you quoted, it’s obscene. I personally prefer Iceland way of dealing with them – they got into the mess they did because of greed so why should I, who live on a pension have to help bail them out. Grrrr makes my blood boil.
    Diablo, I agree about union Jack and its another thing that has me ranting lol

    • Helena Brown says:

      Seems this is a morning for it, me to Mary, Blood well and truly boiling. Seems wee Iceland that country which was part of the much maligned arc of prosperity got it right and I feel we would have been right behind them in the treatment of the Banking Section who have nearly destroyed the Western World, and given that nobody has even been chastised probably will do so again.
      Union Flag, I wish never to see it flown here again.A social Visit from the English PM should see the Flag if St George flying, other wise only the Saltire.

      • Eilean says:

        I think that the Union Flag (to give it its proper name) will be retained as some form of “Royal Standard” post independence!

        It will save Rangers from having to change the colour of their strip and the good folk of Larkhall won’t have to repaint the kerbstones and park railings. 😉

        • Helena Brown says:

          Ah but as someone who never watches football I still will never see it. They are welcome to it, and the Queen can fly the Scottish Quartering of the Royal Standard.

  8. smiling vulture says:

    Why do we need a aircraft carrier?

    • macart763 says:

      Lack of parking space near Westminster?

      An appalling waste of cash and for what? To mothball the damn things for future force projection or resale. I want no part of force projection in my Scotland.

      • davidmccann24 says:

        6.2 billion for a status symbol! And one so far without aircraft. I listened to someone on the radio suggesting it was also useful as a humanitarian mercy ship! I ask you!
        And to those who suggest that there will be jobs in maintenance, I can tell you (exclusively!) that this ship was designed to have all repairs done at sea

  9. Capella says:

    Your point about September 18th being such a momentous day is well made. The people of Scotland had no say in the decision to sign the Union Treaty. In fact, they rioted against what the few Lords and aristocrats were up to. It’s taken 300 years and careful planning by some dedicated supporters to address the democratic deficit. It will be a day to remember.

  10. Hugh Wallace says:

    Reblogged this on Are We Really Better Together? and commented:
    “On September 18th we will, for all intents and purposes, be independent.”

    There is a difference between being ignorant and being stupid but many times people confuse the two. Ignorance comes from not knowing enough about a situation to really understand it while stupid comes from an innate inability to piece together information and come up with a coherent understanding of the situation. Being in a state of ignorance is not (generally) a person’s fault; I mean, how can any of us know what we don’t know? I am ignorant of all sorts of things to the extent that I am ignorant about how ignorant I am (I better stop this or I will come over all ‘Donald Rumsfeld’ and start wittering on about unknown unknowns – google it if you are ignorant of what I am writing about) but I am not stupid by anyone’s measure and anyone who suggests otherwise is trying to bully me or sell me something.

    Scotland is full of ignorant people who are treated as if they are stupid by the vested interests that run this country of ours. Sometimes the ignorance leads to people growing up hating foreigners, Catholics, Protestants or English people and sometimes that ignorance is so ingrained that it becomes indistinguishable from stupidity as some people are unable or so unwilling to absorb new information as it comes their way. It is not always easy to transition from a state of ignorance to being informed because sometimes it is not simply that we lack information about a subject or idea but that we already have the ‘wrong’ information in our brains that we have to over-write it and completely rejig our thinking on a certain subject. That can be very hard to do but if you don’t, that is when you become stupid, no matter how high your IQ is.

    Our real ignorance lies in the field of economics, politics, immigration, welfare, education, health care, the military, law and order and history. Such things are not mathematics, physics, biology or chemistry where things are either right or wrong (though each generation of scientists revises what we once thought we knew to be true) but are in the realm of ideas and is subject to interpretation. Highly educated people with advanced degrees (ie. measurably not-stupid) can be just as ignorant as the person who dropped out of school at fifteen because they lose sight of the fact that economics are not physics. Educated people like to think that they are informed on pretty much everything and hate to be considered (or consider themselves) ignorant so are just as susceptible to believing false information coming through the media and from their friends and colleagues.

    And this is what Better Together, and their allies, are banking on. Educated and not so educated people who are afraid to be seen as ignorant because they fear being labelled ‘stupid’. So they spread stories which just aren’t true but fit into our existing framework of how we think about the country, our economy and the public institutions we use throughout our lives but rarely think about (health, education, law, etc.). And people believe them because they are getting told a version of what they already ‘know’.

    You can’t fix stupid but you can fix ignorance. If you are, like me, ignorant about many issues you can go and get informed. Or you can listen to the stories handed to you by people who want to manipulate you into doing something that benefits them. But that sounds pretty much like being stupid to me.

    • macart763 says:

      Excellent points, and couldn’t agree more. The public are even today being kept ignorant through deception and misdirection. One of the most dishonest lines perpetrated by the BT narrative is that there aren’t enough facts about independence out there. The intent of course is to prevent people from looking for them in the first place.

      I wish I had a fiver for every time I’ve seen that line trotted out by some meeja commentator or politico.

      • Eilean says:

        Like I said in an earlier comment. “I don’t have enough information” is not a reason to vote no it is an excuse!

  11. hiorta says:

    A fine article that homes in on core issues.
    The arising feeling of confrontation must be very similar to the one that surrounded the desperate plight of the French people in 1789. The people won on that occasion too.
    Again society’s mighty, political place men, supine ‘news’ vendors and financial manipulators and assorted scare mongers – everyone who sees only self-interest in place of squeaky clean human honesty – have the treacherous media making balls for them to fire.
    Like the French, we are on our own, yet we will prevail.
    It’s a pity this once decent country has descended to gutter levels, but so be it.It never was an honest Union. Scots and Scotland were always to be second class people.
    Massive change is now inevitable, yesterday’s ;political chimera has gone – completely vanished.

    We stand looking at the horizon of a new tomorrow, YES, a better tomorrow, for ourselves and those who would follow us.

  12. Helena Brown says:

    See Mac I knew you could do it, and you have done it so well that I am in agreement not only with you but with those who have commented on your Blog.
    I too want to go out on the 18th with a spring in my step, the dog may get the shock of his life and be out before nine in the morning. I also want to wake on the 19th, if I should ever get to sleep and find that my fellow Scots have come to the only correct decision for themselves, normalcy. I have read both your post and the one before from David, I have never had to question how I would vote this year. I am one of those who Alistair Darling was speaking about, I am a Nationalist who would vote for this regardless for that very reason. It is normal to live in a country which governs itself, it is abnormal to live in one which is run by and for it’s next door neighbour.
    Norway and Sweden came to that decision over a century ago, we should have done so then also and would have done had we not had England as our next door neighbour. It is not that I am anti England, it is that I am anti Establishment, there is a difference.

  13. steveborve says:

    Well said Macart. And, Eileen, I am with you 100%. Something like 2 million people living in Scotland have had their eyes open to the possibility of something so much better than what we have now. Even if it’s a No in September’s referendum these people are not going anywhere and their demand for change will simply grow. A Yes vote is not the end of something – it’s just the start.

  14. bringiton says:

    The London based elite,bring with them all the baggage of a feudal system which is well past it’s sell by date.
    When certain people are too important to be subject to the law of the land (and I don’t mean Rolf Harris or Jimmy Saville) because prosecution would not be in the ‘national interest’ then it is loud and clear to everyone that we don’t live in a democracy where all people are treated equally.
    The purpose of HM press is to support that system and demonise anyone who challenges it.
    Under London rule,we Scots are being treated as ignorant colonial natives who should know our place and just do what we are told.
    Trouble is,there are still some who appear to like being in that situation.
    Perhaps it’s a matter of self confidence?

  15. rosa alba says:

    You know, I am realising that the No, Thanks camp have underplayed their (increasingly subverted and vortex-like) hand. Firstly the Scottish public are not thick: same old arguments replayed like some scratched record (although the accessiblity of the media that repeatedly rebuts and debunks these arguments is an issue). Secondly the Scottish public are not thick: they see the austerity around them and, the Fat Cats of Westminster. Thirdly, the Scottish public are thrawn and countermachious: for each time someone shouts “Naw ye canna”, there will be the answer, “Aye, we can.” I see the need for “Aye We Can” badges with a MacRobert the Builder-like thumbs up.

    I am still bemused by the Heartbreak song of David Cameron and Ed’s sons’ foreigners feelings. Bemused as to why the Westminster establishment would think the Scottish public, suffering hardship, would be more influenced by two English middle-class family’s plea of what our self-determination would mean for them. There is the laudable selflessness of voting (Yes) for the good of all of us longterm, even if it means upheaval: sort of like flitting house and having to redecorate…and the bizarre expectation of self-destructive self-sacrifice of giving up the wherewithal and choice to buy our own groceries to encourage our neighbours to shop for proseco, vine-ripened tomatoes, artisan sourdough and fillet mignon at Waitrose for themselves and hand us back a tin o beans, a can of corned beef and a 17p value pan loaf, and not even any margarine.

    But it all comes down to accessibility of the information, not the ability to assess it.

  16. […] A guest post by Macart I don't think its too out there by this point to hazard a theory that the Westminster political establishment (cross party natch), Better Together (cross party ditto), and th…  […]

    • bjsalba says:

      Is countermachious Doric for contumacious?

      Yes, I know I’m a pedant, but spelling is one of the few things I am good at (except in my own work where I read what I think I typed, not what is actually there).

      • mary vasey says:

        No the doric is constermacious tho donna Ken if I’ve got it solely right 😎

        • mary vasey says:

          Sorry that should be I dinna ken if I’ve spelt it right. Flipping auto whachamacallit.

          • Gordon Benton says:

            To be ‘perverse’ according to the ‘The Scottish National Dictionary’ can be ‘contermashious’, ‘contermashus’, ‘contramashious’, ‘contramacious’, ‘countermachious’, ‘countermacious’, or just ‘contrar(e)’. Sorry about that; but take your pick. A great word.

  17. dcanmore says:

    I think we tend forget that the media and the British Government are unwittingly helping the YES cause. In the UK we get bombarded by tabloid journalism in print, online and on the telly every single day. This usually refers to scandal, ineptness, disaster, corruption or political folly. The one thread that links all of this is ‘Britain’. Regardless of the story of the day, since the Iraq invasion 11 years ago, we have what I see is a ramping up of Shite Britannia. Polical scandals, Establishment paedophilia, phone hacking, new Trident costs, bankers bailouts, burst economy, evil foreigners (exept for property buying football owning rich arabs, Russians and Chinese obviously) in fact it can be quite endless. I don’t think much is said about this negative churnalism and the effects it has on the ordinary reader/viewer in Scotland. It does Britain down consistently.

    Then comes Better Together No Thanks, they spray a bit of air freshner over all of this and say ‘hey Britain is good why would we want separation, just look at the Jubylimpics’, then go on to fart in everyone’s faces and be even more negative than the day-to-day ‘national’ news coverage. What penetrates the casual voter more, all and sundry in the everyday bombardment of Debt and Dole UK, or the weasel words and obfuscation of Better Together No Thanks?

    The latest of course is the violence at the Orange Order gathering, after a self congratulatory George Galloway spreading hate speeches saying catholics would be hounded in an independent Scotland, we get the newsapers and the BBC reporting Orange Order disorder while they both support Better Together. Like the article above says, do they think the people of Scotland are thick? It is true that the core Labour support in Scotland is greater than the core SNP support. That’s why Labour have maintained wins in recent by-elections on low turnouts. But what is worrying the Unionists is the predicted high turnout for the referendum. They know they can’t win on a high turnout because Labour have failed to grasp the floating voter in Scotland for many years now.

    So the Better Together No Thanks tactic is to put people off the referendum altogether, no debates, bawl and shout, cry faux anger, it’ll cost you, ‘too wee, too poor, too stupid, so why bother’. The solution to their problem is to get a turnout of 50% or less, then they’ll have a chance of winning. A high turnout of 75% above and no chance, the floating voter will go with what they think and feel is right. There is more love for Scotland than there is of Britain. That’s why the SNP have maintained office, simply because they try to do the right thing for he benefit of all in Scotland and the floating voter has reacted to that.

    As we get closer to the referendum date, the desperation will become more telling from the unionists, you can smell it now. They are turning more and more extreme. It doesn’t help when you have the Orange Order, George Galloway, Britain First, SDL, EDL, BNP, UKIP, English Democrats, DUP, Britannica Party … all wanting to have their say on the ‘Scottish problem’, Alastair Darling, Gordon Brown and Blair McDougall and their shadowy colleagues and financiers try to keep a lid on them. But their voices are getting louder.

    And thus the venerable media in Britain have to do their duty and sell those newspapers and get the ratings up, to do that is to present Misery in the UK along with shouty people and their crazy views and actions in doing down Blighty. Doing down Scotland, however nasty and distasteful, will always come second to wretched Westminster, and that can only be a good thing! So thanks BBC, STV, and all those newspapers, you’re doing a great job in bring an end to the rubbish Royal Realm, even if you didn’t mean to.

    … up next on your Great British News Bullletin, paedophiles of the past and how they were Royals, Westminster MPs, Lords, entertainers and figures in high office, and the subsequent cover ups, stay tuned!

    • Helena Brown says:

      I feel that should the Labour Party get their wish it will be a double edged sword which will lash back and hurt them. From what I have seen of the antics of all of them they will wish they had let YES go on and win, then they could snipe at any and ony thing that went wrong. Now if things go wrong and believe me taking an historical look, they will. If they should be elected, they will continue with Tory policies, remember 1997/99 when Gordon Brown did the same. These are not policies such as them, they did harm, just not the same sort of harm to ordinary people that THESE Tory policies will do. Then watch the backlash.
      The SNP get misrepresented at every turn, that you have people who have actually benefited from their policies saying they do nothing for them. We need control over broadcasting but as long as we are part of this Misbegotten Union it will never happen. I would have to agree with your post It sums up the situation, how we get out of this with the MSM and Broadcasting is beyond me. There are people who need the comfort of people in Authority to tell them what to do. A nice man in a nice suit it has always been, ordinary people telling them what they believe is crap is not good enough. Those I am afraid we will lose, let us hope we will not lose the referendum with, We after all got them voting like mad in the 1997 Devolution Referendum the right way.

  18. jamie macdonald says:

    Nice one Dude, Ah’m fur a Scotland wi a Macart party!!! ( a mad MENTAL wan first, celebrating a yes vote, then Political maybe….? I’d certainly vote for ye!

  19. macart763 says:

    Many thanks for all the great comments and kind words folks.

    Much appreciated.

    Normal cynical service will be resumed shortly.

    Macart 🙂

  20. Clootie says:

    Who dae ye think you er’
    Writin’ big stories an ‘at

    We must have a pint one day!

    • macart763 says:

      Its the dug.

      Have you ever tried to refuse a dug anything? Its near impossible.

      Absolutely on the pint. Something we have to do before voting day is get a few bods together, I’d certainly like to shake a few hands and share yarn or two.

  21. Ginge says:

    Good Article and I’m tempted to agree with a few points.

    I do have a few questions. Could it not be that the yes campaign is banking on this view from people being so angered by Westminster to make a vote. Could it not be the yes campaign which is plying this rhetoric about London believing all Scots are not educated enough to understand just so folk will vote yes?

    Please don’t get me wrong, I for one don’t believe that but I’m slightly worried that with so little information to have come out regarding independence from those who offer it, how can an informed decision be made.

    How can an uninformed Scottish public make a decision that will be in their interests. I feel the snp are just as guilty of not feeding any facts as they don’t believe the Scottish public could digest them properly. And when the people who are offering independence do this, it’s slightly worrying.

    Either way, good luck with however you vote.

    • macart763 says:

      Hullo Ginge

      Its the biggest myth perpetrated by both Westminster and BT. There is vast amounts of information produced by the Scottish Government on the current state of the Scottish economy, its current constitutional and legal status and the proposals for transition to independence. The government White Paper alone runs to well over six hundred pages. Its possibly the most comprehensive document outlining a transition to independence ever produced.

      Then of course there is the media. Its difficult to disseminate information through a generally hostile media so its been very much a case of getting this information to people through boots on the ground and the excellent work of the YES campaign’s grass roots approach. Its very much been David versus Goliath, but the wee fella didn’t do so bad last time. 😉

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