30 comments on “What the dug did with my UK Govt indyref booklet

  1. Clever doggy! Give him a big pat and a biscuit. And put his recycling handiwork where it will be seen.

  2. steve allan says:

    my wee dug didnie get too mine i sent it freepost to better dae as yir telt

  3. Weegiewarbler says:

    What jingsandthings said ^^^ plus a wee doggy mouthwash to get rid of the Bitter after taste.
    Bad enough that some dogs eat shite, but to have it delivered … from the government ….

  4. aitchbee says:

    My other half did this: http://s1291.photobucket.com/user/Slainte/library/Booklet%20of%20Lies?sort=4&page=1 – felt he should let them know about a few errors 😉

  5. Caledonian Lass says:

    What a good dog.

    Liked your comment Weegiewarbler.

  6. diabloandco says:

    When I was young my dug ate my maths book , she had a taste for the glue in the binding.
    My mother had to pay for the misdemeanour but Ginger won’t have to because we’ve all paid for the government hogwash already – £700,000 plus , they wuz robbed!

  7. WRH2 says:

    Can I send the Dug my booklet and get him to reconfigure it for me? I like his handy work and well done for managing to recycle something so useful out of that big pile of crap.

  8. macart763 says:

    A dug of many talents. 😀

  9. Blizzard says:

    That would be a separatist dug then? 😁

  10. Clever, clever Ginger! Well done!

  11. A Catalan rebellious dug!

    Up the Rebels!

  12. Mine chewed up the UKIP Euro leaftet with relish and also made a decent job of the BT nonsense. But this one, even he wouldnt swallow!

  13. OT

    I was listening to R4 last night as I tried to fall asleep and heard their report of the military occupation of Stirling yesterday.

    The only live interview was with A S who got tore in to Camergoon about his unique style of negotiation which is based on telling everybody else must change their position to his, or else.

    He had, AS said not just egg on his face but splattered all over him.

    No doubt that snipped will have been snipped and recycled to the paper bin in the morning bulletins.

    I guess there is a very strong pro Labour faction in the BBC and, in London anyway, it was R4, it was the best anti Cameron soundbite they could find.

  14. Oneironaut says:

    Wow! Impressive idea there.

    I’ve been trying to think of something particularly creative to do with my little book of BT propaganda, but I doubt I can top this effort.

    Credit to you! 😀

  15. Eilean says:

    I have sent mine back suitably adorned.

    Better Together
    5 Blythswood Sq.
    G2 4AD

  16. Helena Brown says:

    Well mine went back in a BIG envelope with a whole lot of other rubbish, I got the dug to adorn it with spit as well to exactly the same address as Eilean. I thought Ginger’s effort was so talented, chew spit out and assemble into a well known word. Well known to us, seems the other side are less talented they cannot string three letters together.

  17. I think my reaction was the same as most people’s a quick glance then into the recycling bin.

  18. John Duncanson says:

    I’ve been sent two copies of this malodorous document – is the wee dug available for home visits to deal with them (all expenses paid + large bone)
    Slainte, Iaindubh.

  19. The 8 pages goes into 8 envelopes !!

  20. Ginger, we salute you. It’s so colourful, too. Off to re-woof this on Twitter.

  21. Jan Cowan says:

    Always said dogs have more sense than most humans. Ginger is no exception. Top marks for a clever boy.

  22. Seanair says:

    Haven’t received a copy yet but looking for advice on sending back to BT.
    If you put “Freepost” on the envelope does this cost BT very little, if it’s counted with numerous other items sent back for different reasons with an overall charge. But if you send it back in a separate envelope without the “Freepost” tag, would not the recipient be charged by Royal Mail the usual fee which I think is about £1.50(?).
    £1.50 X several thousands might annoy BT more than Freepost. Any views.?

  23. Carol Jardine says:

    WGD, your talent is endless. Aitchbee -please congratulate your other half for making me laugh. My imagination only ran to sending my copy back in a bigger envelope than was necessary.

  24. maybolebuddie says:

    Paul, looks as though the dug has swallowed a bit and its made him rather unwell.

  25. Morag says:

    Well done dug!

  26. smiling vulture says:

    your dug is smarter than lassie,well done

  27. dennis mclaughlin says:

    Can the wee ginger duggie do a ‘Tracy Island’ like Blue Peter :).

  28. strathedin says:

    When I first saw what Maggie has done, I was really concerned that it might mak’ her sick…but then I realised, of course, that she’s farr too intelligent tae swally that crap…gi’e her an extra gravy bone frae me, Patrick… Aye!! 😉

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