24 comments on “Cymru’n Cefnogi Annibyniaeth – Wales Supporting Independence

  1. Maggie Craig says:

    Woohoo! Cymru am byth! I speak as a Scotswoman married to a proud Welshman who’s lived in Scotland for 40 years and is voting Yes!

  2. Alex Smith says:

    Tae see oorsel as ithers see us….

  3. Helena Brown says:

    Well we will do oor best. Love to Wales, where I spent much of my childhood holidays

  4. indyreiver says:

    Heart warming and genuine . Shame about spelling of Aspiration on opening frame. Cheers

  5. There are a lot of people in for whom english is a second language

  6. […] Cymru’n Cefnogi Annibyniaeth – Wales Supporting Independence […]

  7. Wis that naw just wonderful?

  8. Reblogged this on EezyPeezyLemonSqeezy and commented:
    I don’t need to say a thing….

  9. Had a wee bit of a wet face at bits of that. 😊

  10. macart763 says:

    Couldn’t help but smile whilst watching that and there was no stopping the wee lump in the throat that came with it. 🙂

    Big wave to our friends in Wales.

  11. JGedd says:

    Yes, very moving and I admit I did water down my tea watching that again, even though I had watched it just before on Wings (Tea tastes a wee bit salty now. ) Wish I knew how to send salutations in Welsh. Thank you, that was wonderful, Wales!

  12. Dougie Brawls says:

    Its a pity that some..I’m a proud Scot but…don’t see it the same way..a great wee video if ever there was one…xxx

  13. scotsgeoff says:

    Sitting here with tears streaming down my face….

  14. diabloandco says:

    Thanks wee Wales – my tea is a wee bit salty too!

    You have the best flag in the UK and it will fly even higher when you too gain your independence!

  15. macart763 says:

    Speaking of friends elsewhere.

    Folks might want to check this out over on Wings.


    This’ll leave a mark. 🙂

  16. Cheers Cymru’s That was a joy to watch.Mind you tears made it blur a wee bit..but not with sadness..with hope and solidarity..

  17. Capella says:

    Just watched it on WOS. Certainly brings a tear to the eye. Wonderful message of support and what an antidote to the relentless gloom of Westminster!

  18. Eilean says:

    That was truly inspiring. We are not alone!

    Even Rab C. Nesbitt has friends across the sea.


  19. Sooz says:

    Thank you, Wales. Thank you so much.

    Got something in my eyes. Won’t stop watering …

  20. sair fecht says:

    That was braw! My eyes were watering. Lovely people the Welsh. It’s great news to find that they’re behind us. It sure makes a change to have an upbeat message to cancel out the relentless crap from Project Fear.

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