The great Caledonian rain forest

The Unionist parties are getting together to issue a “declaration of intent” on extra powers for the Scottish Parliament in the event of a no vote. It’s a non-binding, non-specific, non-statement, because they can’t agree on what powers should be devolved. But what they can agree upon is that transferring extra powers is terribly complicated and requires loads of consultation, it needs to be considered in Commons committees and Lords debates. We will give you more, they say.

They have to think carefully about what UKIP and Tory voters elsewhere in the UK think – you know, those folk that the Unionist parties have been telling that the Scots are ungrateful subsidy junkies who are dependent upon their largesse and taxes. They’re hoping that these people whose votes they need in order to win the 2015 General Election won’t mind about loads of constitutional freebies being delivered to those Scots – the nation they’ve told their constituents is composed of evil English-haters.

Any proposals the Unionist parties put forward now will go the same way as the Calman Commission – gutted, filleted and delivered late like a rotten fish that cramps your stomach. And Scotland will have had its chips, but no supper of powers. How many years to ban airguns? How many more before we can ban Trident? Vote no for dependency, vote no to be a client. Vote no to be silenced. Vote no to be told what’s good for you. Westminster is sovereign, it will tell you what to do. Be fearful and obey.

Isn’t it odd, how the Unionist parties are suddenly falling over themselves to make non-binding non-specific promises of devo-jam. These things they offer they could have offered years ago. But they didn’t. They’ve spent the past few years asserting there was no demand, or it would be politically impossible, or that it would be more complicated and more difficult than building a working Large Hadron Collider out of Danny Alexander’s lego men. Couldn’t be because they’re crapping themselves about a Yes vote could it? They promise more powers, they promise to pay heed. But you must surrender the only thing you have that will make us pay you any attention – the dream of independence, the dream of self-determination. Vote no, and let’s have no more talk of doing things your own way. They will tell us what is good for us. It’s what is good for them.

So how much do you trust the Unionist parties? The referendum is not a choice between trusting in the Unionist parties or trusting in the SNP. It’s a choice between trusting the Unionist parties to decide what is best for Scotland, or trusting the people of Scotland. I know who’s been lying to me. I know who’s been patronising me. I know who’s been telling me that we are nothing. It’s not ordinary Scottish people.

Today the Scottish Government unveiled the provisional constitution of a new Scotland. It’s a road map to a final constitution, one that all of us will be involved in writing. Rules that we have made, not rules imposed upon us. We will be the monarchs of our own glens. The first line of the new constitution : In Scotland, the people are sovereign.

It’s the ordinary people of Scotland that a Yes vote will empower, with a written constitution that enshrines popular sovereignty. It’s not about Alicsammin. It’s about you. It’s about me. It’s about our families and friends and those we love. Scotland can be a state which is of the people, by the people, for the people – or it can be a province governed by the sovereignty of Westminster and subject to its grace.

Then look at Magrit the Stairheid Rammy Curran, Ian Ye Want a Doin’ Davidson, Danny Lego man Alexander, John Let’s Invade Iraq Reid. How much grace do you see? As much as a dinosaur with an inner ear infection dancing on broken stilts as it denies the knowledge of its impending extinction. They campaign in TV studios, in the pages of newspapers, behind the closed doors of boardrooms, bossing the bosses to boss us, telling us that we are nothings who have nothing.

So who do you trust? Trust yourself. Trust your family, trust your friends. Trust your children can have a better future. Trust the ordinary people of Scotland.

The Yes campaign doesn’t have a grassroots movement. The Yes campaign does not own us, we own it. The grassroots have grown up, grown out, grown beyond anyone’s control. It’s people of all parties and none. It’s a Scottish rain forest filled with diversity and life and laughter. The austerity axemen of Westminster get tangled in its vines, they trip over the undergrowth, bewildered, scared, lost in the forest of Scotland.

The Coed Celidon of the ancient poets has regrown, fresh growth springs all over the land. The time of lamentations is over Aneirin, the lost children of the Gododdin have found their way home to the forest. The mighty Scots Pine pines for them no more. Birds sing the new dawn in its branches, the bounty of the woodland brings life and hope. It is a place to dream, a plan to plan, a place to think of a bright future. Our green shoots reach to the skies, our roots stretch out from the Northern Isles to the Rhins of Galloway. The Great Caledonian Forest is alive again, its mighty trees nuture, and its canopy shelters the land. We are breathing. We are living. We are here. This is our place. This is our time. This is our rain forest.

Trust in home. Embrace the forest. Hug a Scottish tree. Vote Yes.


Meanwhile, in other news, the Dug has made a wee appearance in the latest edition of Yes Clydesdale’s Ayemag, shamelessly begging for a biscuit. The magazine is a great wee read, and is published every month. It’s well worth a look.





35 comments on “The great Caledonian rain forest

  1. Capella says:

    This post is just so brilliant it deserves to be broadcast to everyone. If only we had a national broadcasting corporation! Lets create one?

  2. […] The Unionist parties are getting together to issue a "declaration of intent" on extra powers for the Scottish Parliament in the event of a no vote. It's a non-binding, non-specific, non-statement, …  […]

  3. WRH2 says:

    The Dug is soooo cute. Loved the pic.

  4. JimnArlene says:

    Simply, beautiful.

  5. Cag-does-thinking says:

    I get the impression Jim Murphy is howking his Irn Bru crates around as a soap box so he can appear in 100 towns to appeal to them to vote no between now and the vote. Our local paper showed at least two people came out to listen to him in Barrhead but they may have been the Labour minions who carried the crates. Unfortunately a Yes supporter with a placard kinda spoiled the party. Damn those grass roots ehh? (No I have no idea why the Irn Bru crates perhaps it’s a sponsorship deal or something…….. ). It looks like it might be a long trip for Jim, give him a wave with a placard if you see him…..

  6. Another cracking post, Paul. We must claim this country for its people and make sure it stays that way. Never again should politicians be in ‘power’, rather they should serve the people or suffer the consequences.

  7. andygm1 says:

    ‘In Scotland the People are sovereign’

    In any normal country this would be the headline in every newspaper tomorrow. However, this is Scotland, so instead it’ll get a non mention in Brian Taylor’s blog.

    Toodleoo the noo.

  8. […] The great Caledonian rain forest […]

  9. smiling vulture says:

    vote NO for more POWERS

    a catchphrase that looks doomed

  10. ian foulds says:

    ‘It’s a choice between trusting the Unionist parties to decide what is best for Scotland, or trusting the people of Scotland.’

    That is the issue in a nutshell.

  11. mucklemerc says:

    “In Scotland, the people are sovereign.”

    That’s nice, that. It would look great on a t-shirt, but even better as the core founding principle of a constitution.

    We can only hope the people will vote to make sure it comes about.

    (Dina fear: they will.)

  12. maybolebuddie says:

    Self determination YES!, a written constitution for the people by the people placing the people of Scotland before big business, bankers and politicians. YES! YES! YES! with both hands. Saor Alba Gu Brath!

  13. dennis mclaughlin says:

    Devo Nix guaranteed… Ass.

  14. This basic wee look at part of The McCrone Report tells us all we need to know Paul.
    Lies, lies and well, the contempt is palpuble!
    The McCrone Report Part 2…

  15. givinggoose says:

    If Gordon Brown gets his way Scots children will never learn about The Gododdin. The victors write the history, or so they say, and that is exactly what Gordon Brown intends to happen. In the event of a No vote, Scotland and the idea of Scotland will be deconstructed and binned. We should be extremely concerned. An totalitarian educational future awaits us if Brown and co get their way.

  16. Stoops says:

    I read this piece twice it was that good! Never stop writing Paul, I’ll never stop reading.

  17. macart763 says:

    First class Paul.

    ‘Declaration of INTENT’ or ‘In Scotland, the people ARE sovereign’.

    Almost time to choose and that choice is between a system of government which ‘intends’ to look at more powers/responsibilities. Or a government which 100% guarantees delivery of all powers to the ELECTORATE of Scotland. A promise and guarantee which will give the people a direct hand in drafting their own system of government.

    Think on that 100% guaranteed before the event and they’ve even provided a framework for you to clothe out in the latest fashion. A government fit for the 21st century and YOU get to make it happen. Or you could go with intending, but never getting round to doing … stuff.

  18. Rosa Alba Macdonald says:

    So come all-ye at hame wi freedom,
    Never fear wha the hoodies croak for doom,
    In yer hoose all the bairns o Adam
    Will hae breid, barley bree and painted room.
    (The Freedom Come All-ye).

    The words of the song are prophetic.

    I have been reading novels (well researched novels) about Scotland in the early 1600s up to the Covenanter Wars. Interesting reading about the breadth and depth of Scottish society and culture and our place in Europe at that time…in France, Netherlands, Germany-Poland-Lithuania, Sweden, Russia. We held our head high – “reaped our own harvest, and rang our own tills”,

    We were one of the main seats of the Englightenment the next century along.

    WHat happened we became so servile?

    Soar Alba. Alba gu bràth.

    (I would like to hear your thoughts on Gaelic and Scots, come the glorious Referendum)

  19. arthur thomson says:

    This morning the clouds rolled back when the sunshine of your thoughts made my world a brighter, happier place. I feel better.

  20. mary vasey says:

    Brilliant, we WILL turn our dreams into reality with folks like you gathering us all together. Thanks

  21. Very fine writing once again, Paul. However, and maybe i,m being somewhat pedantic here, but a phrase I always find patronising is “ordinary people”, usually used by politicians to describe tthe electorate. I think the phrase “real people” is far more accurate to describe, certainly the ones I have met on my campaigning, the people who will vote in this referendum, and hopefully make us an independent nation. You see, I believe we are all exceptional in some form or another, and as you correctly point out, that is the reason the Yes campaign has developed a life of it’s own, a point made earlier this year by Blair Jenkins. Keep up the good work and I hope the crowd-funding works out.

  22. bringiton says:

    The British Labour leader and several of his minions are on record as saying their policies are based on the concept of one nation (Britain).
    Devolution plays no part in their
    thinking so anything they come up with for more powers to Holyrood will be a lie
    Thanks Paul

  23. Eilean says:

    Sorry for going off topic again! WoS has partly covered this already but there is an article in the Guardian by the excellent Charlie Brooker going on about Britishness If you enjoy “The Dugs” writings I think that you will enjoy this as well.

    By the way. Charlie had our Lemmy on his last TV series. If only they would get Charlie do a referendum special. And pigs might fly!

    • macart763 says:

      Yeah caught that article, cracking piece. Charlie’s not wrong, but he won’t be thanked for pointing out the bleeding obvious 😀

      • Eilean says:

        I dont think that “not being thanked” has put Charlie off in the past. His show is one of the best on TV its just a pity it is not on all the time.

        Doug Stanfield for president of the USA! 😉

  24. Ditto all the above !!! Cheers Wee Dug !!!

  25. YESGUY says:

    Stirring stuff Paul.

    Very emotive and thought provoking . And don’t forget the laughs. I had tears running down my cheeks and was still chuckling away after i closed the PC down.

    Cheers again.

  26. Sooz says:

    What a beautifully written piece, Paul. One of your very best, I think. Full of pith and moment, plus some lyricism for the dreamers among us! Shared everywhere.

  27. Iain says:

    Now that Gordon Brown wants the abolition of the Scottish education system, I even less sure about the Lamont-Davidson-other guy promises of a bright united future.

  28. Rosa Alba Macdonald says:

    on Education:

  29. Morag says:

    excelled yersel the night wee dug! the climax is McGonagallesque…..nearly cocked a leg masel shoutin YES!

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