Crowd funding and care

I don’t usually blog about carer’s needs. Doing this blog is my wee escape from the 24 hour round of caring. But following my blog post last week in response to the Clare Lally issue, many of you have said that you want to do something to help. Your kindness, care, and concern was overwhelming, and I spent much of Friday in tears. The media talks so much about how nasty the online world is – the fact there is so much good and so much humanity often gets overlooked.  It restores your faith in the basic goodness of people.

So I called Kaye – no, not that one, this one works at the carer’s centre – to get advice about crowd funding and fundraising and how it might affect my claim for Carer’s Allowance. And basically we think the solution is a simple one, if people are kind enough that they wish to crowd fund in order to raise money to help with my partner’s care needs, any money raised can be paid into a special bank account where it can be used to pay for any care services he requires, and for anything we need in order to assist me to continue to care for him at home.

However you need to crowdfund for my partner, not for me, and then it doesn’t count as my income for the purposes of Carer’s Allowance. I cannot be involved in fund raising efforts myself. Please note that we still need to check the legal issues further to confirm everything, but this way of going about things seems, provisionally, to be the answer. So you can go ahead.

The reason for such caution is that I don’t want to give those who are nasty and vindictive – and we all know who I mean – any excuse to attack me or my partner. Because you know they would.

If my partner Andy is settled and in one of his more lucid periods, he can be left for up to 45 minutes to an hour which allows me to get out and do the weekly shopping, but as his condition deteriorates even that’s getting more difficult. Vascular dementia is a progressive condition which has no cure or treatment, and we are going to need more support in future in order to ensure that I can continue to care for him at home, with the dug and me, where he’s happy and feels safe and where he wants to be.

Andy fought in two wars for the UK, in Suez and Cyprus. He was a sniper in the Royal Marines. He then served as a police officer in London for 25 years. He deserves his dignity. Naturally I’ve spoken to him about this crowd funding idea, he’s a very proud man who would rather suffer than ask for help, but he has given his consent to this. He knows we’re going to need more assistance in future, and neither of us wants him to go into residential care.

I don’t do this blog for money, and never have done. You may see some adverts when you view this site, but the income from those adverts goes to WordPress, not to me, because I don’t pay WordPress for their blogging platform. I do this blog because I’m a full time carer who can’t get out the house for long and it gives me something to think about which doesn’t revolve around caring and care needs. In a small way it lets me feel connected to the rest of the world, which is important when you’re a carer. Many of us feel a crushing social isolation. I honestly had no idea that this blog connected with so many people. It has touched and humbled me.  I’d also ask you to think about the carers amongst your own friends and families, and ask that you reach out to them too – don’t let them feel that they are alone.

So if you wish to crowd fund to help my partner’s care needs, you have our blessing, our thanks, and our eternal gratitude.

This is being organised by the readers of this blog and Wings Over Scotland, and is being discussed on the Off-Topic page on Wings Over Scotland.  If you would like further information and discussion about the practicalities, it’s best to go there.  The link is



57 comments on “Crowd funding and care

  1. maybolebuddie says:

    Paul, just read your latest post, I am hoping that someone has the expertise to pick things up and get the ball rolling, as I stated in my last post I would like to make a contribution to support your partner and yourself, just need a bit of help from a fellow blogger!

  2. cadgers says:

    Paul, will do so as soon as a link is up

  3. Sheltie2014 says:


    Ready when you are xxx

  4. JGedd says:

    Wholeheartedly behind you, Paul.

    maybolebuddie i don’t know if you read my answer to you last time, but Paul is held in high regard everywhere and over at Wings over Scotland this idea was raised last week. If you go over to Off-topic on that site you will see a discussion which you can join. It’s getting organized but folk were waiting on Paul’s obtaining advice today which he has done.

  5. allan sayers says:

    excellent idea. i have invested in people through bloom crowd funding and it has been a great way to help people in an immediate and practical way.

  6. Hey your name is Paul. Paul, this is one of my favourite websites, not just Scottish independence websites, but just as a literary thing to read. More power to your elbow, whatever that means.

  7. Devereux says:

    Paul, it will be our very great pleasure to what little we can for you because you have done so much for us.

  8. Rory says:

    I’m in, ill check out the link. Both grandparents recently suffered with bad vascular dementia. I’m in the army (not the navy :p) the merits of this blog, the enjoyment and nourishment it brings me, and your partners care needs, are more than enough to merit a tad of crowd funding.

    Tonnes of respect for you both. Good effort gents. And best wishes.

  9. […] Crowd funding and care […]

  10. rab_the_doubter says:

    For gods sake Paul, will you stop making me greet when I read your blog. It really isn’t helping my vile cybernat reputation.
    I hope that this crowdfunding can be worked out so that in some way it will help to make you and Andy’s life just a little bit easier. In my eyes you are both heroes – Andy for his years of service and you Paul for making us laugh and cry in equal measures and puncturing the pomposity of those who say ‘you cannae dae that’. If nothing else comes out of the 18th Sept at the very least I will have learned something – that people are capable of the most extraordinary acts of goodness and you deserve a seat at the top table.
    Good luck for the future.

  11. Maggie Craig says:

    Hi Paul, I’m in. Can someone point me in the right direction as I cannae see it on WoS. Thanks.

  12. david says:

    Like many I await somewhere I can click and donate…..

  13. diabloandco says:

    Count me in , but I have to do it the old fashioned way – as in bank and money as opposed to internet, swindled a couple of years ago ,not about to leave my details anywhere!

  14. Steve Bowers says:

    I’m in, least I can do for all that you do, off to WoS

  15. I’m more than delighted to help out!! The Mammy had the same illness..oops gulpy throat and teary eye….Can ah do it by cheque as well no great at the pooter.?

  16. Steve Bowers says:

    Lot’s of chat on WoS but no link yet, love TJennys idea ! so in for that one. Let’s go people, we nasty cybernats can do this

  17. mary vasey says:

    I’m sure it makes us feel good being able to help such a good guy as you, it does me 😎

  18. Weegiewarbler says:

    Count on us too Paul. Wishing you and Andy all the best xx

  19. Teri says:

    Paul, I will be donating just as soon as everything is in place to do so. Like you, I too am a carer but am fortunate enough in that my husband is physically disabled and is able to be left at times so I can get out as I need to. I’m also fortunate enough to have a private pension which helps to provide what is necessary for him as I get bugger all help elsewhere.

    As a carer you need time out for yourself, if only to relax and recharge your batteries. You have a heavy load and will crack under the strain otherwise. You wont be any good to Andy if you exhaust yourself and run yourself into the ground. We as a society really need to look at who cares for the carer as this doesn’t happen at all just now.

    I do hope you raise enough to help with Andy’s needs and give respite to yourself. Good luck, Paul. You deserve it.

  20. Capella says:

    Happy to contribute my tuppence worth (well maybe a bit more than that!) for the great fun of reading this blog and the comments. No longer have a TV, radio has become a desert, never buy newspapers, except Sunday Herald, so this and a few Indy blogs are my source. Thanks.

  21. TJenny says:

    HI WGD and all -really pleased that folk are keen to donate, however, Paul, we need you to set up a paypal type site where we can make payts and possibly also a ‘contact me’ page for those who do not want to use paypal/online payts.

    Have you enquired about registering as a charity under your partner’s name?

    Maybe drop the Rev a wee line via his contact page for advise if you need it.

    I don’t think the rest of us should pre-empt Paul’s investigations into the details of the set-up and should await Paul giving us the link to the crowdfund page and then………… get out our bank cards. 🙂

  22. TJenny says:

    Posted a comment at 4.38 which is still in moderation as it’s my first post here. Does Paul have to moderate manually, as that, understandably, could take a wee while. 🙂

    • weegingerdug says:

      Hi Jenny. Yeah, all first posts have to be manually authorised (so I can weed out random spam that gets through the filter or abusive posts). It can sometimes take me a couple of hours to check for new posts. I was busy getting things organised for Andy’s evening care visit, and making his dinner. Now you’re authorised your posts should appear instantly.

  23. Tris says:

    As soon as there is a funder up Paul, I’m in it. I’d love to do something to help Andy (and by doing so, help you). I understand about the incomes thing, so this is for Andy. God knows after a lifetime of service to the country, he should be able to expect a bit more help from HM Government.

    I’ll happily advertise it up on Munguin’s too.

    Keep writing. Your humour is a tonic.

  24. arthur thomson says:

    Every morning I look for your contribution to my world. So I look forward to contributing to yours. I will check wings to see how I go about it.

  25. WRH2 says:

    After all your brilliant contributions on this blog, I’ll definitely be contributing to make your lives a bit more comfortable.

  26. TJenny says:

    Paul – thank you. 🙂

  27. Dinna_fash says:

    Paul, your words are truly blessed.

  28. It’s maybe a bit pointless stating the obvious, but your writing is so brilliant because your heart is completely in it. It’s you, for real, reminding us to be real.

    And so it’s not just your writing I read, but the comments too – people being real is a rare tonic in a world designed to scare folk into hiding behind their anger, cleverness or whatever.

    This is for me what Yes is about.

    Yes to seeing how the world really is – not just the way the system lies to us and teaches us to lie to ourselves about Westminster, but the way it lies to us about everything else too.

    And the biggest lie it tells is not that we’re too wee, too poor and too stupid, but that we’re too nasty, too uncaring, too selfish.

    Well we’re not, so we don’t need those liars who tell us to vote them in to protect us from ourselves.

    After independence I’m wondering if we might take this a wee step further?

    By we I’m meaning you and us, by wee step, I’m wondering what?

    Maybe give up on having a few uncaring families owning everything, and those who care suffering trying to help those suffering more. Would it take too much to achieve, once we’ve achieved the impossible once?

    Thanks hugely to you both, and to the rest of you all too.

    September the 19th: the morning after the centuries before?

    • Capella says:

      Well said Justin. Was thinking about an “Independence for Carers” fund. Then thought about what the political parties have to say about this issue. Does anyone know? Surely we can arrange for some semblance of genuine social care for everyone in our community in an independent Scotland.

  29. YESGUY says:

    The posts get better and better Paul.

    Can’t put a price on laughter, you’ve been a breath of fresh air over the last two weeks. We want to help and just need a link or place to do so.

    We’re going to need your wit over the next couple of months. This blog like many are bringing people closer together. To use wit to get any message across is a very rare talent. And there are the commentators, who add so much as well. It’s a good place to come to and i always leave feeling i have learned something new and “i feel pretty good too”

    keep up the great work

  30. David Love says:

    Count me in. Not good with internet. Can send cheque, if I have details.

  31. Morag says:

    ready with ma baw bee when details available. best wishes.

  32. McTim says:

    Ready when you are, Paul. More than happy to donate.

  33. TJenny says:

    Paul – when you get a minute (I know, I know that’s rare), but ask the Rev how to set up a crowdfund to go into you + or your partner’s account and we can start donating.

    Also see my and Kenny’s comments on WOS OT page at 8.31 + 8.38, and see what your thoughts are.

  34. sailorbhoy says:

    Hi Paul.
    I feel for, you my hope in an Independent Scotland would be for full time carers to have an income from the state. The cost of someone in care in a home is costly to the state.Just think if carers were to be given an amount of funds to care for there mothers /fathers/brothers/sisters/partners how much money this would save. It is not just the monetary saving it is that the family can care for there loved ones. I realise that this won,t work for most families but it maybe a starting point for discussing carers issues.
    Edinburgh is the new London.

  35. sailorbhoy says:

    I will also donate my bawbees waiting for details.

  36. MoJo says:

    Well said Justin …lets show the world that Scotland’s heart is in the right place….

  37. xsticks says:

    You provide a great deal of pleasure for many Paul. I just love your incisive humour. I’ll be happy to do whatever I can to help.

    Wishing you and Andy all the best.

  38. TJenny says:

    xsticks – do you by any chance know how to set up a crowdfunding paypal page and could you give details to Paul as he needs to be the one to put in the bank account details for payts to go into.

    Of course Paul may have already emailed the Rev for advice – think we just need to be a bit patient.

    As the popular saying goes ‘if you build it, they will come.’

    • weegingerdug says:

      I’ve emailed Stu to ask for advice. Truth is I’m a bit overwhelmed by everything.

      • macart763 says:

        Folk are just wanting to do their wee bit.

        You stick yer kisser above the parapet every day and give them a voice. And that on the back of full time care.

        Its appreciated, so let folks help if they can and learn to breathe. Count of four inhale, count of four exhale.

        You can be overwhelmed later. 🙂

  39. TJenny says:

    Ach, Paul, never fear, we’re all here to help, where we can. Good that you’ve emailed Stuey as I think some of us were about to bombard him for help.

    Just bask in the love. 🙂

  40. TJenny says:

    Paul – to save you time I’ve posted an update on WOS OT that you have contacted Stu, and that well wait for your update re the crowdfund.

  41. Jon says:

    A few ideas for folks setting this up, from a bit of web research:

    * (around 7.5% fee of donations)
    * (5% plus credit cards, or $9pcm to avoid all fees – would be worth it for a few months)

    There’ll be many others, of course.

  42. ScotlandToday says:

    Paul – you manage to put into words what I sure a lot of your readers think.
    You are obviously incredibly important to Andy, you are also a must visit to a lot of people who have already commented.
    Will follow the details on WoS.

  43. TJenny says:

    Jon – thanks for these links. Don’t know how you got them. When I googled setting up a crowdfund, all I got were links to attend crowdfunding conferences on ‘How to make crowdfunding work for your organisation’!

    Anyway, you’ll have seen WGD’s post above that he’s now waiting on advice from the Rev..

  44. I’m very new to IT and just recently stumbled onto weegingerdug. To say I was delighted is a huge understatement. If the crowdfunding gets going, I’d be more than happy to contribute. mo Mhorag

  45. Rosa Alba Macdonald says:

    please sign this – even if you know no adult or child with Autism or severe ADHD.

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