16 comments on “Indy weather forecast

  1. Free at 63! says:

    I do hope so, Paul.

  2. Eilean says:

    That reminds me. One of my neighbours has placed a “Naw” sticker in their front window. It is a take off of the familiar Yes blue circle with a white “Yes”

    The thing is. It is the wrongs shade of blue more like a navy blue than “pantene 300” the official shade of blue in the saltire.

    Can these half-witted clowns at Better Together / UKOK / No Thanks “whatever” no do anything right? Honestly they couldnae run a stairheed manoge!

    • No no no...yes says:

      The Westminster shower and its clouds of doom and gloom have finally moved away and temperatures are returning to normal!

    • No No No...Yes says:

      The 300 year Westminster storm has finally ran its course. The clouds of doom and gloom will never again return to these shores, thanks to the area of settle will of the Scottish people. Temperatures and blood pressure will return to normal after the celebrations.

  3. Helena Brown says:

    Well that is one forecast I think we can take is correct. BT/VOB/No Thanks, obviously think so.

  4. George Elliott says:

    Made me laugh again! Let’s hope it is going to be a stonking 100% Yes! C’mon the Yessers!

  5. Eilean says:

    Judith scares me! 😦

  6. Luigi says:

    All those YES-V rays are bad for the unionist skin.

  7. Fingers crossed the outlook is similar to that, settled will of the people of Scotland, with the only clouds on the horizon those we can deal with in our own way.

  8. Does that make 18th September YESterday ??

  9. WRH2 says:

    Brilliant. I’m collecting all the Yes cartoons on this site and others. Yes Nessie is still my favourite though.

  10. dubu650 says:

    The depression over Scotland is forecast to move away soon with sunny weather to follow.

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