Not caring

There have been a number of interesting developments in the independence debate over the past few days. Gordie Broon drove his clunking fist through the middle of the tissue of lies, wishful thinking, and self-delusion that passes for a case for the Union by calling for Davie Cameron to debate Alicsammin and delivering a rebuke by proxy to Alistair Darling’s strategy. Meanwhile, Alistair was caught in clear agreement with the proposition that the yes campaign is “blood and soil nationalism”, seemingly in the belief he’s actually participating in the D-Day Landings up against nazis; Danny Alexander and the UK Treasury’s legomen have gone back into their wee box after being caught out trying to illustrate fantasy figures with fantasy figures; the Tories have out-devoed Labour – the self proclaimed party of devolution has been outdevoflanked by the heirs of Michael Forsyth just ponder that one for a few minutes; Obama came, he scared and no one really cared – and then we discovered that Obama had only said anything at all because Number 10 had specifically asked him to and had specifically briefed a BBC reporter to ask him about it; Better Together has tacitly acknowledged its strategy was failing and has been forced to rebrand itself with an uninspiring nonslogan which was immediately subverted by Yes voters; the BBC continues to lurch from one PR disaster to another. It goes on and on in a litany of failure, of incompetence, and collapse. And it’s hardly being reported in the Scottish media.

The big stories this week? A very rich person who has been an open supporter of the No campaign since there ever was a No campaign gave them a lot of money, and is upset because of childish insults on the Internet.  And an ordinary carer is upset because of abuse on Twitter and Facebook.  Alicsammin is being personally blamed.

But there’s worse. Far worse. Someone said one of the most abusive things to come out of the indy campaign – and even me, with my penchant for swerrie wurds, hesitates to say it. It’s just pure venomous evil. So for purely illustrative purposes mind, and please don’t anyone get upset, because honestly no one is being accused of anything, but [gulp] here goes : “See you. You’re related to a former Lord Provost of Glasgow by marriage.”

That one cut to the quick with me, because I am actually related to a former Lord Provost of Glasgow, and not even by marriage – we share DNA, at least a couple of toes’ worth. The shame eh. Thankfully we’re only distant relatives and we’ve never met, otherwise I’d be curled up in a wailing ball of tears with a snottery nose, too traumatised to type. But as it is I’m mortified and actually glad for once that I can’t get out the house to face the boos and jeers that come with being related to a former Lord Provost.

Now this is not to say that it is not news that someone received abuse on the internet. Internet abuse and bullying is unpleasant. Unpleasant in the childish way of weans slagging one another off in the school yard and with pretty similar consequences. Although it is peculiar that yet again no substantive evidence of this horrendous abuse has been presented and forwarded to the polis.

I’ve had far worse and got over it.  In fact I’ve had far worse and ignored it, and I’m an ordinary fulltime carer too. One who doesn’t receive any care relief so I can go off and attend Labour Shadow Cabinet meetings.  I’d love to have someone come in and take over my caring responsibilities for a few hours – even if it meant I’d have to go and talk to Johann Lamont. I really do get that desperate for a break sometimes, and if that doesn’t make you feel sympathy for the plight of full time carers nothing on this planet will.

Some of us ordinary full time carers are stuck indoors day in day out because we’re caring for people who cannot be left unattended and our Labour local authority will only pay 80% of the cost of 2 weeks of respite care annually, and won’t pay for care relief for a few hours a week so you can go out and do ordinary things like going to the bank to sort out problems with an account, or go and buy a new bed because you can’t share a bed with your partner any more and have been sleeping on the sofa for the past six months. I can only get out if I can find someone to sit with my partner, whose care needs are such that he needs a properly trained carer. You can’t just ask a random friend or relative to deal with some of the things that need to be dealt with. So I spend my days cleaning up shit and piss, only to sit down for a cup of tea and a rest and see nothing but shit and piss on the news. That’s the glamorous life of the full time ordinary carer.

Care relief isn’t easy to afford when it can cost up to £15 per hour and you only get £60 a week Carer’s Allowance to live on. I’ve had to turn down a number of invitations to attend Yes events because I can’t afford care relief. A social life is a dim and distant memory. Then I see Labour’s ordinary carer spokesperson appearing on telly and at high profile events. It’s nice for her that she can get out and develop a public persona, a career and a life that’s not filled solely with changing incontinence pads and cleaning up piss. I’m glad she’s escaped the crushing social isolation that so many ordinary carers are trapped in. I’m happy for her, and pleased that carers get any sort of attention at all.

Meanwhile Labour has rubbished the Scottish Government’s proposals to increase Carer’s Allowance by a measly tenner a week if we get independence. “Who’s going to pay?” screams Labour. The carers will always pay. Always. We pay in worry, in stress, in the loss of our careers, in our isolation and loneliness, in our flesh and our creaking bones and aching backs. We’re the ones who shoulder the burden for the party of British redistribution, along with the disabled, the poor, the disadvantaged, and the marginalised, so the People’s Party can continue to sook up to millionaires and City bankers.

Just saying like, as an ordinary carer who hasn’t been a member of the Labour shadow cabinet for the past two years.

It is news of a sort that a carer has received abuse on the internet. It’s just not especially surprising news, and neither is it especially informative news unless you find it surprising and informative that some people say childish and stupid things on the internet. Magrit Curran says childish things every time she opens her gob, but the BBC still takes her seriously.

However we are being told that this is a phenomenon specific to the independence campaign, when this is very far from being the case. Some of the worst instances of online abuse, name calling, threats, and bullying I’ve seen online were in a forum devoted to model trains. Some people take the detailing on the latest Hornby model steam engine very seriously. The abuse doesn’t come solely from model train enthusiasts who support Scottish independence. Model train enthusiasts are clearly malevolent.

It’s all a part of a very clear strategy, to demonise supporters of independence in an effort to dissuade undecided voters from engaging with arguments for independence. That was always the strategy all along, only now it’s reached a fever pitch because the polls are narrowing and canvass returns on the ground show a much stronger position for Yes. The No campaign is losing, and they know it. There is a concerted and organised campaign of abuse and vilification, and it’s coming from Unionist politicians and the mainstream media.

All this is unpleasant and upsetting, but it doesn’t get me down. I’ve dealt with worse. When you spend your days dealing with real shit, invented and non-consequential shit is of no great concern. The reason it doesn’t upset me much is because it’s not going to work. Campaigns of demonisation and vilification can only have any chance of success when the targets are a tiny minority. If you don’t know any members of that tiny minority then you’ll believe the demonisation and vilification, it will affect your perceptions.

But that’s not the case in Scotland’s independence debate. Just about everyone in the country knows independence supporters, in their families or amongst their friends. We are not a tiny minority. We are everywhere.  Personal contacts vastly outweigh media reports in terms of their influence. The number of independence supporters is greater by at least an order of magnitude than the number who are likely to be persuaded to vote no because of media slurs and smears. And that number is smaller than the number of people who will be disgusted by media misrepresentation of a campaign whose members are known to them personally.  All that it will achieve is yet another nail in the coffin of mainstream media credibility. It’s simple arithmetic.

And the reason I’m so confident? Because I’ve been here before, as I’ve pointed out in a previous blog post. Unlike independence supporters lesbian and gay people are a relatively small minority, we were subjected to a similar campaign of media hatred and vilification during the AIDS crisis of the 1980s. And look what happened there – we won.

The hatred and distraction techniques are a sign we are winning. Don’t be afraid, don’t be discouraged. Don’t care.  And always always remember – when someone demonises you, it means they are afraid of you. And that means you are the one with the power, the power of the Scottish nation in movement towards a self-determined future. Face to face, conversation to conversation, we’re changing minds, we’re changing history.

And there’s nothing they can do to stop us.  That’s why they’re so scared.


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  1. dubu650 says:

    Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. Your posts always keep things in perspective.

  2. JimnArlene says:

    Wow! You put me through the whole range of emotions, with this one.

  3. Devereux says:

    Thank you.

  4. I hope this inspirational “cri de coeur” gets the wide coverage it deserves; a stinging rebuke to those pontificating and conjuring the faux outrage about Lally, Rowling, cybernats etc.

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  6. Catherine says:

    Thank you, reading you is always a breath of fresh air and an inspiration. Take care (no pun).

  7. Capella says:

    Another very encouraging post. Many thanks. What a contrast to Better Together/No Thanks who insist on parading millionaire celebrities to pour cold water on our aspirations. I do believe you’re right about their panic rising with the YES vote. The lack of support for ordinary carers is a disgrace. My sympathies about a Glasgow Provost relation. We all have our cross to bear!

  8. Steve Bowers says:

    Nice one Paul, lump in throat time again, I’m so glad you’re on our side.

  9. Stoops says:

    Hugely encouraging Paul, thank you, it’s been a grim couple of days in the media.

  10. shahallyon says:

    A genuinely moving and insightful piece. I too am so glad you are on our team.

  11. Robert Graham says:

    excellent article couldn’t put it down now this is a real person’s view of the whole stramash manufactured by the dark side its the same as the j.k.rolling in it xzillion contribution she couldn’t just make the gift then leave it at that she just had to add stupid stuff to provoke a response as you say show us the evidence of vile hatred and where it came from the result will be “0” because we all know its guff and its not being followed up by honest reporters .also all the best to yourself your blogs are appreciated

  12. innerbearsdenurchin says:

    Everything points to the fact that No is losing and they know it.

    This latest onslaught of vilification a, personal attacks is their second last line of defence.

    When they turn to scrambling to give us a devo option, we will know we have won.

    I am beginning to think that time might be sooner than later.

  13. scotsgeoff says:

    Well said…again.

  14. innerbearsdenurchin says:

    If anyone is interested Jakey Rolling loaned some millions of her fortune to currency speculators who shorted the £ and made a small fortune. C. F . George Soros.

    She is a neighbour of Darling.

  15. A very moving antidote to all the screaming nonsense of the past few days. You deserve a medal, Paul. All carers do. And while others might be able to have a social life with would-be high-fliers, or strut the platform willing a political career, you provide us with sanity, insights, inspiration and laughter from your sofa and your keyboard.

    Know that you and your efforts are appreciated.

  16. Scottie says:

    I agree with everything you said, i’ve been caring for my wife for over 35 years and haven’t been out socially for at least 24 years. I’ve never heard of this Lally woman and don’t really want to. OK my break’s over so back to the shit and piss again. OH and try cleaning that lot up when you’re totally blind as I am, it’s a messy business. There’s only 1 rule, don’t lick your fingers until you’ve cleaned up. Been there, done it, and got the T Shirt. Saor Alba.

    Granpa Broon.

  17. My sympathy would lie with Johann Lamont Paul. She wouldn’t have a chance….
    Wish I could’ve had some time to chat at Yes in the Park but I literally could only stay for 10 minutes at the event.
    Some personal stuff I had to clean up myself!
    I’m going to mail you in a little while. Need to nip out.
    Take care….

  18. macart763 says:

    They are losing Paul and they know it. They had a car crash week and seized upon two puff stories to try and regain some ground. It’ll fail because we’ve been here before. Anyone with a front door never mind computer or social network access knows the real story of abuse in this campaign and its a wonder and a great credit to the YES campaign that more haven’t given way to losing the rag and are keeping it civil.

    This is the most peaceful independence vote in history, lets keep it that way and have it remembered for all the right reasons. When faced with unreasoning nonsense answer it with a laugh and let them wallow in their own swill. We’ve got a country to win and build. People need help out there and they won’t get it from a Westminster government set on redistributing our wealth to the even wealthier.

    Lets keep on message and get that message across. Play our own game and not theirs.

    • Once again, you surpass yourself Paul. And absolutely spot-on mac. Only a compliant media could create a “story” out of a minor error by Campbell Gunn, although in fairness, it’s one he shouldn’t have made. Careless. We had a public meeting this week, snd guess what, not one question about this matter. We are winning, but please, keep it civil?

      • macart763 says:

        We can do this Alex because people want to do this. We want to live in a better, fairer society.

        Folk aren’t daft, well with a few exceptions. 😀

        They see and know the media’s game, what they’re about and who they answer to. They just need to believe that the country they want to live in can be delivered. They need to know that they can have a say in that process.

        They don’t give two hoots for the celeb endorsements or the next three or four relaunches of Better No Thanks. They care about who can guarantee delivery of their promises and we can absolutely guarantee delivery of all the powers they will need to change their country.

  19. Michael Scott says:

    Great article. Your blog is definitely required reading.

  20. Papadox says:

    Think you hit the centre spot there Paul. The truth often hurts. Much respect.

  21. what a moving article!
    I can really relate to this,a full time carer to a disabled child and I get 16 hours respite a month.

    Its something yes,and i know some carers get half this amount and have a much more demanding child,but i cannot work due to school holidays.The only specialist playscheme is facing cutbacks from our tory/labour coalition council.

    So i ask you,what kind of future does my child have in the current system?
    This is the reason i am using some of my respite time to canvass for YES scotland,i know its the right thing to do for all carers out there,A better future in a caring Scotland!

  22. Blizzard says:

    Another inspirational post Paul. Perspective, humour and reality versus spin and faux outrage. Anyone reading this will be moved.

    Spread this post wide folks, this is what we are fighting for. Hope versus fear and smear.

  23. Allan Sayers says:

    Brilliant stuff. would like to help you get to attend some yes meetings. Do you have a paypal account

  24. Paul, your posts are a roller coaster of emotions. One minute I’m in tears laughing, the next I’m in tears greetin! An know something, ah don’t want it any other way.

  25. maybolebuddie says:

    Paul. I have been an avid reader and blogger for sometime now on this site, you are truly an inspiration in this movement. I realise in the recent past there was a move to support you financially during the campaign which you directed towards other pro Yes sites (very admirable). I revisit this subject and ask can I and I am sure some others be given the opportunity to contribute financially in a small way to enable you to focus on both your partner and the yes campaign in these final 100 days. A negative may not be taken lightly!!

    • weegingerdug says:

      I’ve always been reluctant about that. I’m worried it would affect my Carers Allowance – and you can guarantee that some Unionist would make a complaint about the evil cybernat crowd funded carer. Carer’s Allowance only permits claimants to earn £100 per week.

      But I really would love to participate more in Yes events. It may be possible not to pay anything to me, but to a special account in my partner’s name to be used to support his care needs (and mine). So I’ll get advice on Monday when the Carers’ Centre is open and will get back to youse on this one.

      And it should go without saying that I am deeply touched and moved by the offers.

      Some people have said that my posts make them greet. I greet when I read the comments.

      • Well Monday it is then!

      • As both a carer (son now an adult who has learning difficulties) and someone who is sick and disabled (severe ME) I am so glad you wrote this. It articulates so well much of what I would of liked to say.

        Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      • Jennifer C says:

        Superb piece. I don’t know if you are aware but there are various small charity grants available to carers which might help and don’t tend to mess up benefits, which I know can be a nightmare. You can try a search here if you haven’t already done so

      • Sue Varley says:

        Paul, hope you find a way to set this up. Weegingerdug, always required reading, will be first port of call on Monday. You deserve any help we can give you. Your blogs are always inspirational, but I think this is probably the most powerful one yet. Your confidence in the right outcome is also much appreciated. Thanks.

      • jdman says:

        Maybole buddie speaks for me as well Paul, I had no idea, you give us the details and we’ll do the rest.

      • Elizabeth Buist says:

        I would also like to say that it is people like yourself that REALLY do help the activists get up and face the next day. So in away you are also caring for the foot soldiers as well. Thank You. Would also be happy to contribute.

    • JGedd says:

      If you are on the Wings site maybolebuddie, you will find that this same idea has been floated. Go to Off Topic if you want to discuss. Perhaps it could be coordinated?

  26. roddymacdonald2014 says:

    Excellent post, Paul.

  27. Alastair Ewen says:

    Thank you WGD. Inspirational.

  28. Nana says:

    Gone from laughter to tears reading this. I don’t know where you live but if it was anywhere near me I would offer to lend a hand if only to give you a little time for a walk.

    • weegingerdug says:

      If the other half is settled, I can get out for a very short time to walk the dug and get the weekly shopping in. But he can’t be left longer than 45 minutes or so. He forgets where I’ve gone and gets very distressed.

  29. Alan MacDonald says:

    You sir, are inspirational. My best wishes to yourself and your partner.
    Crowd source the shit out of this as we would love to hear you speak. And buy you a pint.
    Lots of love.

  30. David Sharp says:

    Thank you for writing this.

    Thank you for using what little spare time you have for giving us all in this campaign a collective deep breath and a fresh determination that’s is because we are having to fight abd face the relentless stream of garbage from the no campaign, it is because they are scared and we ARE winning this.

    We all help in this campaign in any way we can, and yours are just as vital as any with messages such as this.

  31. Jeannie says:

    Thanks Paul. You’ ve no idea how much I enjoy your writing.

  32. Rosa Alba Macdonald says:

    I am worried that you are getting no relief-respite-direct payments to cover a carer for you partner while you do what has to be done (beds, doctors, library).
    I know you will have chapped on all the doors – as I too have done: I am a carer to my son who has finally been diagnosed after five years – of errrors, oversight, mishandling, incompetence – treated and medicated. It has cost me my career, my home, my friends, and nearly my sanity. Most of all it nearly cost me my son’s life (in his worst days) and my son’s guardianship. Amazing what the right chemical can do… though we both still have some PTSD (he was bullied and pariahed badly including by staff at his school – and the kids emulated)
    However, that is not your case, I know.

    This whole thing has sat so uneasy with me – the ordinary carer. Not that she gets out (I got some Direct Payments [but cannot find a carer], finally getting respite, son back in school: luxuries you do not have). But that she portrayed herself as normal, ordinary, every day. And that she used her child’s health as a Fairy Flag for the Union.

    I would not be above using the (mismanagement) of my son’s situation/case publicly to ensure it never, ever go down that way for any other child; I would use our situation as a Banner for Voting for Independence because free childcare including for Additional Support Needs, children’s rights, carer’s rights, continued public national health service, free prescriptions, Additional Support Needs education.

    I cannot see how any carer – no matter how ordinary or special – can defend the state of affairs for carers under the Union nor the prospective provision of healthcare. £10 bonus on carer’s allowance is nothing. And while the bedroom tax may have been disappeared in Scotland… the future does not look rosier on the Union front in terms of similar legislation.

    • weegingerdug says:

      The prospect for carers if there is a No vote truly terrifies me.

      • JGedd says:

        And yet Ms Lally wants to vote NO on behalf of all carers. She states that the NHS would only be safe if Scotland stays in the Union. As a committed member of the Labour party she seems to believe BT lies and gets into the media to mislead others. As you say, what prospect for carers if Ms Lally’s party has its way?

        If only other carers could get the publicity Ms Lally had to put the facts straight and tell the public what it’s like to be a carer and how things will only get worse if there is a No vote. Oh and perhaps to point out something which apparently Ms Lally doesn’t know and that is, that NHS Scotland is already separate and is under the jurisdiction of the Scottish Government.

      • Mythril says:

        You are not the only one. I fear a no vote will mean we cannot eat or have a roof over our head as there will be no support for the disable or carers at all.

  33. Pentland Firth says:

    Paul, this is the most moving and inspiring piece I’ve read during the whole campaign. Further comment would be superfluous.

  34. McTim says:

    You never fail to cheer me up, Paul. All the best to you and your other half as always. Lots of love from me and my hubby.

  35. MoJo says:

    A voice of hope not hate. Bless you…. have shared your post on FB – thank you for the reality check needed to remind folks of what actually matters, in this week of distorted media trivia. Some things really aren’t worth caring about….lets keep being nice to each other and keep our eye on the prize….

  36. rosaleen says:

    Thanks Paul. You are an inspiration to us all. Had to make some tea there to recover my composure.

  37. Tris says:

    Another truly inspiring piece, Paul.

  38. I cried too.. then knew we have to get this right if only to look after the vulnerable in our country.

  39. Martin says:

    Excellent commentary. I just couldn’t work out how Ms Lally couldn’t accept the apology offered and why she saw it as an “insult”. So stage managed by puppeteers pulling her strings.

  40. mary vasey says:

    I just want to say a heartfelt thank you. No matter how down you must get yourself you always manage to make us laugh. I wish I could help out by sitting with your partner, am retired nurse so used to cleaning up after bodily functions but I live in n.e scotland. Anyway warmest regards to you & partner.

    • Rosa Alba Macdonald says:

      Mary – When I was a student the SNP Student HighHeidin was against Charities Campaign: why because the private should not have to compensate ad hoc and on condidtions, for the lack of the welfare state. This is still true. However, there are many, many, many carers who would value your potential to volunteer a couple of skilled hours every week. Or even do some paid respite carer work for kinship carers.
      Kinship Carer burnout is at an all time high: in terms of Respite Foster Care alone – I have waitied four years. My child only recently at 11 slept through the night, safely, without randomly rising and turning on taps, cooking, setting fire to things (not maliciously – to authenticate a Viking Cardboard shield), bobsleigh down the stairs on a tray, and even go out into the garden….

  41. Kirkwood says:

    That puts a lot of the things going on this week into a healthy perspective. Thank you for sharing this. May you have strength and encouragement in the valuable work you are doing at home and online.

  42. Anton Pilowski says:

    “A very rich person who has been an open supporter of the No campaign since there ever was a No campaign gave them a lot of money, and is upset because of childish insults on the Internet.”

    Just as matter of interest and verification, can you direct me to the evidence that JK Rowling has been a long term supporter of the No campaign, and that she personally is upset by recent insults on the internet.

    I myself have been unable to trace any online evidence for your assertions, but I feel sure that you wouldn’t have just made all this up.

    • weegingerdug says:

      You don’t actually have to give a campaign £1 million to count as a supporter you know. Her support for the No campaign has been a matter of public record for almost 2 years – at least. Here’s an article from the Herald from September 2012

      Then there’s this from April this year, when she turned up at Eddie Izzard’s “Please Say No” thingy in Edinburgh, accompanying Alistair Darling.

      So it’s not exactly news that JK Rowling supports the Union. And please note that nowhere in my article have I criticised her for her views. Also note that the passage you quote was prefaced by “The big stories this week” so clearly I was talking about the media presentation.

      Not being privy to the internal emotional life of JK Rowling, I can’t actually say whether she was upset by the events of the past week. But take a glance at any newspaper covering the story this week – and they clearly imply that she was. Unless there was an article somewhere that said “JK Rowling was subjected to internet abuse and didn’t bother her arse about it.”

      Perhaps she wasn’t upset at all – but if that’s the case then why have we had a media barrage of tut-tuttery this past week? Send your questions on a postcard to the editors of most UK newspapers.

  43. Paula Rose says:

    One day (well not within a hundred days) I will make a special journey to meet you and (if that’s OK) your partner (I don’t know his name) but then most people don’t know my name is Paul Wright. I’ve got a level of expertise in model making (theatre designer) so when we’ve won (or not) we can concentrate on your trams xxx.

    • jdman says:

      Paul, can we network contact through one person so Paul (wee ginger dug) doesn’t have to give out his private details to all and sundry, what do you think Mr Cavanagh?
      if out of the mass of people who want to help you have someone you really trust who can filter contact through them we would all love to help,

      We can do this people! 🙂

    • jdman says:

      oh btw Thepnr can give you my email address I meant to give you it at his house when we were up at the WINGS night at the Ferry.

  44. schrodingers cat says:

    put up a link for some crowd funding, to get you out and maybe even talk at some events. do it. i promise not only to donate but to ensure the link to indigogo gets put out. we need your help on the tour curcuit talking at events wgd, it sounds like it would do you some good to get out a bit too

  45. Gavin Barrie says:

    “Claimants Allowance only permits claimants to earn £100 per week”.
    And why? If by your clear literary skills you could earn say £200 per week, what would be the consequence to your Carer’s allowance?
    And how much is the Day Rate at the House of Lords?

    Wish you luck on Monday. You could say you were a reporter for a Spanish newspaper investigating benefits of the Union to through them off the scent. I mean MSM and the BBC do it.

  46. smiling vulture says:

    never seen so many papers with cybernats front page today–Shirley not orchestrated

  47. Paul. That was straight from the heart bud.
    Cheers for that, gives us all a bit of strength.
    With all the crap you’ve had to put up with you’re fifty times the man any of those bastards who gave you shit in the 80s were.
    Aye and you’ve hit on a fair few members of the model train community too.
    There’s a reason I’m not on that wee forum now!
    Keep on turning stuff like this out, bud! You’re the bullet proof piper at the head of the column!

  48. Noo if you hud telt us on Sat at Strathy park that you were related to Pat Lally you wudna hiv goat a roll in sausage. brilliant piece keep it gone strong

  49. Respect to you – and let us help if we can

  50. Thomas Barrowman says:

    Brilliant read keep up the good work x

  51. David says:

    To Anton Pilowski and everyone else, too!: “”She (Rowling) is friends with former PM Gordon Brown and his wife Sarah, has previously donated money to the Labour Party, and told the BBC TWO years ago that she had reservations about independence.”

    She is solid, even staunch, Labour, and is not a member of Labour For Indy, therefore she is opposed to Independence. That is her choice, although I hope she grows out of it.

    As for being “upset by recent insults on the internet”, she is an extremely wealthy individual, worth close on a Billion dollars, so I expect she employs people who get upset on her behalf. It also seems that the newspapers are happy to be shocked and outraged for her.

    Back in the real world, who gives a flying f___ for internet bampots?! If you want upset, Anton, get upset about the UK needing foodbanks. (Or miniature rail, or sport, you know, the IMPORTANT things)

  52. Paul Garbett says:

    Thank you – I was losing faith (and the will to live) after the Lally & Rowling things but you have reminded me of two things, why I am voting Yes & why I will continue to get folk on board

  53. 1707repeal says:

    Wow! Total respect.

  54. Fairliered says:

    If your friends here and on Wings were to directly fund a carer, would that affect your carer’s allowance? If not, you have many friends and admirers and I am sure something suitable could be sorted out.

  55. mogabee says:

    The same as everyone here has said , with bells on!

  56. Ian Brotherhood says:

    More power to you mister.

  57. Ken MacColl says:

    Enjoyed this article and the sympathetic and sensitive way that you covered the alleged relationship of the lady from Clydebank -or was it Duntocher – to ex LP Pat Lally. It would be difficult to imagine anything higher up the smearometer than this but a pal told me that it was alleged that Alistair Darling was related to an old buffer who was at one time a Conservative Lord Provost of Edinburgh and that this same gent went on to be a respected Tory MP for Edinburgh South for some years. This may be simply a malicious rumour but can you imagine the hurt that such nasty tales can cause?

  58. Lynn Blair says:

    It’s been a dreadful week, but writing and thoughts like this are what are going to make the difference. Know, please, that you are appreciated.

  59. Alan Knight says:

    Fantastic piece of writing Paul, good onya man!

  60. Eric Carbis says:

    Thank you for writing that, it certainly brings things into sharp focus and I pray that you are right and Scotland develops into the sort of nation we can, should and must be proud to be Scottish. Keep on writing

  61. J. Gowrie says:

    Thank you !

  62. Eilean says:

    Utmost respect to the article and to all of those who have left such touching comments!

  63. Very moving and strong article, thankyou.

  64. majormacbloodnok says:

    Thanks Paul for drawing attention to your own personal example of the true costs of Westminster’s hereditary incompetence, chronic financial mismanagement and breathtaking lack of basic human compassion.

    There’s not been a substantial fund-raising effort from the Yes side for a few weeks now, so there could be a gap in the market… Just sayin’.

  65. Its great to get a bit of perspective just when all hell seems to be unleashed by the viper’s nest that is the NO campaign (not to be confused with the confused individuals who have been duped into thinking we are better ruled from afar!).

  66. WRH2 says:

    Great article again.

  67. cadgers says:

    I have read and enjoyed all your posts Paul, this one..this one makes me well up but strengthens my resolve. We will win! Please folk let me know how I can contribute, we need him out there on the YES side.

  68. Wee Jonny says:

    “When you spend your days dealing with real shit, invented and non-consequential shit is of no great concern.” Oof. Nailed it right there. Fandabeedoazee Wee G D.

  69. Conan_the_Librarian says:

    Hornby is for dilettante wankers, Lionel rules!

    Jist sayin…

    Good post mate, my wife does night shift in a care home for people with multiple disabilities and can come home totally wrung out – but she’s on a continental shift system.

  70. faolie says:

    Not sure what else there is to say except to echo the comments made here (1 excepted) and thank you for such an inspiring post. Not often I get a tear in the eye from the reading a blog post but the tear was also there because of the anger I felt for the lot of the carer. It’s nothing short of scandalous that carers are left basically to fend for themselves because they’re actually there to care, which means the state can save on costs.

    So many things that an independent country with new priorities could tackle and this is surely one near the top. With that I commend to all readers here the ‘Common Weal’.

    If you’re looking for a view of what Scotland could look like after a Yes vote, you should get a copy (£5 – let me know if I can buy you a hard copy Paul) of the ‘Common Weal’. Even the first few pages give such an uplifting, inspiring picture of how our wee country could transform itself. Compared to the unremitting gloom of a Better Together future, it’s simply a fantastic read. Go buy it people.

  71. Brotyboy says:

    Thank you Paul. Only wish I was a trained carer so I could give you a break.

  72. Teri says:

    Paul, sorry to be off topic. When you get a wee moment in your very hectic caring schedule, which you are doing brilliantly, could you possibly translate from the Catalonian newspaper that interviewed the Pope to see what he actually said.

    The media are having a field day as usual based on what he didn’t say.

  73. Mythril Graham says:

    Thank you for what you are doing. I am a severely disabled mum and my husband had to care for me and our son. We have both taken horrific abuse for wanting independence. But you just ignore it. It’s that simple. We cannot afford half of the equipment we need and get little or no help from the state. My husband would love to be more active with the campaign but cannot because he cannot leave me, as I need help to get to the bathroom, to be fed and such things. Yet he has been doing his bit like you. He folds papers, buts letters in envelopes and we both do our bit online! Yeah this electric wheelchair using cripple is one of those “vile cybernats” yeah little old me, that doesn’t like putting up sweaty words without first **** out all but the first and last letters! Yeah I am the the one that blocks her own Facebook feed with Indy posts, let alone anyone else’s!

  74. Tom Berwick says:

    Thanks as always for your informative, humerous and heartfelt words. We are winning, they will step up their smear and fear tactics, but as long as we pass on the real message online the media can take a hike. I predict when independence is looking like a done deal, the media will do a quick 180 degrees and pretend they were with us the whole way……I for one will not forget!

  75. YESGUY says:

    i read through you blog and realized you touch a nerve on everything. My emotions where birlin reading this blog.
    I have to say i admire your wit when most would be raging. You a better man than me Paul.
    As usual i come on this site for a wee pick me up and a smile.I can’t think of a single time that i’ve failed to leave feeling better.
    I;m a disabled guy who relies on help from my family and friends and gets it with no quibbles. So many don’t. But to hear a “carers” side is welcome. So many don’t have a voice. I would hate to think of losing my care and support, I probably wouldn’t be here, Fact.

    Thanks for your efforts and humor Paul. Leaving with a smile again .

    We will win the referendum and we will make a fairer , better and happier country.

    Again thanks

  76. ian foulds says:

    Mentally you are obviously a strong person and I commend you for it.

    You are also giving strength to those who may not have encountered such discrimination before – especially from our fellow countrymene strength.

    Keep the strength and we shall overcome.

    Thank you.


  77. David G. says:

    “Paul, can we network contact through one person so Paul (wee ginger dug) doesn’t have to give out his private details to all and sundry, what do you think Mr Cavanagh?
    if out of the mass of people who want to help you have someone you really trust who can filter contact through them we would all love to help,”

    I’d gladly contribute .. maybe the best way to do it is for the friend to set up a special paypal
    account for contributions. The funds would be being paid to the account holder rather than yourself so it should have no affect on your benefits and in fact shouldn’t need to be declared
    as it won’t be earnings.

    I can only echo the comments of everybody else, your post was moving and inspiring.
    May God bless you and your partner.

    Venceremos !

    • YESGUY says:

      Get the word out someone and set up a wee fund. This site educates and leaves all smiling. Thats worth a bob or two.

      We’re voting for a more humane country, we dont have to wait till Sept to get started “Wee Ginger Dug ” fund.

  78. […] week, the blogger Wee Ginger Dug posted about the Clare Lally affair, as usual Paul Kavanagh’s words were witty and informative, but for once he was talking about […]

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