Revenge of the 1980s VW camper van – Taking back no thanks

The most famous “No Thanks” slogan was “Nuclear power, No thanks”.  Auld Eurohippies everywhere would be horrified to see what Better Together – fans of nuclear weapons and nuclear power stations – have done with their slogan.

Here’s a selection of No thanks, I’m voting yes images.  Each slogan has two versions, a smiley Saltire, and a Yes button.  Click on the small pic to view the full sized high resolution image, right click and save to download.  Feel free to use, copy, share, distribute, put on t-shirts (but give me one!) and generally annoy the No campaign.  No commercial use please – but other than that dae whit ye like.

If there are other No thanks slogans for yes you’d like, leave a comment and I’ll try and add it as an image.

Update: Added versions with bairns for East Coasters. No Clear Powers. Poverty Wages. One in five in poverty. No bedroom tax yes please.

Update 2: Added Zero hours contract, tuition fees, Westminster.

Update 3: Added, Unequal Partnership, Another 307 Years, More of the Same, and BBC Weather Map.

Due to popular requests, I’ve added a selection of YES PLEASE badges and images on the next blog post.


bbcbiasnothanksbbcbiasnothanksyes bedroomtaxnothanks bedroomtaxnothanksyes benefitscutsnothanks benefitscutsnothanksyes


38 comments on “Revenge of the 1980s VW camper van – Taking back no thanks

  1. 1. Can anyone recommend a “make your own badge” site?

    2. Before I commit this to a T-shirt, is it:

    “Chan eil mise nam Breatannach” or just “Chan mise nam Breatannach”?

  2. Very smart. And now, what about a ‘Black Power’ style salute with a be-saltired fist? 🙂

  3. Barrosso says:

    Wonderful! A first class riposte to the latest cack-handed promotional effort from BT. These badges deserve to be widely distributed.

  4. Boy, they’re going to be sorry they came up with that slogan.

  5. Wan in five weans in poverty, no thanks.

  6. Capella says:

    Poverty wages? No thanks.

  7. diabloandco says:

    It must be me , in fact it is bound to be me , but the ones with YES in them are a wee bit confusing to my eyes .
    I love the ones with the smiley saltire, they work best and I think would work best on the doubtful so off to download and print up.

  8. diabloandco says:

    P.S Do you ever sleep??

  9. Matt Seattle says:

    Agree that putting Yes and No Thanks together is confusing, but turning round and reclaiming the No Thanks slogan so quickly is smart.

  10. Prefix slogan with No (No Bedroom Tax) and make the footer Yes Please.

  11. Helena Brown says:

    Och an d me thinking I was a hippy in the 1970’s. Never had a camper van though, couldn’t afford it took us all our time to have the rusty Austin 1300.

  12. smiling vulture says:

    stinking badges—YES THANKS

  13. Gavin Dowds says:

    Everyone outside of the West of Scotland uses the term ‘bairns’. Can we please have this addition if possible.

  14. Eilean says:

    Just to repeat the website for badges / posters etc. (Incase you have missed it) And if you order some badges mind and save one for “The Dug”

  15. Stoops says:

    I wonder how much BT were charged by the art world fraudster/wife strangler and his brother for this stunning re-brand?.

  16. weegingerdug says:

    OK, so so far, yese want

    Poverty wages, no thanks
    Politicians treating us like bairns, no thanks
    One in five weans in poverty, no thanks
    One in five bairns in poverty, no thanks
    No bedroom tax, yes please

    I’ll batter them out later today and will add them. Any more requests, add them in the comments section please.

    There won’t be a proper article with wurds and stuff today – got to do houseworky domestic stuff, a friend is coming to visit this evening, and I’ve got some crappy sci-fi to catch up on.

    • Irene Buchan says:

      I would love to get one of these images on a tee shirt. Any ideas how this can be achieved? Warning I am not very IT literate. 😉 I will follow the link for badges and order a selection. Well done the images are amazing and I too prefer the smiley face.

      • weegingerdug says:

        It’s very easy. Click on the image above you want, then right click and save the image file to your computer then transfer it onto a memory stick or memory card and trot off to a T-shirt printing shop. There are lots of them about. If you can’t find one locally, Vistaprint and other companies have an online ordering service.

        • Ranald says:

 also does a really good range of products. Unfortunately, not static cling for window stickers. Well done and thanks for these.

  17. thriftshopxl says:

    No Clear Powers? No Thanks.

  18. mac1005 says:

    Westminster? No Thanks

  19. mac1005 says:

    Tuition Fees? No Thanks

  20. Al Eddie says:

    It’s a very clever tactic of Saatchi and Saatchi to come up with the “No Thanks” slogan. The more it is flipped by the Yes campaign to its own perspective, the more the word No is imprinted.
    Be very careful not to follow this process because the more that undecideds see the words No Thanks, subliminally they will tend to lean that way.
    Beware the unintended consequences of what you’re doing here…!

    • weegingerdug says:

      I disagree. These images undermine what Better Together hopes to achieve. The strongest and most immediate way to condemn anyone is with their own words.

      If the No campaign’s new slogan was an entirely fresh and newly invented phrase you might have a point, but “no thanks” is already an established phrase in English which comes with a range of associations more fundamental in the mind than its recent co-option by Better Together.

      Their real reason for their recent adoption of the phrase is because it has connotations of politeness and reasonableness and they’re seeking to portray themselves as the voice of reason as opposed to unreasonable and nasty Yes supporters. But we can be nice and reasonable people too – and with a sense of humour as well.

      Personally I’m not overly keen on the ones with the YES button, the smiley faces work a lot better. But each to their own.

      Besides, we must not fall into the trap of insulting people’s intelligence. People made similar comments about the Lady Alba “I’m voting no” song, but I don’t think it made many undecided voters decide to vote no. The average person is far more intelligent and perceptive than our political masters give us credit for – and I would like to live in a country where politicians don’t insult my intelligence – wouldn’t you?

      • Al Eddie says:

        I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this – I think it’s a dangerous game to play.
        However I’m pleased to note that you’ve posted some yes please badges. To me, that sends the right message.
        Best regards.

  21. faryma says:

    ‘unequal partnership, no thanks. ‘ thanks 🙂

  22. Ranald says:

    Another 307 years?
    No thanks.

    More of the same?
    No thanks.

  23. Dinna_fash says:

    Ye ken whit?

  24. gerry parker says:

    Written Constitution one, Brilliant!

  25. davidmccann24 says:

    Stealing our oil (for petrol pump nozzels)

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