Oh Danny, oh boy

Oh Danny boy, the polls, the polls are falling

From vote to vote, we watch the Lib Dems slide

In Inverness, he’s going to get a mauling

when voters make him rue the times he’s lied


He presented a paper from the Treasury

and with great glee he talked independence down

but he provoked the ire of Professor Dunleavy

who said that Danny was a two faced lying clown


Oh Danny does the dirty work for Tories

he sold his soul for those ministerial cars

but no one believes his doom laden scare stories

and the statistics he’s just pulled out of his arse


He won’t come back when we’ve got independence

far too ashamed to show his well skelpt face

no expense account or cabinet attendance

Danny’s career will sink without a trace


22 comments on “Oh Danny, oh boy

  1. Morag says:

    How soon can we hear that on YouTube?

  2. MolliBlum says:

    Applause! 🙂

  3. Triskelion says:


  4. macart763 says:

    If Danny thinks that’s the worst day at work he’ll have this year, he’s in for a shock. 🙂

  5. See you on Friday. Bottle safely wrapped and carefully place in the suitcase.

    You need an Agent!

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  7. alex mckechnie says:

    will you give a verse or two in the Counting House ?

  8. No no no...yes says:

    A bright star shines yet again. You feed our needs almost everyday at the moment and we appreciate it!
    Danny described himself as the most senior Scot in the cabinet, ouch! Hopefully Carmichael will take the huff and there will be another libdem fallout.

  9. Helena Brown says:

    Well done Paul, claps loudly, stands and shouts encore.
    Come on Yew Choob, put this to music but please not a lament, a wee bitty up beat. Family song, got more Danny’s and at least one Danielle in oor family but hate the tempo.

  10. Bad enough laughin in the morning noo it’s singin!!! Much enjoyed especially Prof Dunleavy as words in a song .Genius!!

  11. Rosemary Champion says:


  12. Rosemary Champion says:

    Maybe weegingerdug could pen Scotland’s first Eurovision entry 🙂

  13. Capella says:

    It’s irristible! Here’s the muppet version with Beaker in the lead

  14. Gavin Barrie says:

    Great stuff WGD, Capella’s Muppet contribution tops it off so well.

  15. You couldn’t make it up! 😀

  16. Nana says:

    Brilliant!! Got me singing this morning…

  17. Nigel Mace says:

    One is reminded of the bon mot about Randolph Churchill, “A man who was unpopular in his own right.”

  18. @ Nigel Mace

    A legend in his own postcode.

    I prefer, another Liberal Democrat waste of space

  19. barneythomson says:

    Bill Dunblane –

    That is amazing! Carmichael, Davidson and Alexander singing the same old song.

  20. WRH2 says:

    Brilliant. Another great song made even better.

  21. […] But for now I’m going to try to give sixteen positive reasons to vote Yes, worse I’m going to do a Wee Ginger Dug and try (badly) putting it into song. Now for best comedy effect I probably should have used Ugly Kid Joes Everything About You not least because there’s a better chance of Yew Choob picking it up (still waiting on that call for 50 Ways To Leave The Union). But I’m going to wimp out and use Connie Stevens’ Sixteen Reasons as a template because quite frankly, even I know I don’t have the Dug’s song writing talent! […]

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