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John Jappy is a former senior civil servant with the UK Treasury.  He has seen the Treasury figures which prove that in the 1960s, before the oil revenues started to flow into the Treasury’s coffers, Scotland was more than paying its own way.  This video was produced by Clan Destiny and was also published today on Newsnet Scotland.  Everyone who has doubts about Scotland’s financial strength needs to watch this video and learn how Westminster has systematically hidden the truth from the Scottish electorate.  These people have dissembled and misinformed us over decades, they cannot be trusted with our future.  Please share this video as widely as possible.

You can read more from John Jappy on his blog, click here

16 comments on “Watch this video

  1. macart763M says:

    There is no excuse Paul, not a single one for what they have done to the Scottish electorate. The UK government aided and abetted by Scottish MPs who absolutely had to be in the know, deliberately and with premeditation mislead not just the Scottish electorate but that of the whole UK on the financial contribution and future potential of Scotland. They deliberately portrayed Scotland as subsidy junkies reliant on Westminster gifted handouts in order to survive.

    They ingrained this narrative in the public through a compliant media and allowed the Scots to suffer decades of scornful, patronising and condescending abuse.

    No excuse could ever mitigate this action not the hiding of the figures and not the burying of the McCrone report. They betrayed the public trust in the interest of what?

  2. […] John Jappy is a former senior civil servant with the UK Treasury. He has seen the Treasury figures which prove that in the 1960s, before the oil revenues started to flow into the Treasury's coffer…  […]

  3. macart763M says:

    If nothing else makes your blood run cold this other wee snippet from Mr Jappy should do the trick.

  4. Les Wilson says:

    Great stuff from Mr Jappy, hats off to him.
    However, if you go to his blogs there are many other things that will scare the bejesus out of you.
    particular all the links to nuclear.

  5. Papadox says:

    Will the Sunday Herald not take this up to get it aired where the Establishment don’t want it aired.
    This could be a game changer big time. That’s our “partners” treating us like shit, robbing us blind, telling us their subsidising poor stupid wee Scotland then bad mouthing us to the world with a pack of lies.
    No mistake there they new exactly what they were and are doing, they are scum. They have convinced the English people that they are subsidising us to create bad feelings in the south.

  6. […] Watch this video […]

  7. So that was how we got the poll tax first we’re payin the menodge but no getting a turn .

  8. sailorbhoy says:

    In the late seventies I was employed by Tarmac now Carrilion my tax was paid through their head office in Wolverhamton. My friends father worked for Brittish Rail and his tax was paid through the Bootle office. This money was earned in Scotland but was this money attributed to being earned in Scotland. I know this was a long time ago but does this practice exist

  9. jdmanj says:

    You can see how effective the propaganda has been when you speak to people who genuinly beleive we could not stand on our own, this could be the biggest con trick ever perpatrated.

  10. faolie says:

    Shared! So much for the bestest ever union in the history of unions. You can just imagine swivel-eyed chancellors counting their mountains of coins like Scrooge McDuck, all the while muttering about the stupid jocks giving away all their money and getting nothing but insults in return.

    And who knew that the Daily Mail was a secret double agent for the Yes campaign! Wow. That’s a story waiting to be written post-independence for sure.

  11. YESGUY says:

    I dont know why but i was shocked and angry at this video and the others made me even worse. It was not a surprise just the voice telling the truth and you can see he was .


    Brilliant again Paul.

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