Oor wey

This post is entirely the fault of WRH2, who left a comment on the previous post and gave me a mad idea that refused to leave my head until I wrote it down.  Evil cybernatty person, and there was me planning to watch some mindless Canadian sci-fi.


And noo, the vote is near

and so we face, the indy ballot

We hope, we face doon fear

and Westminster’s stick which has nae carrot

we walk doon every street

we chap on every door and windae

but mair, much mair than this, w’ur daein it oor wey


Regrets, the Beeb has a few

thanks tae Wings, Newsnet and Bella

They did what the Beeb didn’t do, and saw through Tory inventions

We spread the light of truth, we campaign throughout the country,

and mair, much mair than this, w’ur daein it oor wey


Aye there are times, I’m sure you know

that we get telt, that we can’t do it

But as they mooth fears smears and doot

We chew it up, we spit it oot

We face it aw, and we staund tall, and dae it oor wey

We tweet, we blog, we post

We fill the halls with public meetings

And noo, we laugh at scares, for we can see Darling is losing

Tae think, we’re daein aw that

Aw bi wursels, an in wur ain wey

Oh aye, oh aye it’s yes, w’ur daein it oor wey


For what is Scotland, what has it got?

It has a people, who will not be bought

We’ll say the things we truly feel, and not the lies of media speil

Let independence, in hope commence, w’ur daein it oor wey


Yes, this is oor wey


65 comments on “Oor wey

  1. jimnarlene says:


  2. macart763m says:


    I found myself singing it in my head whilst reading and I have this uncanny urge to sit on a bar stool with my dickie undone.

    Brilliant. 😀

  3. WRH2 says:

    Not sure if this is great minds think alike or not, but this is a great adaptation of the song. I’ll try to be more careful what I say so I don’t spoil your evening again, evil cybernat that I am….

  4. mary vasey says:

    Brilliant Paul. Love your slant , long may you continue thanks

  5. iheartscotland says:

    Effin’ loved it, thanks Paul,can’t get the tune out of my head now…..

  6. Sheila Rae says:

    Is this a candidate for the new National Anthum then? Laughed aw the way through

  7. iheartscotland says:

    ‘It has a people, who will not be bought’

  8. Somebody needs to make a YouTube version of this!

  9. No No No...Yes says:

    Great stuff , can’t wait for the video!

  10. Holebender says:

    Absolutely fandabbidozy. Weel dene that dug!

  11. Top notch. You could be the warm up at the Yewchoob gig!😄

  12. Brilliant and 100% valid

  13. JGedd says:

    I imagined it in my head being sung with a (slightly) drunken swagger and swally de jour in one hand, rolled up copy of Sunday Herald poking out of the back pocket. Very, very funny, Paul.

  14. Eilean says:

    “Mindless Canadian sci-fi” You are not referring to “Andromeda” with Kevin Sorbo are you?

    I remember when the entire five series of twentysix episodes per series was released on “BT Vision” Calm down I`m referring to the British Telecom video service! You didn’t think I was referring to “them” did you? BT and the word vision together should have been the clue!

    Anyway I watched all one hundred hours in a month. Sad or what!

    I like the song! ” My” indi song that I have in my head from time to time is Pink Floyd’s “Time” from the Dark side of the moon album. Especially the last three lines. (Okay the rest of it can be a wee bit depressing) 😦

    “Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way
    The time has gone, the song is over.
    Thought I’d something more to say.


    • weegingerdug says:

      Naaa, it was old episodes of Stargate. I ended up watching the one where they did the pastiche of Farscape – which was totally geektastic for those of us who like such things.

      • Eilean says:

        Haven’t seen that one. I record Farscape and Stargate every weekday “Pick TV” good froth for watching while having my tea.

        We had better watch out or we will have the “Babylon 5” trolls coming on here. (Hi Morag!) 😉

        • Eilean says:

          Just to add. Something that I liked about “Stargate Atlantis” was that the multinational team all had their countries flag on their uniforms. Plenty of stars and stripes etc. one of the leading characters had the Canadian maple leaf. The big shock was the Scottish doctor wearing a Saltire. One of the writers or cast must have been pro Scottish independence. Certainly a sci-fi series with a positive vision of the future.

          • weegingerdug says:

            I have every single episode of all the Stargate series, plus all of Farscape, and a whole lot more other sci fi on some external hard drives. If you want copies, just drop me a line.

            Babylon 5 – booooo! I’m with Sheldon on that one.

          • Helena Brown says:

            Pail McGuigin I think the gentleman you are talking about and I think he may be, but I think that there is a fondness for Scotland both in Canada and the States.

      • dennis mclaughlin says:

        Paul,you may be referring to the SG1 episode “Dimension X” ;a hilarious romp in Stargate style 🙂

        Another belter was “Holiday”a trip back to 1969 for the crew ,who bump into Ltnt Hammond from Texas !.

        cheers 🆒

  15. Dougie Brawls says:

    Absolutely brilliant Paul…I sung it all the way through..I feel a Karaoke comin on..”And now the….

  16. wwilmawatts says:

    When I heard that Glasgow was going to host the Commonwealth Games I wondered how we could compete with other countries opening Ceremonies. ( us being too poor and awe that) In my head I just saw Rab C Nesbit spouting one of his wonderful, drunken, philosophical monologues: This could be it.
    And the obligatory pipe band, of course.
    (Shame, I see above that someone says he is a Unionist)
    What about Gregg Hemphill being the smooth night club singer?

  17. Rosemary Champion says:

    Pure, dead brilliant

  18. tartanzen says:

    Excellent stuff!

    You should pass it onto the guys at Yew Choob to make a video of


  19. More a Tony Bennett man myself, but loved your rendition all the same. Slightly o/t but had to say I liked Stargate and Atlantis but Babylon 5 and Star Trek TOS wins hands down!

  20. Helena Brown says:

    Still love Stargate, it hasn’t aged much considering how long it went on, like the spin off as well and Babylon 5. I am a sucker for Sci Fi and love Fantasy as well apart from Game of Thrones. I too was singing along as I read it, goes well, apart from my singing.

    • weegingerdug says:

      Best fantasy telly series has got to be Buffy. In fact, anything by Joss Whedon.

      Although I loved Dead Like Me too.

      • Buffy started well, fizzled out though. Whatever happened to dead like me, I only ever saw some of the first season?

        • weegingerdug says:

          It only ran for 2 seasons then got cancelled. There was a spin off movie in 2009 (which wasn’t great) and rumours that the series would be picked up by another network, but it never happened.

          Pushing Daisies was quite enjoyable too. That got cancelled as well.

          And I forgot to add – I will NEVER forgive the bastert executives at the network who cancelled Stargate Universe leaving us with a cliff-hanger that will never be resolved.

          • Agreed, Universe was flawed but deserved better treatment than it got. MInd you, I’m used to US executives being tossers. Jericho scrapped into a mini second series and then was scrapped just as the second US civil war was about to kick off. Rubicon was cancelled at the end of one season as well. Gits.

            • weegingerdug says:

              They cancelled Flash Forward too, another series where we got left without a plot resolution. Cancelling Firefly was the worst though. They should burn in TV hell for that, and be forced to watch reruns of Noel Edmunds and Mr Blobby for all eternity.

              • With FlashFoward I at least had memories of the book to fall back on but yes, leaving it hanging must have been hellish for anyone who hadn’t read it. I should introduce to my eldest, she feels the same way about Firefly, she thinks though that Blobby and Crinkly Bottom is being too kind to them though.
                Sadly always the same though, if it doesn’t do well in the US, doesn’t matter that the rest of the world thinks it’s great, it gets cancelled.

                • weegingerdug says:

                  Still, at least Battlestar Galactica had a proper run – and an utterly brilliant finale to a brilliant series

                  • Totally, bought the boxsets I loved it that much, brilliant re-imagining of the show. Although to be honest I loved the 70’s original. That and Buck Rogers, I so had the hots for Wilma Deering back in the day. Which I concede is an interest you may not share, lol. But the Better Half does recall Gil Gerard rather favourably.

      • Eilean says:

        Best episode of Buffy was “Hush” I bought it on DVD. Still gies me the wullies!

  21. Eilean says:

    Stop press! The Dug`s biggest rival Lady Alba has a new video / song out.

    Watch out for the tuba player. 🙂

  22. YESGUY says:

    brilliant prophetic words. Loved it

  23. diabloandco says:

    crackin’! Though how you got your tongue to stay in contact with the chorus heaven knows!

  24. bjsalba says:

    Can we similarly treat “there must be 50 ways to leave your lover” into “There must be 50 reasons(or grounds) for leaving the union”.

  25. BRILLIANT gave me goosebumps whilst I ws singin/readin it Inspired Made ma day

  26. […] all started with Wee Ginger Dug and his excellent version of Frank Sinatra’s karaoke classic My Way. I’ve left surnames […]

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