Preparation Hate

I’m sick of this mince. Heartily pissed off, fed up, and growing increasingly angry. A short while back there were reports that the Better Together campaign was having meetings to rethink its failing strategy. A few weeks have passed, and it turns out that the new strategy is the same as the old strategy, just more of it. Fears, scares, slurs, threats, hypocrisy, attacks on alicsammin, and transparent psychological projection. The same as before, just at greater volume and with greater frequency.

Project Fear is not talking Scotland’s language. They’re the stereotypical British tourist abroad, thinking that they can make the natives understand English by speaking in a loud voice. Their blank incomprehension is met with SHOUTING MORE LOUDLY.

Already this week we’ve had Alicsammin being besties with Vlad, the accusation he’s threatening to block international access to Norwegian waters in a fit of pique, wee Wullie Hague warning – again – that we’ll be thrown out of the EU, accusations that Alicsammin is lying about the living wage, an allegation that the Yes campaign is illegally using front organisations to get round campaign spending limits which conveniently merges with the warning that the Yes campaign is funded by homophobes, the warning that consumers in the rest of the UK would boycot products from an independent Scotland, yet another borderline racist cartoon in the supposedly liberal Guardian, and the claim that an independent Scotland will have to implement deep austerity cuts and won’t be able to afford free education or health care.

And it’s only Tuesday. We’ve still got Danny Alexander’s speech to come. He’s due to repeat his warnings of economic meltdown tomorrow. So that’s something to look forward to.

We shouldn’t complain really. It’s still a failing strategy. More of the same will merely guarantee that it fails more comprehensively.

But I’m fed up with it. Because there’s one thing I hate above everything else, and that’s being patronised by duplicitous self-admiring morons who cherry pick facts in order to scare and intimidate. These people, our governors and directors, our leaders and would-be opinion formers, they’re not clever, they’re not big, and they are possessed of less insight than you find between the covers of a Ladybird Jack and Jill storybook.

Tomorrow’s announcement from Danny Alexander will go the same way. See Danny. See Danny wave. See Danny tell off naughty Alicsammin. See Danny warn we’ll all be poor. See Danny ride in a ministerial motor. See Danny fall flat on his smug overpaid over-promoted face.

Will this week’s barrage of fearbombs convert any yes voters to don’t knows? Will it persuade any don’t knows that Westminster and the UK media really have our interests at heart. I wouldn’t bet on it. Westminster is betting everything on it.

When this campaign started, the Union thought it was going to win handsomely. Alicsammin was just a minor irritation, soon to be salved with the balm of Westminster authority and a demonstration of their power. Scottish independence was going to be brushed aside, and everyone could return to business as usual.

I sigh in resignation every time another scarebomb bursts. And I’m actually interested in the debate. Project Fear never considered the effect of their tactics. They thought that a tidal wave of toxicity would deter the less involved from taking the question of independence seriously. Instead it’s made them stop taking Project Fear seriously.

Alicsammin was jut a wee haemorrhoid in the arse of the Union, but the Project Fear couldn’t help scratching it. The more it itched, the more they scratched, and the bigger their piles got. Now they’re impacted and bleeding. If it wasn’t for the Preparation Hate so lovingly concocted by the media, two parts bile three parts lie with a dash of venom in a litre of contempt, the arse would have fallen out of Better Together’s campaign months ago. But their medicine has a toxic side effect. It exposed them for the incompetents that they really are. It exposed their disdain and arrogance. Who wants to be governed by people who know little about us, and what little they do know they hold in contempt?

They’re not sitting comfortably now. We’re getting it up them.


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  2. jimnarlene says:

    Spot on, pardon the pun. Jimnarlene.

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  4. yerkitbreeks says:

    To continue with the analogy – once the preparations fail to relieve symptoms, it’s surgery, man.

    First off we should rubber band them, this occludes the blood supply and they drop off.

    If that fails then there’s always the surgical excision ( haemorrhoidectomy ) – cut them out and send them down to be preserved in a jar at Westminster.

  5. Yup, it’s becoming really tiring and dispiriting, but guess that’s the intention. Certainly won’t change my mind, but what it has underlined,in a score of wide nib felt tip pens in rainbow colours, is that if there’s a no vote this lot aren’t going to be accorded any respect, belief or votes. The members of the Mother of Parliaments have been shown up to be nothing more than stupid wee playground bullies, nasty and vindictive, thinking of no-one but themselves and their own furry playground.

  6. Capella says:

    I’ve seen some Saltires appearing in gardens like spring flowers. Once the YES campaign gets under way the atmosphere will be transformed. Meantime, I boycott any negative press or radio nonsense and focus on the internet where real communication is happening. The people who rely on the tabloids and BBC are certainly being short changed at the moment and I don’t know if there is any evidence that they are influenced by the negativity (other than to vote YES!) How wonderful it will be when we never have to listen to all that venom again!.
    Danny Alexander is an ex PR man. He will do what it takes to hang on to the Ministerial salary (approx £135,000) limousine and future ermine robe. Pathetic.

  7. […] I'm sick of this mince. Heartily pissed off, fed up, and growing increasingly angry. A short while back there were reports that the Better Together campaign was having meetings to rethink its faili…  […]

  8. jjake says:

    I am a lifelong Labour voter but I am fed with this attitude from the Labour party that suggests that we should sit quietly at the back of the room, not ask any questions, believe everything they tell us and if we are good pliant children we might get a surprise.Not buying it. Gave up buying lucky bags a long, long, time ago.They were always full crappy little toys of no value and of little use.Abit like the presentday Labour party.

    • kishorncommando says:

      Well said jjake, I gave up on them 4 years ago, they are a bunch of fartbags.

  9. You can be assured that Danny Alexander will never ever have hemorrhoids. He is a perfect arsehole.

  10. smiling vulture says:

    The Scotsman will have to change it’s name after the YES vote,to We Never Meant It

    • jimnarlene says:

      Hopefully they’ll wake up to an independent Scotland and truly become the Scotsman we would like to read. One that has real journalism and not oor Willie daun et that London shite.

  11. Hazel Lewry says:

    Yep, losing the will to live in all this negativity. Just hoping people see it for the transparent nonsense it all is.

  12. The Earthshaker says:

    great blog as always, it looks like Alex Salmond’s taken your advice and told William Hague where to go over his GQ interview and Bruge speech

  13. Craig says:

    Westminster and the MSM have done more damage to the Union than they realise with their control and lies. If they somehow squeeze a no vote , tensions in Scotland will be even worse. I am a mild mannered Company Mamager but the hatred I have for Westminster and the MSM is boiling point. I will never forget what they have done. NEVER.

    • David Agnew says:

      This point I agree with. They have recklessly done more damage to the union, that it is now all but impossible to re-integrate yes voters and have them accept “Britishness”. Even worse is that no voters will not enjoy their “day in the sun” for too long. The gloating will dry up when they realise that the worst of it is being aimed at them. The poor unionists have the most to lose post no vote. It will be more than the status quo that will be gone…it will be the any sense of respect the rUK had for them. The only reason they will have voted no, was to keep being a scrounger, that’s what the English MSM will run with…clear as day.

      So there we have it…the irony of the no vote is that the Union won’t survive a no vote in the long run.

      A yes vote ensures that peaceful end to the Union – which it deserves. Not bleeding out in the gutter, knifed to death by those who said they loved it the most.

    • weegingerdug says:

      Hate can be negative and self-destructive – it can eat away at you. Instead be positive, direct your anger carefully, and use the energy your anger gives you to make a difference.

      When you don’t hate, but you laugh in the face of your opponents, they no longer have any power over you. It’s wonderfully liberating. And you’re the one with a smile on your face.

      Laughter is more powerful than the authority of any government. Let’s laugh our way to independence. That’s the kind of country I want to live in. So let’s point at the Emperors who have no clothes, and laugh at their tiny wee wullies.

  14. Alba4Eva says:

    Anger is a gift.

  15. The more they talk, the less believeable they become. I never watch, listen or read the M.S.M nowadays. The dug, bella, w.o.s and Derek B are my sources of information these days. The No side are losing, and as Sept 18th approaches their attacks will become even more incoherent as defeat becomes imminent. We are going to win, and create a better Scotland.

    • Helena Brown says:

      Me too, and as I said on Derek’s blog, how prominent are the No campaign on the internet, not many and are all the same people, blowing in the wind. I have yet to hear one make an argument worth listening to.
      I used to try and inform the people in England about the Referendum Campaign going on here, Came to the conclusion I was wasting my time. I have no idea why the NO campaign waste their time here.
      I think that many people in Scotland have made up their minds and all the bluster in the Media is to make them feel better.

  16. Les Wilson says:

    Well, no holding back Paul, truth is what you feel is what we are all feeling, and that is a strength
    of our ever growing campaign. The more they insult us, the more they lie and manipulate the facts, the more gritted teeth we have. A real determination is setting in,Scotland is rising, to late to stop it. Alba gu bràth!

  17. Iain says:

    Alba4Eva: Anger may be a gift, Eva, but so are mockery, disdain and a sense of humour. I find the level of humour, sarcastic and otherwise, among Yes supporters to be one of our strongest suits. It’s far more powerful that the No side which isn’t depressing, just dreary and boring, and suggests that’s what their future will be like for us all.

  18. Who was it said revenge is a dish best served cold? Guess there will be an enormous bowlful of it on the breakfast table on 19th September.

  19. Rabbie once wrote in a letter in 1789,

    “Whatever mitigates the woes, or increases the happiness of others,
    this is my criterion of goodness;
    and whatever injures society at large, or an individual in it,
    this is my measure of iniquity.”

    These 4 lines epitomise for me the debate we’re having in our country just now

    When we gather up the High St on a Saturday to give out our badges, leaflets and engage with the guid folk of Ayr, myself and a fellow activist play a wee game of who will take a leaflet and who will scurry on bye….

    We think we’ve discovered a condition, akin to the Scottish cringe, we call the unionist scowl….

    You can almost always tell from a mile off if someone is going to engage and take a leaflet or not, by their demeanour…

    If they are smiling, relaxed, confident, laughing with friends they invariably engage with us…

    When heads are bowed, and the soor puss and scowl is there for all to see, you almost sense what’s coming next… “wee cannae dae it, I hate that Alex Salmond,no surrender….etc etc”

    You get the drift…

    Like Paul says, laughter and hope will see us win this, and laughter and hope will carry us forward when the real challenge begins on 19th September

  20. smiling vulture says:

    and on que—the Scotsman still bitching weds


    30 April

    UKRAINIAN expatriates in Scotland have demanded a “public apology” from Alex Salmond over his controversial comments paying tribute to Vladimir Putin.

    A strongly worded letter to the First Minister says his comments have provoked “hurt, disgust, betrayal and astonishment”.

  21. macart763m says:

    They can’t win not now, not in a generation hence.

    What truly offends me is the clean up of the socially divisive effluent we’ll have to deal with once they’re influence has gone. The thoughtless, needless damage they are inflicting on their own electorate in an attempt to maintain their shiny careers through their campaign strategy. Not once have they considered the damage they are inflicting on people.

    We’re all tired of it and we’re all sick to the back teeth of being misrepresented and lied to. Any time we feel our shoulders sag a bit, focus on that and use it. This is what we’re all here for, to make sure it stops now. But don’t get mad, get clever.

    Use their own effluent against them. Bring it into the open for all to see. Expose it and dissipate it with humour and empathy and yes even a wee bit of bite.

    See the man above the line for how that’s done. 🙂

    • Exactly mac. The anti-independence lot are digging a hole for themselves, and it’s getting deeper every day. They lurch from one mistake to the next. Long may it continue, and it will, because all they can peddle are lies, but in order to even moderately successful at that strategy you have to remember what you said previously, and that is beyond their mental capability.

      • macart763M says:

        I’m still trying to work out what was the lie and what was the truth from Darling on currency union? On the one hand in the event of independence it was an extremely desirable, sensible policy, but wearing his no campaign hat he instigated the sermon on the pound along with the conservative/libdem government.

        I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two sure ways to figure out when the opposition is lying. 1. Darling goes into a twitching fit which can be measured on the Richter Scale. and 2. Every time a spokesman for BT’s lips move. 😀

  22. dennis mclaughlin says:

    If we end up with a NO vote we go back to Year Zero and Kmer Rouge tactics will be commonplace……IDS will be Pol Pot incarnate.
    better get oot there and make sure it’s a resounding defeat for the ‘forces of darkness’.

  23. jjake says:

    I’m really looking forward to velvet divorce day. The only thing that worries me is will we be awarded custody of Danny Alexander and the rest of the Pilsbury dough men.Can feel the indigestion comming on already.Don’t think there’s enough Gaviscon in the world to help me swallow that.

  24. iheartscotland says:

    Please never forget the humour, it deflates pompous arses (the new unionist ‘heavy’ team) like nothing else can. Again, love your blog.

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