The charge of the shite brigade

Alicsammin loves Vlad, who’s currently impaling Ukraine on a pointy Russian stick. It’s all over the media, so it must be true. Alicsammin just loves Crimean kebabs with a spicy oligarch sauce. Labour and the Tories, naturally, are outraged. Appalled. Shocked. Mortified. Unionist politicians would never do anything like that.

The remarks were made during an interview for GQ magazine, the interviewer was Alistair Campbell. Yes. That Alistair Campbell. He of dodgy dossier fame. Of course Alicsammin’s comments about Putin were hedged about with enough qualifications to keep the dugs out the garden, but that didn’t stop certain yappy wee Labour and Tory MSPs digging their way through the mud and crapping all over the lawn. What he said was that Putin had successfully restored the shattered pride of the Russian people, which had been ground into powder by the dissolution of the Soviet Union. He didn’t say he approved of Putin’s methods of doing so, in fact he explicitly said he didn’t. The only gushing approval in his comments was of the Russian people. Not their political masters.

Of course Alicsammin didn’t ask for Putin’s help in the referendum campaign. That would be David Cameron who did that.

First things first. Alicsammin’s opinions on foreign politicians are not relevant to the independence debate. We’re not voting to express our approval or disapproval of Russian policies. We’re voting to express our approval or disapproval of UK policies and the Westminster system of government. Unionist attempts to work a few anodyne comments by Alicsammin about an irrelevant issue into a reason for Scotland remaining under the Tory and Tory-lite governments of Westminster are a symptom of the poverty of their own arguments.

But they can’t help themselves. They rush to criticise Alicsammin because they still believe that the referendum question is “Do you want Scotland to be an alicsammin country?” They’re hoping no one will notice the even more gushing approval of a whole list of nasty dictators, oligarchs, strongmen, and out and out gangsters sprayed like a sewer outfall from the mouths of an even longer list of Labour and Tory politicians. Their attack on Scotland’s First Minister boils down to – see that alicsammin, he’s just as bad as we are so he is. Which isn’t exactly a glowing recommendation of the Westminster system.

But Alicsammin isn’t as bad as they are. He’s never accepted money or favours to promote an oligarch’s interests. Which is more than can be said for certain Unionists. And that is a whole lot worse than highly qualified approval voiced in a magazine interview months before the object of their admiration invaded Crimea.

In 2012, the Guardian reported that Tony Blair had accepted US$13 million from the government of Kazakhstan to whisper good words about President Nursultan Nazarbayev in the ear of Western governments. The Guardian article was titled “Blair’s moral decline”. Which is a bit misleading as it assumes that Blair occupied some moral high ground to fall from. But the man was always in the gutter. Meanwhile Peter Mandelson accepts lucrative fees for giving speeches and presentations to the Kazakh state enterprise Samruk, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nazarbayev family. And according to the same Guardian report, Blair’s media attack dog Alistair Campbell acted as go between for Blair, and was spotted on a visit to the Kazakh capital of Astana. That will be the same Alistair Campbell who interviewed Alicsammin for GQ magazine.

Nazarbayev’s regime has been criticised by Human Rights Watch for its repeated abuse of human rights, imprisoning political dissidents, torture, disappearances, and closing down critical media outlets.

In May 2012, former Blairite cabinet minister and current BBC director of strategy James Purnell went to a dinner organised by Portland Communications, the Russian Government’s publicists. He was accompanied by Andrew “Lord” Adonis, who now advises Ed Miliband on industrial policy. Adonis had a number of high profile posts in both Blair and Brown’s governments – although he was never elected. He’s a lardy lord. Portland Communications, which is a paid shill for an impressive list of repressive regimes, was founded by Tim Allan, formerly Blair’s media advisor.

John Reid, who has been touted in some circles as the man to save the ailing Better Together campaign, is notorious for his contacts with unsavoury foreign politicians. Now that he’s left politics he’s touting himself as a performing artiste. You can book him for your wean’s birthday party, and he’ll blow up some balloons and advise on how best to get your dogs of war to perfom some tricks for the MoD. For a hefty fee or course.  He infamously accepted a holiday invite from the Bosnian Serb war criminal Radovan Karadzic in 1993. Perhaps we should be kind, and concede that John just isn’t a very good judge of character. A little bit of further reading about John’s own character can be found here and Iain MacWhirter’s opinion is here. You can judge John for yourselves.

George Cataclysm Robertson is a board member of the Cohen Group, a US lobbying organisation founded by the right wing former US defence secretary William Cohen. The group uses its contacts with governments to promote the interests of some seriously dodgy points of view. The Cohen Group has reportedly provided invaluable assistance to the Turkish government in its attempts to deny the Armenian Holocaust – for the reasonable fee of US$100,000 a month.

And that’s just with a bit of light trowelling. I haven’t done much in the way of digging into the numerous contacts between Unionist politicians and people you wouldn’t want to invite round for tea.

Hypocrisy much?  It’s the charge of the shite brigade – into the valley of the death of their careers.


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  2. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Why did AS agree to an interview with Campbell?

  3. Ta for the clarity wee dug.Saw it oan the news an thought ‘ sake mer pish.How does the bbc get away with this .

  4. Wee Jonny says:

    Another eye opener from Wee Ginja Ninja

  5. macart763m says:

    I thought it was just a grey moment on my part, but from what I read I was fairly certain there was more criticism implied in Alex Salmond’s comments on Putin than there was praise. The headlines though, as usual paint an entirely different picture.

    They are truly reaching now.

    Great post Paul.

  6. bringiton says:

    Anything to deflect attention from the central issue “Should Scotland be an independent country”.
    Of course since AS thinks Putin has done well by Russia,the answer to the question must be no.

  7. macart763m says:

    Oh good grief, they’ve set out a click bait special on Alicsammin’s speech on EU entry. I won’t spoil it for you Paul, but grab some blood pressure pills before reading.

  8. smiling vulture says:

    Smirnoff is made produced in Scotland

  9. Papadox says:

    Think the establishment is getting angry and threatening to the poor wee jocks.

    Cricky Jings help ma boab! Bring it on HMG.

  10. […] Alicsammin loves Vlad, who's currently impaling Ukraine on a pointy Russian stick. It's all over the media, so it must be true. Alicsammin just loves Crimean kebabs with a spicy oligarch sauce. Lab…  […]

  11. Sheila Rae says:

    I am so tired of the Westminster Brigades dodgy attempts to discredit our First Minister and the Yes campaign. How have the got away with their self serving rule for so long? Saor Alba

  12. smiling vulture says:

    The Scotsman(Nawman)

    Must have a list of 7,that will do say anything for the Unionist cause.Brian Wilson,Brian Monteith must be ghost writing the others.

    Every day @t least 3 stories trying to shaft the YES side.

    I’m so use to it now,i treat it like oor willie.comic relief

  13. Salmond, I believe, has embarked on the next step of the campaign, signalling to Europe and the wider world that a modern, responsible Scotland, intent on playing a co-operative part in world affairs, is about to hit the scene.

    This can’t be done by basically slagging off the leaders of other countries. There has to be some pro as well as anti commentary, positive suggestions as well as ideas for improvement, if Scotland is to be accepted as an independent nation, standing apart, but co-operating with rUK. Compare AS’s speech today in Bruges to any European speech of Cameron. The differences are clear to see.

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  15. arthur thomson says:

    I have only recently started to read your blog and I’m none too hot at communicating with this medium. For now I just want to say thank you for what you write. I find it inspiring and heart warming.

  16. Free at 63! says:

    What a tangled web the establishment (UK/US) weave! Thank God for you Paul to lighten the load. Love your headline – you’ve got it spot on. Mair power to your elbow.

  17. edulis says:

    Your command of the facts is impressive Paul. How can anybody earn $13 million in one go as Blair has done?

    I noticed that the person to raise the Putin link to Alex was none other than wee Wullie Winkie Bain. He had that self satisfied look in the HoC when William Hague gave it full vent -another notch in the gun from his point of view but another nail in his coffin for the rest of us.

  18. Capella says:

    Keep on digging Wee Ginger. Maybe the MSM will get some leads to follow up instead of reprinting Westminster press releases.

  19. Helena Brown says:

    This will only play to those who are already no lik’in alicsammin, the rest will have a good laugh and carry on regardless. Thank you for your words Paul, the MSM will be looking for a new home come September the 19th having tried to sell us down the river.

  20. […] Alicsammin loves Vlad, who's currently impaling Ukraine on a pointy Russian stick. It's all over the media, so it must be true. Alicsammin just loves Crimean kebabs with a spicy oligarch sauce. Lab…  […]

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