Labour Hame, but naebdy’s in

I had a wee look at the Labour Hame site the other day.  At a time when Scotland is engaged in a debate about an upcoming referendum which could change our country forever, you’d think it would be a buzzing hive of activity.  An outside observer might imagine it would be full of thousands of party activists and the myriad supporters of the self-described largest political party in Scotland exchanging ideas about the opportunities that the referendum presents for the Labour party in Scotland.  And let us remind ourselves, this is a campaign which they keep saying they’re winning.  They ought to be buzzing with excitement and anticipation.

Even though the Labour leadership is viscerally opposed to a yes vote, the referendum campaign gives the party the opportunity to present a positive and progressive vision of a Scotland in partnership with the rest of the UK, to air its proposals for a new devolution settlement, and discuss the means of attaining a prosperous Scotland which can provide for all her children.  It could have seized the moment as the perfect opportunity to re-engage with the Scottish electorate.  But there’s nothing on Labour Hame except a cold wind whistling down an empty corridor in an empty and abandoned building.  If you stand perfectly still and listen very carefully, legend says that you can hear the ghost of Keir Hardie, weeping.

Labour may very well be discussing exciting and radical ideas which will reinvigorate the party north of the border, but if they are they’re being very quiet about it.  Their devo proposals will be unveiled at the party conference, but in the meantime no one in the Labour party has any opinions that they’re willing to share with the public, or indeed with anyone else.  The last post on Labour Hame was almost 3 months ago – and that consisted of the risible claim that independence would unleash the inner racist lurking in the hearts of many Scots.  A positive and progressive vision it wasn’t.

See me.  I’m just a punter.  A naebdy.  Not a member of any political party and never have been – if you don’t count the three weeks I was a member of the Socialist Workers Party in the early 80s in a doomed attempt to get off with its Lesbian and Gay organiser.  I’m not paid to do this.  I’m not seeking election.  I have nothing to sell.  I don’t want a public profile or personal publicity.  I don’t seek donations and don’t want any.  I do this because I am an opinionated and lippy Weegie who enjoys a spot of mockery.  And let’s face it, we have so much to mock.  It’s one of the few things the Union has provided us with an abundance of and I’m taking advantage while stocks last.  It’s looking like it’s a time limited offer.

The point being that there’s only the one of me, and I’m not supported by any organisation.  There is no one helpfully providing me with a party line to follow – making it easier to write stuff as you don’t need to bother thinking it up for yourself.  My career does not depend on me getting my message across.  Yet I can manage to churn out a blog article most days.  Sometimes they even make sense.  And that’s in between dealing with far more pressing and urgent domestic issues.  So what the feck is the problem for Labour Hame?

It can’t be that they have nothing to say.  Certain Labour figures are rarely off our telly screens, often providing the comedy turn.  Michael Kelly’s always good for a laugh.  Anas Sarwar is rapidly developing an avid following of anti-fans and hopes to replace Roddy Piper as the new Rowdy Scot and the evilest villain in wrestling.

Meanwhile Alistair Darling has become a national treasure, like River City with a more implausible script, worse acting, and a less cheerful disposition.  And the lovely Johann Lamont has created a unique space for herself in Scottish political discourse.  She’s our Lady Gaga, without the lady bit, but she tries hard to cultivate an image of enigmatic inaccessibility and is often seen covered in dead meat – every week at FMQs.

They have plenty to say, and some of it is true – that would be the words “a”, “the”, and “and”.  But Labour only wants to say things privately behind closed doors, or in public spaces where they will not be challenged or contradicted, preferably in a BBC interview with a tame and respectful Naughtie.  Which is, probably not coincidentally, exactly how BetterTogether has run its campaign to date.

Labour Hame is supposed to be a space for Labour’s grassroots, but the party’s leadership has spent the past couple of decades dousing the grassroots in paraquat.  Last week Ed Balls saw fit to stand shoulder to shoulder with George Osborne and Danny Alexander, and another patch of Labour grass shrivelled and died.  All that’s left is plastic astroturf.

There’s only one grassroots campaign in this independence referendum, and it’s not the one touting for a no vote.  No promises nothing but the infertile and sterile wasteland of an artificial turf belonging to a uninterested and absentee owner.

That’s why yes is going to win in September.  We are the people, there are more of us.  We have the energy, we have the vision.  We’re planting seeds, we’re growing.  We are alive.  And we’ve hardly got warmed up.  Project Fear is very afraid.

18 comments on “Labour Hame, but naebdy’s in

  1. Steve Bowers 74% win says:

    Be afraid project fear, be very afraid, the opinionated and lippy wee weegie is going to WIN . Bring it on. YES

  2. alex mckechnine says:

    Wee Ginger Dug is fast becoming the site to use to check out what really is going on its impossible to trust “the media” the drivel they peddle if it were not serious would make a good addition the script of a well known soap how can these guys sleep at night. It will be interesting one day to compile the crap they have tried to pass onto the population.

  3. Macart says:

    And so they bloody should be after the past week. Along with ashamed and sick to their core for that showing.

    But I’ll settle for squeaky bums after their growing horror at feedback to date. How did they think supporting Gideon and Danny was going to play? Support austerity, welfare reform and a government which would threaten to enact a financial sanction on an independent Scotland and they thought this a good idea?

  4. I am sure Rye Cooder has a track for that tumbleweed blowing through the abandoned town on Noville

    here it is

    Feelin Bad Blues

    or this one

    for the YES campaign

    lets work together

  5. “If you stand perfectly still and listen very carefully, legend says that you can hear the ghost of Kier Hardie, weeping.”

  6. Robin MacCormick says:

    Pedant that I am, may I ask the wee dug to check the meaning of “disinterested” against the meaning of “uninterested”? If our masters in Westminster were actually “disinterested”, that would be a good thing. It would mean that they were not in politics for what they and their cronies can get out of it, nor for screwing Scotland of all our assets to benefit them, their City of London paymasters and – a long way behind – the suckers who vote for them in the South East of England. In fact, they know little or nothing of Scotland or the Scots and care less – absolutely UNinterested.

  7. Dan Huil says:

    Did anyone catch last night’s BBC newspaper review at 2230 on its 24 hours news channel?
    Digby Jones completely losing it over Scottish independence.

  8. Morag Frame says:

    Great blog – a love wee ginger dug’s!

  9. yerkitbreeks says:

    Yes Duggie, Labour’s woes continue with an uninspiring appearance by Jenny Marra ( who seems a charming lady ) on the BBC2 debate this evening.

  10. Eilean says:

    I saw this posted elsewhere.

    The problem for the NO campaign is, that they have NO campaign!

  11. Mosstrooper says:


    When you say Jenny Marra’s a charming lady, do you mean that snakes like her?

  12. Mosstrooper says:

    By the way by the way, See independence, see wee ginger dug, see me. A like it.

  13. bringiton says:

    The problem Labour in Scotland have is that most Labour voters are socialists.Trying to sell Thatcherism up here is not going to get many votes so they have to rely on the tried and tested Wesminster tactic…lie.

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