C’mon get aff

Speaking on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso repeated the Glesga clippie objection to Scottish membership of the EU – c’mon get aff the bus and get tae the end o the queue.

Funny how it’s only the negative stuff that gets blanket coverage on the telly news isn’t it? Here we go again, a new day and a new scare story, or more precisely an old scare story reheated.  This one has been reheated so often that it’s little more than a toxic mass of bacteria which is unfit for human consumption, but that doesn’t stop the BBC presenting it as a tasty little delicacy.  They think if they coat lies in lard and deep fry them, Scottish people will consume them eagerly.

Barroso is a member of the European Popular Party  He belongs to the same centre-right cabal as the Spanish Partido Popular, and the UK Tories (before they went off in a collective huff and left the European Popular Party to join up in the EU parliament with far-right Latvian holocaust deniers).  The Spanish PP has spent considerable time and effort persuading fellow members of the European Popular Party to adopt its line that states which become independent from existing EU members must leave the EU and reapply for membership.  Reliant upon the support of European Popular Party members of the EU Parliament, Barroso wasn’t going to upset Partido Popular’s applecart.

Barroso is a Portuguese version of David Cameron or Mariano Rajoy.  Formerly the Prime Minister of Portugal, Barroso introduced a unpopular programme of austerity cuts and wage freezes which did not go down well in Lisbon.  He enthusiastically supported Bush and Blair in their illegal invasion of Iraq despite massive protests, and amidst mounting domestic pressure announced his resignation so he could go off and become EC President.  His pals in the European Popular Party gave him a convenient excuse to run away to Brussels, and Portugal breathed a collective sigh of relief.

As the most prominent member of the European Popular Party, its successful candidate for the election to the EC Presidency, naturally Barroso will repeat the party line.  He is after all a political appointee.  But what he is saying is political manoeuvering , it’s not EU law or EU policy and has been rubbished on several previous occasions by real experts in EU law and EU enlargement, like Professor Graham Avery – most recently just a couple of weeks ago.

The extreme, and unrealistic, nature of Barroso’s position was illustrated in the example he chose as a comparison with Scotland.  Barroso noted that Kosovo’s application to join the EU was being blocked, saying:

“We have seen that Spain has been opposing even the recognition of Kosovo, for instance, so it’s to some extent a similar case because it’s a new country and so I believe it’s going to be extremely difficult, if not impossible, a new member state coming out of one of our countries getting the agreement of the other [existing member states].”

What he didn’t say was why Spain refuses to recognise Kosovo, and blocks its application for EU membership.  It’s because Kosovo declared independence unilaterally from Belgrade, despite the fact that the Serbian constitution forbids the independence of any part of Serbian territory.  This objection does not apply to Scotland, as the Spanish Government has stated on numerous occasions.  Just as it has insisted frequently that the cases of Scotland and Catalonia (or Kosovo) cannot be compared.  Spain sees no parallel between Scotland and Kosovo, but Barroso wants Scottish people to think they do.

But despite the fact that José Manuel Barroso is fully aware of the reasons why Spain objects to Kosovan independence, is fully aware that the Spanish Foreign Minister has stated that this objection does not apply to Scotland, is fully aware that the Spanish Government has said there is no comparison between countries like Scotland which have a constitutional right to independence and countries like Catalonia or Kosovo which don’t, and is fully aware that the Spanish Prime Minister consistently dodges the question of whether Spain will veto Scotland, it didn’t seem to stop him implying the contrary on the BBC.

He was not challenged on his remarks by Andrew Marr, who really ought to do better research or give up any pretence that the BBC is unbiased.  It was a complete misrepresentation of Spain’s position, and a blatant piece of political interference in the affairs of Scotland.

In its gleeful coverage of the interview, which naturally didn’t mention anything that the Spanish government itself has actually said as this would contradict Barroso, the Guardian – the newsletter of the Islington Labour branch of Better Together – reported:

“The statement will be seen as a blow to the hopes of the Scottish Nationalists who claim the country would join the EU in the event of a yes vote in September’s referendum.”

No it won’t Guardian.  It will be seen as yet another scaremongering intervention from one of David Cameron’s right wing pals.  It will be seen as another example of how bullying, threats and intimidation are our political masters’ stock in trade.  Scotland has seen a lot of that recently, and it’s why we’re increasingly of the opinion that we are not Better Together with sic a parcel o rogues.

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  1. innerbearsdenurchin says:

    Barosso’s term is due up in September so, could he be building up Brownie Points for a tilt at another supranational sinecure? Off the top, when does Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s term as head of Nato run out or some UN Sone?

    My friends in Portugal think he had a hand in their financial demise.

  2. Steve Bowers says:

    You know what Ginge, people are getting so fed up of scare story after scare story that they’re just ignoring them now, Keep up the good work

  3. Chris Jack says:

    Another great post, you are one of my main sources of rational well thought out views and information, I’m amazed at your ability to write this stuff up, please keep it coming!

  4. rubberbelly says:

    They keep setting them up, you keep knocking them down Paul.

    To be honest though, I don’t think all that many people care. The BBC, as the BT mouthpiece, are determined to concentrate on any area that they think holds any traction for them. Hence the continual re-heating of, by now, threadbare scare stories. As you say fewer and fewer people are listening and those that are are either laughing or confused. Holding up Barosso as an honest broker must be the most laughable tactic of all.

    Anyway, another strike Paul. You must be closing in on a perfect game.

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  6. “out of the fireplace…into the fire” – we get out of one union agreement to enter into another with an unelected, unaccountable and un-audited bunch of bloated bureaucrats? No thanks. Give me Norway or Iceland or a referendum but unlike the Irish – stick to the first answer the people give. Great blog btw 🙂

  7. andygm1 says:

    I was driving to Cambo in Fife today to see the snowdrops when the Radio 2 news headlines came on. Top story was Barrosso. There was a quote from John Swinney saying that his position was ‘preposterous’, but then, having tipped their hat to ‘balance’, the BBC then proceeded to broadcast Alistair Darling saying that it was a blow to Alex Salmond and the SNP.

    Inevitably what will remain in the memory was Alistair Darling’s statement rather than John Swinney’s quoted remark.

    This was repeated every hour on the hour.

  8. Papadocx says:

    The whole system, political, print and broadcasting is totally corrupt, and bereft of any decency, honesty or principals.

    There is no depth to which they will not stoop to spread their poisons and lies with malice and forethought.

    Where does the World renowned BBC go after this despicable behaviour which shows no sign of abating and has been witnessed by the whole world with the exception of merry England. They don’t appear to care, a price worth paying for the subjugation and humiliation of wee Scotland


  9. Marian says:

    The BBC anti-independence campaign must be getting approval from the highest level within the BBC or Whitehall’s spooks are already running the BBC for this kind of stitch up to get the time of day on any decent TV channel – well with the exception of that poisonous Fox News in the USA.

  10. yerkitbreeks says:

    When I lived in Kent I used to read the Telegraph ( why not, it concentrated almost exclusively on wealth creation for that part of these Isles ), and noted the constant sniping at the BBC which I guess it considered run by lefties, like our millionaire Labour friends.

    It seems somewhat pathetic that objectivity is out the door since they could have had a superb opportunity to have a go concerning the UWS report on the BBC. I’m not surprised since fear, dislike are emotions that need to have an algorithm !

  11. davidsberry says:

    Reblogged this on davidsberry and commented:
    Appalled as I was at Barossa’s smug declarations on Sunday’s Andrew Marr Show (complete with sleekit protestations that he “did not wish to interfere”) it seems that I should have been even more appalled at his self-serving position and Marr’s docile acceptance of it.

  12. Mosstrooper says:

    There are times when I hear the excreta coming from Westminster’s tame liars that I almost slump onto the couch with my head in my hands and groan ” ach, no’ again ” but then I turn to the island of sanity that is the wee ginger dug and am refreshed. So up I get saying to myself “almost 60 years you’ve fought for this, only a few more months to go” Back to the battle!

    Keep up the great work, Scotland needs you and I need you.

    Alba gu Brath

  13. yerkitbreeks says:

    …….. and listening to Hardtalk ( on the advice of Michael Greenwell ) the ultimate comment was telling, namely THE priority for politicians is to get re-elected. So you see, for MPs this is a life or death matter.

  14. john king says:

    Im fed up,
    I was trying to get on “Good morning Scotland” when Bliar McDougal was gleefully rubbing anyone and every ones nose in how a small insignificant country like Scotland (no really) would be able to sway the opinions of 29 other EU states,
    so I get through and the young lady asks my name, (john)” we seem to have had a lot of johns on this morning”) not an auspicious start,
    and what is your question john?
    I would like to ask Mr McDougal why he is keen to take Mr Barroso’s assertions at face value when EU legal experts disagree, and why then did East Germany gain entry without as much as a murmur when it was reunited with West Germany and didn’t meet the entry criteria but Scotland who has been in the EU for 40 years would be unceremoniously dumped using a mechanism to eject us that does not exist?
    And to cap it all the young lady said “can I ask your voting intentions but you don’t have to answer” I stupidly told her.

    I think @ 10.44 I’ve been given a dizzy 😦

  15. orri says:

    The point about Spanish support, or lack of opposition, is that they realise that Scotland would be a net contributor the the EU. It doesn’t matter if you are a net contributor or beneficiary of the EU you really don’t want to lose such a state. The only danger Spain would face is a carve up involving re-negotiation under Article 48. Such a thing would set a precedent removing any threat of veto to any other state emerging from a current member. So in order to avoid that they will push for a fast track entry as a “new” member under Article 49. That’s why Spain are so keen to make a distinction between Scotland and Catalonia.

  16. Macart says:

    Guardian and Guardian comments playing another blinder for YES campaign recruitment.


    You can feel the love.

    The media and W1 have done a bang up job of poisoning their own electorate. We really, really need to leave this behind.

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